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QA question: Just started new job. Was told to type numerals for everything. Received a

Posted By: Meezer on 2005-08-10
In Reply to:

correction from "three-port catheter system" to "3-port catheter system."  So typed it with the numeral next time.  Received it back again from another QA person and told to type it three-port.  So which is correct?  I have also always typed figure-of-eight, so now that would be figure-of-8 by the 1st person's standards.  Looks funny to me. 

Input please.......


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I was told to type it out...

so, would be every 6 hours  (but old way was q.6h.   q.4-6h.  (etc). We pretty much use BOS as a guideline, but for quality/safety issues, we make our own variations.

Has anyone else heard this one yet (The QA Dept of my hospital informed us of this change last week):  Do not use / when 'per' can be substituted, i.e.  5 mcg per kg per hour (not 5 mcg/kg per hour). They're trying to avoid as many pharmaceutical errors as possible. The hospital also discontinued the 10,000 unit per ml heparin so there could be no mistaking it for the 10 unit per ml dose.

This applies to all abbreviations, i.e. m/sec 'meters per second' will be typed out to avoid confusion with msec (millisecond)

Where 'per' cannot be substituted for the / we may still use it, i.e. motor strength is 4+/5.

would you mind sharing how to get started with this type of work
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Our cardio docs like: III/VI
was roman numerals
It was Roman Numerals until transcription started going by The Book of Style.  Then it changed to numbers.
Roman Numerals
How funny, I have transcribed for 36 years and every cardiologist I worked for used Roman Numerals.  It is we, the transcriptionists, who started using numbers, when we were being critiqued by the Book of Style.  Then I noticed the cardiologists a few times would state, use Roman Numerals and after a while, they went along with numbers. So, maybe you and your cardiologists are post Book of Style.
Roman numerals
Someone posted a whole document they recieved from their workplace on the correct way to use Roman numerals versus regular numbers and staging of cancers, I meant to to make a copy, but forgot, could you please repost this, Forever Thankful. 
numerals used for consistency..so all is the same..
numbers versus numerals
Grade is always NUMBERS, Stage is always NUMERALS

Hope that helps some :) (good English, I know)
Roman: Stages. Numerals: Classes (nm)
Roman Numerals versus Numbers
Back in the 70s, murmurs were Roman Numerals.  Then The Book of Style came out and that is the first I was told of the change.  Since then, it is written as numbers, i.e., 1/6.
It was regarding numerals. This was during my training, so I was full QA. There are 2 ladies who Q
One had made a correction from three-way catheter system to "3-way catheter system." Ironically, I got the same surgeon, saying the same thing, so typed it with the numeral. The other lady QA'd the 2nd report and she changed 3-way to "three-way" so now I'm really unclear as to what to do.

Thanks for all the suggestions. I think I will e/m the question to the QA team. That way, it's in their laps to figure out which way is correct.
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Medical records are data driven. Numerals are data.
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We were all at the big M. I just resigned after almost a year, and did meet all of their criteria. However, their system isn't correct and even said that I was not going to be hired when my friend asked about her referral bonus. Mind you...I had already worked there for 6 months at this point. I keep getting "I will check on it" when I ask about my sign on bonus. I gave up and left.
I have received these before too. sm
I just deleted it and ignored it.
I received this because...

I received this because I had posted on this forum about increasing my production.  This particular person emailed me through this board with that response.    And no, I am not going to send my work overseas to them for those of you who are wondering.  lol


I can type with wine, can't type with coffee, though...too jittery.
That is, type the code above before and after what you want bolded in the text-to-type box. nm
I have received the email too
I also have received an email and called them and they mentioned AAMT, which I do not belong to either.  I have never even posted on this board before, but do receive the posting through email.  I dont know where they received my email address and they did not know either.
Any other SS employees not received their..
paycheck? I am not looking to start anything, just wondering if I am the only one who hasn't gotten paid yet?
I received cookies
I received cookies from an MT company I know longer work for and of course nothing from the ones I do work for!!
How nice that he/she received it well. (nm)
I have received several things
I've had messages from companies wanting me to subcontract, individuals sending resumes, etc. Some have mentioned getting my e-mail address from this board. I just hit delete after maybe mumbling a few *#&(#*(! Yes, their writing skills are lacking. My severely dyslexic son can form a proper sentence and spell better than these people.
No - but I received a call from them.
Did you talk with Ann? I have a friend who worked with them for a while and she liked the company but had problems that prevented her from working very much. Do you know what account you will be working on?
I just received an email
from my company saying that due to the storm the work was very low, one clinic closed and the other one was basically out of work (at least for what I do which is outpatient)....
I have received a few letters
so far.  Keep those letters to The White House coming you guys!  I am so trying to get our voices heard so that our careers may be saved.  I am addressing outsourcing, offshoring, patient security, voice recognition and anything else that can come to mind concerning transcription.  I want to have a packet of letters to mail off because that will have a greater impact versus just sending one letter here and there.  Please join me!  Deadline for sending letters is 1/28/09.  Email me if you wanna join me:)
What did you click so that you received the
copy of the test? If you clcked the 'send' button and afterwards you received the completed copy of your test unedited) what's the problem, as your test was already gone. How could you have cheated if your test was already sent?

They immediately sent you a copy of your submitted test, unedited. for your files, as one cannot save testfiles.

I do not understand where your problem is?

Just wait for their response and I hope you get hired!
Have not received either imail or letter
regarding this subject. Would someone please summarize such email/letter in a post for us who have not received this info as of yet. TYIF
I received a letter from MQ CEO regarding the MT lawsuit
They have acknowledged the existance of lawsuit but in their CEO spin states only 3 (THREE) MTs are part of this action. I know I'm not part of the original 3 and I have joined the class action so either MQ CEO is blowing smoke or has his head up his A$$. Either way, it is typical of MQ CEO.
Has anyone ever received the referral bonus from MQ? sm
If so, how long did it take to get it and does it only apply if you are employee status?
...just went to the mailbox and have not received that letter as of yet. Thanks. nm.
What state are you in -- that you received the check already?

No check here, but does show up in ipay.

What does the attached letter say?

I received the same information yesterday.
I've actually received two raises from MQ...
just in the past three months!

Hahaha. I just know I received it in an email
and regardless of the author, it is well written and speaks my perspective perfectly!

Thanks for the information, though!
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Do you have life insurance and if so, how much?

Do you have disability ins and if so, how much?

What is your home owner's insurance deductible?

What is car insurance deductible?

Who are your insurance carriers?

I do not recall these types of questions.  I ended up buying 10/mo insurance coverage which includes disability and life insurance...for $2600.  I am 48.

Is this new? 

Has anyone here ever received a response or job offer SM

from posting your resume in the resume bank at MTStars?  TIA!

I received an email also, but I'm not taking it
I'm not a member of the AAMT, I am not going to get my CMT, and I'm not taking this test either. I don't agree with anything the AAMT is doing nowadays and I will not give them any of my money. From what I gather being an RMT or CMT isn't really going to get you much further in this business anyway.
AAMT--just received an invitation--sm
to participate in an international professional and cultural program in China.  Cost is $4,995.00 per participant and guest--spouses encouraged to attend.  Anyone going??
Received one also -- saving my pennies

Got my yesterday in the mail.  Thought that they changed their name.  And I thought it was personally addressed to me.  Don't know how they got my name and my business name as I do not belong to the organization.   Anyway gotta get my reservation in by December 20th or so.