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It sounds like a setting in your Norton firewall.

Posted By: Administrator nm on 2005-12-10
In Reply to: Administrator, I am having this problem again with the boards being blocked. Not sure if it has - MQMT


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If the firewall is the problem the you can set up your firewall to allow you to access the FTP -sm
difficult to do. But usually my firewall springs up with a message when I try to access something that it won't let me do and then you can "allow" it. So since you are not getting that sort of message I doubt its the firewall, but I suppose it is a possibility. You could always just turn it off, try accessing the FTP, if it works then you have your answer. Obviously turn it back on when you get off, then set your firewall up to allow you access to that IP address. It sounds weird though that you can do it on XP but not 98, I have used FTP software for years and have never had any trouble using it with either OS. Good luck in figuring it out!
Norton Internet Security does this. Costs the same as Norton AV and includes it.

has a user list, which you, as administrator, can have password protected so users cannot change the list. What we do is put on sites that we approve. Anything else has to be done on the laptop in view...

You can buy Internet Security every year anytime from Jan through April tax time, and get rebates. Just as cheap as NAV and includes it, as I said.


can you use Firefox with Norton? I have Norton, but some popups still get through. nm
Norton vs. McAfee. Go with Norton. nm
Could be your firewall. nm
free firewall
I use free AVG for my virus protection.  I think they may have a firewall, too, as they have added some new things, like Spyware and rootware.  Right now I am using ZoneAlarm for my firewall, although Microsoft already has a built-in firewall.  If you want to look at AVG, do a search for "free virus protection," and it should appear there.  If you go to grisoft.com, all I can find there are things to purchase, but no link to the free downloads.
firewall info
You might try looking at some reviews on C-Net.com. Go to the website and find the reviews section for security. We use AVG for virus protection and Zone Alarm for our firewall (both free). Microsoft has a firewall built into their OS, too, which you might want to go ahead and activate while you're deciding. As I understand it, the MS firewall is pretty weak, but I'm only familiar with XP, not Vista.
Yes I did have a separate firewall....sm
I have also used the AVG for years. My friend has also used it for years. I know a lot of people who have used it and continue to with no problems. I had no problems until someone hacked into my computer. When I took it to the computer guy, he said you are using a free AVG version. He said that is the problem. He said why do you think they are free? They don't fully protect your computer. I have no idea with a firewall on how they still got into my computer but they did. My friend had someone hack into hers while using AVG free version and separate firewall and stole her identity. I am just trying to keep the expensive mistake I made from happening to other people. It is costing me $250 to have the computer repaired.
VPN and my firewall question

Hi. This is the first time I'm using a VPN to work, so please forgive my ignorance of the whole subject.

I was having lots of connection problems, being dropped, etc., on my first day and the IT person was supposed to contact me. That took a while to get back to me, so I had been trying different things. When I reported I could only connect when I disabled my firewall, they said "of course," that I can't be connected to the VPN and have a firewall up and I would have to work my whole shift every day without a firewall, like duh, I should have known this was their tone and I had wasted their time. Not to mention, I have forgotten twice already to enable my firewall when I'm done working and have left it off.

Is this standard? Or is there a mode I can set it to, to work with the VPN or something. I'm feeling pretty vulnerable here, with my own computer at risk, not theirs.

Thanks for any enlightement you can provide!


Been using AVG for years. No problems.Have a firewall also
that will prevent the highjacking. Were you using a firewall?

My firewall is a totally separate and different program from AVG.
Router has hardware firewall that SM
needs to be configured, so it has that for extra security. Plugging modem directly into phone jack leaves you wide open to trojan horses, viruses, etc. I have NetGear, it is good. LinkSys is Walmart quality but adequate; we had a lot trouble with ours resetting during power surges so keep your ID handy and do not lose your manual.
Any good/bad news about free firewall

I needing to find a firewall and thought I'd ask you all for opinions - Any good ones?  Any to stay away from? 

When I am on my computer, I keep hearing clicking sounds as you hear when you click on something within a website.  Am I being paranoid?  I have heard stories where people's computers have been "overtaken".  My Norton Security expired this month and just a couple of weeks ago I downloaded a free antivirus program that was recommended by my home office.  Now I'm without a firewall and I think I made a mistake in doing that.

Check your antivirus program or firewall.

Conflict with LWWLicenseCleanup.0001 file and firewall?

I installed the Comodo firewall on my computer and it seems to be working fine except one very annoying problem.  For some reason, I will open a program, ie, DocQscribe, Instant Messenger, etc., and my firewall keeps asking whether to allow LWWLicenseCleanup.0001 to run, I click yes but then when I open the program again for some reason this stupid file is trying to link to another part of the program I guess and I get the same window asking for permission to allow it.  Here's the kicker, a lot of the time it will totally lock up my system and I will have to reboot. I called Stedman's tech and they really didn't know what to do but he had me go into Administrative Tools and turn off a Stedman's License file but still this crazy Cleanup.0001 keeps trying to run because my firewall is still detecting it.  Has anyone else had this problem? I did a Google search and found a link to one other MT who had a problem with this file and Zone Alarm but there was not really a solution offered.  The firewall I am using is Comodo.


Why do you pay for Norton when
you can get AVG for free and it constantly updates itself.....?
Norton v. AVG
Go with Norton.  Do the research.  It's worth every dime.

I have Windows XP, service pack 2.  Norton works fantastic.  It catches everything.  I do remember having trouble with downloading at first. Just uninstall and try again. You'll be glad you did.  Run Ad-Aware and Spybot every few days and you're good-to-go.


There's a difference between the free version of Norton/AVG and the pay-for-it versions. I paid $50 for Norton 2005. With AVG or Norton, I believe you need to pay for it to get the protection you need. 

Even if you uninstall it, Norton "knows" you had it in your computer, and it won't re-start itself. When you go to hook up to the internet to do the updates, it won't work. In my experience, the only way to get Norton again for free is to reformat your hard drive. You kinda have to know what you are doing and it is a big pain in the neck. You have to have all your programs on disk to be re-installed, and all files backed up on disc... but it does work. I did it a couple of times and I saved about $100 in doing so, but I really had nothing on my computer to mess up, so I went for it. I would definitely go for the free programs you can find on the net first!!!
Norton Utilities has a program called WinDoctor that does the same thing and it's awesome.
Norton vs. McAfee..which best?sm
Just got a new laptop that came with McAfee..now they are offering me subscription for half price...$69.00...I've always used Norton before and wondering if there is any difference.
I just keep Norton I suppose and never checked into anything else.
Thanks, will do. About 3 nights ago my Norton caught
Did you notice the Feb 3 date?  That would be this coming Friday.  Wonder how our various transcription companies are going to fare?  ugh.  I hope they don't crash. 
My Norton or my Outlook Express? (sm)
For some reason, for the last 2 or 3 days, when I am sending an email, that little Norton box that pops up is taking a long time to appear, like maybe about 15 seconds or so.  It used to be as soon as I hit "send."  Is this a problem with my email or my Norton? and is it a big deal?  Just wondering why the change.  Thanks
My Norton subscription is about to expire.
I can't afford that $40 renewal fee right now.  What can I do? 
HP/Quicken/Norton outsource
I agree.  My printer/fax machine died and had to get a new one.  There was a piece in the way so that I could not get the ink in, so had to call Customer Service.  Two hours later, with understanding only 1/3 of what he said, I finally got the information I needed.  My computer crashed on me (not a good year), had to call HP and Norton, both of which use India for their Customer Service - finally went and bought a new computer as got no help.  Couldn't get my Quicken loaded, so called the help desk, and guess what!  He was not understanding my question/problem at all.  It's like I cannot get into that part or I would not be asking for help!  Finally, a friend of mine helped me and got into it so I could do a backup to restore my data.  I am sick of this so-called "service", and sure hope American companies, hospitals in particular catch on soon before our whole world crashes down on us.
Obviously it is not fixed if Norton keeps detecing it...

mine keeps detecting it as well.  It will stop for a couple of days and then start in again.

I would like to know what the "glitch" is exactly...

Norton antivirus program
If my Norton antivirus program expires, will it still work but just not allow me to get updates, or will it stop working altogether?  I was hoping to wait until the weekend to install a new one.
Norton Internet Security has a parental control

which will give you a site list that you can add to, for example neopets.com or barbie.com. I know McAfee has a feature where you can set up windows of time where she can be on only say, between 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. M-F.  I think even Windows XP has parental control where you can download approved lists, etc. Keep in mind though that if you use a "screening" program, there's a lot of stuff that can get through, such as wet t-shirt parties, etc. Probably not a problem with your daughter but can be with boyz. And I just say no to IM.


Norton 360 was installed, I did a full scan, and it found nothing...MUST SM
I downloaded Malwarebytes and it found 12 critical trojans!! As soon as I find a good AV program, I'm totally uninstalling Norton's. Like you, I thought Norton was great and used it for years. Maybe it's just not keeping up with all the techno-creeps out there that have nothing better to do destroy the PCs of working people. UGH!!

Norton fried my old computer, totally screwed it up....this was 8 years ago though...hopefully its i
Does anyone have Norton Internet Security on their Windows XL PC and have any weird problems with it
at times.
You've got a point there. I haven't had a problem since I deleted Norton
and installed a different program.
Have to disable Norton Internet Sec & Del all Temp files every time, why???
I cannot get the links to stay but I know it has to be due to something in Norton because if I disable Norton Internet Security and then go to Tools, Internet Options, choose General tab, then Temporary Files, Delete Files, Delete all off line content, and hit okay, then I get them back, but they don't stay consistently. :(

Can anyone tell me what needs to be changed/added in Norton's Internet Security to keep the links/forums available in the blue/on the left side??? I have tried everything I can think of. I sure would appreciate your help.

My Norton antivirus is showing a red X on my email and I have no idea what happened. How do I fix
Norton Internet Security 2009 and Service Pack 2 or 3??
I am having a heck of a time! I have Windows XP and just purchased Norton Internet Security 2009 for my antivirus, as my previous version is just about to expire. Upon installing it it says I have to install Service Pack 2 or higher for it to work. I never installed SP2 because I read that many, many had problems with it. Should I go ahead and download SP3? Is there anything I need to do before installing it? I'm thinking of taking the computer to a professional and having them download SP3 and install it for me because it makes me really nervous! Anyone have any experience with this? What should I do?

I renew my subscription to Norton each year it is due by credit card through them on the internet.

If I change computers how do I get that back into the new computer as I dont have a disc or anything I just do it over the internet. I have the original disc that I purchase 2 years ago but have since upgraded over the internet as I said.


My Norton's just blocked a browser exploit with a high security risk...
just now when I entered the main board forum here on MTSTars.  I would like to know what that is all about! 
There is a setting
to fix that and I can't remember what it is. But I complained about it and our IT guys told me how to fix it. There is something that you have to "allow" to get it to work.
What virus program/internet security do you use - always used Norton, but a computer tech told me
Need some ideas/suggestions for setting up a very tight QA program. I have no idea where to start with this one. Any help is appreciated.
As an IC you should be setting your OWN rates
And then you inform the clients of the increase--period. You don't "ask" for an increase. That would make you an employee.
I have no idea, but there is a way of setting - sm
in up in WP5.1 so it backs up your work every few minutes, and is saves a back up copy as well. Also if you have to shut down then you just go to your backup folder (you make one up) and there it is under a different name, and you bring that up and resave it and you generally have lost very little work. Email me if you want and I will dig out the instructions on how to set up the backup feature. The problem I have is sometimes I hit something, no idea which 2 keys and I delete my whole report, so the backup feature for me is a lifesaver. Thouhg I have learned the hard way not to save the report after I delete by accident, otherwise the only thing that is in the backup file is a blank file. Luckily I don't make a habit of doing that!
Aha. So it is a setting they could change.
I think they just haven't noticed or haven't had time to do it, but it's good to know it is possible to have it not spellcheck demographics. There is no reason for it since they wouldn't want us to change anything in the demographics.

You are setting yourself up to most likely fail...

if you try to start an MT business right out of school.  Unfortunately, people take the college courses for MT just to find out that most employers do require experience.  There are companies that do hire newbies, but one must have attended an "approved" school.  It's not too late for you though.  I see you as having 3 options:

1. You attend an "approved" MT course/start over with schooling.

2. You apply everywhere, check your newspaper, keep looking.

3. You attempt to start up your own business and learn as you go, although I highly don't recommend this route. 


Good luck!

Setting up Lanier LX-219?

I'm at a loss - I cannot find a manual anywere about how to set up my Lanier LX-219 equipment.  I have the terminal block, module and the unit.  two phone plugs on the grey box, one phone plug on the back of the unit.  Does anyone know where I can find a manual on how to set up the equipment? Thanks in advance

I am in our bedroom now, but am setting up - sm
an area in our dining room slowly. Will still work in the BR (I think) during the day; but will move out to the DR when DH wants to go to bed so my typing does not keep him up. That has been a running battle for years and finally bought a new CPU as a backup and now am loading all my programs, etc. which I don't have the time to do of course. Just need to finish doing that and get a new monitor as I am using an ancient one right now that is probably around 12 years old now, huge bugger. If I like it out there more I may work out there during the day too.
Are you setting your own rate?

If so, find out what others in your area are charging. If you think you should be paid more because you're doing pathology, then charge more.

If you're being offered a rate, then do you consider it to be enough? No one else can really answer those questions but you.

Setting up your own accounts

I've been doing some research on here and checking out various links and such regarding setting up my own accounts but am finding myself more confused than ever!   I've noticed some talking about things like mydocsonline, bytescribe, wav player, Olympus, etc., but how exactly do these work?  I'm assuming there is a system in their office or on their end and then I use some sort of system or connect with that to get jobs? How does this all work?

I've been looking into this and trying to understand how it works, as when I recently went to the ENT office they asked if might be looking for some work .  I didn't feel comfortable talking about it in depth because of my lack of understanding.  They are a mid-sized practice with 2 offices and probably less than 10 physicians.  Any info or advice anyone could offer would be greatly appreciated.  Please feel free to email me also if you'd like.

You probably have your setting defaulted sm
to justify - it's "blocking" your text so it all looks like one neat block.  It removes or adds spacing to spread it just so.  Turn it off and you can eliminate the problem you're having.
setting the tone...
This is meant for e-mail but it is also helpful on message boards too...enjoy: