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I would spend whatever it takes to keep my " animal kids" healthy. nm

Posted By: Metu on 2006-02-07
In Reply to: I've noticed this, as well. sm - Metu


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Insurance - Healthy NY
Has anyone ever used this company for health insurance?  Hypertype told me their girls use it as IC's - that the rates are good.  But I see you can't make more than 23k per year.  How can you use plan and work f/t doing MT ?   thanks guys
I'm in my late 40's, and healthy. Tried it
on doc's recommendations. Took my first pill and thought my heart had stopped. Really had a bad feeling on it, like I would have a heart attack. Nearly went to the ER, but it wore off after exactly 8 hours. My teen daughter was prescribed it for a while, and after a few days developed a deep red rash all over - so we did not have good experiences with it.  I'd be very careful.
healthy eating

What are the healthiest fruits and veggies to eat?  I know raw veggies are supposed to be better for you too and that frozen is better than canned.  Any other advice?  Thanks.


How about nuts? Almonds are healthy. (nm)
OK - how's that? I need to be healthy for ME (for several reasons) before I can be true to...
anything else in my life!  Thank you ALL for the words of encouragement!  It does help.  I need to do this for ME.  Once I see I can accomplish this goal I will have the encouragement, strength and faith that I can do anything!  And you know what, I really BELIEVE I will do it this time!  Thanks again!  Will keep you updated!
Congratulations on your healthy income!

Congratulations to Fingers for healthy income!!

How many years experience do you have (if you do not mind answering)?


Just realize that there are healthy able bodied people...
who make minimum wage in Florida and can barely afford to put food on the table never mind stock up on a little extra.  Also realize that with that kind of  destruction I don't think anyone can be prepared.  I rode out two storms last year and each time I went outside and saw the damage afterwards I was overwhelmed and in shock for days....months after the storm driving along I-75 to get to family in Naples I encountered the Port Charlotte area and the destruction that those storms brought to that area was terrible...those people to this day are still living in FEMA trailers and have little else but the shirts on their backs.  Before people become judgemental of what the government shouldn't do realize that one day that just might be you or someone in your family.  I work with a girl who lost everything to Andrew and to this day when a storm comes into play she is very apprehensive and anxious....Try to be a little more caring than judgemental.  It makes the world a much better place to live in.
As long as healthy, able-bodied people
are willing to maintain a poverty mentality and continue to be content to work a minimum-wage job without making any effort to better themselves, they will remain trapped in the misery they've created for themselves. There is no reason why able-bodied people in this country should not be able to provide adequately for their families. There is nothing noble or pure about abel-bodied people choosing poverty and misery just because it's too much trouble to improve one's life and it's so much easier just to get some mindless minimum-wage job or just sit and collect welfare. Their selfishness deprives the truly needy of the help and resources the rest of us pay for that should be devoted to helping those genuinely in need. If able-bodied people decide to make stupid choices--which includes not preparing for emergencies as well as the well-known stupid choices of breeding more children than they can support, choosing to bear children out of wedlock, choosing addiction, choosing to drop out of schoos, etc., etc--they should not automatically expect to be bailed out of the consequences of their poor choices. It has nothing to do with compassion or lack thereof. It's simple common sense.
Feeling healthy mentally and physically and being grateful for that. nm
Garlic keeps you healthy. You smell so bad sick people avoid you.
He is a healthy-appearing male, awake, alert, and in no apparent distress.

I don't know! I've heard people live longer with a healthy sex life.
Might want to research the Fat Flush Diet plan or even just healthy fasting as a way of starting
Is rad a whole different animal (sm)
when it comes to transcribing it? I would like to expand my specialties, but have never done rad before. Any info would be appreciated! Also, can it be learned just by doing, or would I need more thorough training, i.e.; more schoolin'?
Please note my response to your query waaaay below where the original thread started, again thanks for your interest. 
animal update

i am the OP on thread below re CRUELTY CLARIFICATION and just wanted to say thank you to all who responded .... have not recently come across a such a large, and largely POLITE - WOW!!!!!! -- and informative group in a long time.  this information will stay with me for a long time and i plan to share it with others.  did not know how ignorant i was.  am not by any means a bleeding heart.  it's a tough world and you have to be tough -- but the way we apparently treat these animals in the year 2005 is PATHETIC, just pathetic, and there is simply no need for it. 

to those who say 'but this is a consumer-driven industry," yep you are right, but you know what?  consumers like to be INFORMED.  we don't like to feel that someone or some entity is trying to pull a fast one on us, and i STRONGLY feel that if every child in america -- and the child's uninformed parents and grandparents -- KNEW the real deal, the pressure would be on IMMEDIATELY and things would change in the industry faster than martha stewart's gonna get out of her ankle bracelet.  Before anyone says Yeah but there goes the economy, well i don't think so because if i knew that i could get chix at the store from happy chickens versus what we are 'offered' now, as well as happy cow meat (look at how successful the California dairy industry has been on their little ad campaign, hmmmmm?) vs what we have now, i'd be willing to pay more.  not double, but more!  i think anyone except the poorest of the poor would, too.  and the same government that is subsidizing the cruel farm animal conditions could subsidize the poor for their better quality meat, instead. 

anyway, those are my thoughts.  i really really appreciate all of you smart people telling me something i didn't know, and that's no bull.  great big kudos to all of you who kept the thread polite, too.  'night.

OT: for animal lovers
why keep your animal on a chain 24/7

Going off topic from your cat post for a minute... I never understood that..especially with dogs. I think it is cruel for a dog to be chained 24/7 with someone who will rarely walk it.

As far as your cat, we have had outside cats since I was a little girl and they always came back. In fact, I had one (an old "barn cat") that would leave for months at a time lol and come back.


Keep your hopes up and don't stop looking!


Animal question...sm

I was always under the impression that cats had to be at least 6 months old before they could be "fixed".  I was on the SPCA website for our area last evening reading their info and it said kittens older than 6 weeks must be spade or neutered within 6 weeks of adoption.  Isn't that a little young?

Just curious.

Animal contacts
If you are in need of a veterinary ophthalmologist, it is best to check with your local vet to see if there is one in the area.  Animals do not wear contacts for the obvious reasons.  Instead, they get lens transplants from donor animals that were healthy when euthanized (sad I know).  There are also Doggles sun glasses that dogs wear.
If you are an animal lover - then please don't take Prempro - sm
I worked in a gynecologist's office for 8 years. It was beyond dispicable when the Wyeth drug rep would come in. This was at the time when TV shows were always doing the "hidden camera" things - and of course, the pregnant horses, abuse, catheterizing, etc. This also came at a time when drug reps were no longer allowed to use company money to take docs on trips, expensive dinners, theater tickets, etc. Needless to say, our Wyeth rep made a bundle off of Premarin and Prempro and to make up for all the media hype, she was going to all the gyn docs and sending them on trips, spa packages for their wives, nice dinners, etc. And the docs kept prescribing it.
Agree...no animal has to suffer for me...
I have been using the wild yam - so far, so good. ?
fellow animal lovers/MTs

boycott Iams pet food - they have been charged of horrible animal cruelty in testing their food, see web site below. 



Call Animal control

Okay then, should you kill every animal that scares you be it a dog or - sm
or a cat....does not make sense. They are animals, they just want to be left alone. Some people scare me sometimes, should I go out and shoot them? People need to be a bit more tolerant. I am not a huge fan of snakes either but I will never understand the killing of any animal unless it is for food or if the animal attacks.
well, I am NOT obsessing over animal rights! sm
What exactly are you doing to make the world a better place? Discussing the killing of dogs in another country sure does help, yeah, uh huh...get over yourself
Do little kids like caramel? My big kids won't even eat it! We make the basic Baker's chocolat
To romey and ANIMAL ADVOCATE...see inside please:

Just copy and paste into your browser (with whatever video player you have)...

Do not get side-tracked with your feeling about peta...

One is narrated by Alec Baldwin.  (I have mixed feelings about peta, but these videos do not lie, and if you research for yourself you realize the government more and more allows this hideous behavior to SAVE money - again, it is all about the money). 

I have watched it once, and half with my eyes closed.  Call me whatever you like, but I sobbed at the cruelty. 

The other is about a (huge) grocery chain we have here in WNY.

A few months ago I became a vegetarian to lose weight...but still ate eggs, cheese, some poultry. 

Since the day I watched these videos, because of my conscience, I have not touched a piece of meat or poultry. 

I refuse to contribute to this inhumanity, no matter how it is justified...

1.  http://www.petatv.com/tvpopup/Prefs.asp?video=meet_your_meat

2.  http://www.wegmanscruelty.com/downloads/Trailer-WegmansCruelty.wmv

If there was one, I would belong to the humanitarian party...forget republicans, democrats, etc. 

All animal lovers - check this out. Made me cry.
There is a natural order in the animal world
that does not include mankind. Those animals which are debilitated, old or very young become food for other carnivorous animals. It is population control and also keeps disease at bay as the animals carrying disease are attacks, killed and taken out of the picture. Also, stops bad blood lines as those animals with hip dysplasia from in breeding or the weak and runts are also food for the natural predator.

Thank you for not making fun of me. I just wasn't sure which part of the animal it was and what
I never said you shouldn't have kids! Feeling guilty? I asked WHY you had kids.
You clearly stated in your post that you ship the kids off to camp all day, and they're TIRED AT NIGHT!!  You know exactly what you said.  You said it as a PERK - AS IN GREAT! They're gone all day, it wears them out, and so I shovel dinner in their mouths and off to bed!  You can try to paint it any way you want, but YOU SAID IT.  Again, I only hope your kids never hear you speak that way or write that way. Shame on you.  Why have kids at all?  Just another parent who has them, gets rid of them for day AND night, BRAGS ABOUT IT, and then calls ME wicked!  Give me a break!  Camp is fine - its WHAT YOU SAID AND YOU KNOW IT.  Your own words showed your heart. Period.
romey and animal advocate...here are some nice pictures...


posters you can buy, as well...

not sure about you, but we have several wild animal care and education centers...
The best way to start is to volunteer.

We have like Messinger Woods and Hawk Creek around here, like animal sanctuaries, where they have owls, eagles, deer, all sort of animals they need to take care of. You can always visit one and ask questions. I would love that, too, only I can not get my boyfriend interested. I would love to even volunteer.

Sounds funny, but what about a zoo...same thing, you can volunteer at first, see if you like it, and I believe those positions offer decent pay...?
report on companion animal pet food ingredients



Check these out if you want to learn more, shocking!!!

re: report on companion animal pet food ingredients
The book "Food Pets Die For" is an excellent. I have been feeding my goldens and Shelties Innova since 1996 or 1997. I now feed Canidae Platinum as it is lower in calories. They all did quite well on both dog foods...shinny coat, bright eyes...in other words, they are healthy looking. No preservatives are in either food so it does have a shorter shelf life than the regular dog kibbe.

My dogs also have marrow bones every night. Some of my friends feed a BARF diet (bones and raw food) only, but I just could not keep that diet up on a regular basis.

A good magazine to subscribe to is the Whole Dog Journal.. www.whole-dog-journal.com/ it is like a "bible" for any one who is interested in the natural way to care and feed dogs. I believe there is a Whole Cat Journal, too.

Usually years. Were you given a used one, full of animal hair, dust, or
see post below "To romey and ANIMAL ADVOCATE...see inside please" (nm)
I'll be watching Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet!
Kids are demanding and so is MT work. My question is how CAN you do this with kids, rather than how
When you have two young kids, 11 months apart, (like I stated they are now 4 and 5) and have been doing this since they were born with no help from their father and no family around, YES, the kids get neglected. Part time might work but living on one salary, part time, is not an option. How can you possible tell me that anyone with two young kids can stay at home and work a full-time, 8-hour shift, and still give their kids the attention they NEED. I dont care how good you are at multitasking and how great your organizational skills are. It is a very difficult thing to do. And I am offended by your post making it sound as if it is easy to do.

I do agree that it can depend on how well your kids behave and how well they are able to play on their own. But my kids were not able to play well on their own. They needed constant attention.

So please take the time to realize that there are people out there in different situations than your own.

Reading our posts should help you to understand that everyone has a different situation. I believe everyone should have the right to shares their experiences as it might benefit the original poster in her questions and concerns.

I dont think anyone should be bashed for taking the time out to write about their experiences. I dont usually come on here to argue but you really ticked me off with your post. And try reading the post correctly. I said next time around I would have put them in day care. What I DID do with them was set them up to an activity like art or put on a movie for them. Geez.
Stayed "because of the kids?" I say "leave because of the kids"
You're in no position to buy right now. Keep saving, keep paying down your bills, and for heaven's sake get rid of that dead weight of a BF you're living with. You can do better.
So, should I return the $75 (x2 kids) in music cards I got the kids for x-mas...sm
My son has been telling me about free music sites and I was very leary.  How do they skirt the law Radguy?
I don't have kids, but my Mom was from the "old school," and still had everyone, kids inclu

call her by her first name.  The little neighbor girl next door from the time she could speak called her Aggie (my mom's first name), and they were great buddies until the day my mom pased away. 

I don't think there really is much in a name, but more in the respect you are given and the way you are treated.   Personally, I kind of cringe inside when someone calls me Ms. Anything or God forbid, "maam" (makes me feel like Methuselah!) ... I'm always just plain Merrie.  :-)

But, as someone pointed out, to each his own.  If you want to be addressed a certain way, you have that right, and people should respect that.  I'm glad you corrected the child ... hope it "sticks."    

That sounds like an episode of Animal Cops! I'm glad it worked out in your favor. nm

Please do not simply give up, kids or no kids!
Talk with a professional. This can be worked through if he really puts forth the effort and you participate. The right counseling can truly make your marriage even better than it was before, if BOTH parties are willing to be honest. Give it a try. Nothing to lose at this point and everything to gain!
I don't spend more than $25-30, regardless of who it is...sm
people should remember that it's the thought behind the gift, not the actual gift itself, that matters. 
Can't help but wonder if he would rather spend...sm
time in jail in the US versus a Thailand prison.  That's supposed to be pretty horrible as prisons go.  Maybe he thought if he had to go to jail, he would confess to this knowing it would get him back in the states.  I just hope they have more evidence on him than the confession.  Surely, they do because they were apparently on to him before he confessed.  It is pretty strange...
I'm not sure you really need to spend the $$ to do this.
You are a sole proprietor and can use your SSN as your TIN. You home office expenses as well as percentages of your utilities, vehicle, etc., are tax-deductible. You don't specify what your "other" interests, though.
Well, first of all I would *never* spend 20
minutes trying to decipher a 1-minute report *unless* they were paying me by the hour regardless of production. I don't like to leave blanks either, but you seem to be taking that to the extreme (of course your choice to do so).

I am not sure what the pay off is for you to stress yourself like this...
It's healthy to enjoy some alone time. You'll adjust and enjoy it soon.
I think of it this way - How much would you spend on dinner for you and

your spouse or significant other at a nice restaraunt?  That is what your gift should be or a little more depending on if it is a family member.  So, if you go to a very nice restaraunt and spend $70 for dinner for the two of you, including drinks, than the gift should be about that as they are providing you with a dinner at the wedding, right?


It may be off base, but that is how I figure it.  If it is a family member, I usually will give $100 or more.