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A used drug book is basically not worth much

Posted By: Laurie on 2006-02-15
In Reply to: Quick Look Drug Book - NCMT

in the long run - so many MTs waste their precious $$ on used resources. Particularly in the world of drugs/pharmacology, even a 1 year old drug reference is basically worthless. Unless you just want to be able to claim "you have one" for your company, its already long outdated. Best to buy the current editions, no matter if you can get a used one cheaper. You are defeating the entire purpose - having an up-to-date reference for your knowledge.

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Good drug book vs. internet drug sites
I need to buy a new drug book.  At a prior job, about a year ago, one of the supervisors told me she used the internet exclusively.  What's the consensus and if you prefer the internet, which site or sites do you like.  Thanks in advance.
Quick Look Drug Book (book & CD/ROM)..sm..

Does anyone use both.  I'm definitely getting the CD/ROM and am debating about buying both.  I don't see any reason to have both but there could be something I don't know. 

I noticed CD/ROMs are on backorder but they're selling downloadable versions.  I can handle that.

Which Rx Drug Book to use?
I'm looking for a Rx drug book that I can incorporate into my spellcheck or expander.  I've looked at Stedman's Plus, QuickLook, and Saunder's Pharmaceutical Word Book.  So far I'm leaning to Saunder's since it seems like it'll do what I want it to do plus I get downloadable updates.  I'd hate to spend $100 on Stedman's only to find out it's nothing more than a dictionary, when I could've spent $30 on Saunder's.


If anyone has any advice about what program to buy, I'd greatly appreciate it!

drug book
Monthly Prescribing Reference is very good. One of our MD's carried a copy in his lab coat.
Drug Book
Go to Amazon.com and see if you can get the book cheaper. I always have good luck with them.
drug book
I went on the amazon.com web site.  they have 2009 Quick Look Drug book for $28.76. I wish that I would have waited for this price.
Yes, our drug book tells us this
Quick Look Drug Book

The company I recently began working for asked me to purchase the Quick Look Drug Book as a reference tool, as they use it.  So, I got one...bought it used online so it wasn't that expensive, and I was needing a new drug reference book anyway.

I am just not impressed with this book.  While it does have very useful information in it, I find it is not laid out in the most convenient manner.  The drugs are listed alphabetically by the generic name.  So, what if the doc says the brand name of a drug?  How am I to use this book to look up the spelling, etc. of a brand name drug if I don't know the generic name of the drug so I can find it???  I have hardly used this book at all since I got it....I still go online to look up meds.  I feel like I wasted my money.

Maybe I'm just missing something here.  If anyone has any insight please let me know.  Or if any of you have a better suggestion for a drug guide that is laid out in a better format for MTs, I am open to suggestions.


Quick Look Drug Book CD
Can anyone tell me if they use the Quick Look Drug Book and CD?  I am thinking about purchasing the 2006 set for about $80, the 2007 is not available yet
What about Saunders drug book on CD?
I have always preferred Saunders to Quick Look, and they have just released their first version on CD. Has anyone tried it yet? I'd like to get it.
Drug Reference Book
I love Drake & Drake Pharmaceutical Word Book.
quick look drug book


Could you give me some advice on drug reference books? Do you recommend people wait for the quick look drug book '08?  Or is there a site online to search for drug information?

I'm new here, and am still studying to be a MT, so I'd like a recommendation from someone who knows  :)

I hope I'm not asking a question already asked 100 times...


Brand new drug book
I have always used the electronic drug references. The company I get them from has now combined everything into 1 icon and it takes forever to get anything to come up. It is easier to use Google for references than to mess with this anymore. I find myself using my old references just to save time and if it is not there, then I go to the "brand new drug reference" It is never up to date anyhow, so back to the net I go. And no, I don't think their requirement is reasonable. They want your brains and experience with no cash outlay on their end?
Need a good drug book
My friend and I need to buy a new up-to-date brand name and generic drug book.  I need the opinion of some good ones to look at and maybe buy. Thanks
Quick Look Drug Book
I would highly recommend Quick Look Drug Book. It is the cheapest book I have found, and it is is the only one I have seen that lists the drugs in both alphabetical order as well as by indication/treatment. In my opinion, it is the drug book with the best format.
Electronic Drug Book 2003!

Does anyone know if the Quick Look Electronic Drug Book 2003 is compatible with XP?  Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.


Drug book vs. CD version, which do you prefer and why? Thanks. nm
Quick Look Drug Book 2007 (sm)
CD version.  Does anyone have this and like it?  I have the 2005 version, and could not see much difference in the 2006 QLDB.  Any comments appreciated.
I prefer QuickLook for a drug book or

either Drake and Drake.  I don't know anything about Gregg's, but I think HPI are a waste of $$ and Stedman's is probably the most popular.  There is also Dorland's, thought I don't know anything about those either.

Yes do check the classified board here, www.half.com, or e-bay.   You should be able to get books for a fraction of new, especially if you get an older version.

What books you need will depend on the type of work you do.  If you only do clinic work, just something like Sloane's Medical Word book might be all you need, in addition to a drug book.  If you are just doing one specialist then a Stedman's book of that speciality would  probably be all you need in addition to the drug book. 

If you don't see what you need listed on the classified board here, post a wanted ad to see if you get any response. 


Anybody Use Quick Look Drug Book 2007?

Do you like it? I just received mine yesterday. It does not put a link on the Word  toolbar like the old one did. I called support and they downloaded a file for me to load and now it's on the toolbar, but now I get the message "QLDB.exe" not found.

I have uninstalled (like tech support said) and re-installed but still get the same message.

I checked the CD and it does not seem to have this file on it. Does anyone else have this problem? My task bar is already full so I really need it on the Word toolbar. Thanks

Brand new drug book required

I am applying for a new job, and before I can start, they say I need a new specialty book (which I can understand) and the latest drug book. I don't have the money to buy those books right now.

As an MT with years of experience, I am perfectly capable for doing my job without a brand new drug book for a few weeks until I get paid. I know how to research and verify drugs without a current drug book.

Do you think requiring a brand new drug book is reasonable?

I went to desktop icon for both DRUG BOOK and STEDMANS. Clicked

How old are your drug book and stedman's?  (I bought mine about 6 years ago now).  I hate to not be able to use them because I have added so much to them through the years.  ugh.

I haven't bought a drug book in 2 years - I use Google ...sm
and the FDA website. Both are faster than flipping through a book and free.
I have the 2006 edition. But the 2007 of this and the Quick Look Drug Book come out
Is this book (Saving Keystrokes) worth

buying if I already use lots of expanders?  I think I have almost overdone it in some ways.  I need to delete some obscure ones I made that are taking up letters I could use for something more critical.

Wondering if that book would help or if I have a good enough handle on the concept already.  ?  Does the book cover anything other than making expanders?


2008 AAMT Book Of Style? Is it worth getting?
I like drug books even though you can access sites on line. A lab book, the Sted's Ortho Words, a
Post drug questions on the drug board

Okay...sock it to me..when I was even newer than I am now, I wrote "drug alluding stent."  QA sent a correction saying "drug eluding stent."  NOW, I see on Google, "drug eluting stent."  SOoooo, which is it, or are they both correct?  Thanks ahead of time.

Help on the drug board--osteoporosis drug?
Sorry..........thanks in advance, I appreciate it. 
Updating surgical references - new Stedmans Word Book, Tessier Surgery Book or others - best one in
Just make a note in your book and go on. Every book I read you can find an error
or 2. Nobody is perfect. Lucky you only paid $60. New it is $80 or more.
I would buy book by Dog Whisperer. His TV shows covers things like this and would think his book mi
So basically she herself is QA?
I do basically the same as you, but I will
as I type in Word, and this helps with not having to go back and read the entire document.  I find that if I notice it right away, correct it, then I can move on, and it also helps if I need to re-listen to the term or phrase.  I have also noticed where my auto correct did not expand correctly, and even though my final spell check would most likely pick this up, I tend to be a little more careful with that as well.  I am so afraid to go with an Expander because I'm sort of afraid I'll lose that "specialist" touch you speak of. 
They are basically just saying
we will make your transcription look good like she looks good.

I don't see what the big deal is. Sex/beauty sells everything lately. It's just the world we live in, unfortunately. Every commercial on TV almost has some type of sexual undertones to it and some very obvious.
Basically, yes and no.
That doesn't help much, does it?

They all pretty much perform the same functions, but some have different types of connectors that hook to the computer and/or equipment.

I've got 2...a USB that hooks to my computer, and one that hooks directly into a Dictaphone. I know some other pedals connect to game ports. Sometimes the software allows you to set up a variety of pedals with different connectors.
It is basically just something you have to
make yourself do. I learned this way as when I started as an MT we were on typewriters, so you had no choice.
I feel basically the same way sm
why waste their time, as well as mine, just to say, "Hey, I'm your new sup"! Come on, if you need a message to figure that out...well, I don't know what to say about that!  Anyways, you're right.  I don't need anybody holding my hand...that's why I work at home!
You are so right - it's basically worthless
But you could basically try 50 lines per sm
report, and go with that.  That is a reasonable ratio with the differing times you sated.  Would add up to about 1250 lines, give or take different dictators, and the ways lines are counted.   Some dictators take FOREVER to dictate 7 mins, others breeze through 3 mins, with lot of lines.
Basically, it boils down to this....
Back in the day, we were seduced!

Now we're being raped.
I agree. I mean as an IC you basically pay
so many write-offs.  Hire a tax professional your first year to see what things you need to write off.  From then on out, a lot of ICs actually do their own.  Employee status simply means the employer withholds tax money, but they also have a lot more control over you as far as set hours and pay for that matter. 
I basically tell them I know nothing about that route (sm)
Like you I was an MT for 7 years or so before I ever had kids. And even then I did not have the chance to work at home, nor would I have wanted to, actually. IMO with our work, the choice, if you have high-need babies like mine, is either (a) ignore the kid and work or (b) work when they're sleeping. Which means I don't get to sleep like, at all, because I had babies who did not sleep much.

I would, and have, done what you did the drugstore clerk. You can't tell some people anything.

I personally have told people who asked me, "I wouldn't. You won't make enough money for the aggravation." I've also told them, "If that was your plan, you should have started 5 years ago so you had all that under your belt before you had kids." Depends on the circumstance and how hateful I'm feeling that day. (blush)
In theory, it's basically the same as the other
MSWord version; it just has all the bells and whistles.
It was basically an example of a post on there.

Everything should be checked out first, but just like you confirmed, there are local practices for each state that will post for MTs.  I found one myself but I guess I was too late because they never contacted me. 

Just trying to help... 

Absolutely, but basically because
It seems ANYONE thinks they can do it. Even those with atrocious spoken English who apparently slept through basic high school English classes and those who have no gift for spelling at all seem to think that if they can play hunt-and-peck on a computer keyboard, they can be an MT.

I reached the point long ago and when I they propose that godawful question, "How do I become a medical transcriptionist?," I give them the most blunt answer I can without being downright rude...

"Take some night classes in basic English and spelling, then you'll have to take a couple of classes in anatomy and medical terminology. That's just to start."

They lose interest quite quickly when they realize they'll have to exert some effort.
basically I agree
I think definitely industry was better before the BOS, when good MTs simply used good English skills and common sense. Some uniformity in the business was an okay concept, but too much of the "rules" make no sense, and changes at the association's whim. Like another said, it **severely** reduces productivity, which works against the patient, the hospital and the MT. I flat refused to pay any attention to it for years, after a hospital supvr told me some of the "rules" in it, and only when I had to for employment, finally got one and now use it.
The Sted's Ortho & Rehab Words is probably my most used book and then the Lab Words book. GL! nm
Medical Word Book by Sloan, Surgical Word Book by sm
Tessier, Dorland's dictionary, BOS, and my very fave I think is now out of print but called Spellright by Rice.
MDI and Transcend both use basically the BOS rules
unless client requests something else.  Sounds more like one of Futurenet's nightmare accounts.