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I agree. Now it seems the "in" thing is teeth cleaning sm

Posted By: sd on 2006-02-07
In Reply to: OT: Changing face of veterinary medicine (sm) - catlover

I'm fortunate in that I live in a small town and my vet is very good and very reasonable. Doesn't try to persuade you to have anything extra done but will do things if you want them done.

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We did, and they put down 3 hours of cleaning. I agree..
carpets SHOULD be shampooed between tenants, but as long as they're only dirty to the point of normal wear and tear, shouldn't the landlord incur that cost themselves as part of doing business.  Our carpets were almost immaculate!
I would agree. Cleaning toilets up after people every day would SICKEN me.
Cleaning up after one's self and cleaning up after strangers are two different issues
Nice try though
anyone grind their teeth?
I've done it for so long I know have extra growth of bone on upper and lower buccal mucosa.  It looks unsightly, and I'm going to try to find an oral surgeon who can remove this.  I'm also constantly burning it with food because it naturally drops there.  I'm seeing a dentist to finally get fitted with a mouth piece, but I have my doubts about stopping the grinding!  I take muscle relaxers, and Xanax, massage my jaws with warm clothes, and also sleep on a heating pad (burned myself a few weeks ago and woke up with welts and blisters) I just dont see an end to this.  Anyone at all have success in stopping grinding??
wisdom teeth
I am a former dental assistant. I worked for a dentist for seven years, and we made sure that people knew that nerve damage could occur. I have seen a couple of these cases, and they all regained the feeling eventually. As far as time frame, unfortunately everyone is different.
Sorry, I can't get past the teeth..... : > lol
Elliott's teeth. sm
I noticed that during the initial audition.  They are getting better, he has been having dental work done for at least the last two shows.  He has such a nice voice, I am sure before the grand finale his teeth will look real nice.
A word about teeth--sm
keep your natural teeth for as long as you possibly can. swallow your fears about dentists and take care of what you have. Those pretty white straight dentures are torture chambers in disquise, and you will never again enjoy corn on the cob or dill pickels because when you try to bite them with dentures, they come loose. Your gums shrink over time and they never quite fit right, even the expensive jobs! It is just not worth it! Your own teeth can never be replaced by plastic and yours can be pretty and white too. These are just my experiences and thoughts. ks
Wisdom teeth (sm)
I'm not sure about ulcers becoming cancerous, although I would think so. But wisdom teeth can become a chronic problem with infection, bite problems, etc. Go to an oral surgeon.He can put you under and you won't even know it's happening. The next thing you know you'll be in the recovery area and it will be all over.
brush my teeth
I stop the coffee 4 hours into my shift, it didn't help. Now, I fix a mug of ice water, have snacks similar to what has been suggested. I like salty snacks. I wash my face and brush my teeth, and it usually gets me through my shift.
wisdom teeth question
My 20 year old daughter had her wisdom teeth out on Friday.   She went to have the stitches out and told the dentist that she has no feeling in part of her lip.  The dentist says it is rare but it may never come back.  He said that you can go to Boston or New York  to reconnect the nerve which is a lengthy process and has to be done in 2 months.  She is in college (a little hard to do).  I keep telling her to give it more time, it has only been 5 days maybe it will get better.  She is hysterical over this.  Has anyone else run into this with wisdom teeth.
Agree with you on one thing.
I do agree with you that in the work force, people with no children should get some extra incentive of some sort; I did not have my only child until later in life and I understand your position as I often picked up the slack too, so I dig it.  However, I have excellent reading comprehension and I don't think she was expecting preferential treatment. With the divorce rate in this county higher than 50%, you are claiming that the MAJORITY, bred with losers.  Divorce happens, losers or not.  I have to get off here while I still have a job.
LOL! I agree, but the BIG thing I don't get...
OK. Our Indian -- friends -- who are ever so kind to transcribe for us Americans whilst we are asleep -- all for the good of the patient, of course, supposedly make 1 to 2 cpl, right? That's the quote I always hear. Then, their work goes to a senior MT to proof, who also must make say 2 cpl. Then the work always goes to a 3rd layer, a junior QA person, who again must get at least 2 cpl, but let's just say 2 cpl for the sake of argument. Then the work goes to the senior Indian QA person, who must, for Pete's sake, make something more, so let's say 3 cpl. And I assure you, they need that many layers and still the work can be ludicrous. Really, really too bad to imagine. They are OK with the medical lingo, scary enough. But it is honestly the english stuff that they just cannot master. So, by the time the job has gone thru 4 people, or even 3 people, you're up to 8 cpl anyway, so what the heck is the savings for US companies? Is it just on bennies? I don't get it, and I know it must be me being ignorant. Can somebody kindly explain what the incentive is for this?
I only agree with you on one thing and that is
the part about scaring. Canada has news completely different than here, not a scare thing every time you hear the nightly news. I am not in submission, however. Sure I am scared when planes smash into buildings, sure I am scared when there is a show down between us and Russia, sure I was scared when Kennedy died- most people were then, terrified in fact because all thought this meant war would happen. I remember it well. Scared when King assinated, thought our city Atlanta would be in riots, now there but other cities did. Don't think you are as old as I am because if you were, think you would be a little more understanding of how people can be scared. I am far from submissive, though.
Teeth can be changed. That voice is simply the best!
#5 by the skin of my teeth and with more hours than it took 5 years ago.

I agree, and I do the very same thing with my money. NM


I agree with your feelings, but there is such a thing as --sm
going overboard. as much as minorities should be considered equally for jobs, education, etc., so should it be for all...not just minorities. ESLs are not the only ones that help keep MTs busy. transcription work can come from ALL dictationists, not just ESLs. Standards should be the same for all. Either lower them for the *white americans* or raise them for all others. I am not a racist and I do not defend one against the other, but it should be equal...across the board. That used to be the *American Way*, INCLUDING diversity.
Agree drs always say same thing. Ofter wonder
So, you have to be in the "in crowd"
to get an invitation???  It seems to me that it would be polite to not talk about The Other Board if it is private.  Very bad manners.
"In lieu of"

Ever notice a lot of docs don't know what this phrase means?  It's so obvious they mean "in view of" but when they say "in lieu of" it means exactly the opposite of what they are trying to say.  (FYI:  It means "instead of").  Okay, so I'm on a verbatim account.  This is causing me a dilemma.

PS "in the business"

Don't write when you're flaming upset, that should be "in" not "on".

"In the old days"....

I always worked in private physician/group offices and have always had access to the chart - and to the physicians.  I see your point in hospitals. 

I agree - a quota is one thing, production another
Especially reading 100% of reports. I do quick read-through of 100% of mine, with listening if there's problems, and I figured my own "quota" based on my per-hour pay, but that's for keeping myself accountable and on track, making sure I'm as productive as I can be, nothing else.
Agree! The same thing happened to me. I got everything correct
except run on and fragmented sentences. I knew I was right.
you actually use the word "grossly "in
as in "grossly normal" and people think youre crazy
Ever had a dog that "chases" cars "in the car?"
We just adopted a dog last month from the SPCA.  She's a great dog, very young but past puppyhood, spayed,  housebroken, sits, stays, everything you couuld ask for when getting a "used dog."  BUT.... We've discovered that her hobby in the car is sitting by the window until a car passes and then "chasing it."  She will take breaks and lay down and sleep for a while, but then gets back to her hobby.  When we leave her in the car, she just sleeps, so she's basically a pretty good passenger other than the chasing.  Anybody ever heard of  this before?
that should be "in your career". Geez!
"In the year of our Lord..."
Yeah, had a doc who dictated like THAT...'In this, the year of our Lord, Two-Thousand and Eight,' and demanded it be typed out like that. He had some other really bizarre, idiosyncratic stuff too, such as references to previous presidents (which I could remember the context in which he used those references).

I used to despise typing his reports, but I really felt bad for the poor referring physicians trying to read through all his eccentric extraneous babbling to get to what was wrong with the patient.

Some of these docs are just...WEIRD.

Agree. It's a common thing. Stay safe. nm
"And I Love Her," and "In My Life." nm
There arent as many "in house" places as there used to be.
The disclaimer "in my experience" is important
In a lot of the original discussions there were not disclaimers, there were generalizations. Big difference. I still think there is a flaw in the argument which begins "well I know some, so", but it's an improvement.

It's just that in discussing these issues, there's a line that crosses over into talking about a people negatively versus talking about the issues. That's what I've tried to point out.
They must be so frustrated. Gnashing their evil-doing teeth. Trying new bait, tossing out the line.
But we're not gonna BITE! Have I mentioned to you that rabbits bite? Some do, though I don't think they particularly mean it...
Never eat it. Hate food on my face and stuck in my teeth, esp. in public! Gross either way. nm
agree; openmindedness, respect for others' beliefs also a good thing
I agree with Tinks....no such thing as a 65 character GROSS line....unless
you just so happen to type 65 characters during on that particular line. LOL

A gross line can be a full typed line or it can be one word on a line to complete a sentence that began on the prevous line. But it gets counted as an entire line.

"In lieu of" sorry, my name is not check line count? nm
makes sense, but I don't know if I could stand the "in-between" stage (nm)
I do not get when "in a rush" became a good reason to not find your own answers..
better up my meds I guess.
Does China now own a large portion of U.S. Treasury bonds? You sound "in the know."
Why do you do this?  If a dish is left on the counter above the dishwasher, I call the guilty party to the kitchen and make them put it in the dishwasher.  I will even call them to come home from a friends house to do this.  The guilty party has to be responsible for their own mess.  I have even gotten the kids out of bed, to pick-up after themselves.  Believe me,  doing this just a few times works wonders for getting them to be responsible for their own messes.  Also, my kids have chores, including running the vacuum, that they have to do.  A lot of my friends say it is just so much easier to do it themselves and at first, it is.  But the kids will never learn to do it right if they don't start somewhere.  Even if you have them do it initially and then you go over it, after they go to bed, and do it a little better, they have to start somewhere.  You can only be used as a maid if you let yourself be used that way.
how about cleaning
up for small businesses/offices/clinics. You might know of somebody in your town who can give you a referral. Somebody from church maybe?
First I will be cleaning like a madwoman
because my in-laws are coming. I think we will have a traditional family barbecue and maybe head to the beach.
cleaning sofa
I have a white sofa and have cleaned it myself many times.  You can rent a Rug Doctor with an upholstery attachment and it is really powerful.  Your sofa will hardly be even damp when you finish.  You can use regular upholstery cleaner in the Rug Doctor or sometimes I use Simply Green.  Try the Rug Doctor.  It really works.  Linda.
cleaning keyboard
Gosh, I cant believe you did that and it didnt destroy your keyboard!  I know in the past when I have even dropped a minute amount of water on my keyboard the keys would no longer work.  I am always afraid of having water near my keyboard so much so that when I work, I keep my soda glass way on the other side of the keyboard.  I know there is a spray to clean the keyboard as my previous boss woiuld use it constantly.  I would probably go with that as with my luck over the past five years or so, I dont want to *rock the boat*, ya know?  :o)
Don't need to be cleaning no trailer.
Y'all can jist haul it off and git you a new one iffen it gets dirty.
I'd have taken pictures when you were done cleaning.
They just think they can rip you off. They obviously didn't have to clean a darned thing! (And I don't even know you, but believe your description of things) :)
cleaning for businesses
Definitely pays more and there is less grunge to clean. You vacuum, empty trash cans and easy. Probaby depending on the size of the office, good money
friends of mine pay house cleaners once or twice a week, $75 for half a day.. the hispanics do about 2 or three hours and leave to another job.


I shake it out upside down, used canned air, and wipe with an alcohol wipe.  I kill about one keyboard a year, so it doesn't have much time to get too dirty.