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Work for 1 hour, then count your lines of the completed work - sm

Posted By: XXX on 2007-06-17
In Reply to: Productivity per hour confuses me...? sm - as

either check you total characters in word (with spaces) then total them all up and divide by 65, and you get your total lines per hour. 10,000/65 is 153 lines. Or if you have a line counting program us that to figure you count, either way will work quite well. Maybe do it a few times and then figure an average over 3 hours or something like that, it will vary with the ease/difficulty of the work you are doing.

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Why do you say $20/hr? I work for a national, and at 11 cpl, 300 lines per hour, sm

that's $33/hour.  I'm not driving a Lexus or anything, but I'm comfortable.  Generally speaking, find a mid-sized national, big enough to have enough work for you all of the time, yet small enough to care and realize that quality work deserves quality pay.

They are out there.  Good luck!

Lets hope it is not geared line count per hour the way we run out of work and are in so many
other accounts all the time. Boy that would be bad.
if you purchase bytescribe/docshuttle, you can actually upload the completed work back on there. nm
Word count: 824 lines. DocuCount count: 897 lines.
I just counted the same file in Word and then in DocuCount, and DocuCount was higher than Word.

Just as an aside.
That is a lot of work/lines for 2 people. I do 3000 lines per day sm
if you times that by 30 days that only comes to 90K lines a month, that is working 7 days a week including weekends. I don't think 2 people can handle that.
I work an 8-hour day, so I normally work
for 4 hours or so, take an hour break, and then finish up.
Would you do all that work for 12.50 an hour?
Depends on the pay and account. My lowest average is $15.52 an hour (roughly 182.6 lines an hour) w
1850 lines per 8 hour shift. 15.00 hour - no real requirement
Off hour work shift
"posted by wouldn't have it any other way". Thank you so much for your post! I work a similar shift for similar reasons. I don't start until 8 p.m. most nights so like you my kids are in bed before I head off to work and I don't feel gulity taking time away from them. I do work one long day on Sunday to catch up, but I start at noon so we are all still able to attend church together and my husband usually plans a daddy fun day with them that afternoon. I WISH I had done this when my kids were even smaller as I breast fed and still worked off hours so I didn't have then in daycare, but I had to pump at work and my husband had to give them bottles when I was gone.

I agree it can be tiring, but you get in a routine, and honestly do you know any mom stay-at-home or out-of-the-house worker who isn't tired?

Being there 24x7 for your kids that is dedication! :)
Off hour work shift
I should probably add that while I am working I am dedicated 100% as my office is downstairs and I work with my door closed and locked. My husband is upstairs with the children and gets up with them if they get up before I am done with my shift. So, I don't feel guilty neglecting work either because I don't. :)
If MTs want to work 10+ hour days
...more power to them.  Not me - I'm gettin' tired of this.  They're lucky if they get 6 hours out of me.  I worked 10+ hours a day and weekends when I first started.  Now, I could care less.  I may not perform 1200+ lines a day, but I have excellent QA. 
I work 4 ten-hour shifts...

Sat thru Tues. My DH is on a rotating 12-hour 3 on/4 off shift and we have at least 2 days off together. I love it; I start at 4 am but I am done at 230 and have all day to do what I want and rarely run out of work.

I think it's better to work by the hour than the line.
By-the-line SOUNDS good, but there's no control over what accounts you'll get, or how accurate the line-counting software they have is, etc. You may start out on an easy account, but as you pick up speed on it and start to make money, they'll switch you to a harder one. And when you pick up speed on that one, you'll get another harder one. And so on and so on. Benefits probably won't be as good at home, either. The only thing that's better about home is not having to deal face-to-face with management. But at least you have the security of knowing your paycheck is going to be the same each time, and won't dwindle down to less-than-nothing if you have a bad day, or a bunch of bad dictators, or no work. And you mentioned a RAISE. That's something most of at-home people will never see in our careers with any company. The only way we seem to be able increase the cpl is if we change companies. But then you still end up on that treadmill of being given work that you may do well, but you can't make money doing. They get ya coming and going.
Even to start with, $14.00 an hour is lousy pay for ANY MT work...NM
Maybe all this hiring with no work has something to do with the proposed 1 hour TAT?
Wasn't that kind of TAT mentioned in a company email?
That was my point. There will never be any steady work for anyone with TAT at 1 hour
I'm certainly not going to be sitting at the computer 24/7 waiting for reports to trickle in. We are so stupid to be putting up with this. Why do we stay?
Hired to work 40 hour week, 9-5 and then...
Then your computer goes down or you have a doctor's appt or a responsibility taking you away from the keyboard. The other two MTs on your acct have to work like crazy to keep up with a 3 MT work load and they do so like champs. Then, back you come and grab work off your schedule. This means the two MTs who covered you while you were off are not going to be compensated for working strenuously but instead, end up sharing their shifts work with you.

This is soooo frustrating.
Nationals with 10- to 12-hour window to work 8 hrs?

I did a search in the archives, but the info I found was a little outdated. Thanks for any help you can provide.

6-hour day, weekend work by choice, sm
optional access to group health ins even if I have to pay total premium, a company that understands what "IC" really means, a company that refuses to offshore US transcription, pay by gross line, pay based on quality and experience and no less than 9 cpl, but most of all,

I wouldn't work as an MT for a lousy $7.50 an hour OR
Can I ask where you work that pays editors per hour?
I have been editing for about 2 months now and have 7 years as a MT.  I am still working as a MT along with my new editor's position.  The company I am working for only pays by the line, so if you don't produce you get very little pay.
$18 an hour but I work inhouse in a hospital.
No. I work four 10-hour days. I'm really fast, really
occasions, about every other month, I might do 8-10 hours overtime.

10K for 12 hour weekends, work privately

I have a 10-hour window to work 8 hours
and that works fine for me.
Even if they pass, how can they do the work? They will make pennies an hour and
You cant have a 1 hour TAT and MTs have work. They are completely nuts. We are being used and abused
$25.00 per hour is more like it. I work now at per report and 14.5 cents per line
and average $30-42.00 per hour
This is not possible. You'd have to average 300 lph and work a 12 hour day. This person is stre
What do you consider a fair per audio hour rate for MT work?

I am only accustomed to the per word rate in MT, but I know that the GT companies prefer the PAH rate.

I was wondering if any MT companies do use the PAH rate and what would be a fair price if there are indeed any companies using this method.

Anybody work with a company bue do your own billling to them, count like 65 cpl and use a program ho
At 200 lines a day for 6 cents, you are making $1.20 a day or 0.15 hour for an 8 hour day!!!--cm
Did you mean 2,000? Even then you would only be making $1.50 if you work 8 hours a day.
it does not count gross lines...I count 37 and it counts 67.
where do you work that you just do lines, not hours?- nm
For my work, it seems to average out to about 10-11 lines per
I can very safely do 20 minutes of dictation in an hour, sometimes 25-30 minutes of dictation in an hour.

There are times it is slower but not often.

It will not work through phone lines....sm

I started on a Lanier at a hospital and then went home with it.  At the hospital it was connected directly to the computer.  I was told that you lose certain features through the phone lines and that is one of them.

i think anywhere from 14 to 20 an hour depending on hours worked, kind of work, etc.
I do radiology now, paid by the hour, work from home, can it get any easier than that?

ExTest users - what about not being able to see line count except on website - does this work out ok
Their pay is way low and you work like a dog to make minimum lines.
8-9 cpl for Gross lines, easy work ....
Where? Where?
My point is, work a NORMAL EIGHT HOUR SHIFT..dont worry
It takes away from the quality and the turnaround time... 
RE: I totally agree!! I work at home can came make upwards or $25+ per hour (sm)
Where outside of my home could I make that money, not have to pay gas, buy extra clothes, etc.  I am very happy right where I'm at.
all work types - 3000 lines a day @ 12 cpl 65 characters
18 cpl transcribed line - private hospital account. These are the only specifics I am willing to give.

Do not e-mail me and ask where or who - I will not reply!

I understand companies are paying 4 & 8 cpl edit/transcribed. I do not work for a company. I caught a hospital account using the platform at the right time and signed on quickly as an IC.

Hope this helps.
Do you work outside your scheduled hours to get extra lines?
Or do you stick to your schedules and just roll with however many lines you make during that time?
Where do all you guys work, typing 2000 lines a day?
Looking for stable company.....
Your point was? You called me jealous and lazy, and suggested I work an 8 hour shift.
Now you're being "nice". I am NOT worried about others.  Why would I want to work an 8 hour shift and produce 1000 lines if I could be missing SOMETHING and increase my production?  How mean-spirited you are. I would LOVE to produce more and work less, so that I could spend more time with my loved ones. And to read on this forum the astonishing line counts most MTs are claiming to make regularly - well, I'm either doing some really, really wrong, which I would like to fix, or I'm not doing something that I need to be doing, which I would like to fix! Thus, my sincere question.  Truly I believe it is time to leave this board, though I used to LOVE it so much, cause you just can't get an honest thread running anymore about anything - even trivial threads turn ugly by 2 to 3 posts, let alone INFORMATIVE ones like how honestly asking my fellow MTs who are huge producers HOW they do it? As in straight typing or using normals and standards?  I try to hang on this board and stay "positive" despite the negatives, cause I really like it here and I really like the admin, etc, but I'm not a glutton for punishment.  I know a lot of the old regular MTs who actually carried on intelligent conversations have gone to the board where you have to pay $$$ to post.  Apparently, one can still have kind meaningful conversations over there - guess the $$ part weeds out the trolls?  Don't know, but its sure sad.  Please, don't misinterpret this as me thinking anyone would give a hoot if I left here - cause I know now there will be the normal "good - who gives a crap? good riddance" flames, but really, the MTs who are so trollish are just ruining it for themselves.  Thus is their lot in life, though.
Why the stupid idiots called everyone to work on the holiday to make sure they meet their 1 hour TAT
Read between the lines. When a company starts saying work more to make more
and you have to work in assembly-line fashion like an automaton, they are having a cash crunch.  They held out one salary to you to get you to do the job, then they turn around and cut your pay because you make too much.  They don't sound financially stable.  If you've only been on the job 2 months, start looking elsewhere for a more financially stable company.   Send out your resume and see what other companies have to offer and check out references for those companies.  I and a friend in the past have gone part-time with a new company before resigning from the old one in order to make sure the new company is going to be compatible with us. It's hard to do, but it's short-term for only 1 or 2 weeks.   
Are you IC or employee? Any IC work I've done, they encourage surpassing lines...
If you're an IC, I honestly don't think it matters to the MTSO which MT is putting out the lines, as long as TAT is met and the quality is there to back it up. I've cranked out 2500 lines per day with a commitment of 1400 per day and the extra effort was commended.

If you're an employee, however, and other employees who perhaps aren't as fast are complaining that you're 'hogging' all the work because of your speed, that could be another story. I've been in that situation but had a supervisor who staunchly defended me and said it wasn't exactly 'hogging' the work just because I was twice as fast as the other MTs, so the complaints ceased.