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You're right! I wouldn't work for a company that SM

Posted By: Becky on 2006-01-04
In Reply to: Then the dictating physician needs to spell it out instead - however

expected me to surf all over the world just because some prima donna didn't want to be bothered with proper dictation.

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The company I work for said cable phone wouldn't work, just FYI.
I wouldn't like that either. So, you're not typing in Word? sm
If not typing in Word, I wonder if you could copy/paste your work into a Word document to keep track of your line count.

If you can do that, make sure you have your line count set up to do it the same way they do....including lines, spaces, etc.

yes, i currently use 2 USBs; one for one company and the other for another, one wouldn't function
Wouldn't it make more sense for the company
to hire someone for that shift, and that person could be a "stat" person in addition to typing a regular account?  Nah, I guess that would be just too simple!
wouldn't implicate anybody since you're posting anonymously anyway
Just say who the company is!
Ridiculous! A company should pay to license it's employees. Wouldn't do it. nm
I wouldn't work for less. What's the deal with this woman and where does she work?
You're absolutely right - I wouldn't recommend this profession to a young person either.
and no respect for it
I wouldn't take a position that docked for errors. We're all human, not infallible.
Then you would have no life at all except work, work, work if you did that. I wouldn't do it. nm
yes and I wouldn't work any other way
have to have the flexibility to move around.  Haven't had any of the aches and pains in my arms and hands since switching from desk-top to laptop.  Plus, it allows me to travel a lot and still keep up with my work.  Luv it.
No, but wouldn’t want to work there
Did before and really not good place- I left with loads of others, much happier!
Well, you're all complaining that accounts are current and work is low, so, gee, maybe they're
focusing on WORK, as in CLIENT and transcribing, as maybe half of you should be focusing on!!
That wouldn't work. When I'm in a groove I

can make $30/hour, on a bad day $20/hour.   No one is going to pay an MT $20/hour.   The MTs have less and less power because the companies can always turn to India.   A company doesn't know from day to day what the work load will be like, unless they are doing overflow for an account and only take a certain number of minutes a day.   Most of the time you can guestimate, but then when delinquent letters come out you'll get at least another 100 hours of dictation.  

I totally sympathize with the MT who is struggling to pay their bills and who want to work but can't get the lines.  It isn't fair, but it is what it is.   I honestly don't see it getting any better unless work is brought back to the U.S. and then once again the American MT is in high demand.  I've seen many MTs say they work for 2 or even 3 companies so they can get needed lines. 


If you wouldn't have it except for work then I say write it off...nm
   Awww... they have to justify their paycheck too, you know, or else MTSO will think they don't have enough to do.  Remember, they get paid to nitpick. Makes the suits and power-that-be think they're actually earning their oats.
I wouldn't want to work for anyone who posts
They told me speedtype wouldn't work either
but it does - you just have to have it open while you are working - it does not integrate into DQS - just sits there and lets you stuff it with expansions..;)
Great idea except you wouldn't get any work done!--nm
I wouldn't work as an MT for a lousy $7.50 an hour OR
I wouldn't suggest wearing them while you work.
Magnets and computers don't go well together. 
I would say NO otherwise our work wouldn't be in a 3rd world country.
Thanks, b/c 5 files at a time wouldn't work for me. nm
We are outdoor people so my suggestions wouldn't work

for you, although we have a motorhome so our camping isn't really roughing it.  

We did not take an extendend train trip, but did take an 20+ hour trip on a train.   We did not have a sleeper car as it was just as cheap to fly as it was for the sleeper car and we were trying to save $$.  Anyway the train had mice and a sewage problem and every time the train hit a rough spot that made it jerk the sewage smell would go through the whole train and gag you.   There were people in sleeper compartments that their bathrooms didn't work.   Our train originated in NY and was going to FL and we got on midway and all the better seats were taken.   The train also seemed to stop at every crossroads for someone to get on/off so sleeping was not easy.  

I'm a long-time Monrovian. Wouldn't work anywhere else. nm
I wouldn't worry about it, unless you work in a small town.
I can't see any big hospitals or doctor's offices going back to that.
The plug is for the monitor, pedal wouldn't work there. NM
You don't want to work for this company. Call your current company and
tell them that you have decided against the new position and tell them that you would like to stay. It is cheaper for them to let you stay than to train someone new. A company who could be so tacky as the one you just spoke of is one you do not want to work for. You can rescind your resignation. If you are a good MT, they will be glad you did.
If Tatum O was not a good actress she wouldn't have work no matter who her daddy was.
But you are right on one count. I would rather watch reality TV than bad acting and TV is filled with bad acting and bad scripts.

I didn't think Tatum did anything wrong unless you think telling the truth is a bad thing.
All I know is it caused the company I work for to be unable to do all work due today and the rest
You're lucky they work for you. I've never gotten a refill to work right, ever.
i used to work for a company that divided the work types up and i loved it. sm
there were only 4 of us working a major teaching hospital. someone was assigned surgery, different assigned discharges, different admits, etc. we all had the backup work type in case the original assignee wasn't available and were cross trained. it made us much more efficient, ability to get used to dictators, set macros, and in the long run we were all much happier.
They're idiots. Look for a better company. sm
Assuming you work on production, you've gotta need to produce.

When I work, I give blanks to things I can't hear. I usually do a review of the blanks after I'm done with the report. I spend limited time researching, and then send it on. That's what QA is there for. They're paid by the hour (at least at my company), so they can dig.
I know what company you're talking about.
Congratulations and welcome aboard!!
I don't know if you're interested or not, but there's a company hiring
radiology MTs right now.  It's not a national.  Diagnostic Imaging  Fax your resume to 843-571-2963  I don't know anything about pay rates or location, but the job was delivered to my email box.  Work from home, flexible hours, pay by the line, full time openings.
They're a small company in Texas. Would that be the one? nm
Search thru the Company board. They're all bad! nm
oh my gosh, I know which company you're talking
about. That is the same one as our hospital. I'll be glad when they get canned! Which will be happening once the contract is up ... hopefully sooner!
Can we ask why you're leaving a company paying over 9.6 cpl? nm
misery loves company, and we're all with you!
I would be downhearted too. But if this is the company's norm, you might decide to cut your losses early. It may have been a rough day for the company in some way, but i would certainly expect more and better communication in the immediate future. Sure am curious who this outfit is.
as my kids would say, make like a duck, and let it roll off your back!
If you're testing for a company, set up isn't that important.
It wouldn't load with my Office. Somehow it wouldn't "read" my 2003 Basic, although sm
technical couldn't find anything wrong with my software. They really tried hard. I see so many people that like Escription, I'm sorry not to be able to use it. Hopefully I can get Office Pro on my next machine, and maybe use it then. I could upgrade, but I'm still not sure it would work.
Maybe if they feel the company is unethical, they're trying to save others
I don't work for MQ but that happened to me once at the company where I work and
my next two paychecks were shorted out of what they had overpaid me for that pay period. I hope they don't take it out of your hide. It was hard to budget for that month!
Company I work for has to pay fines for work out of TAT.
I work as an IC, work when I want, but I still let the company know if I am going to be unavailable
for any length of time, even though I don't have to.
Wouldn't that mean that you simply wouldn't have to print out everything?

You're 100% right! And where we work - (sm)
(and what we wear!) should have NO bearing whatsoever on whether or not we're considered 'professionals'.

I think the reason the MT industry has gotten out of the hands of MTs and hospitals, and into the hands of plain old businessmen, is because, since we're a mostly 'invisible' workforce, they could see countless cracks and loopholes they could take advantage of when it came to cheating the workers (and the laws in this country) and making more profit for themselves.

I caught something on TV last night speaking about the "equal value" laws some states have, when it comes to the disparity between men's and women's pay. Certain jobs were awarded point systems to determine their worth to an employer. One example was secretaries (women) vs. the building's heating/AC/etc. maintenance workers (mostly men). They each were worth 100 points. Yet the men made twice what the women did, and worked fewer hours on average.

Considering what MTs are expected to know (especially according to AHDI/AAMT), I wonder what our point-value would be compared to, say - a paralegal, or a paramedic, or an executive secretary, etc. (Probably not the best comparisons, but all I can think of at the moment). The only difference between us and them is where we work. They're on-site & highly visible; we are off-site and totally invisible. (How many of us have ever even met our bosses or supervisors face-to-face? Very few, indeed). But does that make an MT worth less? NO. Only in the eyes of the tunnel-visioned doctors, dictating away and aware only of their own jobs, or the hospital CEOs trying to bolster their own worth to their institutions by cutting transcription costs (many of them don't even quite know what transcription even IS), and worst of all, the owners of large MTSO's, who in large part these days are simply businessmen or women who bought the company because they felt they could turn a huge profit with it by underpaying its workers, and most of whom have never been an MT a single day in their lives.
What company do you work for? Maybe some of
work for a company

When work is low at my company I have

volunteered several times to just work half a day, or take the day off so that another MT who needs the lines more than I do can have the opportunity to at least get in a full day of work. 

I don't often have a day where I can't get all my lines in though and there are usually lots of days where I could type 24/7.   My work is assigned to me and I have no idea what any MTs workload may be on any given day.  Most of the time I work extra if the workload warrants it, but there are days too that work may be slow at the beginning of my shift and I'm just not able to work more later in the day to make up the lines.  I'm not complaing about not getting work, but I also don't believe that I need to fit my life and family around my work on a regular basis.  I believe that when an MT is hired FT and the company has expectations of how many lines a day they want the MT to produce, then it is reasonable for the MT to expect work.  I know the business is feast or famine, but if an MT who if FT and wants to work is consistently not getting enough work during their scheduled shift then there is a problem.

I'm very good at what I do, but I work to live, not live to work, and I don't remember signing anything that said I agreed that my life/family came second to MTing.