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Yeah, I'll bet some MTs with bad QAs reach the

Posted By: point where they just tune them out, on 2008-01-02
In Reply to: THAT is when constructive feedback helps, not being a jerk about it. - A good QA

which unfortunately includes an answer to the blanks. Wouldn't be a bit surprised if sometimes they don't purposely send back the same thing, just to annoy a QA who picks on them too much.

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yeah but I'll tell you later!

Oh, yeah. That'll do!
Oh yeah, and you'll see them reaching in their wallets a little more
Yeah, I'll just look into being a migrant farm worker instead then
Reach for those stars!
Yeah, take the time to do it, and once you do you'll never forget the name of that catheter!!

Don't always look for the EZ way out.......

Yeah, and I'll bet that has also derailed your career possibilities with NASA!
Delusional, delusional, delusional
they are already impossible to reach
18,000 lines and your rate increases by half cent, whoopee.  MQ is a complete joke, a bunch of greedy, phony liars.  This whole business is in the toilet and i'm just sorry I didn't start school for a dif career sooner to be out of it NOW.  I'm gradually having to cut down on spending because my rate of pay is not up with the times, severe hand pain day after day, condescending technicians and supervisors.  I feel trapped.   
How do I reach them? What city are they in? Do sm
you work for them?
I have been unable to get through to anyone. I can't reach
anyone in Oregon either. I expect they probably flew out to Queensland to be with Terri and the kids.  I've tried to send email but it's bouncing, so I checked the zoo website and it's been down more than up. I'm mailing out a letter tomorrow but it will be at least 10 days before she gets it and the staff roll through everything first to look for the nickname so that could be a while, too.   
If that were me, I wouldn't be able to reach the desk soon! nm
2000, and I usually reach or exeed that. sm
Big money, with bonuses, of course.
The point obviously was that one sure way NOT to reach a supervisor is posting
on this message board anonymously. Give me a break!
It's not hard to reach $4000 a month as
Someone with their own accounts can pull in more money than an MT working for a company or another service. In California, I know of an MTSO who charges 16 cpl and the clients pay that willingly. Where I live, I couldn't get away with charging that much. They just won't pay it here. However, I do have my own service and I bring in $3000-$3500 on average. Some months it's less, some a little more depending on the workload.

Also, when you have your own accounts, you become quite familiar with the doc's dictating styles, can build up a huge library of Expander entries, and create normals or templates for the physicians, which boosts your production rate quite a bit.

I know I make more money with my own accounts than I would working for someone else but trust me, there are plenty of headaches that go along with having your own service, too, so it can be a trade-off at times. There are lots of times I think I'd gladly take a lower line rate to get rid of the headaches!! The only thing that stops me is the flexibility since I can work any hours throughout my day as long as I meet the agreed TAT. Since I have two kids, that's pretty valuable to me!
same here but hubby got me a stool to reach the top, hehe..nm
Glad I'm not the only pokey one. I have a terrible time trying to reach 150 lph.
This info would probably have helped reach your goal this morning! LOL Thanks! nm
Ditto and also dictate a sentence, then "scratch that", etc. --want to reach out and throttle
Actually, we put all entries in a hopper and pull until we reach that number. That way it is fair.
Wow, you'd be the popularity queen at the state penitentiary! Reach for those stars!
YOU, Busy MT'ing, are one of those that fail to reach mature conversation when you mockingly add
I like what I have...Hourly PLUS incentive after a very easy to reach minimum line count.
Is it harder to reach your daily line count on acute care or clinic?
It'll be the most expensive magazine subscription you'll ever get! No point in joining. nm
I'll go! I'll go!! I won't take hormones and will be ready to defend your honor :) n/m
No. It'll be the most expensive magazine subscription you'll ever get, and it's unnecessary
You'll get used to it. It is keeping the right leg propped up at the same time that'll be the
When I broke my ankle, I was just grateful it wasn't the hands. Without our hands we'd be totally screwed.

I broke my right ankle slipping on ice and was lucky to have gloves on because the palm of the glove was totally torn up and my hand was okay.

Good luck and be sure to do your exercises when it is time.
Yeah, yeah, that should be "your work..."

It'll happen. You'll find your fit.
You might have to kiss a few frogs first, though.
Oh she'll spice it up alright, she'll be
placing hidden cameras in the other ladies' dressing rooms! LOL!
continue your goal; he'll/they'll get used to it/over it
I'll vent and I'll sign my name sm
I have two IC contracts right now. I recently went back to a job I had quit earlier in the year to work for the other company I am still working for.

The newer job has 80% ESLs. I transcribe OP notes primarily and I can fill in other work types as the opportunity arises. I am frustrated with this particular situation. After 6 months, I am making less money and working longer hours. I am past the learning curve and I should be doing better, at least in the number of hours I am spending doing the job. We have run out of work for 24 hrs at a time at least 5 or 6 times since December 1, and in November it was more than that. I have a friend who worked for this company as well and she was having similar difficulties. The only thing that we can figure is that they are shorting us line count some way, because after 6 months at it, it should be easier/faster/more money, but it is less and less every single pay period. It is not a nice thing to accuse a company of doing, but it SEEMS that way to us. I am fed up with being expected to type every single OP note that comes in 24/7 and meeting the 6 hr TAT for them on weekends, evenings, holidays, wee hours of the morning...

I took back a job I held for 2-1/2 yrs. The team leader has changed and this gal thinks that I should be on call 24/7 for whenever she has work. I might have some at 7 a.m., or perhaps not until 6 p.m. or later. I can't plan my personal life and between these two IC situations, I find that I am not eating on a daily basis, not showering on a daily basis and not sleeping more than 3 or 4 hours at a time. I have lost weight and I don't feel very well. I woke up today with a rip roaring head cold (my first in nearly 8 yrs) and it has already moved to bronchitis and I am expecting pneumonia by the weekend because I develop it very easily. I already have deep pain in my back.

Yes, I should call in sick tomorrow, but I really can't take the fallout. The job I took back I am covering for another gal who wanted vacation over the holidays and if I have to call in sick, the team leader will call me and pitch a fit about how this is my responsibility. It IS my responsibility, I did say I would do it, and I will do it, despite being quite ill. In the past, when I worked for this company, they would not allow me to call in sick for a "cold" without a doctor's note. I worked through many illnesses with them and only called in sick when I developed West Nile Fever and while I was sick for over a month, I only called for my last 12 reports one day when I could no longer see the computer screen because my head hurt.

The problem is that yes, many MTs lack work ethic. They don't take their responsibility seriously. This is not a work as you please career, not even for an IC. I can see the MTSO's point of view, I truly can. Like finding experienced, reliable and capable MTs, for the MTs who are these things, finding a company will treat you like a human being is equally difficult. I sit here, feeling lousy and like I am an utter slave labor with no consideration whatsoever. I know that my work needs to be done, but when I am this sick it is better that someone else do it for the sake of the work, for accuracy and for speed of getting it out. I know that I am needed, but to be the MT these companies need me to be, I also need to look after my own health.

I will also mention that when I have asked for vacation, I have been approved for the time, but the MTSO queues up my work and calls me then I am not on the system getting it done. I have told them I had been approved for time off, but the MTSO didn't schedule anyone to cover for me and I am told to get on work, vacation or no, if I want to keep my job.

Thus, I work 24/7/365 and have for years. I work sick, I work when I am in pain (I have an AI disorder), I work exhausted from staying up all night covering for others who are allowed to call in sick and have vacations when I can't have either. I work having no health insurance and not being able to afford the $125 a month to buy some with a high copay so I can see a doctor. I work without breaks for breakfast, lunch or dinner and I sometimes come close to having an accident because if I leave my desk to go to the little girls' room I get nasty calls about where I am at and what I am doing.

Many MTs are mistreated, and I am one of them.
Yeah, baby, yeah.
We are here for the long haul.
Tell him you'll give him your macros if he'll give you his Lexus, his ski cabin, and (nm)
Control. I'll still get OT though. And you'll
still sit and complain!

I'll join you on that one, I'll be 58
Oh, yeah!

I understand where you're coming from.  The respect is just not there anymore.  Everyone in this business has heard for years about how voice recognition and EMRs are going to replace us all, which I just don't buy.  I work for a national on a difficult account with many ESLs, and it generates lots of work.  Every summer we have problems keeping up with turnaround but the management has yet to come up with a solution that actually works consistently.  I suspect it's a combination of MTs having kids home from school during the day now, vacations being taken, and people not working their schedules,  but most of all I think it's just plain burnout - we deserve to enjoy the summer too.  Last summer I worked so much to the point that I think I did substantial damage, and my body just cannot take it anymore (been at it for about 20 years, the last 10 years of it steady).  The powers that be fail to understand that we are not machines! 

Oh yeah
Or when you are trying to sleep and in your mind you are dictating to yourself..i.e., and the patient..yada, yada, yada, happens to me all the time, especially if I have had a long stressful-difficult dictation day, LOL..Of even if Im day dreaming, sometimes I find myself falling into dictation mode, repeating dictating I have transcribed, or close to it..Yeow!!
intromission changed to interim admission.  LOL
yeah right.
dream on.
Yeah - sm
Diskriter. If you have 3+ years experience and want full time work, brand new benefits and line incentive - send your resume to them.
yeah, right, sure he is.
Yeah, right
Saying it doesn't make it so. You are probably QA'd by people in India. What a crock.
Yeah, sure.


That makes complete sense (not).

Oh, yeah.
I cheated on the soup, too, by buying a box of premade at the health food store.  They've got such neat stuff there.
yeah, me too, and it's not

Yeah, well--
That's why this country is going down the toilet.  Between the corporate greed and being overrun by the illegals, how long do you think it will last?  The CEOs now don't care-- they are too busy counting their money and buying those expensive cars, yachts, and their third and fourth homes, etc.  They have what I call the "Marie Antoinette" syndrome-- "Let them eat cake".  They have theirs-- so the h*** with the rest of us! 
You are full of it. You aren't an MTSO. No place has a "crew" that is "all friendly and kind." They work at home, so how would you know what they are like? Even the rudest person can be nice for 2 minutes while talking on the phone to the boss.

Oh yeah!!
LOL - good going MQLover - like your style!
Yeah, you ask how old I am, but
the person who responded to me is the one who said it first. Of course, come down on the person who likes workings for MQ. How predictable. Go take a shower and maybe the water will make you grow a real thought.
yeah right, 60K w/MQ...

Yeah, please don't.
This is fun to listen to.