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My goodness, there are MQ offices crying for help. Gets transferred out of Amherst to Ohio or one of

Posted By: MQNE on 2005-08-23
In Reply to: MQ-Amherst office/quota - chris

the other offices. I will do that if they run me out of work at Amherst. I dont plan to stick around long if that happens.

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I think anyone whose accounts have been transferred to Amherst needs to email Amherst and also to
let their supervisors know at their office if it is still open what is happening here. We also have to deal with no weekend pay, no holiday pay, NO WORK so expected to sit around for holidays for nothing and NO WORK and their QA and no blanks situation when we are on 8 accounts. This is an absolutely ridiculous situation and Corporate needs to be made aware of it and if they do nothing then I hope MQ loses all its MTs and accounts for all the blanks and poor quality work that does back to the hospitals. That is always what happens when you do this.
One of the Ohio offices
I'd rather not say which. Been there years.... it's gotten worse, not better!
I cant believe it. I was just transferred to Amherst and said how much help they needed this weekend
and guess what. NO WORK. Are these people playing games up there with us and our livelihood. I am getting thoroughly disgusted and I think we should talk to corporate about this. There is no sense to this anymore. There is someone up there that must hate MTs and enjoys doing this. They have to be nuts. Is there someone up there we can talk to beyond these idiots that monitor the accounts.
I have been in the same boat since being transferred to Amherst. I have contacted New Jersey and
spoken with one of THOSE WOMEN and have gotten very little response other than oh we will see what we can do and things continue to just go on the way they were. I think it will take a lot of people calling Human Resources and emailing those 2 women or getting transferred or quitting that will change things MAYBE. Are many people quitting up there in Amherst. I know since my office has been transferred they are quitting now.
Just got transferred to the Amherst office and am wondering what to expect from that transfer.

Can anyone tell me anything about how they operate that office. Do you have work in your regular accounts without hundreds of backups or what is the situation.


unusual for me too, worried too, not Amherst office nor Ohio

We didnt know it would be like this until we got transferred. I only got transferred within the past
4 weeks. I already have my resume out and have talked to another company. It was okay until the accounts and offices get closed and we ended up at Amherst. I am sure a lot of us are leaving.
Good old Amherst and couple with their ridiculous QA point plan. They people in AMHERST ARE NUTS. I
hope MQ loses all of its good MTs and then the hospitals can yell about quality and leave. My account just disappeared after being transferred up there and then find they have hired new people for it.
Maybe all of MQ will be like Amherst or maybe so many of us at Amherst have not work they gave us
other accounts in other offices. They sure overhired but a lot have quit because of no work. One thing for sure, you wont get the truth out of your supervisor.
i got transferred too
it is crazy, never ran out of work until they moved us to amherst, they OVERLOAD bad....labor day wkend was a joke working for them, email on sunday they are desperate for ppl to work, by monday, no work

I Was Transferred
My office did close. My account was transferred to unfamililar territory and I have found this office to be far superior to the one I worked with before. Just 1 example: I was given a backup account when my main account volume was low. I did well with this account, but did not care for it. After several days, I tried my main account but kept getting the message that all requested dictation had been transcribed. After a few more days I got suspicious and dialed in using another MT ID number. There it was! Work available! It turns out that the woman in charge of my account had "blocked" me from getting into it so I was forced to the do the backup account. It seemed that another MT had quit and that left this account short of MTs. Instead of being honest with me and asking me to help out until they hired another MT, she just blocked me from getting in. So as you can see, it was not all that great with this office. When it closed, I felt bad for those who lost their jobs that worked in that office, but I also felt that I could trust the new office to not do that to me again. I was right. They were all shocked and very disappointed that an employee of MQ would pull such a stunt. I have been with this office for several months now and have been treated no less than wonderful. I am sure there are other good companies out there to work for, but for me, I am staying put. However, if you leave in good standing, MQ always welcomes you back, so you are right--what do you have to lose? I tried it, and if you need to test newer waters, I say go for it.
okay, now I'm crying (sm)
Thank you so much for sharing that. That is beautiful. I have already posted about missing my children, and long hard weeks away, and wanting to be home. That poem is how I feel some days...

LOL I don't know. I do know they transferred their corporate
helpdesk back to the U.S. because it comprises 90% of their sales. I think it was 90%. The home users have to put up with the offshores tech support. I bought a Dell, too, because I figured I could do my own tech support without buying anything extra or calling them. Shoot, $300 for a computer and printer. They had to have lost money on that deal, right? I don't know if that was right or wrong of me if I'm against offshoring, but I really needed a new computer.

Anyway, you might try Dell's online knowledge base to search for the answers to your issues. Do you think you'd be able to fix it yourself with detailed instructions? What kind of problem are you having? Maybe I can help.
I transferred my glossary, etc to a new
computer.  I found out how to do it by Googling "copying Expander to new computer" or something like that.  I'm sorry I cannot tell you exactly what it says as they are printed at home and I'm on the road.  This works for your dictionary as well.
Me, too! Now I can't see cause I'm crying! Too funny!
Okay, guys, we all have to go! Michelle and MomMT, its been a very nice pleasure meeting you both!!  Really, I had a great time, which does not happen for me often on here!!  Thank you, both, and have a GREAT night!!  Or a great day tomorrow! I'll cover your backs while you're sleeping...
Then for CRYING OUT LOUD.....
Let HIM worry about this.  How and why do you think it's YOUR problem!!   They're paying you to transcribe, not to breast feed/babysit them.  Learn to pull that monkey off your back and put it on the back where it belongs, would you??????????????????  I swear, this is the last air head post I'm ever going to read or respond to on this ridiculous board. 
Oh, for crying out loud, let it go. nm
Has anyone had 8mm or Super 8 film transferred to DVD?

Seems to me it would be a great X-mas gift.  I found one of my brother (now 55+) when he advanced from cub scouts to boy scouts.

I tried to check out a couple of websites, but it's all Greek to me.

Talk about crying wolf

"Keep putting out those fires of MQ discontent, or at least until the big guns with the lawsuits put out MQ for good"

I have to laugh when I hear this, over and over again.  How MQ is going down.  When?  Come on people.  They are still hiring people, they still have accounts. They aren't going anywhere.  So some MTs have a class action.  Anyone can sue these days.  Do they deserve it, sure.  But I have been hearing about all this for years now and frankly, I am so tired of this old news. 


If everyone quits, the will be the ones crying the blues. NM
Gotta laugh to keep from crying!
Yea like type 2 diabetes. Do not come crying to me
x  sigh
For crying out loud, it's a job. Don't take it personal.
Lost my dad in October...still crying every day...could use some help (sm)

I just feel like I don't know what to do anymore.  I'm 43 and lost my dad (78) back in October.  I miss him so much.  I still have times every single day when it hits me.  A little memory will come back, and I'll just have the punch in the stomach feeling. I'll type something in a report that will remind me of those final weeks and just feel sick.  Just now, I was just going along, doing my work, and out of the blue I remembered how he always had to take his pills with yogurt or applesauce, and I could just picture him, and I started crying again.  We moved out of my home state 7 years ago, but before that I worked with my dad, just the two of us, for 13 years in his printing business.  He would call me nearly every day, still, whenever he had a problem or needed help with a computer issue or something.  Sometimes I'd get irritated because after not working on some of the stuff for years, I couldn't really remember some of these things.  Now, I'd give anything for one of those phone calls.

Anyway, I normally wouldn't post this kind of thing, and I know there is an Emotions/Depression board, but there is more activity here and I'm feeling like I need some advice from those that have been there.  I don't really talk to my husband about it too much.  I usually have these times during the day or late at night when I'm alone.  I just try to keep it pretty much to myself.  Our neighbor lost his wife back in July and he is over here pretty often.  He still is having a rough time, and my husband has made comments about how it's probably harder when it's your spouse.  In a way, it made me feel like maybe I'm letting this go on too long?  I have my dad's pictures by me and I wonder if maybe I shouldn't because they too make me cry.  I guess I just don't know.  I just know that every day I just miss him so much and have to stop and cry and I don't know if I need to go see somebody, or this is going to get better and pass, or what.  

I laughed so hard I was almost crying! nm
Yes, live on W Coast and my acct transferred
over to Amherst. 
I dont know about your accounts there but my office was transferred there and since then all the
accounts and people in my office have their accounts running out. It took a few weeks after being transferred there but finally they got all of them because they want that 1 hour TAT on accounts there and that is what they are trying to do. So I dont think it is a few isolated accounts. My office had tons of accounts that went up there on DQS and we are all in the same boat.
Ooops, transferred the 25 years old to your age at the time.
You'd need to ask the tech if your abbrns. in ESP could be transferred should you ever leave
You purchase the plans which allow so much data to be transferred.
I paid for the $59.99 monthly package, which is a lot of data usuage and have used programs such as Dictaphone ExText and Escription on the road. It seems like someone told me you'd have to pretty much be on it nonstop to use up all the data allowance but you can check it out here..http://b2b.vzw.com/broadband/bbapccard.html
I've been crying all morning and can't stop (sm)
what's the matter with these lousy companies.  They have poor work and want us to produce a quality document....this job is really sucking anymore!
Oh yes, please. go get your own accounts. This is a newbie for crying out loud

I've run into a lot of people in this field who say, Just go get your own accounts, yet very few do. why?

And: Today you are laughing, tomorrow you wil be crying, believe me...nm
Has anyone asked to be transferred out to an office that MIGHT be open for awhile. Is there anyone
in Amherst that is willing to get this situation taken care of or is that a lost cause.
no misunderstanding at all. you want things your way and you run crying to "mom" or authority
I don't really mind your posts, but what you are doing now makes me wonder about your sanity. It's like my kids when they don't get their way. They come crying to me and want me to intervene and they try to cause trouble for the person who won't give in. That's what you are doing. You lost me on this battle Dano.
17 years, my husband's got yours beat, he's STILL crying over the Notebook!

Nat'l. Crying-Babies & Leaf-Blowers Outside The Window Day!
Glad to see you keeping your spirits up. Gotta laugh to keep from crying, eh?

Boy, you brought back memories. I remember crying too and thinking I'd never get it that first y
anything beats crying children .... particularly from home late at night ...

oy!  Those poor kids, not asleep in bed yet, and exhausted mom or dad are tryyyying to catch up with dictation ... imho -- the worst ... though I admit I personally have never had from-the-car-on-the-freeway dictation which I gather beats the band! 

Wailing children are so heart wrenching.


So much for Ohio.
Ohio MQ is closing in December. Another one bites the dust...
Ohio MQ.... how do you know?
Where did you get this info?
To MQ Titanic, that is big statement you have made that will affect a ton of people, so unless you have a statement forthcoming ASAP to back that up, we are all going to have to assume you are full of icebergs.  Please either prove or lose.
No shortage in SW Ohio...reg is 3.09 as of Weds eve.

If there is any chance that you can transfer and get out of the xxx hole that they call Amherst MQ, go to the Ohio office, plenty of work and you are treated with respect--stay away from Foxboro and Amherst--nothing but misery

I can not say enough about the people at the Ohio MQ office--they are the best

They are closing in December. Period.
Yes, Ohio here
We do not judge them all by a few as one poster does.
Come 2 Ohio...
Where the livin' is easy and the work is bountiful...


 I am just curious as I don't see many people from Ohio. Whereabouts are you? I am in Cleveland.  Do you have a lot of accounts? I keep pretty busy and mine are pretty diversified with one ESL which took me about two months to finally understand.  I was lucky they kept me along. 

Just wanted to say Hi to a fellow Buckeye!


If you look up Ohio's bad (sm)

check laws, they apparently allow for the greater of $200 or 3x the check's face amount in liquidation fees.  I'm thinking though, that with the amount of these checks, you are outside the small claims situation.  You would then go to the next level in the court.  Maybe you can call the Ohio Court in the county/town she lives in and ask what one might do in this situation?  Maybe you can even check with your own state's court and see what their recommendation is.  I think the amount of the checks is going to be key here.  Fraud? Criminal?  This is a LOT of money here. 

I think your willingness to keep on working and not push the matter has also played a piece in her obvious oblivion to this?  Might be work $100 to have a lawyer write her a strongly worded letter - might just get her attention?


Ohio MTs

I just saw ****of Cleveland Plain Dealer (newspaper) on C-SPAN.  She is a journalist who cares about people losing their jobs in the state of Ohio.  After hearing her on C-SPAN, I believe if MTs from Ohio would contact her about all of our issues regarding offshoring of our jobs, unfair pay for VR, our personal information going overseas, etc., she just might be the person to take up the issue.  She fights for the working man/woman.  She is a wonderful person.  She even said she would be glad to hear from people by telephone.  I think if enough MTs from Ohio contact her, she might help us all.  Her phone number at the Cleveland Plain Dealer is ****.  I couldn't verify email address from the web site but did find www.cleveland.com/schultz/ (I haven't tried this yet).  She is also a Pulitzer Prize Winner for her excellence in journalism.  I'll be contacting her.  I hope others do as well.

****Phone numbers are not to be posted nor other private information.****