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I use the electronic version and love it!!!

Posted By: Radmom on 2006-02-15
In Reply to: Quick Look Drug Book - NCMT

When you type a drug name it tells you both brand name and generic info. Also, if you don't know how to spell something but know what it sounds like it will give you different names of drugs that would fit what you typed in.

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I use the electronic version as well - no more books for me. All references are electronic! nm
I have D&D 2007 electronic version and....

I HATE IT!! It is so NOT user friendly!  When you open it, it takes up your entire screen, and the wildcard search feature is crap, in my opinion.  Luckily, I didn't have to pay too much for it (got it on a discount through my MTSO), so I ordered the QLEDB 2007 version (updating my 2005 version).  Unfortunately, it's backordered.  but when it gets here, I'm taking the D&D one off my computer.... that's how much I hate it! lol 

Cheaper is not always better. I'd stay away from the D&D version until they make it more user friendly.

Electronic version of BOS is available from Stedman's

I find the Electronic version is great as well.  I still like my book but find that the Electronic version is great to have on my laptop for travelling and ease of use.

Here is a link to it from Stedman's   http://www.stedmans.com/product.cfm/470/239.


There is a fix for Saunders 2007 Electronic version....sm

available.  It helped to speed it up a great deal.  I have both Saudners and QL  but for some reason my QL stopped working.  I find that the Saudners "sound-a-like" search has been very useful.  It initially was very slow but there is an update out there that fixes it and improves the speed dramatically.   I cannot recall where I got the info on the fix from but I'm sure if you visit www.spwb.com you may find it there or you can email the authors and get the update.

Anyone have an electronic dictionary intalled on their PC that they love?
I want to purchase one to install on my computer so I don't always have to drag the big one out.  I don't always want to use OneLook or other online dictionaries either, or sometimes I can't find what I'm looking for online.  Soooooo, if you own one I would love to hear which one it is,  and what you like or dislike about it.  TIA!
I am not the original poster, but would love to know how to do this. what version of word are you u
I love ST. Older Version Shortcut for SBlocks-sm
I have the original version too, not Stedmans. It is the easiest Expander to use. I have tried others and too much to remember. ST is as simple as it gets.

Anyway, for saving a SmartBlock, I highlight the text, then do ALT+Y+B. The save box opens, and I tab once to name it, then tab to put a description, then enter. It's saved.

I have normals saved like this. For example, I would name an H&P for Doctor Smith "hpsmith" - in ST, I only have to type "hpsm" and "hpsmith" comes on the SmartLine, hit enter, and it's on the screen.
I absolutely love GearPlayer 4, the newest version. It plays all files
and combine that with a good stereo headset, you'll be all set to go.  I am able to hear so well all sorts of dictators.  I cannot, and will not, work with Express Scribe, and I have found no other player as superior as GearPlayer.  They have a free download you can trial it for 5 days and see if works in your platform/voice files, found at transcriptiongear.com 
They're still at version 7 and version 8 is supposed to come out this Fall, which may be compatib

This is why I uploaded the 4.15 version. It's a previous version
Works is a dumbed down version of Word and Excel. You get the full version of Word in the Suite.
The Works Suite is a cheaper way of getting a full version of Word if you don't want or need the other applications in Office.
If it's a retail version you can. If it's an OEM version, you can't.
Electronic BOS
If you open your Electronic BOS and do a Control F, you can type in whatever you are looking for and it will take you right to it. Much faster than using the book.
Or Go Electronic

I currently have all of my word books, drug books, and dictionaries on my computer.  About the only book that I may ever need that I don't have on my disk is *One-Word, Two-Words, or Hyphenated?* and my anatomy book, but there are some great websites out there, in addition to Google, that can supplement this when I'm away from home.

One of the last places I went to where I actually had to take work with me was Las Vegas.  We had a BEAUTIFUL view of the strip, so I just turned the hotel desk sideways so that it was up against the over-sized windows and I just typed away!!!  I would rather have been ON the strip, but the view while I was working was definitely different than the trees-and-mailbox view that I get at home!!

I just took my laptop, external ergonomic keyboard and mouse, foot pedal, and headphones.  I had to pack the keyboard in my suitcase and pray that it wasn't crushed, but everything else fit nicely in my laptop bag as a carry-on.  I think the high-speed connection at the hotel was around $20/day, but I had no connectivity problems with it.

A lady I used to know traveled full-time with her retired husband and so she had a new *view* every week!  She had a satellite connection hooked up to her RV and so she would work on the road.  I actually think I might postpone my own retirement just so I can have the experience of working in a different state every week!!

Electronic Signatures
The office I work for uses this company's electronic signature.

What are your thoughts on electronic

When I go to the doctor, he types my visit into the electronic medical record himself as he is speaking with me.  I guess it saves them time on dictating the report .

I always say I will train for something else but it costs to go to school.  I have been in school forever, off a semester, on a semester.  I just hope I can get re-trained before everyone switches to EMR.


Electronic Signature/sm
I just add this phrase to the doctor signature line in the reports "(Electronic signature has been affixed)."  I do not have any special program.  Is there one out there?
What is an electronic keyfobb?
What is a keyfobb..and why is it worth $500?
I went with the electronic fee - $75.00. Some differences in...
benefits, but all in all it's better as far as I am concerned.
Electronic signature
Where can I get information on electronic signatures and HIPAA compliance regarding this? Thanks!
electronic signatures

I found this but there are several other sites available also if you Google HIPAA+electronic signature.
According to my electronic Stedman's.
Electronic Medical Records?? What do you think? SM

Ok, so I went to my doctor's office today and noticed that they just installed a computer station for all doctors in the clinic to start doing their own records while they are visiting you!  What do you guys think?? Is this the end of our profession or is our profession going turn it to something else..like editing those reports that the doctors have to type.

Is this a real problem or will it be many years from now before it effects us?  Let me know your thoughts.


electronic signature software

I own a small home based medical transcription business and have been asked by prospective new clients about electronic signature capabilities.  Can anyone recommend a company or any advice regarding my document management needs.  I currently have physician offices set up digitally without any electronic signature capability at all.


What's the best electronic drug reference? I need
quick look ups - mostly just questioning generic versus brand names!! I thought there was a post on this the other day, which peaked my interest, but not can't find!! Wish there was an on-line site, even if I had to pay for it, which constantly updated. I just don't have time for the free online sources, though I have a few good ones! Any suggestions?
Electronic sound recording (nt)

Electronic Medical Records
electronic medical record nm
It's probably an electronic health record.
They probably got an electronic health record where it is basically a point and click system that creates a progress note, does the coding, etc. I think this is going to hurt transcription greatly.
? re Quick Look Electronic Drug Ref

I'm trying to do a wildcard search for the endings of drug names, eg, *sartan. I read the help file and tried ~, (), ?, and nothing is working. I read the FAQ on the Stedman's web site and it appears to skirt the question and refer the questioner to the help file.

Am I correct that the new 2006 QLEDR does not allow searches for just the endings of drugs? If so, what a waste of money that was.

electronic medical records
Does anyone have info regarding EMR rules for doctors.   I was told by a physician today that by 2010 that all doctors were supposed to be EMR.  What will this do to our transcription jobs?  Any info appreciated.
electronic medical records

Here's the scoop on EMR.... right now not all facilities have everything electronic, but they are working on getting electronic on all records, however, there will still be paperbased files. What MTs need to do is to become familiar in the electronic field and not just limit their skills to transcription, because, lets face it today NO ONE stays at one job for years and years, no matter what the specialty, you need to keep educating yourself, better your skills, and move on to bigger and BETTER things!!! It will eventually change, after all, even AMTA changed their name:)

Electronic medical records. nm
Which is the best Stedman's electronic dictionary?

Which is the latest and best Stedman's electronic dictionary to get?

There's one on Amazon for 44.98 that includes a book and a CD-ROM.


Then, there's one on the Stedman site for 99.95, but it's only a CD-ROM.



Which of these (or another?) is the best one to get?


Electronic medical spellchecker

Can anyone tell me the best electronic medical spellchecker on the market and where I can buy it? Starting a new account and it is required to have.




I like the electronic medical books (sm)
convenient to use and user friendly. As for remembering, can't help you with that one. Pushing 60, the old mind doesn't want to work as hard remembering things, but the electronic books are the next best thing.
Another option would be to use an electronic notebook sm
Like Microsoft OneNote or Little Red Notebook (is this still available?). It's so much faster to cut and paste with the keyboard rather than stop what you're doing to write it down!

Plus after typing so much for so long, my handwriting is practically illegible at this point!
Quick Look Electronic Reference
is great. I don't particularly care for the book, but the electronic version is great. As far as a book, the Saunders is excellent.  I have a used Saunders 2007 if you're interested. 
the online electronic edition is definitely
faster and handier, therefore it is much more expensive.
He did not start the electronic record, really
Why beat a dead horse? I have been on electronic records for years now, before him. I think you are a hater and any and everything you can find to say about him you will. This is NOT NEW with electronic records. Find something else to gripe about, ok?
Electronic Medical Records
Not all EMR systems rely solely on CPOE-type technology. Every acute care account I have worked on in the last 4 or 5 years has an EMR component. The medical records are stored digitally, which allow to any physician with access to the system to pull the patient's record.

The physicians on my current account can input data through point and click (primarily ER notes and radiology which allows immediate access to the information) or they can choose to dictate (H&Ps, consults, ops, and discharges). The dictated reports are still transcribed or edited by MTs.
Electronic Drug Book 2003!

Does anyone know if the Quick Look Electronic Drug Book 2003 is compatible with XP?  Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.


EMR (electronic medical record) and voice

Yes, they are pushing to make medical records electronic, instead of a paper chart.  That doesn't affect MTs.  We still transcribe reports and instead of the reports being printed and filed in a paper chart, they are part of the electronic record and can be accessed at any computer in the hospital , for instance.  The doctor can sit at the nursing station and pull up all the dictated reports, the lab, radiology reports, etc.


Voice recognition, of course, is something different.  There is no one saying that VR has to be used by 2012.  That's simply an alternate way of getting the dictation onto the EMR.

The electronic medical record has replaced MTs at my job..it's all over!

My job has been scanning all the medical records over to electronic medium and the doctors are now taking laptops in the exam room with them and typing in all the info, so basically, my job will be obselete once this transition is over. 

Our boss has been doing a comparison of the clinics who now have the electronic medical record--those docs went from dictating thousands of lines in a weekly period to less than 50!!!  Of course this is a tremendous difference and it's "lights out" for us MTs.  We've got about a good year before it's all done.

Have any of you been affected by this new technology?

P.S.  I didn't care so much anyhow...I hate this industry and this job, so I've been looking for other employment anyhow. 



what kind of electronic spell checker to you use? sm

i'm thinking of getting an electronic spell checker, where it will automatically correct your words as you type.  is there such a program?


What will happen to us when Electronic Medical Redords become the norm?

I would love to hear everyones 2 cents about Electronic Medical Records....How soon will this be a problem for us? What will we do after they are in most doctors exam rooms?

Let me know what you guys think...Do MT's have a future? or did I just go thru schooling for nothing ...

I am sorry, I meant Electronic Medical Records, not redords.
2005 Quick Look Electronic Drug Reference nm
I have Stedman's Ortho and Rehab Words electronic on
Looking for call-in systems with editing and electronic sign.
Do you guys know of any that are good and reasonably priced?  Thanks for the info and if you have other advice I am willing to listen. I have an office that wants a call-in system with the ability to edit online and use an electronic signature if possible. I use DocShuttle right now with handheld recorders and this is new so any help is appreciated.
Electronic medical records...Is there an option out there for MTSO's SM

I'm wondering if there is a program out there that allows a small MTSO to provide EMR to a clinic of three physicians.

I'm looking for a web-based transcription program that allows me to send/receive dictation on the web and that allows them to access the finished records via the web.

Any ideas?  TIA