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I was responding actually to DECENT MT

Posted By: Sorry for confusion on 2005-09-11
In Reply to: Do you have ADD? Did you read my post? sm - Experienced MT

...rather than EXCELLENT MT.


Nice attide, though.

I don't know companies that charge 18 to 20 CPL!!! The most I've heard of is 13. Who charges 18-20 CPL, please? And who are they sleeping with??? :)

I lie... I forgot that in mentioning sleeping with..... There was a surgical group whose director's wife started a service and charged her husband and his partners 18 CPL.

They now offshore to India, however.

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All I want for Christmas is a decent job, a decent job, a decent job.

One that's not 95% ESLs, steady workload, steady accounts, good communication, office staff who aren't rude buckpassers, decent line rate, no offshoring, direct deposit, flexible schedule, not having to do 50+ 30-second reports per day, and a platform conducive to speed.  I know it's not possible, but a girl can dream, can't she?  This is, after all, my Christmas wish list.  I never get what I want for Christmas.  Why is that too much to ask for?  It doesn't even matter anyways.  After Christmas, I QUIT MT!!!!  Burger King is just down the street, and they give food discounts.

One year and you make decent money? What is decent money to you?
thank you for responding...
It was just a thought. We also had that happen once out of the blue we got a check for $6+ dollars from some sort of law suit we signed up for regarding CDs...? It was just a form to fill out, we did, and we got some money back.

It was some kind of class action law suit someone must have filed, and we actually got a check.

Well, you all mentioned it will be explained soon. I worked for MQ in the late 1990s, then again last year, but have so far not gotten any letters (or money -smile). Would be nice though...

If it is by any chance the law suit, thank goodness for people who stand up when they know something is wrong, even it is not always 'popular.'
thanks a mil for responding

Now I'll explain why I asked:   you said 13 to 15 cpl, so let's go for 14 cpl.

Take somebody overseas. They get, say, 3 cpl. The work needs editing, so they hire someone in this country to edit. What's the going rate for that? Maybe 4 cpl? So, between the two that's 7 cpl for the completed report.

If the person who is an Editor is "top drawer" (old expression for top of the line), the finished product will be of the same quality that you provided, transcribing the report by yourself.

So, if the quality of the report will ultimately be the same, and you were a hospital (or doctor), which would you spend:  14 cpl or 7 cpl?

From a hospital standpoint, with exorbitant costs, that's smart business. They can now use the savings for other things.

I'm not saying I agree with it, but that's what's going on.

Thanks for responding
very interesting...
Thank you so much for responding!!

I thought I was the only one...now I know it is just not me who has had this problem.

Thank you for responding sm

Hello and thank you.  I have figured out that the F10 opens the shorthand menu but I am trying to figure out what the key would be to get to add a new word and okay it without using a mouse.  I am so used to adding my autocorrect entries easily, alt the a (type word) tab over and enter.  It is so quick to do that probably 3 seconds to create a word.  I am trying to figure out how to not fumble with the mouse to actually create a new entry into shorthand.  Any tips are greatly appreciated.  THANKS


Add new entry to dictionary

Thanks to you all for responding!
I was responding to what the OP said about
thanks for responding......sm

it's probably (I'm not there) a harmless garter snake or something....not a boa and not a cobra (reddish/orange/black as I remember from my NC days), and not a rattler I do not think.

Yes - snake is a snake is a snake - but I've know that they are sacred in certain cultures, and we are a multicultural country and so we shouldn't disrespect animals....especially when there are organizations to be called in to help.

Glad he/she is in hiding....if you're still scared, I'd call someone or ask a neighbor (not a scared neighbor) to help. 

Neat little story to share:  Last evening, I helped 2 people try to capture these 2 lttle parrots who had their wings clipped (apparently by someone who wanted to keep them) and who have been flying around my area for weeks to possibly months.  I got a cat carrier and some sheets, and the 2 others, over some time, and with the sheets, got them into the cat carrier...

Now one of them wants to keep them and went and bought a huge cage/food/toys,etc.

It was a nice evening helping capture these 2 birds who really couldn't fly due to their wings were clipped, and only flew low (cars/traffic worry here). 

Thanks for responding
I was beginning to think nobody would.

I do believe that she actually lost the account, for a couple of reasons. First, I had been checking for work uploaded to the FTP, which I would normally be notified about if she were assigning any of the files to me, but was not seeing anything uploaded for about two or three weeks prior to her e-mail, and had been very little for about a month prior to. She definitely did not pull it due to edits on my end -- she would e-mail me on occasion asking if I could listen and fill-in for some of the other girls' blanks. Also, she never asked me to sign a contract, so that would not be a problem in this case. I just never would have attempted to get the account had she not lost it, with or without a contract.
Thanks for responding
My local hospital had a job opening and I checked it out and they were only paying 12.00 an hour, which is pretty bad considering the unit clerks were getting 13.50.
Thank you so much for responding (sm)
At this point, I do not have a lot of details. I have been talking to my brother and not my SIL. My brother, unfortunately, is not very good with details!

Another thing that I question is that the midwife told my mother she "pushed" the baby back up to slow down SILs labor before she sent them on their way. I have never heard of this, but again I am not a midwife or an OB, so maybe this is normal?

Thanks again for responding. I'm sure there are a lot of wonderful midwives out there and it sounds like you are one of them!
Thank you so much for responding...s/m

I have probably posted 4 times in the last 4 years here, but love gleaning information from all of the posts.  ShortHand vs. Instant Text seemed to be a hot topic when I created these posts and I  thought this info would benefit a lot of MTs.

With close to 200 views, I don't understand the lack of responses. 

Again, I really appreciate yours.

Thanks for responding ...

Actually I do believe you because unlike some of the other posts that I've seen your words have the ring of truth.  You've presented three elements that I believe that the high income achievers that work for services have that are inherent to their success:

1.  An account that is a good fit;

2.  Hard work; and

3.  Dumb luck. 

Some of the posters try to come off as if they're just so wonderful and have such a strong work ethic, and that makes them differerent from the rest of the pack.  You're presenting a realistic perspective that actually makes sense.

Thanks for responding!
Thank you so much for responding to my plea!  I have repeatedly told the receiver the problems I have with my fax going through, but she says that no one else has any problem faxing to her. She does have a dedicated line.  I have also faxed to her from another fax machine and it goes through, so I'm totally perplexed.  As I said before, I can fax to anywhere else, but this one number.  I really do appreciate your responding with your thoughts!  I'm not very technically inclined when it comes to faxes and computers, etc.  I just want them to work when I need them to!  LOL!
Thanks for responding...
Thank you for the post, I was a little skeptical and think I will not bother.

The best KB I ever used was made for MAC, by Suntouch. I have tried everything in my power to find out where to get one for the PC but no luck.
thanks for responding
Those look good. I didn't want active noise canceling, but passive -- which i may not get with this model, but i really like the looks of the headband as i do seem to have a sensitive scalp. Thanks again.
I'm not flaming, I'm responding.
These are very basic lab tests that anyone with training would have recognized.  It really has absolutely nothing to do with me being born knowing everything.  I'm not expecting a newborn to know medical transcription, but as a person seeking medical treatment I expect that my medical records will be professional and accurate.  I worry that if people who cannot even recognize very basic medical terminology are doing VR, and VR is the future for medical transcription, there will be a high risk that medical records will be neither professional or accurate. If MTs are expected to speed through editing at reduced line rates and they can't even recognize basic terms, chances are great that they're not going to take the time to research or even ask about more complicated terms.  Do you realize what these errors can mean in terms of insurance coverage, preauthorization, or pre-existing condition status?  I fault the transcription companies more than the unskilled MTs for hiring them to begin with.  They're putting them in the position to allow errors when they KNOW they aren't qualified - just because it's easier to hire them than experienced MTs. I don't fault the MTs for not knowing, I fault those allowing them to think that they're qualified to do this job when obviously they're not.
I was responding to "whatever", not
to MQLover. If you read what "whatever" wrote, it is pretty screwed up. I haven't heard that since junior high school!
I'm sure his delay in responding is because he's
I hope he's not a MOLE....... DUM DA DUMMMMMM!
might be responding via a Blackberry, that's why...
Thanks Babe for responding....sm

Thanks for responding so quickly :)  I don't know much about sole proprietorships except to say I file a schedule C for the private MDs and I do a regular 1040A for the national I work for.  Speak to your CPA - you do live in NC and that's part of the SE region of the USA and maybe the laws coincide (are much the same).  I don't know and I wish I could give you more info.  Like I said, I take my 1099s and file a schedule C on my taxes at the same time I do a 1040A for the W2-W4 I receive from the national.  It all works out and the IRS has never come after me.  I'm very legal. 

Be well hon and thanks again for the quick response.

Hi! Sorry I'm so late in responding SM

I have tons of entries (like 45,000+), but I never really learned how to do commands on it.  I did learn this from someone though: 

yow = {@KEY BkSp}-year-old woman

...it will go back one space and attach to the number.  So,I type 20 yow and it expands out to 20-year-old woman....I have yoaaf, yoaam, yowf, yog, yob, yogent, yomn, etc.  For instance:

yomn = {@KEY BkSp}-year-old man

the key is to use the {@KEY BkSp} before each expansion.

Hopefully this is what you were needing help with! 

Here is a list (I hope this works!)

{@KEY BkSp}-year-old Hispanic female

{@KEY BkSp}-year-old Hispanic male

{@KEY BkSp}-year-old lady

{@KEY BkSp}-year-old little boy

KEYWORD: yolhg
{@KEY BkSp}-year-old left-handed gentleman

{@KEY BkSp}-year-old left-handed male

{@KEY BkSp}-year-old left-handed woman

{@KEY BkSp}-year-old male

{@KEY BkSp}-year-old man

{@KEY BkSp}-year-old patient

{@KEY BkSp}-year-old patient

KEYWORD: yorhcf
{@KEY BkSp}-year-old right-handed Caucasian female

KEYWORD: yorhdm
{@KEY BkSp}-year-old right-hand-dominant male

KEYWORD: yorhdmn
{@KEY BkSp}-year-old right-hand-dominant man

KEYWORD: yorhf
{@KEY BkSp}-year-old right-handed female

KEYWORD: yorhg
{@KEY BkSp}-year-old right-handed gentleman

KEYWORD: yorhm
{@KEY BkSp}-year-old right-handed male

KEYWORD: yorhw
{@KEY BkSp}-year-old right-handed woman

{@KEY BkSp}-year-old son

KEYWORD: yosib
{@KEY BkSp}-year-old sibling

KEYWORD: yosis
{@KEY BkSp}-year-old sister

{@KEY BkSp}-year-old woman

{@KEY BkSp}-year-old white female

{@KEY BkSp}-year-old white gentleman

{@KEY BkSp}-year-old white male

{@KEY BkSp}-year-old young woman

Feel free to e-mail me if you'd like!

Chickadee :)

Thanks for responding..another question..
Have you tried making any contributions to the 401K since becoming an SE? I'm hoping to find something I can contribute to do I can save for retirement and at the same time reduce the amount of "profit" on my Schedule C and reduce my tax burden. Thanks!
A -ha! I should have realized. Thx for responding.
okay, thanks for responding/explaining..NM

I was responding to mt502...
.. saying that her advice was good. I mistakenly used anon as the source in my just posted post.

3 months at a place looks good on a resume and DOES look like you gave it a good try.
Sorry, this was responding to Wondering Why. NM
yes, pretty quick in responding sm
Very fast setup and training. Hopefully, it will work for you! Good luck to you and your husband.
Thank you for responding. I'll get back to you. sm
Not sure what I want. I'm thinking of leaving MT and I feel that I have good qualifications for other types of transcription.
Responding to poster "me"
What a wonderful story of the generosity of a stranger..have you ever seen or spoken to that man again? I would feel like I could never thank him enough..talk about the Lord answering prayer!
Thanks for responding! Will definitely make a point to see it. - nm
anyone had problems with AAMT responding to you
A few months back I decided to take the CMT since my job will pay me more if I have that little piece of paper that says I know something even though I have 18+ years experience. I contacted AAMT and was set up with a validation # to set up my test. When going through Prometric to set up the test I realized that all the Saturday slots were full so I decided to wait until after my time period had expired and reapply.  On reapplying I received the same validation# only for Prometric to tell me it was invalid.  I have tried contacting AAMT on several occasions about this to see if I can get a new validation # and they keep ignoring me.  I would like to get the CMT just because I can, not because I feel like it validates me. It seems like AAMT is too busy with other things to take care of the MTs that they are supposed to represent. At this point it isn't even worth the extra money to try and get a response from AAMT so I can take the silly test.....
One question, if you are so tired of me, why do you keep responding? SM

There needs to be uniformity across the board in this profession and there isn't.  There isn't uniformity when it comes to format, there isn't uniformity when it comes to QA, and there isn't uniformity when it comes to lines.  I used your post about typing 3500 lines to illustrate that fact.

When someone asks a question, they should get all the facts.  That's what I'm doing giving them all of the facts.  If in doing that, I made you feel like a lesser MT, that's just something I'll have to live with.

quit responding to the poster
Your obvious ignorance is not worth responding to, NM
Thanks to y'all for responding with such great input!
It is so important to stay within a similar range everywhere (taking the local market into consideration) so as not to shoot the industry in the foot. You have all been very helpful and it appears so far that the average is about 12 cpl but in the South (AR and TN) 10 cpl seems to be the ceiling. I will probably start with that as a base and go up to 11 or 12 cpl for "extras" such as pick up and delivery, printing, etc.
Checked the BBB and got "unstatisfactory for not responding to complaints"
In my contract, it states that if I don't finish out the two weeks after giving notice, that they will not pay the last check (which is basically everything I have made!)... total it is only about 500.00 for the two months.  BBB is a good idea though.  I think I'll do that.  I know this has happened to other people, and its SO frustrating because this was my first job.  They are preying on new grads, and now I don't have a job!  At least I got some practice and got better though.
I was responding to the post above asking if it was our responsibility to know the accounts we are w
Why would you even bother responding? Do you feel compelled
to read every post and type out your empty shallow thoughts as if they matter? Spare us all and shut up.
I would simply stop responding. Don't send any reply

Why do people feel obligated to respond to every email that comes to the inbox?

Delete it and go on!

Thanks for responding! I'm surprised we didn't have a Lucy and Ricky in the bunch ;-) nm
Decent MT job
Good luck in finding one any more. I have checked on several and they are all as bad as or even worse than MQ. That's why for the time being, I am staying with them. Everybody wants us to work for peanuts nowadays, thinks we can just jump from one account to another with 100% QA, understanding totally strange doctors who don't speak English, etc. The people in charge don't have a clue just how difficult this job really is. I wish I could retire!
Where is there a decent company???
I would like to know exactly WHERE to apply to a decent company that is not the same as or worse than MQ? I have checked into several and they all leave a lot to be desired. I have lots of experience, have 99% QA reports, and would like to be paid for it. I have not found anybody who is willing to pay me any more than I am making at MQ, plus they have a lot of rules about strict schedules, etc. that were a lot worse than MQ. I would love to quit MQ, but where is there a better place???? Let's hear some POSITIVE answers for a change----.
How does asking someone which companies are decent

equate into having them do your resume and work for you?  That's a stretch.  Word of mouth is all we have here because the people doing the hiring are naturally going to make their company sound like the best one out there.

Personally, I am sick and tired of searching for a decent MT job.  I've been looking for over month now with no luck.  It's not for lack of experience or effort.  I'm not unqualified or a lousy worker either.  I get really tired of being put on the most difficult accounts right off the bat or being bounced from one account to another for coverage.  I want a decent platform that doesn't require you to jump to four different places just to find the header demographics information.  Time is money.  It's gotten to the point that I don't even know what I want any more.  Everyone wants full-time, odd shifts, Tu-Sa, or a C-phone.  I've seriously been thinking about going back to selling stuff on ebay because I'm so frustrated.  I give up.

That would be the decent thing to do
deleting posts where it is mentioned. It seems very juvenile and shady for them to just delete the posts without any sort of response.  If you take a stance on something, you should be willing to truly stand behind your decision.  They are acting like they are ashamed of the position they have decided to take on this matter.
That's a decent salary.
Then, I would say 9 cpl to 10 cpl would be a decent offer.
Go for it! 
Decent money is out there
Most of you know me from this board and I just want to share this with you guys.  One of my gals that I met through a nephew's baseball team -- he and her son played together and we go to the same church.  She had two terms  of medical terminology/some transcription underneath her belt, many years in the law field as a paralegal, etc.   She wanted to work at home, make some extra money, etc.  I took her in and started her on my psych accounts and the onto some IM accounts.  She got the psych accounts quite well but had trouble with the IM.  We butted heads several times over scheduling, etc.  She did not understand the 24 TAT and so on.  But we perservered together.  She finally got a job in an attorney's office part-time doing some medical review, etc. and quit me.   On good terms.  Then last November I helped her land a GYN account that we started off together and I just handed off to her as it was not worth my while to drive 25 miles for what dictation was there.   It was my business name and years in experience that landed the job.  She took it over and tonight she informed me that she is so glad that I kept at her and perservered with her as she is now making $42 to $45 an hour typing for them.  She is like me charges only .12 cpl but because of auto corrects, macro's and shortcuts that I helped her with, she is making good money.  If fact in Sept when they add another doctor she is going to quit her legal job completely because she makes more with this account with less hours or if she keeps the legal job she is going to do what I did and mentor and help someone else break into the field.  Again these are tape accounts, with pick up and delivery and the little accounts no one else wants but they provide us with a good living. Again, I don't look at the cpl but at my hourly rate and that is what keeps me happpy.  She just wanted to thank me for helping her out and I am really happy for her.   Yea we spoil our accounts but they reciprocate with decent money.  So for those that want your own accounts, keep at it, takes time and patience but you can get there.  I had most profitable year ever this year and less hours. 
decent money
Better than I would make at a 40 hour week clerical job in my area. Much better. I don't have benefits, but I don't need them because my husband has great benefits with his job. I DO get quarterly bonuses though that are more than my yearly bonus at my previous office job. No, I won't get rich doing this. And yes, I put in a lot of hours. I work hard. I research. I have invested in good reference materials. And I love my job.