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I had already replied about this down below

Posted By: NCMT on 2006-02-15
In Reply to: What do you mean? - huh?

I hadn't looked at the book very well...just got it today and I've been having a bad day. My son is sick and things have been rough around here. Thanks though...I got it figured out!

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Thanks to all who replied..

Thanks for your advice.  I know I just need to search and search some more but sometimes I get soooo very down about the whole thing.. and to think that I left an MT position at a hospital near my home four years ago that I enjoyed but wanted/needed to go home to work.. Thing is.. about a year down the road, all their MTs went home to work for them--all making nice cash per line and benefits.. all local doctors.. waaahhhh.. I seem to make THE WORST choices..

 Guess I'll keep looking..  thanks again.

Thank you to all of you who replied!!


I really appreciate all of you for taking the time to respond... Being new to the business, I was wondering if I was just going crazy to be a little hurt by my boss' behavior. 

Thanks again, everyone! 

Thank you to everyone that replied!
I'm sure that he is going to be just fine. You know how it is when you get a dog, they feel like a child to you. I just worry a little, but he really is doing great. I can tell that he is happy. The first couple of days he was very lethargic and you could just tell by looking in his eyes that he didn't feel well. Now he has more energy and his eyes are brighter. His coat is shinier and feels soft compared to the *greasy* feeling it had before. He is great with my son, and has already become a part of this family after such a short time. I feel very lucky to have found such a great dog! Thanks to all of you for your kind words and advice. I'll let you know how Buster is doing after our next visit to the Vet next week.
THANK YOU to those that replied. sm

It seems that I need to have a serious discussion with my boyfriend.  I agree that if the children don't want to eat what we are eating then they can fix something for themselves.  I don't mind purchasing alternate food items every now and then for them, but that can become expensive.  I also feel that it teaches them that they can have whatever they want whenever they want no matter what.  I was raised that you didn't get your own "special" meal just because you didn't like what was being made for dinner.

Even though they are not my children, it is partly my money that is going into their picky little gullets.  I feel that I should be able to enjoy a meal instead of feeling sick to my stomach from eating the same old things all the time.  My boyfriend has different feelings about the matter.  He feels guilty if he doesn't do what they want.  It's really kind of scary sometimes how he babies them.  Like I said before, his daughter is 18 years old and is AFRAID to use the oven.  I can understand wanting your children to have the best and to be happy...and I can also understand how we, sometimes, as single parents can feel very guilty about things, but there comes a point when enough is enough! 

I thank goodness sometimes that we don't live together yet.  They live next door.  It's actually very nice this way for now.  I do love his children very much and I love him so very much, but there comes a time when children need to grow up a little and get out of that stage that everything is about them.  I raised my son in a very different manner.  Yes, he is spoiled, but not in such a way that he thinks the whole world revolves around him and everyone else is just supposed to fall in line.

I should say that they are great kids and are not snotty or rude.  They make excellent grades in school and they treat me like gold.  I don't want to sound like they are monsters.  I think that I will sit down with him and tell him how I feel about this, and tell him that if we can't make some kind of compromise about dinners my son and I will be eating at home from now on and will come over after dinner.  I am not going to keep contributing to the grocery bill for dinners if I can't have what I want to eat from time to time.  I'm hoping he will agree.   

thanks to those who replied
your answers helped me and confirmed what I had already been feeling. It's been a very, very difficult situation and you are right about his kids not having enough discipline. Thanks again.
Thanks to all who replied - nm
There was another post that I replied to and it
is gone.  I didn't say anything to warrant being deleted so don't know if someone else did, or they just got slap happy and deleted more than they intended. 
You might be in for a surprise considering he replied..
You replied to mine below.
I didn't post this one, so it must be someone else.
That was a joke, because nobody replied for a while.
The site can be addicting, but of course you can run it in the background. If you have the foghorn on you can hear when a bottle comes in. :o}
At least they replied to your email ...

They never even acknowledged receipt of my resume with over 20 years of experience in acute care.

But you replied to MY post
and called me a doubting Thomas because I doubted it could be done on 1 income.  Now you're going to act confused?
To person who replied about TRXinc OR.
You stated that the "owner is a lunatic".  I recall I left it to your discretion to elaborate on that, but YOU DIDN'T.  Okay, I admit, I'm freaking out a tad.  Please at least privately e-mail me. 
I replied back with the address to the
fraud department of my local police department.
Is the post you replied to directly above this one?
If not, the one you replied to may have been deleted. They can't control that. They delete one part and everything in response to it automatically goes with it. They can't leave responses hanging there when the one it was tacked onto was deleted.
Replied to wrong message. (nm)
Thanks to those who replied! *SM* for free BOS-2 e-book downloads!!
I want to thank all of you for the help. I did get through the testing, so keep your fingers crossed.

I found a website, but wasn't sure if I would be permitted to post it. However, if you will just Google AAMT Book of Style free download, several sites will come up. It's the BOS second edition. These are shareware sites so just use caution. HTH!
Thanks to all who replied to my Emachine question. For those who had a positive response, can I ask
Boss sent me a nasty email, I replied and proved she was wrong, and yet no apology. sm

This is not the first time -- she's the first to blast you if she thinks you didn't make your line count, work when you should, etc., but if she makes a mistake, she NEVER says "I'm sorry," or "I was wrong" ... nada!  Most of the time, I just blow it off.  The pay is great, the accounts good, and sufficient work, but other times, I wonder if it is worth it.  I suppose in today's job market, I should just be glad to be employed ... maybe I'm just greedy in also wanting to be treated with professionalism, respect, and courtesy. 

Not sure if I even have a point -- guess I just needed to vent a bit.  Thanks for "listening."   

Bunch of us replied to similar ? on Company board under DSG lines post..nm
oops, replied in the wrong place, please see my reply under the original message. nm
I replied this morning and was deleted. I asked if you're spending a lot of extra time on the ex
work.  If so, I see no reason why you can't charge her by the hour for what you do.  It could me maybe $100 a week insted of every 2.  I do think that is a rip-off and you're being taken for your generosity.