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Loss of Qtr. bonus not a biggie to me. Will stay. (sm)

Posted By: Me on 2005-09-21
In Reply to: Show of hands, plz: If MQ is getting rid of the quarterly bonus, how many SEs will leave? (sm) - MQ SE

I am only part time SE so I really don't get much in the way of quarterly bonuses, on the other hand though I would enjoy having some PTOs accrue and participation in a 401K.

I will just wait and see what comes. I understand there are some offices that don't get the quarterly bonus, so in an attempt to make everything "uniform" I wouldn't be surprised if they redid that bonus program.

Speculation and guess-timations are about all we have for now.

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My dwindling paycheck, loss of benefits, and loss of respect is all the proof I need. nm
Yes, no, no biggie either way
I dont know about it.  Two companies that I worked for were sold right from under our noses.  The rumors were there and of course the major denial.  Denial by the owners, the workers at the main office.  In one case, one week after the owner denied it, there was an email stating we were sold.  Of course no employee is going to spill the beans before corporate gives the okay to discuss it or sends out their own letter/email informing the workers.  However, the ones working with the main employees know, such as the owners secretary, etc., but they are not going to jeopardize their own jobs by telling.  I read with interest how some called their local MQ offices and asked.  Get real, do you think they are going to tell a home worker who they dont even know what is going on when corporate hasnt given the okay yet?  Like I said, I had this happen to me two times..strong denials up until the very end.  Besides, it might be better if MQ is sold, maybe we will all be guaranteed more work..and I would not worry about losing the job..In both of my experiences, they keep the employee on.
Yup - no biggie

   On your notification, you should have formal instructions about request for being excused from JD.  You are a medical professional, self-employed, and if it creates a hardship you need to state so - do not wait until you are scheduled to appear, take care of this in advance.   Usually, it's the prothonotary's office but may be different in your state.  Just follow the rules in the paperwork you received.  You may again be asked to serve again in 6 months or later on.

      You have no control over what JD pool you are in - worst case - some court cases can take months and most MTs would lose everything if required to sit every day for entire trial. 


No biggie :o). This way I don't even hit it
It's only air and I'm getting used to not straying too far from the correct key :o). Thanks, though!
I have. No biggie. It was really kind of SM
fun for me, because I got to watch it. Amazing to the doc AND me because he couldn't believe what he was seeing. My symptoms weren't even that bad but woweee did I have horrible reflux.
Billing once a month is not a biggie BUT
do it on a Net 10 or Net 15. Never a Net 30. You could end up doing 2 months work for free eventually. No account is worth that.
LOL...you're hilarious! It's mindless (harmless) fun, that's all. No biggie. NM
no biggie, Linda was class act, Heather N_O_T
When the GROWN-UP kids (in their 30s) don't like the second wife, something is not right in Glocamora.  While I wasn't all that fond of Linda, she was a CLASS act and was the daughter of Eastman-Kodak fame.  Everyone remember the Brownie Cameras from the 1940s-1950s?  That was Linda's family as I remember it or the Eastman's hooked up with the Kodak family right around then or in the very very early 60s.  My short-term memory isn't that good (isn't that the first to go after the eyes start?  *lol*) but my long-term is on target most times.  *lol* 
According to the pay schedule they sent me, it will be paid on July 18.
Got mine too, 1/2 after 3 months, second part after 9 months.
What bonus?
I've never gotten a quarterly bonus in the 8 years I've been with MQ. Hmm
I wish it was called the end of year bonus and would come at the very end of the year, but it did come in a Christmas card so I referred to it as so.
My company is out of Colorado and they are doing just fine. They have shown a 27% profet increase this year.
No bonus here!
Medquist bonus

You must be an IC.  I have never gotten a bonus, or a dime extra from Medquist, not even for working weekends, holidays, or nights and I've been there 8 years.  Getting a raise is a joke, too.  They are stingy.  If you get a bonus, count yourself lucky.

MQ quarterly bonus
Yes, MQ does still pay quarterly bonuses to their SEs.  We earn $50 for each pay period we produce 10,000 lines and another $10 per 1000 lines after that. 
NO bonus here for the last two years!!!
quarterly bonus
Do you still get quarterly bonuses as an SE with the new incentive plan and how is it now going for you?
quarterly bonus
Do you still get the quarterly bonus for the SE incentive program and how is it going for you?
October bonus

First of all, this whole thread is just a "what if."  There has been nothing coming out of corporate indicating that quarterly bonuses will be cut out.  With the new pay structure they are working on, maybe, maybe not, but it is just speculation.  If in October they decided to cut them out they'd still have to pay the October bonus anyway because it is for work in July through September and they would be contractually obligated to pay you bonus on work already completed.

Or an MT looking for a referral bonus.
Christmas bonus

I have five accounts and usually get an average of a month's pay.  anywhere from 1700 to 200 per account. 


Christmas bonus
Last year I got a $50.00 Walmart gift card from my company.  Nice gift.  This year I received a $25.00 gift card from Walmart.  My company merged with another company, there are taking on new accounts right and left, I worked every single holiday, many many weekeds and when ever they would asked for help, and my bonus is half of last years.  This is really sad and hurtful to say the least. 
Christmas Bonus Ha
I'd love a Wal-mart gift card...I got a cheap plastic flashlight that had "together we shine" printed across the side.
christmas bonus
I have worked for this company for 11 years. Every year we get a 2 week bonus check. Not this year, not even a explantion. oh and the jackass boss told me a year ago that the bonus check was part of my yearly salary. the way i look at it, he owes me a two week paycheck. Sorry just had to vent.
That's a shame. We get a 10% bonus for CMT.

We're paid hourly with no production bonus (minimum expectations, but no bonus for going over), but with CMT, the hourly rate and benefits are superb. So yeah, it *can* make a huge difference.

Christmas bonus

I have 4 out of 6 accounts that give me a bonus, average of  50 to 75% of a month's billing.  For the account that my IC's work on -- I pass along their percentage of that to them.  Also take them and their spouses out for a nice dinner usually after Christmas when we are all not so busy.   I make cookie or muffin baskets to take into each and every clinic even if they do not give a bonus.  Also give them personalized calendars as gifts.   Works for me. 


Bonus answer
I think I would based on their performance.   Before I got bonuses, I would buy a gift certificate to one of the nicer restaurants in the area and give that to them that could cover dinner for two.  Also offered to babysit when they had little one so they could have a free night out.  It just so happens that the psych account does give a bonus amd so I just automatically give them the percentage of what I pay them.  They get 80% and I get 20% as that is how we split the cpl.  I have always thought that was fair.  It never crossed my mind to not share as they do the majority of the work.  I know everyone thinks that we MTSO get rich off of our percentage but that 20% covers my pick-up and delivery of tapes to them, proofing, running interference when there is a problem, making sure that they are paid on time even though the clinic does not at times.  Again, if you appreciate your workers then show them it will pay off.   Patti
No bonus level for IC as far as I know.
I know of no bonus level. On hold they limit how much you are permitted to type. I am just searching for something better. Tired of being bullied for things I did not type.
Need bonus ideas!

The company I work for is setting up a new bonus-type incentive program for QA audits - something like this:  99% accuracy and above (bigger bonus), 98% accuracy and above equals passing (smaller bonus). 

What we'd like to know is - other than enormous money suggestions ;-D - what would be a nice gift?  Remember, this is separate from a Christmas bonus-type thing, which would be bigger.  We do our audits every 4 weeks (per the clients), so it would be a smaller thing. 

Gift certs?  Realistic dollar amount ideas?  Paid time off?  Shoes (kidding - I'm a shoe freak - ha!)?  Any ideas welcome!!  And thank you!!   

Christmas bonus...

My DH just got his Christmas bonus from work...out of the $4000 bonus, he brought home $2450 after taxes...Thanks bunches Uncle Sam!!!

Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful for the extra money, but geez, 39% tax rate on a bonus, come on now, that's a bit much!!! Just venting here, Merry Christmas Y'all!

bonus tier
I don't know what company you work for, but I would think that your company wouldn't offer a third bonus tier if they didn't want people to reach for that goal.
Does Medquist really pay out that sign-on bonus?
isn't that the point of a sign on bonus? sm
I mean, if they paid it up front, what would be the point in working for them for any length of time? You could just apply, accept the job, get the bonus, and quit! Come on, think about it. Does anyone pay an up front sign on bonus?
Bonus from OJT - foreign dictators. (sm)

I learned OJT in a small hospital with a PDR, Dorlands and a boss with an attitude from &*^%&*^.  There were only about 7 doctors on staff, 4 of which were foreign.  I started off learning to cope with a Thai accent in a physician who had had a speech defect, a Nigerian, a Swede and a Czech.  It was a painstaking way to learn, but I am greatful every day that accents have become a way of life for me.  I almost prefer them to some of those mealy-mouthed speed demons. 

I can remember cursing when they would say "Go back up and change this".  Just rip that paper out of the typewriter and start again. 

My children can't imagine a time before computers.  Will have to take them to a museum someday and show them what life used to be like.




Has anyone ever received the referral bonus from MQ? sm
If so, how long did it take to get it and does it only apply if you are employee status?
Well, since you work more than one job, your quarterly bonus is probably not what it could be...sm
...and I am sure that is why you will stay.
$2000 signon MQ bonus
i questioned those bonuses myself to my supervisor when I was turned down for a raise. how much sense does that make when it's a new person that has to learn the account? why not keep employees happy who are already there -- oh, excuse me, we're talking about MQ - nothing logical seems to rule. like i've seen so many say maybe there is something else going on that we don't know about.

as to your career change, i'm contemplating the same thing myself, just haven't figured out what because the transcription business is not about the MT anymore.
She doesn't even know if she earned the bonus because
she doesn't know what the bonus was based on is everything that I've read in this situation. The co said there would be a bonus, but she has no idea for what or how much. Sounds like the company put out a little snip of info, got the person to work her butt of to "qualify" when there possibly was not a bonus even to begin with.
Incentive Production Bonus
I have worked several in-house transcription jobs in my 20 plus years as a medical transcriptionist. I have been paid hourly for each one. I have never received a production bonus. In fact, I had never heard of such a thing until I started working for a national at home. I did get overtime at time and a half for working over 40 hours a week, which is more than a production bonus would ever be. Good luck with your project!
NO. The bonus applies for either or both day(s) during the weekend
Don't start rumors, please.
...maybe incentive pay like OT or payment for bonus
If offering that as bonus, you can bet it is pain
I have heard of this only in a bonus situation, where

if you did over xx number of lph it put you in another bonus tier.  I have never heard of that being used for "base" pay and I don't believe it is that common.   I sure wouldn't work for a company that paid like that, but companies are getting creative in their formulas for figuring pay so we can't figure out how much we make, but I think the MTSO always comes on the winner. 

Bonus Psychology from MTSO POV
On the one hand, two part-time no benefit people would be cheaper in some ways. Plus they could tag-team a work schedule for greater coverage ability if they're both working 24 hours/week because that would add up to 6-7 days per week coverage instead of 5.

On the other hand, one dependable full-time busting her rump to get 350 LPH for a bonus paid in peanuts (most likely) is fewer headaches for scheduling - just one person to call off instead of two, just one person to need every Saturday off instead of two, plus the pleasure of watching that one person work like a fiend in order to try to make that quota.

Throw in a few No-Job-Available days for the one person, such that she can't make her bonus quota, and you've got yourself a winner there!
You should also ask about the 2000 sign on bonus just advertised
9 cents/line, plus a 20% bonus for working

When a company advertises a sign on bonus..sm

should I take this with a grain of salt?  Like, you must be with the company for a year or produce an outrageous amount of lines before you get it?  There is a company on mtdaily.com stating they will give $1500 bonus for acute care.


I was hired with a 1500 sign on bonus...
and the stipulations were that I got the first $500 after 30 days off of QA and meeting minimal line count, another $500 after 60 days of meeting minimal line count, and the final $500 at 1 year.  Of course if a pay period is missed not meeting minimum, there is no more sign on bonus.  Hope this helps.
and I have a feeling their sign-on bonus is like the one Medquist has
They make it impossible to qualify for the bonus and you don't figure that out until you've worked there for 6 months.

digital camera and $1000 bonus...sm
I work in-house and at home for a cancer clinic. They are very generous at the holidays. We did not receive bonuses this year with our raises due to the Medicare cutbacks so when they saw they had a good year after all we all got bonuses based on length of service/performance.