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Thank you all for your kind wishes and prayers. It is much appreciated.

Posted By: I am patient on 2007-03-30
In Reply to: saying a prayer for you - info_seeker

You are all great!

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Prayers and well wishes are just as important as financial help...
sorry you don't see it that way...
Thank you Jan for the info and the prayers - so appreciated. (nm)

Your kind words are so appreciated.
I sincerely appreciate your so very kind words and you are definitely doing the most important thing, I feel - praying. I do believe in prayer. :) Thank you so very, very much.

I put my life in God's hands each and every day and have for many years now. :) That does not go to say that I am still not scared though for sure. :)
Best Wishes

I wish you and your son all the best in the world and I am sure you will make the right choice and giving your son the right to make choices for himself is the right thing. To many parents today live through their children and not for their children.

My son wanted to do this and I agreed to it. Even though it is very time consuming, but at the same time it is full of rewards.

God Bless and Best of Luck

Thanks to everyone for the well wishes!
Best wishes to you, too! (nm)
Best wishes to you!! (nm)
Best Wishes
I feel like I should point out that (in the fairness of all) the God messages should be on the relgious board, it is a little presumptious to think we all believe in God.

That said, best of luck.
Thanks for the feedback and well wishes
I am preapproved for a loan but the payments scare me. I've never owned a home on my own before. I'm also cashing in my small 401k to use for it. I'm young yet, under 35, and know that that is not the smartest of ideas, but my NOT-darling, boyfriend, father of my youngest (2) (have 3 total) is prone to violent behavior. I've put up with his rantings for 3 years, NOT anymore. If I can just get through the next couple weeks .......the house is empty.....so hoping if things go okay, I can move in, maybe before closing. PRAY for me!
No problem! Best wishes!!
Can you believe it? Time sure does fly! Thank you all for the well wishes!
We're not planning to go anywhere anytime soon!
Best wishes to you on that plan, but

I have to admit that I was (and still am) an RN first.  With all of its difficulties, I have to admit that I would prefer to be an MT than return to that extremely stressful situation of RN bedside nurse.  The one good thing that I can say with regards to nursing is that the pay seems to be really good, though, and it does not seem difficult for a new grad to find a good niche in which to begin working.  One piece of advice that I give is to work towards a minimum of a Bachelor's degree and possibly move on towards a Masters degree or even a PHD, before you are 50.  Find a job that you can continue to do until older age, when your body may no longer be up to the physical stress required for direct patient care (especially when it includes lifting, turning the patient, etc.)  Get into a specialty where you can use your brain more than your muscles.  If you are not already doing so, get into an exercise program and take good care of your musculoskeletal system.  If I were not almost geriatric, I would take my own advice.  My big mistake was starting out with an Associate Degree and not continuing my nursing education.  Believe it or not, I cannot even get a job in a doctor's office, as they prefer LPNs.  I even called my state board of nursing and asked if I could get an LPN license by just being an RN and taking the LPN exam.  They told me that I would have to complete an LPN training program first, which I am not inclined to do.  I know it was a strange question to ask them, but I had to ask...Best to you..


Like it or not, she is a legal adult and can do what she wishes.
You can tell her your opinions, but you really have no control over this. Just as you wouldn't want someone forcing you to have an abortion because they believe it's right, she likely doesn't want you trying to force her to keep it because it's what you think is right.

All you can do is be there for her if/when she needs you. Yeah, it may stink that her beliefs are not the same as yours, but there's nothing you can do about.
Awesome!!! Congrats & best wishes! (nm)
Thx, not religious at all, but thanks for the good wishes! sm
I know it was meant well. Good wishes to all here. Peace.
Consider it done! Jenny is blessed to have a friend like you. Best wishes to all. nm
Can anyone tell me the best company to work for if one wishes to do only do op notes...sm

I have 30 years experience in MT work and for the last few years have been able to do exclusively operative notes which is what I love.  I have been very happy with current company but have to start my work day early in the a.m. and now my account has been overstaffed to the point there is no work in the morning.  While there is plenty of work late in the day, there is nothing in the morning and so I feel I must look for another company for at least part time op work initially and if it works out I could go full time.  I have left my email address so please feel free to contact me.  Thank you very much for any help you can offer. 

Thanks for the good wishes, everyone. Happy Easter!
How is your daughter doing now? My thoughts and best wishes go out to you and your family - sm
I have a 5yo daughter and I cannot imagine what you must be going through. Hope everything is better now.
Cool staff. Thanks for the warm wishes.
Hope everybody here had a good Mother's Day.
Thanks for your response and good wishes! I'm lookin' :)
Thank you. That is appreciated. nm
You all are so appreciated!
See, my computer guy supposed to have come by yesterday, well didn't show but with all your help, have got it done this morning. Merry Christmas to all!!
Thanks again, much appreciated!
Any help would be so appreciated. sm
Starting a new account and it is using a Dictaphone c-phone. I have never used this type of machine and told them that when I took on the account. The office provided me with a Dictaphone Voice Processor Connexions phone, Model 421, and it has the headset and foot pedal connected to the phone itself.

I have managed to program the dial-in number successfully (yeah).

Their office manager is not helpful or knowledgeable about this at ALL. She just looks at me and says, "I have no clue about anything to do with the transcription."

When I call into the dictation server, it rings, connects, beeps once, and then sits there. I have looked at the instruction book (or a partial one that was given to me - book is ripped in half) and have tried the command #*18 to go into transcribe mode, but press the pedal and nothing happens, but I do hear three beeps.

In one part of the book, it says to program a quick access key to "sign off and get next" by using the number 8. I have also done this, but still - just three beeps.

Please help me - I am clueless. Always used FTP with digital recorders or Lanier, but never Dictaphone.


Thank You. Much Appreciated by Those of us Looking!

have a good day!
I just wanted to send best wishes and luck to you and your family. nm
Burnt out and under appreciated
I can relate. My income is decreasing, my hours are increasing. My son is making more as a security guard at the local casino. I'm so tired at night I can't do anything. I think we all need vacations, if we could afford one.
It is SO nice to be appreciated by somebody!
I am so glad to see that somebody realizes these ESLs are practically impossible to understand, as the "higher-ups" in these outfits don't have a clue what we have to put up with, and they think our job is so easy-- we are "just typists", you know.  I am just finishing up a very long night shift and you have made my day.  Thanks again!
Thanks all for your responses. All help is truly appreciated!
We're just gonna ride it out. It's been 9 hours and he's still going. I did get him to agree to try to nibble a cracker and DH is bring home ginger ale and Gatorade was recommended by the NP, so we'll try that and maybe a popsicle and dry toast. Thanks for all the help. Say a prayer for us as we ride this out and pray I don't get it after him.
I really appreciated my dictator just now.

At the end he said, "This is <his name> bumbling through this again.  Thank you so very much." 

Guess it makes me at least feel a little appreciated.

Thank you SO much for the help...and Doctalk...you were GREAT...thanx for all the info. I am working on this as we speak and appreciate your giving me all the information you have....

Thank you all for these sites, they are truly appreciated (nm)

I didn't tell that to try to get anything from anyone though it is appreciated.
Things have progressively gotten worse for us since this summer. First having to work less to keep an eye on my child who is having problems, missing work to go to school, go to court, etc., then having work dry up AND having a company not pay in a timely manner. Not having insurance and having to spend hundreds of dollars a month on medicine. I was also a gestational surrogate and had the parents stiff me on bills, which eventually they paid but the stress of dealing with the lawyers and bill collectors didn't help. It has just been on thing after another...just piling on and drowning a bit at a time. We haven't paid rent on time since July and of course the landlord is upset. They have bills to pay too and I understand and appreciate that they haven't booted us yet. Next month I won't pay on time either and they are mulling over their options. I don't have money to move us anywhere and frankly no where to go. There are a couple homeless shelters here but they are scary and I don't think very safe.

I'm trying my hardest to dig us out. I think we'll be okay next year but I'm at my stress max now.
Thank you for answering. Much appreciated.


Thank you for your prayers.

We've never even actually met him in person, but he is my husbands best friend's only sibling and my husband's friend was going through such a horrible time waiting and wondering that he couldn't even go to work. We only wish everybody could have good news.

Thanks again.

Thanks, I need all the prayers I can
get! LOL.
asking for prayers

I just learned that my boss's daugher-in-law and grand-daughter were involved in a horrendous car accident. The DIL suffered many fractured bones, on top of a pre-existing MS condition. However, the grand-daughter may die, and even if she survives she will likely have severe brain damage.

Can those of who you believe in a high power keep this family in your thoughts and prayers?


Just e-mailed your request to my church who has a prayer group that meets everyday and prays for the requests that are sent in.  Have also sent a few of my own on the way.  Hope all works out. 


I will keep them in my prayers
definitely in my prayers
Praying that all things go well; though we have no control but faith and prayers go a long way.

Please let them know that my prayers are with them, knowing already that God's healing work is with them already.  Thanks for letting us know.



You are in my prayers

You are in my prayers and hopefully someday the resentment and bitterness will be gone from your heart.  Good luck in your life. 

Prayers going your way..........
and/or in my case, I'll be sending good vibes. (Old hippie here.)

Good luck, hon. Please let us know what happens. And....please know ya got somebody listening, okay? Let me know if ya need someone to talk to, or just listen. I'll be online all night. This cannot be easy, I know.
Oh. It's well wishes. Guess with the posts here on the subject that wasn't apparent. nm
Hope you are okay! Lots of well wishes and positive thoughts for you guys!
Thanks for the info. Its greatly appreciated!nm.
Thanks ladies, greatly appreciated!!nm
any info good or bad would be appreciated

on JLG and All Type. Speaking with one, actual offer from the other but not sure about either. Concern for more is flexibility which they both promise, but I heard that one before.

Nice post! It is appreciated! Thanks! :-)