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Posted By: Patti on 2006-02-07
In Reply to: OT: Changing face of veterinary medicine (sm) - catlover

You know vets go to school as long and hard as doctors and it is harder to make a diagnosis in a patient that can't talk or tell you what is wrong.  That is why they have baseline blood work.  I would not do the chemotherapy and some of the treatments that people do for their animals and I love mine -- 15 year old dog and 11 year old cat and 5 year old cat.   And they are very healthy.   Used to work for a vet.  The only reason we think nothing of our docs doing blood work on use every month as we get older or on medication is because insurance picks it up -- if we had to pay we would gripe about that too.   But give the vets a break, they don't do it for the money they do it to help keep your animals healthy.  Like I said, I draw the line on the chemo, transplants, hip/knee replacements etc. but basic yearly check up and blood I have done until lately with my older dog.  With what she has brought me it has been worth the $1500 to $2000 that I have spent on her in her 15 years.   Just me. 

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Having worked with vets, I can say they are like drs.
8o u
Picky vets
You're right, landroverlady, the vets are incredibly picky about their reports, yet they are far from perfect themselves.  It is a relatively new trend that the veterinarian offices are turning to "professional" transcription services to have their reports typed, so they have no clue what the "norm" is in transcription.  If they weren't so darned picky, it would make my job a lot easier in hiring and training.  Any time someone makes even the smallest mistake, I am sure to get a phone call or email from an unhappy doctor!  Life would be sooo much easier if they read their reports in the same manner that they dictated! 
Having worked for vets, not much difference at all
Vets were I worked didnt want to pay for MT. Had