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I have wrist, arm and hand fatigue too. Have to watch the yoga - because some postures

Posted By: make my wrists MAD!! n/m on 2005-08-30
In Reply to: any routines to keep CPS and hand pain at bay - advice needed!


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I used to get hand and wrist pain. I still do if I'm forced to use a standard keyboard.
I bought an ergonomic keyboard and use a telescoping keyboard drawer so I can prop the side of the board that's closest to me up in the air.  That forces my wrists into the proper position and spreads my hands apart.  It works wonders.  I thought I would have to quit MT before ever really getting started, but I'm able to work pretty much fulltime now.
Try YOGA---Great for you & hubby, you can do together and it
also gives you a variation of exercise. We walk, yoga, and total gym. Great interaction after the kids have left the nest!!
The lion pose (yoga) is EXCELLENT for...sm
Yoga is excellent. Lots of good tapes.
How do you fight fatigue?

I find that after a certain amount of hours, say 4 or 5, my arms and hands turn to jelly, and my body gets sore and fatigued from sitting in a chair. It is to the point where I actually dread working. And it's not because the work is hard, because it isn't. It's because it takes a lot of of me physically.

My question is, what are some tips to help fight fatigue? It's almost to the point where I want to only do MT for 4 hours and find another job to do for 4 hours a day, one that doesn't demand so much physically. Although I wouldn't mind doing this until I retire, what it does to your body pretty much has made that not an option for me.

adrenal fatigue vs perimenoause

I had adrenal fatigue from excessive blood loss from a miscarriage; the symptoms were entirely different-feeling from menopause/perimenopause. 

I do second the black cohosh, as well as 'dong quai', which is a Chinese women's herb.

I was on HRT, started feeling 'hinky' about being on all those hormones, and just stopped them on my own; titrated the HRT down, and then started with the black cohosh and dong quai.  Completely stopped the hot flashes, and fatigue and 'fuzziness' I was feeling. 

Fighting fatigue after 4 hours
When you work 3rd shift - it is even worse.  But getting up and stretching works - don't nap because you won't wake up till morning!
Actually the flu is a 10 day to 2 week episode, with fatigue often lingering
after the symptoms begin to go away.  The way to tell if it's a cold or a flu is that a cold is usually from the neck up, the flu causes body aches, fatigue, coughing, etc.  Also, the duration.  Colds go away much sooner than the flu.
I've used Hand-Eze and Thergonomic Hand Aids. sm
They help with the carpal tunnel and keep hands warm for me. They cover the hand and wrist but leave the fingers free. I wear them inside out, though, because the seams rub on the skin too much for me. I've gotten so used to them, that it is more comfortable wearing them while typing than typing with nothing on.
Don't talk about hand, I still remember the one that got her hand chewed up by her pet rat....

had nightmares for 2 days after that.

LOVE ER!!! I watch the re-runs every day, and watch the new ones on Thursday night!!
Diagnosis of perimenopause versus adrenal fatigue? I'm getting very confused on where to turn
To me, my symptoms coincide exactly what to me seems to be perimenopause, but also seem to be some adrenal fatigue as well. Wouldn't adrenal fatigue be a natural result of the perimenopause hormonal fluctations, i.e., very lethargic and listless, insomnia, mood swings, energy swings, fuzzy brain? I'm getting conflicting advice and opinions and just don't know where to turn anymore. I just want this fixed, and didn't think it should be that hard. I went to this GYN my sister referred, but he seemed to me to be rather clueless and had me do some antithyroid antibody tests and put me on fish oil and folic acid! No hormone testing whatsoever. Then, I talked to a pharmacist locally who also deals with women on this same issue (my sister too), who has a Ph.D and consults with the MD. I took her test and she diagnosed me with severe adrenal fatigue, but again, I think this is probably just a result of the hormones messing up. Any advice? I don't want to do a lot of unnecessary testing that insurance doesn't cover, such as the saliva test. I'd appreciate any advice. I'm thinking to just go maybe just go my my PCP and get on an antidepressant or something.
Well, if you broke your right hand and were right-hand dominant, can you see how this might be a fac
It may not be relevant at the time of dictating a physical exam or social history but in the future it would be good to know if the patient breaks the finger(s), wrist, hand, arm.
You can still get the old one without the wrist

wrest at Amazon. That's where I got mine. I couldn't use the one with the wrist rest either.

Ellen S.

Wrist pad
Wrist pad -- good idea. I've had a heel spur the whole summer and never thought using my pedal could be aggravating it. I use a foot rest type thing that my pedal sits on. I'm going to try my extra wrist pad to rest my foot on and see what happens.
aching wrist
Does anyone here have trouble with tendonitis?  I woke up this morning and could hardly move my hand.  My new keyboard is flatter than is comfortable for me.  I usually like them to be on a tilt.  Any suggestions on how to mend fast and to avoid this problem in future?
aching wrist

Sorry, didn't realize I was still on this board.


achy wrist

Yes but this new keyboard I have is not as slanted as I am used to.

I use a gel wrist pad. I also have the keyboard SM
in a comfortable position. Ergonomics are essential and you don't have to pay a lot for it. A good chair also helps. Mine has armrests, which I can adjust. Good luck.
New gel wrist pad and chocolates
I always get something even though it is just candy but my husband was being practical this year and bought me a new wrist pad as my other one was ratty.  The new one is great, I just have to get use to it.
yep, I have that too...on the wrist wrest. nm
wrist pain
I started using oregano oil about five years ago for wrist pain. I used to wear braces and get ganglions. At one point, I couldn't even pick up a jug of milk and was worried about driving because my wrists would send shooting pains while steering my car causing me to release the steering wheel in reaction to the pain. I am CURED now because of the oregano oil. I buy it at health food stores or on-line and I apply it directly to my wrists at the first sign of pain. I have not used wrist supports since starting with oregano oil and no longer form ganglions. I LOVE IT!!!
wrist supports

Does anyone recommend a certain kind of wrist support to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome?  It looks like there are so many to choose from.

Wrist pain
I have done/tried a lot of different keyboards/splints/gloves/trays ect.  The only thing that has made my wrists/hands stop hurting is a Kinesis keyboard.  I have the Advantage.  They are costly, but well worth every penny spent and your typing speed will increase once you get the hang of it.  I love mine.  They will pry it away from my cold hands one day.  Not giving it up ever. 
Wrist issues
Hi everyone!

I am having an issue with just my left wrist. It feels like it keeps locking up, and is pretty painful if I just let my hand dangle (like if you hold your arm out and relax your wrist so your fingers are going towards the ground). I only started working in April as an MT, and I am only 21. Do you think it could just be deconditioning or is it something I should get checked out? I don't have insurance right now so I really am trying to avoid a doctor's visit but I don't want to mess myself up permanently this young!

My wrist hurts sometimes....sm
And one time my elbow and all up my arm was hurting. I think I need to find some good wrist supports. I have bought 2 different pairs but I can't do the ones with the fingers on them. I need the ones that are just the wrist and no fingers.
wrist pain
anyone else out there has wrist pain at the end of their shift
Wrist pain
Mine burn like they are on fire all the time from my elbows down to my hands. I take Advil and get acid reflux. My back . .. hurts all the time. I feel like I'm 90!
RE: Wrist pain
When you have burning a nerve is involved. Have you tried Alpha lipoic acid? It is a supplement which can be purchased at wally world, etc. and it not too expensive. I use it all the time for burning in my leg (had back surgery). I take it twice a day. Also I take B6 for carpal tunnel. The doc said to take up to 400 mg per day. It does help me and kept me from having to have carpal tunnel surgery for a few years. I still take it for the left wrist thought. Hope this helps you.
wrist pain
I used to have wrist pain years ago and thought I would not make it in this job. A hand therapist at the hospital I worked for evaluated my typing position and told me to be sure my keyboard was not tilted and was flat on the desk, and that my hand/fingers were level with the wrists, and the wrists were level with the elbows (90-degree angle); therefore, the lower arm including hand/fingers should be straight (not angled upward or downward) and level with the keyboard. This was awkward at first but amazingly, by the end of my first day, I actually had no more wrist pain or even shoulder pain.
Anyone know who sells wrist braces...

for relief?  I have a few but have gained weight, so need one for a "fattier" arm. 



What is the advantage of having the wrist pad detachable?
I wear wrist supports,

and with the wrist rest attached it puts my fingers/hands/wrists at an angle that isn't comfortable for me. 

MT with broken wrist-need advice
I'm a single MT IC.  I broke my wrist 12/31, had surgery and now have a cast.  I worked a few days, but very painful and slow.  Typing with one hand now.  Haven't worked for 8 days.  No work.  No pay.  Anyone else been in this situation?  Did you apply for disability?   
I had read that resting wrist on something can
wrist supports like crafters

use, i.e. women who do a lot of crochet work have some elastic stretch wrist supports.  I used them once when I was pretty new to typing 8 hours at a time when my hand muscles were weak and my fingers had a mind of their own.  I haven't used them for years, but I did like them.  I thought to try these out http://www.scriphessco.com/itemdetail.asp?cat=313106&MENU=313106&item=705+0002   Also note that pain in the hands can be caused by pressure on the ulnar nerve (right under the elbow at the forearm) eventually, which can be relieved by using a down-feather filled pad you can make yourself (not goose feather, but actual goose down).  I know one gal who had her ulnar surgical relocated. 

There are other things to look out for, like pain in the hips, lower back, neck, shoulders, ....

Keep track of me via E-mail if you like. 

Wrist splints for carpal tunnel....
Go to your local drug store and purchase the best pair available and then wear them nightly faithfully.  They help tremendously!  (At least me, but everyone's different...)  
i use cockup wrist splints at night.
it really helps, uncomfortable, but by morning, they feel better.
I have a great chiropractor who adjusts my wrist.
Might call some local DCs in your area and see if any of them do wrists/CPS. I'm currently lucky enough to have insurance that pays a small portion, but even without he only charges $45 for visit, which is well worth it to me.

Anyway, just another suggeston/idea for you.
Question about these, is the wrist rest removable ? or - sm
is if all one piece and part of the keyboard. My pull out tray has a hump on it already so I don't need a wrist rest. Thanks.
35 years,,,not one pain/wrist surgery, etc.
works for me. everyone is different. No one can say what for whome. I always used to laugh at all those writting documents we used to get from the hospital I formerly worked for on how to sit in a chair.

They also made everyone watch a 10 minute movie on washing thy hands.

I wear those little terry wrist bands that athletes sm
wear to wipe their brows. It cushions my wrist from resting on the desk without compressing the nerves further.
I use a craft glove with an extra long wrist band
purchased at wal-mart and they help ALOT.
I wear wrist bands made by Chase Ergonomics, Inc. (sm)

They were given to me from a friend. He got them from work.  I also wear a Smart Glove at night. It has a brace on the top of the glove and beaded cushioning on the palm.

I also have a kinesis keyboard but haven't used it much yet. Too busy working to practice with it.

You can probably find all the above on ebay. That's where I found both the gloves and the keyboard.


The HandEze gloves are nice w/the wrist support. I like them in the winter. Other brands to
Mine are on a beanbag wrist rest. Need wrists at 90-degree angle
the ergo beans wrist support is AWESOME!!! its like a massage while working...LOVE it and only 16 b
1-wrist/fingers.2-shoulders. 3. Foot that uses the pedal. 4. Knees. 5. Hips. They're all coming
On the other hand....
if you're an experienced acute care MT, you can pick up radiology in a month or two.  I just did it earlier this year.  Never typed a minute of radiology before and a couple months later I'm "flyin" at it.  Yes, there's a learning curve, but it's not brain surgery. 
on the other hand...
If you knew the TAT on the account when you took it on, and accepted it as such, then your obligation is to have the work done on time.  If your personal life is getting more complicated and interfering with your ability to maintain the TAT,  then maybe you should let your employer know so they can replace you with someone who can meet the TAT.  Their first obligation is to the client, after all. 
On the other hand....
Just the fact that you would be working on only one type of report would tend be for better production.