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Thyroid Problems in dogs. Yep. sm

Posted By: Metu on 2006-02-07
In Reply to: It is all about them making more money. If you have seen the News lately - PetLover - Golden owner

I had one dog that was on Synthroid and a relative has one that is diabetic with cataracts, post cataract extractions.  Certain breeds are prone to diabetes as a matter of fact.  They get most of what we get, including diabetes, thyroid disorder, Crohn's disease, cancer, cardiomyopathy, seizure disorders.

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Probably staining the new fence we put up to keep our dogs in and other dogs out.
The neighbor dog won't stop trying to attack our dogs, so we put up a nice big fence. Should do the trick. Doesn't keep the rabbits out, though. We'll BBQ, too. Can't go far. Hubby is on call for the weekend with his job.javascript:editor_insertHTML('text','');
I have had hypothyroidism for the past 10 years and trust me, take the increased dosage. I have had doctors that actually do not believe in hypothyroidism and cut the dose and then I feel horrible for the next eight weeks until it gets back to normal. The little bit extra you would get in the increase in medication is not going to hurt you any. Actually, I found Armour thyroid to be better for me than the Synthroid. Synthroid never seemed to do anything for me. It only has the T4 hormones in it and the Armour has both the T3 and T4. Some doctors say you don't need the T3, but if your body produces it, you need it. I just feel better taking it. Presently, and over the past 10 years, my dose has increased to 120 mcg. It is an autoimmune disease and your levels will never stay the same. They will always fluctuate until your thyroid stops producing the hormones altogether, which is probably where I am at now. If I don't take my meds for say two months (which I have been known to do at times), I end up getting sick with flu-like symptoms...fevers, chills, nausea, vomiting, muscle aches and pains, etc. It takes a long time to get back to normal, so take the small increase. You may have to increase it again later on. There is also a discrepancy in what some doctors actually think is *normal*, too, so be aware that perhaps you DO need more than what you think you do. Do lots of research....I did. My body tells me what I need...not the doctors...if you know what I mean...even if I have to argue with them to get what I need. I will change doctors until I find one who knows what he is doing as far as the thyroid...or go to an endocrinologist. They know more about it. good luck. e-mail me if you have questions.
I had this when I was about 45. Couldn't get out of bed. I RARELY miss work (working at home, I work the rare times I'm ill), but I was starting to miss some work -- I couldn't keep my eyes open. It was my thyroid. Started meds, and in 2 weeks felt better.
Maybe have your thyroid checked? sm
A malfunctioning thyroid can cause those symptoms, I think. I used to work with a gal who was always freezing and slept alot and doc said her TSH was almost zip. He put her on Synthroid and she felt a lot better.
Maybe a thyroid problem?
Have you ever had your thyroid checked?  This can be a symptom.
Thyroid question, please...sm


Question about results on TSH (me personally, not a patient!)  I've been on 1 mg of Synthroid, but just got my TSH results.  They are RIGHT on the border of the lowest acceptable range.

My doc doesn't seem to think this warrants adjustment in the dosage, but I thought it should maybe be lowered a bit?  Any advice?  BTW, this is a fairly new doc to me, and I'm not entirely sure if I totally trust him yet, if you know what I mean.


Was she tested for thyroid? sm
Pretty common in cats and I believe that's one of the symptoms. Good luck.
I would suggest that you have your thyroid checked--sm
It is the number one cause of fatigue and most often overlooked by physicians. Have a complete TSH blood test. T3, T4, free T4, and an iodine uptake test.
I read that there is some idea it may be related to THYROID imbalance. Maybe
Had thyroid checked many times, totally normal. My mom
had thyroid trouble, used her hands constantly in her job and her hobby and never had problems.   Never heard this possible correlation before. 
I read it a couple of yrs ago. Also, re thyroid testing------there are important

You can have NORMAL thyroid test results........fine and good.  That only shows, however, that your thyroid is functioning.

It does not show you are utilizing the thyroid properly, though.

By that I mean are you absorbing the thyroid correctly.

That testing is more complex and time consuming.

My friend who has MS had quite a time getting her doc to do the testing correctly.  As you know, MS makes you super fatigued anyway - and whe the thyroid aspect is off kilter, you are wiped out.  Her testing was kind of like a blood glucose testing over several hours.  She went in for testing every 30 minutes or so and sat at the lab for the whole time. 

So, that may be something the article was alluding to as far as thyroid malfunctioning.  You may be MAKING thyroid fine but not absorbing it.

Might also be your thyroid or Lyme disease. Insist on blood work! nm
I have a lhasapoo. He is MY baby of 8 years!!
My little one is So used to his routine! If I am in the middle of a long report I don't want to stop and walk our mile, we wait and he licks my legs, but for now he is pacified in the window seat looking at the world.
Try dogfriendly.com they list hotels, parks. its a friendly site! Also just Google petfriendly and you will get many choices:}
One of my dogs..

also coughed and hacked and made all sorts of snorting noises after drinking water.  She, also, did not actually vomit.  I have her on Benadryl twice a day and that has seemed to cut down on these "attacks" after drinking water.  She is also a rescue dog, is about 10 years old (as far as we can tell), and is a Lhasa Apso.  She is healthy and happy so I do not worry about the coughing/hacking spells.

BTW, as far as rescue animals, I believe they are the BEST.  The two dogs and one cat that I have right now are all rescues.  It is as if they know what their fate was and every day they are appreciative to you for sparing them and giving them a loving home. 

You will be rewarded for your kindness!

Each dog has a personality just like each human. There are some that are inherently nasty, such as pitbulls they are bred to kill. Sorry plain truth, does that mean that all pitbulls are bad NO! But a pitbull bites and holds, they don't and won't release until they darn well please. I have had my share of them when I was on the police dept. One was locked onto a lab and we couldn't pry him off with nightsticks in his mouth. While waiting for a tazer with guns at his head I remembered an old cure and had someone get vinegar and throw it in his eyes. Released in nothing flat and his owner was then able to control him. But had to break his concentration. You have to look into breeds, they are bred for a specific purpose and that is a trait that is in them. I prefer German Shepherds, I have 3 wimps one over 100 pounds. But he by nature heards my kids when he is uncomfortable with what they are doing. You can make a dog mean for certain, but some dogs can't be made nice either kind of like serial killers something in the genes.
You know NOTHING about me or my dogs.
I bet my dogs have more manners than you AND your dogs have.
Your dogs are probably

Shock collars are cruel. I feel sorry for your dogs.

Yapping Dogs
I had the same problem with my neighbor, only there were three of them, barking LOUDLY all day long, every day (they put the dogs out at 5:30 am every day).

I was so frustrated with their lack of concern even after all the neighbors called the police that one morning I went out and sprayed the dogs with my hose. The hose was not forceful enough to hurt them, it just shut them up. One day the owner (male) screamed at me that the dogs were wet and he called me a few choice names, so I got him with the hose too. I told him every time he put the dogs out I would squirt them and I would squirt him too. Luckily my husband taped the dogs several mornings in a row just in case we had to get the police involved.
barking dogs
Here in our state it is considered a cruel thing to have a dog tied out on a short leash. How about calling the animal control officer or ASPCA. The dog probably wants to be in the house. Never, ever heard of a Yorkie being an outside dog. They do say that one of the reasons dogs are given up for adoption is their barking. There is a book called 'There are no bad dogs, just bad owners". How true that is. I feel sorry for you and for the poor little dog tied out in a yard, not paid attention to. No social interaction with other dogs or humans. How inhumane is that? They should just give it up for adoption.
Dogs breed too, just like you.

Beer and hot dogs!! nm
My three dogs take turns....
It's annoying but kind of cute.  One is a puppy and chewed through two DSL phone cords before I caught on....the part husky always catches cords and the whole computer will jerk around on my desk....third dog is dainty and careful. 
Could you please tell me more about Cushings in dogs?

I just took my one Shih Tzu in (I have three), 12 y/o, for shots he was due for and discussed with the Vet some concerns I have with him. His weight has not dropped but I feel he has lost muscle mass, his hair has thinned on his back but I attribute that to the liquid flea med I applied there as it happened soon after that (which all three of my Shih Tzu had reaction to these applications BTW-neurological symptoms, so everyone be ware of this possibility!). He has quite a bit of eye discharge, yellow sometimes and I use eye wash and artificial tears on him daily. He doesn't drink or urinate excessively. If anything, I get concerned he does not drink enough. I asked about "dementia" in dogs as we feel like sometimes he is "lost" if you know what I mean.

Right now, he has an anal gland infection and I found out that the small scabs he developed on his back is staph! I just thought they were "hot spots" which are common in Shih Tzu and I was treating them with Triple Antibiotic ointment. I feel just awful now. Anyway, he is on an antibiotic that will take care of these two problems.

My concern now though is the vet stated that a lot of his symptoms s/l they could possibly be Cushings! I told her I wanted to investigate this further and wait until we have his current medical issues taken care of and then I will go and have lab test run to check for Cushings.  What type of symptoms does your dog have that has Cushings? Is testing and/or meds expensive and/or what treatments do they offer? What about their comfort and life expectancy of a dog with Cushings? I am just sick to think he may have this. I can only imagine how you must feel.

pug- the most awesome dogs ever
I've had 2- they are the greatest
8 dogs for 3 people:

 3 boxers, 1 rottweiler, 1 miniature pinscher, 1 English shepherd, 2 mixed breed.  We live out in the country.  My 21 YO daughter is home all the time and really loves having the dogs.  Most of them are hers.  She has mild cerebral palsy and has not been able to find a job locally, so this gives her something to do.  She plans on becoming a boxer breeder.  We alternate letting the ones living outside out of their kennels to exercise.  The one living in the house gets to go out often as well.  She is trained to go to the door when she wants to go potty. 

dogs in general
As a pet owner, I can understand the devestating feelings that you have regarding the horrible death of your dog/child. (I say child because my 2-year-old Weimaraner is like one of my kids) Please remember that any dog can be made to be vicious, there are no vicious dogs by nature. Dogs are a direct result of the environment that they live in and if they are mistreated then they are going to be mean and unsafe. My brother had what is called a Mastif bulldog and it was the biggest baby I have ever see at 100 pounds. Neighbors were okay with this dog in the neighborhood (all their kids loved him) until a picture of his breed was put on the cover of Time magazine. In this picture, the dog was snarling and looked very vicous. My brother ended up having to get rid of the dog because so many people were then afraid, even though before they loved the animal before. There is "prejudice" when it comes to dogs, just as there is "prejudice" when it comes to people.
Yes! My dogs fight to see who
can sit closest to my chair (I have three and they are not small).  My husky has been extra annoying lately.  I think she has cabin fever, ready for spring so she can spend more time outside.    
oh well then? You are asking for a tragedy and don't say your dogs would never do that,,,
ANY dog can bite and a dog that doesn't know it's place in the pack family, is a tragedy waiting to happen. 
Pet Lover said nothing about dogs sm
having bad days. I said that and it was a general remark. It had nothing to do with growling or biting. Perhaps you could go back to the posts and sort out who wrote what.
Two dogs, barking at each other
Are they poisonous to dogs also?
I have a stucco home and have these critters crawling all around. I dont really hate them but need to control and get them out of my home or from around it. I have 3 cats and I think one has gotten sick eating a blue-tailed. I would rather get them to leave than to risk hurting my furries.
What, do you think?? I abuse my dogs, LOL
Like the post below, my dogs know when the collar is on/off, turned on/off. They are very smart. And, I do know the difference between just barking or something approaching. My dogs are very much loved and very well taken care of. I don't think you know the correct use of a shock collar at all.
Who said you abuse your dogs? Why be
How sad for your poor dogs.
bark, I know something is going on. I would never, never, never put one of those on my babies. I consider that animal abuse. I feel sorry for your animals. Why don't you try one and see how you like it.  You might have more compassion for your poor dogs.
re running with the big dogs
that goes for ANYONE in ANY profession, if you can't do your job well, do something else! but I think your attitude of lumping all podiatrists in with a couple lousy dictators calls for an attitude adjustment! I have worked for some very intelligent good podiatrists who were also good dictators, and learned a lot from them!
Question for Top Dogs

If you could give two or three tips to a newer MT regarding how to increase line count, what they be?  Can you think of anything other than the normal things like expansions that you stumbled onto that might not be thought to help speed?

I'm anxious to see the list we come up with. 

There would be nine dead dogs if this happened to me.
Really.  Sad to say but I would find some way to eliminate these dogs if no one is willing to do anything.  They are a health hazzard and a nuisance at this point. 
speaking of dancing dogs...

maybe yours just need a few lessons?  :)

(Click on the blue link on About.com:  Dancing Dog ... You're the one that I want)


Can Frontline for dogs be used on cats?

Am short on cash right now and my two cats are needing treatment.  Don't want to make them sick and figure that is why cats cannot use dog flea remedies.  Wanted to see if anyone had ever done this.  I don't want to take any chances with Charles and Cali <meow>

Thanks !!!

Latkas and kosher hot dogs.
Definitely neuter him!! I have three male dogs and have had this...sm
problem as well. Our first male dog is a mixed Dachsund. He was very anxious and hiked on everything, especially when we were gone. Having him neutered helped calm him down and helped with the hiking. He is now 5 years old. We had him neutered at 2 years of age and he has never hiked since then. Also, he calmed down enough to be put in the bathroom when we leave! Our second male dog is a chocolate cocker spaniel. We had him neutered mainly because he was hiking to mark his male territory. Had him done around 1 year of age and he has never done it since. He has never had a problem with being put in a cage when we are gone, but neutering has calmed him down and taken away the hiking problem. OUr third male dog is a Cavilier King Charles Spaniel. He is 8 months old and getting neutered tomorrow! He has been doing the hiking thing to mark his spot in the chain! We are expecting him to do well and quit the hiking also!! I would definitely recommend neutering your doggie! I think it would help him in both the hiking and his anxiety. Good luck and lots of luv to your doggie!!!
I neutered my dogs when they were 6 months
old, before they learned to lift their legs. One is 3 years and and the other is 10 months and they both still squat to go.
Pit bull dogs killed my lab
About 2 a.m. my husband let our two dogs outside to do their business. Our dogs have squeezed out under a spot under the fence before ane we have put big rocks, a pedestal, etc. in the hole and barricaded the gates, etc. My lab, Shadow, is 1.5 years old and 75 pounds. My mixed dog, Flash, is also around 60 pounds. They apparently got out and got separated. Flash found his way back to the front door and my husband woke me up and said Shadow was missing. We proceed to go through the neighborhood for two hours looking for Shadow. Eventually, we go out the back gate (it is very overgrown and wooded) and two pit bulls come up through the woods and attack Flash. My husband and I are throwing rocks everything we can get ahold of and my husband manages to get the dogs off of Flash.

Long horrific story short, Shadow was killed by these monsters and was found by my husband and a police officer in the woods not far from our back gate. Flash survived. These could have been someone's children. Animal control had been called three times this week on those dogs. We called the police and animal control and the dogs are to be picked up today. We live in the middle of a city and our dogs spend 90% of their time inside. These were our "children", as we do not have any children.

I just wanted to let you know about these types of "pets". Google "labrador" and Google "pit bull" and tell me which one you think is a better choice. These people breed these monsters and teach them to attack. It is a wonder that my husband or myself did not get attacked in the process. Please do not let your children around these animals. It is not safe.
Pit bull dogs killed my lab nm
Sound more like robots than dogs. nm
Dog pet peeve, no leashes on dogs sm
My biggest pet peeve is owners who don't leash their pets. I have 2 dogs, 1 very large and one small. Overall, they are pretty good. They are always on a lease or in the house or behind a fence.I walk them nearly every day on the same route. On this route their are a mulitude of other dogs. I go during the day when most of the dogs are inside or in their pens.  Sound safe?  NOT. Today, I was 1 block from home when another came came out of nowhere, from behind us mind you, and attacked my dogs. Of course my dogs went nuts and there was a fight. The leashes tangled around my wrists and I couldn't let them go. Needless to say, before the owner got his dog under control and away from mine, I got knocked down and dragged about 50 feet from my own 2 dogs. I managed to get up and get mine under control and managed to get back home. I went to file a complaint with the police and he said it was iffy because the owner was outside with his dog and trying to call him back. So, I'm all banged up and sore and this guy is probably laughing at me. It just burns me up now that I can't even walk my dogs in town because people don't believe in restraining their animals. I told the officer I would think about it filing a formal complaint after I spoke with my husband. He said it would probably get thrown out but we could try. I'll probably get flamed to death on this issue but what would you do? My dogs were properly restrained and the other dog was not. Well, now that I have vented, I think I will be able to work.  I'll check back later.  Thanks for the ears. 
I have used Bio-Spot on my dogs for years. (nt)

Speaking of dogs... Just can't figure this out (sm)

I have 3 dogs, all from the same litter, all mutts, 2 females, 1 male, and they've been with me since their birth almost 10 years ago.  I divorced a couple years before this and moved with my kids about 150 miles up the road.

The enigma is one of the females and her attachment to my ex.  After I moved, he continued to visit the kids on the weekends and still does (now I'm about 400 miles up the road).  This dog goes totally berzerk whenever he comes over. It's not that she's just happy to see him.  She literally jumps in his arms, follows him faithfully everywhere including the bathroom, and genuinely protects him.  I went to wake him once on the couch and she acturally growled at me!  When he leaves, she visibly mopes.

It's not like she was ever even his dog.  She was born after we were divorced.  My kids (now grown) and I can't even say, *daddy* without her perking up or staring out the window waiting for him.  We actually spell, D-A-D-D-Y, when we need to refer to him, and I think she's even catching on to that!

By the way, she has NEVER tried to jump in my arms, even if I've been gone for days or weeks.  She's happy, but nothing like the way she is with him.  I'm not jealous LOL. I'd just like to know why she is like this.  The other dogs really like him, but nothing like her. 

BTW, she is by far the alpha dog, and someone told me they thought she was so attached because he was the alpha representative.  I'm not sure about that because he's really not...unless she knows something I don't! LOL.  And I have a grown son who loves her to death, but she has no weird attachment to him.

I'm moving yet again soon and can only take 2 dogs, so (thankfully) he agreed to take her.  Imagine how happy she is going to be!!  But I will miss her so much.

Anyhow, anyone out there who dabbles in doggie psychology?  I'd love some theories on this.

2 dogs, Sebastian and Blackjack