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Use your own judgment.

Posted By: Veterinary Assistant on 2006-02-07
In Reply to: OT: Changing face of veterinary medicine (sm) - catlover

If you're uncomfortable with the doctor's preventive measures, let him/her know that and hold off on it for now. If Kitty's having trouble in the future, take her back at that time and have whatever you need to have done performed. The vet will certainly offer routine testing, x-rays, even dental work just like "people doctors" do, but if you don't think it's necessary for your pet's overall health and well-being you're still the best judge of that.

MT since 1978, became Veterinary Assistant in August, 2005.

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Regarding judgment...
That's what's wrong with this world.  Judgment isn't allowed.  When we had judgment, people behaved better.  If everyone  in that line was truly in need, I'd be the first one to be there to help them.   Did you see the cars lined up there?  Nice cars, which equals stupid people.  If you only had people who were truly so down on their luck that they couldn't put away 3 days worth of canned food  and water, there wouldn't have been so many.  I'm so sick  and tired of this PC crap where you can't make judgment about the stupid behavior of others.  I'm willing to help the truly needy,  but not the  stupid.  And believe me, oh compassionate  one, they're out there taking advantage of you and your kind every single day.
My statement was not a judgment of anyone

Just simply an observation. As for the sad state of health care cost and coverage, I agree with you. As of right now, my husband, myself, and our baby have no insurance because he just changed jobs and we won't get it until April 1. So why is it cheaper for me to go to the ER with the sniffles just because I have no health insurance? I'm still going to get a bill from them!

Medicaid is a different story. And my post had nothing to do with the indigent or health insurance challenged. And again, no judgment stated or implied.

There's the judgment and then there's the collection
Principle is important.  Still in California, where a doctor owed me $8200 (and I still paid my subcontractors), the small claims court makes a determination and a judgment, but it is up to you to collect.  Sometimes, if the amount is sufficient, you can get a collection agency to do the collecting.  In a friend's case where she sued her landlady (the landlady did not want to return a deposit on a house that burned to the ground in a wildfire), after her judgment she sold it to an agency--collected on her principle in getting the judgment and actually got a little money.  In my case, the anesthesiologist had four pages of judgments that preceded me, and I let it go.  It hurt, but let it go.  Check you state's small claims court rules on collection and check to see if the judgment actually shows on her record.  That may help you decide.  Good luck.
Tell him there is only ONE that is qualified to pass judgment
on you, and he's not the ONE.
I don't care either way. I'm not passing judgment.
I don't care who's gay or who reads the Bible. I'm not preaching or Bible-thumping, as your dander up implies that I am evidently. I just thought it silly that the other poster said a man married another man so as not to live in sin when the Bible states that homosexuality is a sin. It's not a debate or a judgment call. Stop taking it personally and see the humor in the other post. It's ironic. Geez, make an observation and get an invitation to debate religion. No, thanks!
You dare question the judgment of the almighty RN! How dare you!
Don't you know that RN's know everything and are the beginning and end all of all that's holy in the medical kingdom!?

But seriously, you have my sympathy, girl. Hang in there.