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Military Overseas

Posted By: Marcey on 2007-05-06
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When companies state no overseas applications or solicitations does that include Overseas Military?? I have DSL and we have a US Post office here on base. Curious cause i'm about to start school and want to know it wont be wasted while we are stationed overseas.


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ProScript Documentation Services does not send work overseas or employ any overseas MTs. (nm)

my grandfather and father were marines and my x-husband was a marine, all front line, first in last out.  my father did 2 active tours in vietnam-by choice. not until recently would he talk about it, but when he does, the pride that is in his eyes is unreal. my x and i had just announced our engagement a few days before 9-11. he wanted to reinlist and i had the same fear that you do, that it wasn't for us. that's a decision that only you guys can make. as good as it can be, it can also be as horrible as can be. just like everything else in life it's how you approach and deal with it that will make you or break you.  no matter what branch, you will always be able to find a friendly face anywhere in the world because there will always be someone else living the same experience. best of luck in your family's decision.
my 18 YO is considering the military...
and I don't know if I want him to do that or not. Has it been a positive experience so far for your son? If you don't mind, what branch did he join? I know you can't wait to hug your baby boy again!
It sounds as if he needs to grow up and accept responsibility for his actions.  What did he expect the military to be like???  You just dress up and march in parades?  Get real!
Actually, I'm glad he's out-- I wouldn't want a wimp like him "protecting" me or this country anyway.  I hope he enjoys his NEW time away from his family being in the brig.  Like, duh----.
military deserter?
Don't you have him confused with his predecessor?
Anyone's husband in the military?
My husband is thinking of joining the military.  He has always wanted to since we met about 7 years ago and we just went to a wedding where his couisin was there, who just got back from Iraq.  His cousin is going back voluntarily.  He is a higher rank (I have on idea what the difference is).  Anyway, I am really worried about this.  It is just something that he is thinking about right now, but we have 2 kids and it scares me to death!!!  Any advice or anyone with experience with this?
Military time
I've done it both ways depending on what the client/doctor wants.
Our Military People

I want to share something my family does in case you're interested in doing something similar.  We live near a military base and every year I call and get the names of a couple of soldiers to invite into our home for Christmas Day.  These are soldiers who are very far from home and not scheduled for leave on Christmas.  We been doing this for several years and it has been such a wonderful experience.  We have made friends that we'll keep in contact with until ... 

We pick up these soldiers up at a set time and set gate on the base.  They have dinner with us and we always give them some small gifts  -- phone cards, note cards, stamps, restaurant gift certificates, etc.  The guys love it when they get a box of all occasion cards with stamps, as most of them say they aren't very good at picking out cards to send back home.  We end the evening by driving around showing them Christmas lights, etc.

Yes, it is generally a bit awkward for them at first, but they always end up getting "comfortable" and enjoying themselves. 

You usually need to call early - they do have to make sure you aren't a serial killer or terrorist.      Often times, they have an office set up where you fill out a form for "adopting a soldier" and that simplifies matters a great deal.

Merry Christmas to all of you!

Don't know about transcribing for the Military, but...sm

your transcription skills will most certainly qualify you for an Administrative Assistant/secretary position for the Military. I started as a GS-4 in Aug 04. Got promoted to a GS-5 in Aug 05 and now am lead secretary in an office of 50 people. I get an automatic promotion to a GS-6 in Aug 06. On top of the all the benefits, they are going to pay for my degree too. I know a lot of people complain about Federal jobs, but mine has been a blessing all the way around.

Military wife
Yep, my husband has been in the AF for 29 years. He has been deployed since middle of March and will be coming home at end of May. I've been MT for 3 years, but all at one place. Wish I would've done it sooner, when we were moving around. He's retiring this summer.
I appreciate the military. I DONT appreciate
Transcribing for military hospital

I have a question, does anybody know of how to get into transcribing for say a military hospital so you could get government benefits, or has anybody does this before?  Would love to have the safety net in retirement of some good government benefits.

Just wondering if there are other military wives out there who are also MTs? NM
Are your military members fighting for your
Your child JOINED military. Did she do so with

Sounds like apple doesnt fall far from tree if she made life changing move with no forethought.  You say this is 2nd tour. To me that that means she and her hubby signed up for second time so its not like this was sprung on all of you. You need to learn to look ahead and plan better.  And I dont mean plan on better ways to rob your fellow citizens.

when typing military time, is it, for ex: 1645 or 16:45 nm

Military time would be 1645 hours.
a lotta of the older docs were in the military...sm

and these were memorized by rote...kinda like the ABCs.  Extraordinarily bright men and women who'd served their country and then went on to be docs. 

It's always nice to hear them say "Thank you for transcribing this dictation",   Cat

Her child was not drafted, JOINED military. Do
I believe private MTSOs have to bid on contracts to do military work.
care package for military in iraq ideas?? sm

i have a very close friend who is in iraq and i went to send something but no idea what?  he ideas or someone know anyone in military and what they like to receive or need?  FYI, they are on a ship.  TYIA!

Sounds like a wartime military POW personnel training manual..nm

I live in a small rural area and they housed some evacuees at a nearby military base
crime went UP in our little community that previously HAD a ~very low~ crime rate. It is a FACT. I'm not saying all NO residents are like that, but MANY seem to be.

My mom was raised in conditions like this poster describes. Mom's parents died when she was 7 (father) and 9 (mother). Her teenage sister (newlywed) raised her and 4 other siblings. They had next to nothing. Not ONE of them turned to a life of crime. Not ONE even graduated high school but they still made good lives for themselves. Life was rough for them, but they didn't blame it on everyone else and cry around about what the president should be doing for them. It is all about RESPONSIBILITY and taking what life throws your way. IMO.
Also, they could be done overseas..
I proofed Indian work a few years ago and they sound like similar reports--blanks, everything wrong.

For everyone's info, the clinic in town that outsourced to India still dislikes the quality intensely, after all these years, but still uses them because they are cheaper. Go figure.
The doc that I work for now used to use a service and paid 9cpl.
We could do this, but then we'd have a small choice of credit cards, cell phone providers, computers, toilet paper, paper towels, food in general, entertainment such as cable and internet providers, clothing, tires, and I could go on and on, but what would be the point? The simple fact of the matter is that this is widespread and there's no turning back on it now. Even in our industry we have plenty of overseas working alongside of us. The way I see it, these people have families to feed as well and want to make a living for them as well. I've worked with U.S. companies that employ both American and Overseas MTs and I have to say that they are more than willing to put in the time and effort to get it right. They are also willing to take English classes to do better. I just think it's time that we end this whole caste system everyone wants to push on the MT world. There is plenty of work to go around, instead of pushing them to the side, why don't we include them and help them become better at this job?
May I ask what company this is? I would like to work overseas as well.
Haven't decided yet! Maybe Spain
haven't decided yet! France maybe?

The system is not accepting the 3-digit password, after I write out my message, why not?

and you will be begging for work. get ready to brown-nose to get enough money to live on.

good luck. you could do much better.
They have to be using overseas employees...sm
So remind her that  while they claim HIPAA compliance, truth of the matter is that  once the records leave the US soil there's really no protection.
They use overseas labor.
how did you get an overseas account in the UK?
Has anyone ever lived overseas?....sm

A friend of mine is moving to Italy and I am really considering going with her.  Just wanting to know if anyone has lived outside of the US (not necessarily in Italy, just anywhere).


Overseas posters?
I can't find anywhere on the site that prohibts off shore MTs from posting.
jobs overseas
Personally, I do not worry about this. There are plenty of companies who hire MTs purely in the US. For other jobs, just you wait, there is going to be relocalization of jobs/services, etc in the coming years. I already see/read about towns relocalizing. I would never consider going abroad for any major medical procedures. I proudly support my local medical team. There is probably a reason that medical care is cheaper abroad.

With the comment made in this article about importing physicians, does anyone wonder why medical costs have skyrocketed? I am sure a good portion of these physicians have come over here to make all sorts of money versus what they could make in their country of origin. I am sure they would not have left their country of origin if they were doing well for themselves.
Overseas outsourcing SM

I don't know where you have been for the past several years but a whole bunch of people are screaming bloody murder about this to their congressmen/women.  There are plenty of petitions being circulated to put a stop to foreign outsourcing.  Most MTs I know have not only sent letters to congress but have called the senators from their states to complain about this.  My friends refuse to see a physician who outsources medical records - and they ask up front who does the transcription and make it know that their records are not to be sent to a foreign country. 

There's lots of stuff going on.  Do a search on the Web and you will more than likely more than you ever imagined.

Don't kid yourself. The overseas companies are going in at 0.13 and 0.14 now. nm
Overseas jobs?

Does anyone have any sources for info on overseas MT jobs?!  I have been Googling but haven't come up with a single MT position in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, or Costa Rica -- only Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Dubai.



never worked overseas....
If I could get up the courage to fly over the ocean I may have been able to answer this one for ya... :)

But I dont know why you wouldn't be able to take your work with you... you just have to have access to everything you use on a daily basis... Right now I'm away from my home away from home, visiting my sister (and new niece!!!) for Christmas and here I am working away... :)

Good luck!!! and how awesome for your son
Working overseas

If you worked for an American company say in Scotland all well and good, transcribing for U.S hospitals and the work contained in the U.S., BUT if you transcribe for British or European hospitals/doctors, the work contained in those countries, it is VERY difficult.  The spelling is very different.  I was born and raised in Britain x25 years and when I started working here in the U.S. I found the American spelling very difficult - although less characters per word.  British spelling adds a lot.  Just a thought!  Plus the accents are hard too.  They don't say period, they say full stop which sometimes sounds like part of the text, but you have probably already experienced that.  Good luck, it sounds wonderful.

They did not contract an overseas
company. The company they contracted with was sending it overseas.
Just because the records go overseas
does not mean the laws are being broken. Granted, they cannot be enforced, however, if the company doing the overseas transcription does not follow the guidelines, then something might be done. However, unless there are specific cases, you cannot say laws are being broken. I am sure their contracts state they have to abide by our laws.
It is more of a risk overseas. SM
If some company operating from an offshore country with a "store front" in the U.S., decides to retaliate against Dr. John Doe, and spreads 50 of his patient's medical records over the internet, how easy do you think it would be to track down the so-called contact (whose name cannot even be pronounced) for the transcription company who is nowhere to be found? HIPAA has now power to fine, penalize, or imprison any overseas operation because the HIPAA laws only apply here in the United States. IMO, there is a substantial safety risk in having medical records leave the country.
working overseas

Can a U.S. citizen travel while working for an American transcription company, as long as they have a legal U.S. residence?  Is there any legal reason not to hire someone who likes to travel and visit foreign countries while they work?  I'm not talking about off-shoring. 


Can anyone confirm that JLG outsources overseas?
I find it hard to believe that the MTs overseas
experienced at MT, but that's just me. These companies are just trying to save money, plain and simple because people in those countries can and will work for peanuts.
Does Transcend outsource overseas?
Thinking of applying with them as an IC.  Anybody with any input?
We had an account that went overseas that when we lost it
one of hte people said they'd be back. Hasn't happened yet and it's been over a year. I always wished they would.