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Of course 3000/8hr. is possible, with 3-page

Posted By: anon on 2007-01-07
In Reply to: I do over 3000 per day but I know others - LuLu

templates and fill-in-the-blanks, word expanders, and same docs over and over.  Oh, and not getting the docs on a daily basis who finish a sentence, go back and correct it 5 times to the point you have no clue what he/she is trying to say.  In any case, good with the bad, I still average 200 lph.  Sometimes it's not how good or fast YOU are, but how good or bad they are at dictating. 

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Personal page/web page resource

Thanks a lot for sharing these great websites!
I do over 3000 per day but I know others
a lady I used to work with that could do this, before VR, straight typing so it is possible. Mine is with combination VR and straight though not just straight. The only thing is, the person who typed this much wound up not being able to transcribe, hands went out. I also worked with another lady who I think probably did well over 3500 a day so I do think possible. Wish we all could do that much.
Been there, quality is key, BS is more like it. Go slow and quality pays.
I do about 3000 per day but that is
keeping my foot on the pedal as fast as the dictation will go. I do VR and very little straight and I do not really see how you can get to 4000 a day. I have worked at this for years and years and know the dictators (17 years with this place) like the back of my hand but have never gotten to 4000. I would doubt that also.
3000 lines a day
I have been a MT for 35 years...CMT for much of that..an IMT, since the 70s, with my own business...and a FAST transcriptionist...but it is not possible to type 3000 lines a day.  You can and I have done it - but you will kill yourself.  Today, more and more keystroke/characters are being taken away from us and in my opnion you would have to TYPE YOUR BRAINS OUT and still would not make it.  After two or three days at that pace you will be ready to blow yourself up!   I am only max-productive six hours a day, after that it is down-hill..I slow and my quality suffers.  Don't try to type 3000 lines a day, find an account that will pay you well instead - they are out there. 
3000 lines per day??
On voice recognition pay that's not much money (about $12 an hour) especially for those of us who don't have the luxury of husbands helping bring home the bacon!
3000 lines
Thanks everyone for your input.  Hopefully I'll have an easy account and will be able to get a lot of lines once I get used to the account.
3000 lines a day with VR?
Does anyone want to share their line counts when using Escription VR?  At 4 cpl a line I would have to do over 3000 lines a day (8 hours mind you) to even begin to make what i did before.  Is this possible??  I just don't see how......
I won $3000 at the casino the other night! sm
That was after I received a forwarded e-mail about the leprachaun and luck of the Irish. I passed it on and it worked! Yippee!
Microsoft wireless 3000

I've been looking.  I'm working on one now.  I LOVE the touch and it's VERY quiet. I hate clacky. I've worked on ones that I couldn't hear the dictation for the clacking; had to keep stopping and starting, listening while not typing.  ack! anyway, I LOVE the touch and non-sound of this but it isn't split, and I'm having a hard time with that.  I'm gonna keep looking


There's a 4000 too, with a hump in the middle.  It's not quite as quiet and the touch isn't quite as easy.

Making 3000 Lines Per Day?
Is it really possible to make 3000 lines per day? If so, how is that possible? I am a very fast transcriptionist, and I use shortcuts to the max;I cannot fathom how 3000 lines in 8 hours is possible. Is there a WAV-to-text conversion program out there that I am missing out on, or what? What is the key to this level of production? I can't figure it out, and it is driving me bonkers.
3000 VR and straight combined
with just straight 2000 per day and that was different accts but like the person below, using Expanders and loads of shorthand, cannot type without it. Just keep your mind on wanting a certain amount, that is my deal.
Check with your CPA--a $3000 tax credit may apply!
We're looking into this as well. Even if we don't go with the hybrid, a purchase of a new, more fuel-efficient auto may result in a $3000 tax credit (versus a reduction, so a wonderful thing) for the 2006 tax year!
3000 lines - 6 hours- VR editing. nm
2500-3000 lines daily. sm
I found my comfort zone and awesome account, finally. After 25 years in the MT business, I can honestly say, I am happy doing my job! I have an awesome account, wonderful people to work for, and an excellent line rate.

I have not set hours, no special quota to meet - just get the reports done with utmost quality, keep them in turnaround time and keep the docs happy!

Sometimes, I don't even check my line count. I just work until my account is caught up.

There are accounts/doctors/hospitals out there who will appreciate you, your knowledge and work ethic, who will treat you with the respect you so deserve!

I happened to find one - all MTs can do the same; it just takes a little effort. Believe me, I have been around the block in this profession, working for smaller MTSOs, large nationals, and having my own accounts. It was not easy, but I finally have found "paradise" in the MT profession!

Love it, get at least 3000 lines per shift
and have straight mixed in with it. The salary is low but I can get anywhere from 18-20 dollars an hour or over and so maybe you are not putting forth your best effort? Might also depend on the platform you use. Some better than others.
Can YOU really type 3000 lines an hour?!

That right there is an incredible feat of fingerin'! 

Meditech didn't work with my particular short cut program and the lag time was absolutely unbearable, not to mention all the demographic screens to wade through before getting to actually type the report.  I absolutely hate using "F" keys, which leads to more finger fatigue, and the Meditech I used was full of them.  Honestly though, I can't remember if it was "Magic" or the other version of Meditech, as it's been at least a couple of years now. 

I do know, however, that I was able to produce 1500/lines per 8-hour day as a matter of course with one word-based program and with Meditech, it dropped down into the 900 range.  It was financially and mentally devastating for me, but again, my experience.

Question about 3000 lines and your hands.
Do they hurt? Maybe I am doing something wrong, but when I sit in my chair for that long and type my hands rebel. Do you do 3000 in 8 hours or how does that work exactly? I'm impressed. I know people will probably come on here now and flame me and say that they do 50,000 lines a day and their hands never hurt... whatever. LOL I am totally impressed by you MTs that do so well. Admittedly, I am not the fastest gun in the rack, but I do my part. I say kudos to ALL of you that can type that much every single day and not let it get to you. I would crawl out of my skin I think!
rephrasing my question about 3000 lines per day (sm)
What I really like to know is if it's possible to type that many lines on a CONSISTENT basis everyday and approximately how many hours it takes. I'm trying to calculate how many lines a pay period I need to make to pay my bills.

Thanks so much
Depends -- usually 2500-3000 lines per week - sm
though where I work does not have a minimum, but they are considering changing that shortly. Still won't be a firm # as they go by minutes, but the min. will be 60 minutes a day which will be approx 500-600 lines a day.
all work types - 3000 lines a day @ 12 cpl 65 characters
18 cpl transcribed line - private hospital account. These are the only specifics I am willing to give.

Do not e-mail me and ask where or who - I will not reply!

I understand companies are paying 4 & 8 cpl edit/transcribed. I do not work for a company. I caught a hospital account using the platform at the right time and signed on quickly as an IC.

Hope this helps.
1700 during the week, 2500-3000 on weekends
Even if you could do 3000 a day, good luck finding a company
QA, $3000/mo hourly so get some overtime too, bennies paid, no complaints. nm
I have a friend who consistently does over 3000 lines in 8 hours on the basic four, so yes it is pos
Average 3000-4000 minutes and no questions asked!
I have used the service for about four years. Like I said in my post above in the previous post, be sure to have a very good internet connection or expect to have problems. If you have a laggy internet, your phone will not respond either.
Yep, $2.00 a page and the page has about 30-40 lines on it nm
NJ $3 page, though I have heard as low as $1 page.

When I worked for a national, up thru 2 years ago, I was getting $1.75 page and heard they got $4.

That is a lot of work/lines for 2 people. I do 3000 lines per day sm
if you times that by 30 days that only comes to 90K lines a month, that is working 7 days a week including weekends. I don't think 2 people can handle that.
It's on page 129 of the BOS II if they like to use it. nm
Page, AZ
This last summer we took a driving trip and were set to stop in Page, AZ for one night... Ended up there for an extra night because of car trouble and we loved it -- the entire Page/Lake Powell area is gorgeous and we are planning a trip back asap -- I'm jealous!!
Their web page...
www.limewire.com explains why they aren't breaking any laws - something about there is no central hub where people are downloading music (as with Napster back in the day) but simply file sharing - so therefore it is legal. But I would never pay to download music - and I don't think the Beatles are upset about lost revenues!
per page
I actually work for a service by page and actually I do pretty well and feel almost better than a per line rate. I wonder if 60 lines is a combination of both text and blank lines?
Per page

I get paid gross line and from top to bottom of the page.  My rate is lower which is what the docs like and on chart notes just take the line count for word.  Kind of like your two lines on a page you get the page.  One word on the line, I get the line.  Also with my clinic notes, there is just one blank in between patients but I do get that line.  Of course I cut apart the notes for the clinic so that kind of pays it.  I also make good money and can't complain. 


By page

You need to turn it around so the doctor feels he is "saving money" by being charged by the line and therefore for only the part of the page that is completed.  Tell him that if you charge by 1/4 of the page anything over 10 lines would be a mininum of $1.50 - 2.00  and so he would be paying for part of the page that would not be filled up.   The same applies if he were to go only 1 line past the 1/2 page mark and thus pay for the entire page.  So make it seem more economical for him.  Also make sure that you figure your line charge out in the font you want to type in and if he wants a smaller, convert it over to charge out.  As long as they know that a gross line -- which is what I charge -- consists of how many characters in the Courier 12 font in, you are not cheating.  But show him how it would be beneficial for him to do the line charge and don't go with an attitude of "my way" show him you are looking out for him.   I would probably start out around 12 cpl per gross line as you will probably get a lot of standards that you can set up, etc.   So if work up to 200 to 300 lines per hour that is very good pay. 


Wow, we are both on the same page!
I would love to be a homemaker and be with my children, btw I dont have any yet, but that is what I would love to do!!! I agree with your comments totally on this board. Have a blessed day!
It's not there for me either. I think that and the mom page
should have a drop down in the menu thing above.
Could be anywhere from 1 page
to 5 pages.  These would be reports, not chart notes.
If you will look down the page...
There is a discussion about this. Here is a link to my post, which gives a link to the chair I currently use. I highly recommend it.
Are you saying $10 per page?
I just raised my rates to .12 for gross lines, old accounts but again I make good money per hour and just cannot justify raising higher.  I am happy.  That is gross line per Courier 12 and 1" margins.  With one account lots of consults and letters and can make $50 to $70+ per hour and so am happy.  Guess that would equal 13 to 14 65 cpl so that is in the ballpark.   My accounts pay on time, within 48 hours, never a bounced check, NEVER question my line counts or TAT.  I pick up and deliver, do envelopes, cut apart chart notes, and make good money.   Was just sick last week and did a pick up and delivery anyway and one of my docs told me to go home and rest and all others asked how I was feeling.   So do what is fair for all, do not price yourself out of the account as he could think that he could do it again himself but show him how much more free time he has and it is worth the money.   Oral surgeons will have lots of letters and op notes and so you can make a lot of standards and use a lot of expanders.   So you have the opportunity to make good money, again I always see what my bottom line is or hourly rate and not what cpl I charge.  
$1.30 per page???
I know it really depends on many factors, but I was wondering if $1.30 per page is a good rate?  I haven't typed a per page rate in years and I don't remember!  This would be a psych. account.  This company gives a template (I get paid for the template lines).  I am thinking this seems kind of low.   Any help would be appreciated.
$1.30 per page?

Oh, gosh...I almost fell over when I read this.  Maybe I missed something here, but when I had my own private accounts a few  years ago I was charging $5-$6 per page, which was actually low at that time.  The reason was that these docs were excellent dictators (hand-picked, of course), and $ wasn't an issue. 

I'd be interested in any other input.

Good luck.

$1.30 page
They should be ashamed of themselves. Don't take the job! I type speech pathology reports and charge $5.00 per page and do 200 pages a month for the last 8 years. These reports take up every inch of the paper, as they do not say
"new paragraph" very often
You can do better I'm sure!

I get $2.00 per page

Have a look at this page.
Copy and paste this link. These guys are GOOD. Looks like at least a couple of things to help.

pay per page
Does anyone know the average $ per page, not radiology but clinic notes?
By the page if the majority
of your work types are diagnostic plain films, such as chest and bone x-rays but if you have a lot of MRI's, CT's and special procedures such as catheter placement and removal, PET scans, angiograms and stent placements then by the line is more profitable.
i think its on the 2nd page of this board

i did a little different, added more

1 tsp salt, 1 tsp pepper, lots of paprika and lots of garlic and probably 1 cup of olive oil.  I had a lot of chicken to cover.  I mixed it all up in a bowl to wear it was pretty thick, not runny.  placed onions and garlic at the bottom of crock pot.  dipped chicken in sauce and completely covered.  It shouldnt run off chicken.  Placed in crock pot and dumped the rest of the sauce on top of it.  she said she cooked it about 6 or 7 hours i think.  It smells awesome!!!!!

Our QA stay on the same page. Here's how. sm
We give feedback to our MTs on every report that comes through QA. The way our QA staff stays on the same page is to provide feedback to the MTs and we BCC to the other members of QA along with a BCC to the QA manager. We SEE what QA is telling the MTs and if we have a question, we ask amongst ourselves. We stay on the same page. That way, if an MT decides that they want to say a QA person told them something, we all know what was said.

It is a wonderful way to stay on the same page. It also is a great way to help the MTs.

We work with our MTs very closely.
See the Main page...
for a brief history of MTStars, see the main page.


Sheri Steadman runs her own little company, USAType, Inc.
(Scroll this page to bottom to read last two lines).

Forget the affiliation with MQ or anyother company involved in offshoring "MTStars is staunchly against the offshoring of American Private Health Information".

Many companies like MQ, Cymed, Spheris etc etc. are banned on MTStars to post any jobs as well for advertising and sponsorships.

I love to visit these boards because I know I am on 100% US MTs site.


towards the bottom of this page
Under the question about who is quitting before Oct 1st.