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I find it hard to believe that the MTs overseas

Posted By: are adequately trained and on 2005-09-11
In Reply to: Is there a shortage of experienced MTs here in the USA? Am I blind and deaf? sm - Need to vent here for a minute.

experienced at MT, but that's just me. These companies are just trying to save money, plain and simple because people in those countries can and will work for peanuts.

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I'm sorry, but I find this hard to believe sm
You actually expect us to believe that you work part-time and still do 16,000 per pay period at MQ.  How? What's your secret? You must be superwoman or something! Cause I work full time and can't do that many lines! Boy, am I jealous!
I still find it really hard to believe.
There are hundreds of thousands of people who will be just throwing their TVs away because they'll refuse to pay for cable or dish.  What about all the elderly people?  No way are they going to pay for something that's been free since it was invented.  I do have basic cable, but it's mostly smut and garbage on there.  I only keep it for PBS and Disney channel right now, but we've been seriously considering cutting it off.  Every time we try to watch something on TV, the ads for other programs are just not something we like to expose our children to.  If we cancel cable, I guess we'll just watch DVDs and not have TV at all any more.  (Or watch it through the Internet like we listen to the radio now.)
Trying to find the way out? It's not THAT hard...

OMG, you really can't be serious with that line, can you?! Trying to figure it out? TRYING?

You apply...you interview...you accept another position...you work both jobs until you're up and running with the 2nd one and then you QUIT MQ!

And since no one at MQ seems to have any work except MY office, then that should be a real breeze for ya!! You're obviously not working anyway! OMG how many brain cells are you actually utilizing to stay where you have no work or they crap all over you like you claim?!

Oh, that is SOOOOOO hilarious!!!!!!! I do appreciate the humor, people! Really, I do!!!!!

I think it's illegal too. I find it hard to believe
you've earned.  Talk to an attorney who specializes in employment law.
Because...I worked so hard to find it. You can to if you try..nm
Yes, it's hard for me, too. It's such a struggle to find money
to buy gifts for people. I always try to give something I know they collect or a gift certificate to a restaurant or book store. In return, I've gotten Fingerhut freebies, an employee baseball cap, and clearance bath stuff in nasty fragrances like Freesia with the tag left on. I don't see the point in it. I wish our families would agree to stop giving gifts to adults. I seem to be the only one that feels this way. Then again, that's not fair because I've got the most kids.
Sorry, just donít find the hard workers here you are talking about
Most of us have the good life and would not dream of doing the jobs Hispanics do. I used to work at least 2 jobs to have the kind of money I wanted and had more jobs than that at 1 time- hardly anyone wants to work like that. I think America has gotten soft in a lot of ways whether school systems, work ethics, children and too numerous to count ways. You can bet your bottom dollar if an American is standing out with a sign saying will work for food- ha! Try to get them to come work and see what happens. Your president needs to close the borders- until then I will get the best person I can to work for me, to do a good job and not grip the whole time nor sit down wiht the job half done.
Also, good MTs hard to find. Might be worth
MTSO knows hard to find good MT,especially 1
ProScript Documentation Services does not send work overseas or employ any overseas MTs. (nm)

Harder on my eyes than my ears but I find it hard to

believe that listening to dictation could cause hearing loss.  Blasting music through headphones maybe, but not dictation.  I've been doing this for 20 years and have not noticed any difference in my hearing.

However, my eyes get soooooo tired.  I've started zooming in to make the print look bigger and that helps a lot.

When you are really smart like this, it's hard to find anything to hold your attention.

The Olympus DS-330 has been discontinued-- hard to find now expecially for $99 - sm
I just got one for $140 total (with shipping, new off of ebay). They have new models out to replace the DS-330 about $150 and up, you have to shop around to find the best price. I got the unit for myself to check out how they work, etc., also to record my husband sometimes so I can play it back to him when he says "I never said that".....have some fun with it.
So what do you do to keep motivated to type during the work day? Sometimes I find it so hard to...

stay focused.  When you're working at home it is soooo easy to turn on the TV, take frequent breaks to answer the phone, talk to hubbie, play with the kids, take a hot bath, play solitaire on the PC, surf the net, post on a message board, etc.

I just wondered if anyone had any miracle cure for the wandering mind?

I think one reason MTs find it hard to have diverse skills (s/m)
is that for all these years we have been pigeonholed into just one specialty - typing medical reports. When I started MT at my organization, we had a variety of duties. Now we just sit and type. Interestingly, the few who got promotions within or out of the MT department were the ones who weren't too smart, and not very good MTs. The good MTs were kept where they were needed - doing transcription work only. And the smart ones are considered a threat to management, so they have no hope of ever advancing.

I've been to night school to try to broaden my computer skills, and the community college system is totally not on the cutting edge. Everytime I learned something useful, it became obsolete before we could ever implment it in our workplace.

I've looked into changing fields, and one of the big stumbling blocks is all the prerequisites for just about any field of study. Many of them involve the math & science classes I was steered away from due to my gender. (This was the 60s, remember... it was still legal to discriminate back then.) I looked into training as a veterinary technician, and working full-time and going to night school, getting all the classes in that I missed in high school was going to eat up about 4-5 years. It would probably take even longer to get into the vet-tech program. By the time I graduated, I would probably be in my early 70's. What veterinary hospital is going to want to hire a 70 year old newbie who will either retire or die before she's even learned the ropes at the new job?

Meanwhile, what ticks me off is that MT's are expected to have a very broad knowledge of English, medical terminology and computers, and be whiz-bang typists as well. And yet the same people that want speed, accuracy and experience, don't want to pay squat for it.
Even with multiple GOOD dictators, I still find it hard - sm
to do '8 hours' worth of transcription in less than 11-12 hours, mainly due to the lack of ability to make templates, as each doc does his H&P entirely differently. Also they want extraordinary accuracy, grammar clean-up, and proofreading done on each report. So a longish H&P can sometimes take an hour.
Have heard it is hard to find position in coding
Your MTs will find it hard to make any money with eScription.

A good MT is hard to find. Check back with those 2 companies
i have a Geneticist that i type and find it extremely hard with the terms of all the genetic disabli
If it rains hard, the wind blows hard and there are trees
nearby, it snows heavily it will mess up the signal.  The speed is not constant, sometimes as slow as dial-up, but at least still connected.  Many companies will not allow satellite. 
So, you think it is okay for hard-working MTs to earn 7-8 cpl for their hard work?? nm
go to chat room on web site and find out. i'm working but if you find out, let me know.
creepy dude.
Also, they could be done overseas..
I proofed Indian work a few years ago and they sound like similar reports--blanks, everything wrong.

For everyone's info, the clinic in town that outsourced to India still dislikes the quality intensely, after all these years, but still uses them because they are cheaper. Go figure.
The doc that I work for now used to use a service and paid 9cpl.
We could do this, but then we'd have a small choice of credit cards, cell phone providers, computers, toilet paper, paper towels, food in general, entertainment such as cable and internet providers, clothing, tires, and I could go on and on, but what would be the point? The simple fact of the matter is that this is widespread and there's no turning back on it now. Even in our industry we have plenty of overseas working alongside of us. The way I see it, these people have families to feed as well and want to make a living for them as well. I've worked with U.S. companies that employ both American and Overseas MTs and I have to say that they are more than willing to put in the time and effort to get it right. They are also willing to take English classes to do better. I just think it's time that we end this whole caste system everyone wants to push on the MT world. There is plenty of work to go around, instead of pushing them to the side, why don't we include them and help them become better at this job?
May I ask what company this is? I would like to work overseas as well.
Haven't decided yet! Maybe Spain
haven't decided yet! France maybe?

The system is not accepting the 3-digit password, after I write out my message, why not?

and you will be begging for work. get ready to brown-nose to get enough money to live on.

good luck. you could do much better.
They have to be using overseas employees...sm
So remind her that  while they claim HIPAA compliance, truth of the matter is that  once the records leave the US soil there's really no protection.
They use overseas labor.
how did you get an overseas account in the UK?
Has anyone ever lived overseas?....sm

A friend of mine is moving to Italy and I am really considering going with her.  Just wanting to know if anyone has lived outside of the US (not necessarily in Italy, just anywhere).


Overseas posters?
I can't find anywhere on the site that prohibts off shore MTs from posting.
jobs overseas
Personally, I do not worry about this. There are plenty of companies who hire MTs purely in the US. For other jobs, just you wait, there is going to be relocalization of jobs/services, etc in the coming years. I already see/read about towns relocalizing. I would never consider going abroad for any major medical procedures. I proudly support my local medical team. There is probably a reason that medical care is cheaper abroad.

With the comment made in this article about importing physicians, does anyone wonder why medical costs have skyrocketed? I am sure a good portion of these physicians have come over here to make all sorts of money versus what they could make in their country of origin. I am sure they would not have left their country of origin if they were doing well for themselves.
Military Overseas

When companies state no overseas applications or solicitations does that include Overseas Military?? I have DSL and we have a US Post office here on base. Curious cause i'm about to start school and want to know it wont be wasted while we are stationed overseas.


Overseas outsourcing SM

I don't know where you have been for the past several years but a whole bunch of people are screaming bloody murder about this to their congressmen/women.  There are plenty of petitions being circulated to put a stop to foreign outsourcing.  Most MTs I know have not only sent letters to congress but have called the senators from their states to complain about this.  My friends refuse to see a physician who outsources medical records - and they ask up front who does the transcription and make it know that their records are not to be sent to a foreign country. 

There's lots of stuff going on.  Do a search on the Web and you will more than likely more than you ever imagined.

Don't kid yourself. The overseas companies are going in at 0.13 and 0.14 now. nm
Overseas jobs?

Does anyone have any sources for info on overseas MT jobs?!  I have been Googling but haven't come up with a single MT position in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, or Costa Rica -- only Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Dubai.



never worked overseas....
If I could get up the courage to fly over the ocean I may have been able to answer this one for ya... :)

But I dont know why you wouldn't be able to take your work with you... you just have to have access to everything you use on a daily basis... Right now I'm away from my home away from home, visiting my sister (and new niece!!!) for Christmas and here I am working away... :)

Good luck!!! and how awesome for your son
Working overseas

If you worked for an American company say in Scotland all well and good, transcribing for U.S hospitals and the work contained in the U.S., BUT if you transcribe for British or European hospitals/doctors, the work contained in those countries, it is VERY difficult.  The spelling is very different.  I was born and raised in Britain x25 years and when I started working here in the U.S. I found the American spelling very difficult - although less characters per word.  British spelling adds a lot.  Just a thought!  Plus the accents are hard too.  They don't say period, they say full stop which sometimes sounds like part of the text, but you have probably already experienced that.  Good luck, it sounds wonderful.

They did not contract an overseas
company. The company they contracted with was sending it overseas.
Just because the records go overseas
does not mean the laws are being broken. Granted, they cannot be enforced, however, if the company doing the overseas transcription does not follow the guidelines, then something might be done. However, unless there are specific cases, you cannot say laws are being broken. I am sure their contracts state they have to abide by our laws.
It is more of a risk overseas. SM
If some company operating from an offshore country with a "store front" in the U.S., decides to retaliate against Dr. John Doe, and spreads 50 of his patient's medical records over the internet, how easy do you think it would be to track down the so-called contact (whose name cannot even be pronounced) for the transcription company who is nowhere to be found? HIPAA has now power to fine, penalize, or imprison any overseas operation because the HIPAA laws only apply here in the United States. IMO, there is a substantial safety risk in having medical records leave the country.
working overseas

Can a U.S. citizen travel while working for an American transcription company, as long as they have a legal U.S. residence?  Is there any legal reason not to hire someone who likes to travel and visit foreign countries while they work?  I'm not talking about off-shoring. 


I find most of my abbreviations here. Scroll all the way down until you find the abbreviation box.
Can anyone confirm that JLG outsources overseas?
Does Transcend outsource overseas?
Thinking of applying with them as an IC.  Anybody with any input?
We had an account that went overseas that when we lost it
one of hte people said they'd be back. Hasn't happened yet and it's been over a year. I always wished they would.