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county vet versus in-town vet. . . I have noticed(sm)

Posted By: catlover on 2006-02-07
In Reply to: I love my vet, the only blood work she does is an occasional - sm - Laura E.

the change over the years since our vet's practice has grown tremendously.  About 20 years ago when they first opened up they had one small converted farmhouse and three doctors.  We live on the suburbs of a small city.  When this vet came into practice there were a bunch of vets in town but everyone seemed to flock to my vets because they were good, inexpensive, really cared, and not pushy about extra services.  HOWEVER, in the last year or two they've built a HUGE new building (basically a small surgicenter), added tons of support staff (at least four gals behind the counter checking people in and out versus one), each doctor has his own "assistant" that comes into the room with him now, there are computers in every exam room, the waiting room is the size of a small hospital lobby, etc., etc.  The minute the building was finished I noticed that prices on basic services (shots, special food, exams) went up.  Then came the push for the "extra" services (blood work, teeth cleaning, etc.)  I only call these services "extra" because before the new building and huge practice the only time anything extra was mentioned was when I had to take in a sick animal and then it wasn't "extra" it was necessary.  Now it seems they're pushing a lot of baseline things that they want us to "think about having done" even though the animals aren't sick. 

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did you google for hyperbaric oxygen in ***, name of town or county where youre moving? sm
might have to start wtih the state and narrow it down from there, too.
65 character line versus gross lines versus pay by word

I am checking into other options for transcription.  Can anyone tell me how to compare all of these types of lines & also payment per word?  I know companies use different scales, so I wondered how they compare.  I have been paid on a 65 character line with spaces, but I may be making a change in the future - don't want to get burned.

Thank you in advance!

Question versus gross lines versus 65-character lines....

I have always charged or been paid by 65 or 60 character lines or per letter or space typed, but have never been paid or charged per gross line.

What is the advantage of this?  If I were to charge 11 cents per 65-character line including spaces, what does this figure out to for an average line rate and how do you do this calculation? 

I'm wondering if it is financially beneficial for me to bill by gross line or to keep it the way I have it.  I do know some accounts will only pay per 65-character line, as this was the deal my first own account I recently acquired.  They were adamant on a 65-character line, but didn't specify with or without spaces and I personally would never not charge for spaces.

Thanks for explaining this.  I appreciate it and hope everyone has a speedy day.

Carroll County, GA
It's waaayyy too early, but it helps me as far as working! I just have to get up so much earlier but not as many interruptions! They are trying to get the kids going to school year-round here.
OMG, I'm in Douglas County
I grew up in Cobb! Wow, whatta small world! You can e/m me if you wanna talk!
3 hrs away from you in Dutchess county. nm
I used to transcribe for a county (sm)
agency where they interview sexually abused children. I can't describe all the emotions that ran through me while listening to them try to bare their little souls to complete strangers.
Cherokee County
It varies by county in NC
I live in Randolph County, NC and the high school kids here can miss no more than 10 days of school per year before they have to start making up time. The elementary kids can miss 20. If this kid has missed that much school, the school should be contacting social services or someone to get involved. In NC parents can be held responsible and even be put in jail for their children not attending school like they are supposed to. It is truancy and it is illegal.
I'm in Cobb County. We were originally....sm

supposed to have started Monday but so many parents beat up on the school board that they delayed it a "whopping" 2 days.  

At least our school board didn't get by with spending the $100 million on laptops for students!   It's a shame it took a judge to block them and put an end to that nonsense.   Speaking of which, I would expect that Apple will be having a huge sale on laptops soon since they've been blocked from selling the 63,000 laptops to the school system!  

State of California...LA County is...nm
Westchester County work


Yorktown isn't that far away from you and if you don't mind being an independent contractor, Phoenix is a good place.  Nice people who will treat you right.  They pay high line rates for well experienced people on an internet platform.  They have a lot of hospitals from Orange County down throughout MH and into Conn too.  You can earn enough as an IC to afford your own health insurance.  There are also a couple of other companies on the West bank of the Hudson where you could work from home with hospitals on both sides of the river.

email me if you like.


Pike County, Georgia. nm
County mental health
If she is on state or county aid she might find something available.  But I am not being mean but how can you expect to receive "free services" - would you do your work for free?   Again, unless she is on welfare or something like that or perhaps through your church you might find some help but even then you usually have to pay on a sliding scale and don't get it completely "free".  If she is suicidal or there is a chance she will do harm to self or kids, she can go to ER and they will set her up with something but again it would only be so many visits.  Does she work?  Does her husband work?  Do they have medical benefits?  Again, don't mean to sound mean or cruel but not much in this life is free as if everyone gave it away "free" how would they pay their bills.  But look through your county/state directory or go to your church and see if they can help. 
If you know the county that he was divorced in, do a google search
for that county's public records website. Where I live, I can access the county's public records via web and lookup by last name and first name and these are free searches as they are public records. If he had any prior record of domestic violence, it will show up there.
Hi Soho! Just north of you in Dutchess county. :) nm
Mine is county library IT director
Great to have a computer spouse handy when system crashes!
In our county, 10 days lands you in court sm

excused or unexcused. They found the schools were failing NCLB criteria mostly on attendance. Now you have to show a judge the reason your child was absent (hospital records, etc...). Above a certain age, it is a truancy issue that the student is held responsible for. Below a certain age, the parent gets in trouble. 

They put out a very wide net in order to catch the people who simply don't feel like taking their kids to school on certain days and the families with joint custody who simply yank the kids back and forth between different schools.  Unfortunately, many people who have valid reasons for the absences are having to go prove themselves in court.

Congrats! I'm in Snyder County, about 30 minutes away

Northeast -- just inside Gwinnett County
Anyone out there live in Habersham County, Georgia ? sm
If so I'd like to e-mail with you about the area as we're considering moving to that area.  Thanks!
Sorry, this absolutely depends on the county you live in. Going through
She was just told they won't even look at expunging her felony drug conviction until she has a clean record for 10 years. In the meantime, she has had to fess up in a couple of interviews and hope for compassion. She finally got a job she lives but she's always afraid what will happen if she loses it.
I'm required to be licensed by city & county...
In Cherokee County, north of Atlanta
Line rate in So CA Riverside County

Hi there - can anyone tell me what to charge  for the line rate is in So Calif (Riverside County.)  I had an account about 2 years ago and was charging 12 cents per gross line.  Is it different now?



I love Dutchess County - used to live in Poughkeepsie = sm
went to college there, but alas, I went back to upstate NY.
Playing flute/picc in county orchestra
It's the best stereo system in the world, sitting right in the middle of a live orchestra!
Here in Cherokee County Alabama August 8 is first student day.
My DH works at the local school and he has been getting ready.
Whoops..I meant the county where the crime was committed, not
Movie passes, a current events calendar, a county map. nm
Raintree County, Cross Creek, The Turning Point nm
Maybe in their town.
I can' t say but I can tell you with line rates and incentive pay, I make over 65K at the medical center where I transcribe, located in Nebraska.
Not in my town.
The patient sitters at the local hospital here are not licensed personnel, not even CNAs.  Generally, a high school diploma and short orientation with CPR is all that is required as far as training or credentials.  Also, the usual pre-employment stuff is required--drug testing, preemployment physical, etc.  It also pays less than $10 per hour.
Union County High School; Blairsville, Georgia (class of 81)

We have those names in our town too.
Anyone going out of town tomorrow?
I'm going to Cincinnati 2C my sisters! Yikes! Wish me luck...
We have a place like that in town. sm

It's a teeny little grocery store and their prices used to be off the wall because they were owned by a big grocer (IGA). I never shopped there for anything but meat as it is cut right at the store while you wait or it's fresh in the cooler.

When big Wally World decided to build the Superstore the teeny grocery store decided to buy out from IGA and named it their own market. The prices there now are even cheaper than Wally World and I no longer shop anywhere else. What used to cost $75.00 at the local market costs about $30 because they got rid of the "middle man."

They had to save themselves and they did. I can actually walk there if need be and sometimes I should as the teeny parking lot is usually packed full. The checkout girl (or girls if it's busy) don't wear name tags because we know them. They go to school with our kids. It's like, "Hi Megan, still playing soccer?"

Good for them.

mt seminar in my town
There is a seminar about MT in my town tonight and I wanted to go to see what lies they probably are telling. My son's first ball practice is at the same time. I would love to hear what they are saying up there tonight. Most embelish our wages and it is a shame.
Hospitals in town
I hear sometimes that there are still hospitals doing their dictations with their own transcriptionists, and I'm lucky that I found one through their website... but wondering, just how do you find out who does the hospitals in your city? No one ever advertises in the newspapers anymore and most hospital websites have nothing about transcription. I live in a pretty big city with lots of hospitals and clinics and outpatient surgeries. Surely they're not all outsourced to the Big Greedies.
We have a huge 4 day celebration in our little town

There is something going on from tonight right through until the fireworks on the 4th.  There is a street dance, a bean hole bean supper, a lobster bake and just tons of stuff going on.

Our town is only population 7500, but the celebration has grown to over 30,000 attendees for the 2 hour parade, followed by fun, games, entertainment and music in the park and then fireworks that start at 9:00 and last for hours. It's great fun!

I'm lucky too.  I live just a mile from the festivities, so I'm home for a long time while people are still waiting in traffic. The traffic goes smoothly though.  The events have always been very well organized with our school bus drivers giving free shuttle bus rides.

Happy 4th everyone!

Denver beautiful town
Granola tree huggers??  Sounds good to me..better than cholesterol artery clogged tree destroyers.  My cousin lives in Westminster, another in Estes Park. 
What does a gallon of gas cost in YOUR town?
$2.39 here. Northwestern Wisconsin. It is pathetic.
dead town-ban WM stores
A little over 20  years ago WM opened in our town even though they had a Howard's at that time and put them out of business.  Our nice town also had a sporting goods store, fabric store, several pharmacies, several local clothing stores and pool supply place.  The only one that survived were the pharmacies.  WM moved out a little over a year ago.  Now we have to go 30 miles to find anything that we can't find in a dollar store.  Not only do we have a big empty building that they left, now we will have another empty building that a chain grocery store is leaving because WM built super stores in the surrounding towns that use to shop in our nice little town.  I suspect it will take years, if ever, to recover.  Our only hope is that we have good leadership in our community.
Have you taken a course? Do you live in a town/city that - sm
maybe you could get some PRN work or part time work to get your resume started?
Try Googling him with his old address or name in the town he was from - also
I think there is an on-line site called privateeye.com, or something like that you pay a one time fee that could probably dig up all you want to know and more. If you have kids, kick him out (change locks), stay in the house if you have one, document any bruises, cuts, etc, with pictures, tell people, mom, dad, friends about it. My husband ask me before we married if I would ever leave/divorce him and I told my husband only if he hit me (1 x would be all it would take) or cheated on me that I was gone (he cheated on his ex-wife-- not with me, did not know him then and he'd be out on the street, and about $100K poorer at this point)--Good luck and I hope you land on your feet (running).
Yep, very very quiet town. Not much happening there
LOL ... 8 pm central, NBC ... but not in Little Rock or some town nm
in Indiana ... they are not showing it. 
get outta town! congrats!

Well I'll probably be stoned and run out of town, but SM

it is the craziest thing I've ever heard in my life, and then asking you to PAY to sit the beta is beyond ridiculous.

For me, the CMT is unnecessary. I have never been without work a day in 25 years. I can work tomorrow if I lose my job today.

I've always said I may not be able to pass it for all I know - it may be over my head. But for me in my life, it is not a thing I've given a moment's thought to in 15 years. Yes, when I was supervisor of transcription at a big hospital, I thought about taking it and was encouraged to do so, but I just never did it.

I don't hold anything against somebody who does take those tests but for me they mean nothing.

Las Vegas - a whole town dedicated to having fun! nm
born big town Sacramento, CA