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homemade potato soup, cornbread, and just finished

Posted By: making a chocolate cake! nm on 2006-03-21
In Reply to: So... What's for Dinner Tonight? - Hungry MT!

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Left over from wienie roast cheesy potato soup, french onion soup and squished sandwiches.
Stuffed cabbages, cornbread, sweet potato pie.

homemade soup
I keep the best leftovers in the deep freeze to make soup.  Tonight's soup  has veggies, including lima beans, a wonderful chicken stock, and some diced up london broil and potatoes cut very fine to thicken the soup.  All these leftovers in the soup bring back memories of meals gone by!    I just throw it all in the crockpot and let it do its thing.
Homemade chicken noodle soup
with huge homemade noodles and tons of chicken and veggies.  Sides of fresh baked hoagies or chicken wings, basted in "Quaker Steak and Lube" hot and BBQ sauce.  Family very very happy and it is cold here.
Went simple. Homemade chicken soup cooking all day in the crockpot and sandwiches. NM
Homemade chicken and dumplings with dressing, potato salad or macaroni salad, mashed potatoes, corn,
Forget all that mushroom soup stuff. Add carrots, celery, dry onion soup mix, a touch of tomato past
Add flour to mixture when roast is finished for gravy. Home made mashed potatoes and green beans with almonds and a salad. Yum.
Turkey stuffed with cornbread dressing....
With gravy, served with peas, sliced cucumbers and tomatoes, with strawberry shortcake and homemade whipped cream for dessert.....
red beans and rice with smoked sausage and cornbread (nm)

stuftfed cabbage rolls, cornbread cake and



Chicken pastry, garden peas, cornbread

Chicken pastry, string beans, cornbread, watermelon

That's potato, without the E.
Unless you are Dan Quail! LOL Couldn't resist...
First of all, had 2 huge chickens for din din last night... So I cut away all left over chicken.  Huge pot of water and add salt and pepper and chop an onion.  Let simmer for at least 45 minutes.  Homemade noodles are a tad difficult to explain but "Reames", which I use in a pinch, has excellent home made noodles in the frozen food section of most grocery stores.  Boil on the side until somewhat firm as you have to add for the last 45 minutes to soup.  I add 3/4 teaspoon of chicken soup base to the huge pot and let simmer another 35 minutes.  Add fresh or frozen carrots, peas, potatoes etc.(whatever your family wishes) and after noodles done toss in the huge pot and simmer for another 35 - 40 minutes.  Totally awesome and never any leftovers here.  Hope it works.
- soup better
Potato? maybe not so uncommon . . .
I did a report about removing a potato, wasn't baked, wasn't wrapped in foil, wasn't removed from the rectum either, just raw, and they had to remove it from a lady, who evidently forgot about it, she went because it started smelling so bad, and it was sprouting.
Does this mean I get in the soup line or
will there be MTing to do, as in VR with editing, or is transcription going to be a thing of the past, anyone know?
Sausage/potato casserole
with creamed corn and salad. 
He is a professional couch potato..nm
I got rid of the couch potato MOONs ago....nm
My basset is not a couch potato like most, but he is young. nm
just made stupdendous pea soup in crockpot...(nm)
When I was little I thought it was a giant golden potato chip- sm
we even called it that every year...don't remember how that got started though, funny now.
Tomato soup and toasted cheese sandwich.
Nothing grilled, it gives me a bellyache,  just plain toast and cheese stuck together   My son will have his favorite, fried liver and onions, my daughter will have cinnamon oatmeal, husband will have half a grapefruit, oatmeal, 2 eggs, and toast.  I run a short order house in the morning, but at least everyone eats something good for them before they leave the house, so I don't mind at all.   And I won't be surprised if a few neighborhood kids stop in for my soup and sandwich or the oatmeal.  The only rule is that they have to put their own dishes in the dishwasher, not leave them for me to clean up. 
Ah, reminds me of a friend who said, "I'll be all over you like cheese soup!"
I love my Oreck, but vacuums are definitely kind of like potato salad. :)
Real specific to the particular person.  Have a great day!
California turkey burgers, potato chips and pickles....nm

Glad you are not awake - I wanted a potato salad recipe!
sounds yummy
Homemade is just better!

There sure aren't many of us around Nature Girl!!  I'm 41 and most of the people my age have no idea how to can or freeze things.  I brought in salsa once to work and there had been this article about botulism in the newspaper and a couple of people were very hesitant about trying my salsa.  I asked them if they thought that I would put my 4-year-old at risk and yes I do pressure cook at the correct temp for the correct time!! Hear that POP.  I haven't been able to do as much as I'd like with my daughter being young, and working 2 part-time jobs, but always have to do a large variety of jellies and jams for Christmas gifts - the relatives pout if I don't because store bought definitely is not the same!!  Will be drying apple chips this weekend and making applesauce and applebutter.  The husband and his brothers own a 5,000 acre farm so I am spoiled with the veggies and I have a large garden.  My dream someday is to put in a small orchard.  In all my free time.... 

Homemade sav???

He is treating his wound with a homemade sav.  I cannot find "sav" anywhere.  It sav, sauve??? I know its like a lotion but I'm not sure how to spell it.  Thanks!

No, I just was finished with my break and had to
get back to work. VPN is not connecting and I'm on hold with tech support.

There are a few things that would make me leave: A really harsh line rate cut for the same work; being forced to be an employee with a set schedule are two reasons that come to mind immediately.
OMG! Just finished listening to a doc with the -
next thing to laryngitis!  What a treat that was!
oops - sent before I finished ...
Now for 2007, they are planning to start sending 20% of our local plant's work overseas. Twenty percent of my little town's factory workers from this place will be out of a job. This is just the start.

Onion soup mix, 1/2 cup Madiera wine, carrots, potatoes.

Cook roast slowly (325 for about 3 hours, add the potatoes and carrots, cook another hour, and serve.

Or just slice onions on top the roast, add about 1/2 cup water, put in covered dutch oven, cook same as above, adding potatoes and carrots.
Now that sounds good. With lots of lemon and butter and a baked potato.
Can't just have crab.
homemade stromboli..

he has already requested that for tonight.. he even went and bought the groceries for it!  So, I guess that's it for me!

I don't do homemade anymore
Being single, its just easier nowadays to buy chili, the fritos and cheese. One thing I NEVER EVER EVER EVER buy (or made) chili with beans .... el yucko!!!!
we're doing homemade BBQ...sm
chips, slaw, potato salad, and drinks.  Ice cream for dessert and fruit.  Easy and delicious...
Finally finished, no dead air.

Just finished. Took an hour. No blanks. Going to
and drink a beer lol
36+ years. I wish I had finished my Masters. sm
The field is changing. I would never recommend it.  I do not see a bright future. 
Just Finished Treatment for Sciatica

I was diagnosed with sciatica/piriformis syndrome about a month ago. My physiatrist sent me to physical therapy for Graston therapy and iontophoresis. I was to the point where I had to sleep in my recliner with a heating pad on my hip. Of course, this is the result of sitting for too long......a battle wound common to the medical transcriptionist.

The Graston therapy is pretty painful and you really wonder how it could possibly help. The iontophoresis consisted of a patch with two large circular pads connected by an electrode. The pads are soaked with dexamethasone. The patch is then stuck to the butt for 24 hours. It's painless, except I pulled off a couple of layers of skin when I removed them. I had this done about 5-6 different times over a three-week period. I was also taught some gentle stretches to stretch these muscles, which I haven't been too diligent about doing.

Bottom line is that I completed my PT about two weeks ago and I haven't had any pain since then. I hope you get some relief for your condition. I know how very painful it can be.


Just finished 150 minutes today
Still have 30 to go. 
Just finished jury duty....
Ended up getting almost as much reimbursement for jury duty as I would have working, when mileage was figured in. Only had to be there 2 days, so it wasn't a hardship. Met some interesting people and was overall a positive experience. I was VERY reluctant, but was glad I did it.
My SIL finished a course at a local college

She got a job on-site and could be sent home, but she has decided to cross-train for a management position.  If she takes it, the salary is $65,000.00 per year.  So tell me there isn't money in this business.  She just finished her course!!! 

Just got back from buying the dried peas - if it's cold tomorrow, pea soup for us
I love pea soup.
BBQ burgers and hot dogs, corn on the cob, Bush's baked beans, and potato salad.
Except I made the potato salad yesterday.
Homemade Chex party mix!
Made with real butter, lots of peanuts, Cheese-its or Goldfish. Rice and/or corn chex or Crispix; none of those nasty wheat chex. Used to mix up a batch and sit and type and and eat and then graze on it throughout the day
Good for you for homemade gifts
I at least try to make my cards each year.  It's nice to put a little homemade into the holidays.  By the way, I'm done.
Homemade stilts. We had a ball with these. sm
The ice cream truck used to make multiple trips around the block just to watch us.
greet him with a homemade welcome home

And if he has anything that he is craving that you bake have it ready in the car! I'm sure he's probably missing some kinda food from home after being gone so long.

That is so exciting... and after a year, wow!  I am happy for you. Have an awesome reunion!!!