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OK, I'll bite -what on earth does the East Coast have to do with it?

Posted By: Laurie on 2005-07-20
In Reply to: Nasty women - Jeani

Please enlighten me!

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East Coast and West Coast are both comparable
as far as line rates.
Where are you located, HE? East Coast, West Coast? nm


You must live on the east coast..sm
I used to live there too and it was either rain, humidity or hurricanes. I feel your pain, and I am so glad I moved back to the midwest. I wish you luck. Keep your powder dry!.
The East Coast is a big place.
The going line rate in NYC or Boston would probably not fly in SC or FL. Your best bet is to call around to some clinics in your area and see what they're paying. Also, I would bill by character line, not report. JMO
East coast will pay that amount and even go higher

11 to midnite East coast time
is when they'll be watching it.
Two of them are metro one Midwest and one East Coast so....
that means many, many physicians, probably hard to get used to them, probably teaching hospital, so many residents? Many ESL's??? Probably huh? Hmmmm. Scary!
I tested at a local hospital on the East Coast...
The pay was $14.82 per hour to start. They were paying medical unit secretaries $14.60. Also the job was per diem, needless to say I didn't take it.
I miss the food on the East Coast totally. sm
Love Colorado to live, but really miss the culture and the food on the East Coast. I stop at a simple diner on the PA Turnpike in New Stanton, and a cheeseburger and cole slaw is better than any dinner I could get in Colorado to me.
East Coast NYC area 18 cents a line, if ur a CMT
On east coast, paid $2.87/gal for regular unleaded today.nm
looking for part-time Emdat work, preferably with clients in the East Coast
I have been making an average of 10,000 lines per pay period (bimonthly), on QA-optional status, but my accounts are based in the West Coast while I am in the East Coast. I usually work from afternoon to night to reach my daily goal of at least 1000 lines, which is not good for my family.

I would like to find part-time work to keep me busy in the mornings instead of nights. I prefer clinic accounts, ESLs or American dictators. I am willing to take a test anytime especially in the mornings EST.

I'll bite....

1. How long have you worked as a medical transcriptionist?

18 years

2. What certification have you received?

Just medical secretarial certificate and Microsoft applications though a local hospital that offered classes on-site.

3. What attracted you to pursuing a career in medical transcription?

The money.  It paid more than the unit clerks at the hospital.

4. What type of environment do you work in (i.e. from home, physician’s office, hospital, other).

Home currently.  Hospital for 17 years (benefits were not that great and hourly pay was awful.)

5. What do you think are the most important skills a medical Transcriptionist should have?

Speed of typing.  Good ears.  Able to stay in an office chair for lengthy periods of time.

6. Did some skills come naturally to you, while others required more practice?

It all came pretty natural once the money started rolling in.

7. In addition to transcribing medical reports, do you engage in other forms of business writing while on the job (such as memos, proposals, or progress reports, etc.) to clients, coworkers, or supervisors? Please explain.

All of the above.  I have my own clients.  I have written plenty of e-mails.

8. What do you think is the most difficult aspect of medical transcription?

Transcribing a specialty I am not familiar with or am not particularly fond of, but one's gotta do what one's gotta do.

9. What do you find to be the easiest aspect of medical transcription?

Cashing my check at the bank.

10. As a medical transcriptionist, do you often need to collaborate with others to ensure that all the information in your reports is correct?

Hardly ever.  After 18 years, I pretty much got it down pat. 

This is not really meant to be funny; just another honest opinion from a fairly young MT that's been around a long time in this business! 

Okay, I'll bite because I'm curious too - sm
I work 8 hours a day, sometimes a little less, do an average of 2000 lines per day. Depending on how many days in the pay period, 20000 to 22000+ lines per pay period.

Don't know what is above average tho.
ok, i'll bite, where do you live that you need
I'll bite. You did install on your new computer,
right? Because that alone is a monster problem....
Okay, I'll bite and respond but I hope it isn't over your head
Here is what I did. I've had ST for years. I got the updated Stedman's ST. I don't know if you have the comuter skills to do this and this is why I am concerned you still think it's over your head or I'm not trying to help.

All the words in ST are also in the spellcheck. If you use ST, the words on put on your document from Smartype are spelled correctly AUTOMATICALLY. The Stedman's ST was overhauled in 2004 and has all the medications and surgical terms up until then. Now, if you want those words in your own spellcheck without buying their spellcheck, you can add the ST words into your dictionary in two ways.

The first is as you type and spell check at the end of each report.

The second is to convert the ST program into a text file (please go to productivity board for help doing this if you don't know how). Once it is in a text document, run your spellcheck on the entire document and add all the words at one time to your own spellcheck. This may take 2 full days of doing nothing else as the text file is huge. Also, you would need to take out any abbreviated forms first (anything where xxx=xxxxxxxx) so you don't add abbreviated words to your spellcheck. That takes another day's work.

Now, to update from 2004 to today, go to prescribing reference, register and copy all the new medications from the last 2 years onto a blank document, run spellcheck and add those to your spellcheck.

Now go to the Stedman's web site and sign up for the 30-day free trial and letter by letter copy their surgical word list onto a blank document. Run spellcheck to add those words to your spellcheck.

So now ask yourself, if it takes me 5 days to get a spellcheck I didn't have to pay for, how much income did I lose, how much time not getting a job did I lose and was it worth saving a few bucks?

Your choice. I've been around the block a time or two and know that trying to cut corners on how you earn your money isn't smart in this business.
West coast prices are usually higher (I work for a west coast company) sm

for one thing. I am in a rather economically depressed area and I START my price at .14 and drop a penny for each of several things - no tapes, sending electronically, etc.

This job of the OP may be a bugger-bear to transcribe. Even .14 may be too low.

VR has taken a bite, but
a really good radiology MT can save the radiologist a lot of time, especially if the MT works in-house. Both radiology jobs I've had, a good bit of the quality control I have done has been making sure orders were correct and figuring out left/right discrepancies, etc. I can only imagine how many errors go out if the MT doesn't have the paperwork in front of her to check for tech and radiologist errors. I fix problems all day long, and VR can't do that.
I probably shouldn't bite, but (sm)
Almost $30,000 (including July SE bonus).


Shift differential.

Incentive bonus (over 17,000 lines/pp) met 50% of pay periods.

Quarterly bonus for SEs (at least $500 per quarter).

Work 40 hours per week, sometimes more if I work an occasional weekend.

Two kids at home, over 17, but neither drive (boo me).

No husband or boyfriend.

I have as much of a life as I want.

Bite your tongue!!!!!! LOL. nm
Spider bite?
Has anyone every been bit by a spider? Isn't an ER doctor suppose to be able to identify a poison spider.  I got bit yesterday on the left thumb.  I would not have worried about it if was anywhere else or the fact that I was alone with no wheels.  My husband had just left to go to a ball game.I called him to tell him that I had just been bitten (He hates spiders, he had been bitten by one and spent two weeks on crutches).  He comes home to take me to the emergency room along with the dazed spider.  The doctor could not tell what kind of spider it was.  My husband had looked it up on the net and it seemed to be a brown recluse.  The ER doctor said there was really nothing to do except give me a Benadryl (I never take medicine or go to the doctor) and antibiotics to take if I see an infection starting and kept me for 30 minutes in case of a reaction.  In the meantime, my husband (a science teacher) goes to his classroom (school is next to the hospital) to put the spider under the microscope and do more research on the spider.  As it turns out, the spider was not a brown recluse but a brown house spider often mistaken for one.  The only way to tell the difference is the number of eyes.  LOL.  Anyway, I felt so foolish and because taking the Benadryl was out like a light the rest of the afternoon and evening.  Wasted the rest of my day. 
DSM-IV is about to bite the dust and the DSM-V is on its way. sm

And shame on you anyway.  What psychologists do, how they do it, what they call it and how they diagnose is not always consistent with medical diagnoses.  The ugly word "retardation" is only one example of this.

I'd like to see you find a doctor and a psychologist who can agree on the differences between situational depression, major depression and recurrent depression, and how they should best be treated.  An MD wants drug therapy.  A PhD wants psychotherapy.  When you have a certain type of hammer, everything looks like your special kind of nail.

I am finished with my shift and I come in for a visit, but I am not on here all day complaining about doctors or bashing my fellow MTs.  Glad YOU don't have a job that takes your time and attention because YOU could not be on here all day to stir the pot.

I would probably bite the bullet this ...sm
time BUT I would make it clear that next time I would not. I would tell them that they have to let you know which patients have already been done. You have no way of knowing.
Too bad we can't have that sound bite..the CB teacher one! LOL
Dogs don't usually bite because of a health problem. sm

Most dogs bite out of fear.  Dogs also bite because they are establishing/maintaining their place in the family pack. These are the two most common reasons dogs bite. I would never trust a dog that you have raised.

If I was a dog over there, I would bite way more than 360 people. Dogs are smart and they know they
Yes, they bite..and scream like children. CREEPY!!! EEWWW!! LOL
Bethany Hamilton..surfer girl who lost her arm to shark bite. nm
I am in East Tx and the best I can get is 10 cpl and

Texas Coast
just had the CBS affiliate on here in Miami and they are saying Ike is now a Cat 1, but expected to strengthen to a Cat 3 with landfall either in TX or Mexico by Saturday morning.
What on earth does that mean??

But why on earth would QA want
an exclamation point in a letter or report? They just aren't used in medical reports or letters, and here the OP is saying they want one in every letter? Is this a foreign-owned company, maybe on the planet Pluto?
What on earth?
Why should she give it a rest?? If you see a post with Toth in the subject line, just don't read it. It's not like there's not room on the website for another post.

There are a thousand reasons why someone could have gotten sucked into a terrible situation. It doesn't mean they were obtuse or saw red flags & ignored them or behaved in some way irresponsibly, & it's rude to suggest otherwise.

I can't understand what you think you are going to get out of censuring and/or censoring her.
East Indians
Tell me about their arrogance! The apartment house I live in is loaded with them. They are dirty, they are loud and arrogant. It's terrible.
I know the feeling. I am in East Tx. I want
cold!!!!! :)
East Indian . . and they are

West Coast to Amherst
I am a little confused--areyou located on the West Coast and your account was transferred to Amherst, did your office close?? It seems that any account that Foxboro or Amherst gets, they just load up with as many MT's as they can, this could be from over hiring and it could from the lose of existing accounts, whatever, it does not make sense, you don't go around making thrats about hiring other people. Is upper management getting bonus's from this??
Gulf coast still devastated
Some of you do not realize how devasating the two hurricanes this past summer were to the coastal states and the country.  If he is working anywhere near the devastation, the areas are congested and nasty.  Trash is still being piled up on the streets, the stench is unreal.  Hotels in Louisiana still house evacuees.  He might just want to spare her from what he has to look at while he is there.  Until you see in first hand, it is unbelievable.  My son had a doctor's appointment in NO a couple of months ago, (Goes to Ochsner once a year), luckily that was one small part of the city that was not devasated, but as soon as you got into NO the smell hits you.  A once beautiful city, still in devasation.  Even where they did have people living, there were still street lights out sporatically everywhere.  I will be a long time if ever.  Sorry, got off the subject.  Just trust your heart and trust your husband.
West coast here - still daylight! - nm
Did the west coast get to see Big Brother yet? nm
I think 8:00 PM gives those on the west coast a little more time and
Thanks, but this company is only on the west coast. nm
Has anybody heard about which places on Tx coast have
This occurred after the local news was done and all national outlets are still saturated with McCain's ad and lipstick on pigs. would appreciate reliable info.  I live on the Texas coast.   
What on earth is the 100 number

an no one ever answers?

WHAT on earth are you talking about?
How did you get any of that from my post?  Haven't you ever seen the jokes on TV about the hairy women from Russia or Germany?  Or that French women don't shave their pits?  Don't have TV or anything under that rock of yours?  How does a jokingly exaggerated TV-induced generalization make me nonCaucasian?  Or are you the racist here?  You certainly were quick to blurt out muhbaby daddy there.  WE were joking around. YOU need to take a nap.
eww, why on earth would you want to date.
And chances are you will find the person boring, annoying or unappealing.  I don't see why people date on those sites, its so set up.  Its better to meet by chance, more natural and less pressure.  I'm in my early 30s and I see my friends either divorced or miserable in their marriages, same with my family.  It gets old real fast, why not have something to look forward to, and use this time to figure out who you are, your passions, and the right person will be drawn to you to complement you, rather than being forced together because you feel like you should be in a couple.  At this point I have my own life and forcing a relationship into it would make me irritable and obligated...BUT if in the process of living my life I happen upon someone who fits in there without me knowing it...meaning I can stand him there...well that would be a big bonus.  No need for it, or want..been there done that...i'm old enough to know I want it on certain terms.  In the meantime, i'll just hug my dog and cat way too much.
Why on earth do I need to "calm down"? sm
If you don't agree with my opinion, advice, or life experiences... that's OK. And I don't have to agree with yours. The OP is free to read all of the responses and take away from it whatever she can. She can take everyone's advice, or she can not take any of the advice... that's her choice. I was simply offering her advice based on what my experience have been. And let's be brutally honest here... she's going to continue to get beaten, and her children be beaten, regardless of whether she instigates it or not. Tigers don't change their stripes.

But since you want her to just leave the next time it happens, what do you advise her to do for food and shelter for her and her children? She needs to make a plan, and stick to it, with the least possible upheaval for her kids' sake. If she wants to plan for it, and then just leave the next time it happens, that may work too. I'm certainly not going to knock that advice. But, please, don't just shoot down other people's experiences and advice. If you have some real advice or a real plan to share with her, feel free. But don't just offer the pat answer of "you need to leave"... it's obvious she knows that.
How on earth do you KNOW FOR A FACT
Give me a break, are you that paranoid?
Where on Earth were you born?
I was born at Fort Leonardwood, Missouri - my papa was in the Army.  How about you?