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send a certified letter

Posted By: quick help on 2005-07-07
In Reply to: desperately need help - dls

to the company, and make sure you put a CC: to an esquire with an address - if you have to, just make up a name, they never check.

Put in the letter that you are sending a CERTIFIED written notice giving them such and such number of days to respond to the letter from the time it is signed for receipt to pay the amount that is owed to you. Notify them in your letter that you will be contacting small claims court to file a suit (which can be done out of state), as well as contacting their state attorney general's office of illegal business practices. Make sure you put down who their state attorney general is so that the company knows you are not kidding around.

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Step one, send a Certified Letter...

Return Receipt Requested (CLRRR). Keep the signed receipt as proof that they have received the letter. Your letter to them should outline what service you performed for them and what is owed for that service, the time by which you expect to recieve payment, the form that payment should be in, and what the next step(s) you take will be should they not pay up. Also, if the CLRRR is returned to you, keep it to show that you tried to contact them and go to Step Two, which would be to file a Small Claims judgement against them. Depending on where you live, this can be done at a District Justice's office and does not require the services of a lawyer. If you have to go to that step, make sure that you include the cost of filing that judgement in what you are owed. Just showing that you're smart enough to know what to do and how to get it done should be enough motivation for them to pay up. Good luck!

Send him a certified letter with bill demanding payment within
within five days from receipt (make it RRR). You have your proof that you notified him. If it is not picked up or signed for, you have your proof that occurred to. All these things go in your favor when trying to collect money. that's just a starter. I would never have let him get away with it this long. Once would have been it.
yes sent a certified letter ...(sm)
which was an invoice/demand for payment. Then waited 10 days to file in small claims court. This happened in California. I'm not sure how much you're owed, but check with the court to see what their limit is and GO GET YOUR MONEY :D

Good luck to you :D
Start with a Certified Mail letter.
Make sure you send your letter Certified Mail, Return Receipt Requested. They will have to sign saying that they received the letter. You should detail the exactly amount you are owed, a date you expect payment by and what your next step will be should they not pay you by that date. Typically, your next step would be Small Claims Court, usually administered by a local District Justice/Justice of the Peace. Be sure that you state in your letter that they would be responsible for any costs incurred should you need to go to the DJ/JP.
If it were me, I'd send a letter to all MTs sm
with a new policy whereby if any work was not returned within TAT, that work would be assigned to another MT, who will be the only one getting paid for that work.

The work has to keep moving.
Send a letter
Send a very nice letter to the head of the Human Resources and Medical Records Dept and tell them what you are looking for and if they use a service ask them if they would get back to you either via fax, mail or E-mail (include a self stamped envelope) so that you could contact that service.  It is hard for me to believe that all the hospitals in Colorodo use services -- guess Oregon is very slow as our hospitals in the Portland area only use for overflow and still employ large staffs and some at home.   But if they use a service it could be one of the larger ones and if you go with that service does not mean you will get that hospital account.  Where are you located if you are calling long distance to work at the hospital and yet are willing go go in-house?  Just curious.  Also see if there is a local chapter of AAMT's in the city you want to work and see if you can network through them.  Good luck.   Patti
did you send a letter first?
or just file in Small Claims Court. I live in a different state than her, but I believe I can file in my state because I did the work here.

I just happened to be checking my post right now when you posted reply. Weird!
write a letter and send it to the higher ups.
Also, I think PC Magazine and other websites have complaint areas where you can turn businesses in for crummy customer service.  The company would rather satisfy the customer than get bad press.  Also, complain to the BBB or the FTC.  You can make yourself heard. 
Dud you send a demand payment letter? sm
You can find a sample one by Googling.

If you do win in small claims court, the judgement will give you legal ways to collect. For example, having the sheriff put liens on bank accounts, using a collection agency, etc.

Good luck to you. I have been in your shoes and, fortunately, the demand payment letter worked for me.
Send a very nice letter, thanking them for
the job, but your situation has changed and you can't pass up this opportunity you have right now. Say you will be happy to work out a 2-week notice if they need you. Then you're leaving on good terms but they can tell that you don't need to work 2 more weeks if they don't need you.
don't cancel ADVANCE subscriptions - just send an email or letter

detailing how disgusted you are with the fact that they are promoting offshore training and offshoring transcription.  This is the third article on this sort of topic that the magazine has done in a year. 

I find this particularly offensive because so many hospitals/medical record departments get the magazine and if they see this, then companies like Spheris, CBay, Healthscribe, and others will be getting called to come do their transcription!


So please, don't cancel your subscription, just voice your opinion and comments.  Thank you.

Send a letter of demand payment (check Nolo Law websites) - sm
to find any legalese you may want to include on it), and send it via Registered Mail, so that she must sign for it and you will get a receipt proving she received it. If she doesn't pay by your demand date, file a claim at Small Claims Court. Very inexpensive, and if she doesn't pay, and doesn't show up at court (in your state), you win by default. If still no payment, you can return to Small Claims and put a lien on her car, her house, anything you want, which can be forcibly confiscated by the Sheriff and then you can sell it to recoup the money owed to you.
If it's a business letter you use a colon. if it's a personal letter you use a comma. nm


should I get certified?

I'm fairly new to this site, and all of you seem to have so much knowledge and experience.  Next month, I will be eligible to take the CMT exam.  Currently I work in-house at a hospital.  Certification is not a requirement, and I am not even sure if it is recognized.  I'm considering certification because of the possible benefit to me if I do need a job elsewhere.  In your opinion/experience, is it worth it? 

Becoming Certified??
I'm wondering how hard it is to get your certification and what the positives are to becoming certified?  Is the pay better?  Do you have more opportunites, etc?
Do editors have to be certified? - nm
Bad transcriptionsts can get certified,
just like bad teachers.  It is just a title.
I agree. I am not certified.

organization that says I am is the answer.  I feel if the organization is for MTs, then the test should be free for anyone who wants to take it.  I think the fee is all part of the money making scheme set forth by any and all organizations aimed at certain professions. 

Experience is the gravy in this main meal.  Once you've got it, you pretty much have it in the bag and do not need initials after your name to make you look good. 

I would not advise a new MT in this day and age to go straight to online work for a national.  Go in-house at least part-time and learn all that you can.  That is by far more favorable than initials after your name, for sure, all in my opinion, of course! 

Certified MT, Is it worth getting??
You don't need to check out those schools. I am a certified
medical assistant who fell into transcription after only 5 years of doing clinical work.  I started doing transcription at home for the same physicians I was working for as an MA.  I had the ability to type fast and obviously the knowledge and terminology because of my experience as an MA.  After that, I had no trouble whatsoever finding a position with a national.  I have since had NO problems AT ALL finding positions without going to a school to learn how to be an MT because of my experience in the field as a medical assistant and the ability to type.  If you have 30 years of nursing experience and can type, I would think you shouldn't have a problem finding a position if I didn't. 
Question re: certified mail

I wasnt home today when the mail arrived, but the mailman left a postcard that my husband has a piece of certified mail to p/u. The sender is listed as from the Clerk of Courts... What do you think it could be? Nothing good I am sure!!!

Registered/Certified does not get you any more money
in the real world.

I'm a CMA (certified medical assistant)...
and can give injections with a doctor's order, so I assume a CNA would be allowed to also. Not sure about Florida rules though.
No reason to become certified. You will not be paid well enough to
compensate for the annual dues, seminars you must attend, etc. to maintain your certification. Not worth it. You do not need it to work as a medical transcriptionist. The AAMT, now ADHI, has been our downfall and a hindrance, not our advocate.
A physician won't care if you're certified and neither will his... SM

office manager.  When will MTs learn that certification means absolutely, positively nothing? 

Butr I digress.  I would make the rounds if I were you.  Handout business cards, talk to office managers, have brochures ready, and follow up conversations with a letter of thank you and "please keep me in mind."  It's hard to say exactly what a physician is looking for regarding transcription.  I have found it depends a lot on the age of the doctor.  Older doctors are more old school and like the control of having an in-house person typing for them.  Younger doctors are technology driven and like the idea of an electronic record and having an MT type outside the office and electronically transfer it in.

Another thing I do is always carry business cards with me to doctor's appointments.  One of my accounts is a dermatology practice.  I was referred for a mole removal and got to talking to the physician about what I do for a living and she asked me to leave a card with the receptionist on my way out because they were needing more help with their transcription.  I did and then sent a letter with another card praising her bedside manner and her office staff and then reminded her that I had left my card and if she ever decided to get some extra help, to please give me a call.  She had her office manager call me and it is my main money maker. 

Good Luck to you!

MTIA...we want you certified, or you won't work. That's what it boils down to.


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My jury duty papers didn't come in certified. sm
They were just left in the mailbox.
You don't get certified taking a program. You test & pass your
Yes a SCAM, huge email fraud..they would notify you CERTIFIED MAIL or lawyer would call
   I get 2-5 of them a day...ALL FOREIGN using yahoo or hotmail.
What letter
Did only certain offices get a letter. I work in the southeast and have not received a letter.
No letter here either (sm)
I am a SE, were these mailed to employees and SEs?

Also, have a question. Signed up for Qnet - activated I-mail account, on the Q-net I don't get any memos or even show an icon or heading to click on. Can someone enlighten me. I know I can call 1800dictate, just thought I would do better asking here.

Is the letter you are talking about the one talking about preserving documents and telling us not to throw anything away,  or is this a different letter?   
Here's the letter...
medquist has always prided itself in doing business ethically. As part of our
continuing efforts to ensure that we maintain very high standards, we have
enrolled you and many of your associates in an Internet-based Ethics training
course in the area of Code of Conduct.

All MedQuist employees will be paid for the time spent taking the training. All
Transcription Operations Hourly/Production Employees (Medical Transcriptionists,
Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Customer Service Representatives, Clerical)
should schedule time in advance to take their Ethics Training with their
Supervisor. All hourly/production employees will be paid for the time spent
taking the Ethics Training, which is expected to take 45 minutes. MT employees
will be paid the equivalent of their "benefit rate" for the time spent
completing the training, up to a maximum of one hour.

To begin the training, click the link at the bottom of this e-mail. Please write
down and keep your User ID/Access Code, also found at the bottom of this e-mail,
since you will need it to enter the training. If you need any technical
assistance please send an e-mail to: mailto:support@integrityatwork.net.

The course will take you about 45 minutes. It is important that you finish this
course within the next several weeks. Please contact the human resources or
legal department if you have any questions about this or any other compliance

Thank you and enjoy the training.

About letter -- don't have it -- was that
the ENTIRE contents of the letter?  What else did it say, please?
rec'd letter
yes i rec'd the same letter as the posts below. they are paying 2 different rates; the rate you are currently rec'g for typing will remain the same, the ASR or edited reports will be paid at 20% less than your current typed rate
The letter also states that in a few weeks we will get information about a new MT/ME Rewards Plan that will go into effect in early 2006. Why don't they just tell us what it is now. Is this supposed to be a dangling carrot strategy. It had better be a big carrot. Oh well, it's probably not anything that will improve our checks, just theirs.
Letter from MQ
Yes, would you PLEASE post the letter you received from MQ? I have to drive 8 miles one way into town to get my mail and with the gas prices, I only plan on doing that once a week. I would like to know what that letter said as well.
I got mine today, and I am really upset. My production has gone down or stayed the same since doing ASR reports. I have to practically retype the entire report. I often delete everything and type from scratch. I'm gonna quit. If I decline ASR reports, they will give me a really crappy acount, I just know it. My base rate was 0.875 (after 9 years with no raise excempt when I made CMT) and now it will be 0.700. That is so pathetic. I'm finished with these greedy Bastards!
MQ Letter
I got my letter last fri, my last name is at the front of the alphabet.  My base rate is being reduced by 0.175 cpl for ASR reports.  So now on top of my already reduced pay when starting DQS, it will be reduced further.  I figure I will lose about $200-250 per month.  I am going to reply to the corporate heads who sent the letter, and give them my 2 cents. I challenge all MQ MTs to reply to the letter and give your input on their unfair pratices.  I will soon be an ex-MQ'r.  I won't allow them to reduce my pay once again.  I don't make 25% more in production on ASR reports.  I have to re-type almost the entire report except for the occasional dictator, where I only proofread and make minimal changes.  I had a contract once upon a time that stated what my pay would be.  I never gave anybody permission to change that.  Isn't this illegal?  I am going to get legal advice and see what my options are.  I am not going to take this lying down.  I'm tired of being kicked around.  Thanks CM for enlightening me about the F9 feature, what an eye-opener.  Now I have proof that they are cheating us out of our pay.
ANOTHER MQ letter,

this one about new pay plan............ "Pay rates based upon experience, skill, and work difficulty" is the first 'highlight'....... I have been asking for a raise since MAY and I am level 3 typist, highest level MQ has....  Supposed to be contacted personaly by someone in the future.  Hmmmmm, wonder what they will offer. 

will I get a letter?? probably not
Well, I have 36 years experience and can transcribe anything..gee, wonder if they will contact me..They cut back my pay when I went to DQS by one half penny..Mmmm..hope I get that letter..Sure havent gotten the letter for DQS line count discrepancy and a check for that..
One more letter
A lot of good that CMT classification did for you. You would think the company, which claims to be short on able-bodied transcriptionists, and with all the new technology they are developing to make our job easier, that they would want to increase our pay to do ASR reports. Totally makes no sense. I sense a massive exodus.
That's the way I understood it also.
I got the same letter from SBC (which is AT&T LD)

using onesuite.com.  I called when I got their letter and canceled my LD immediately.  LD is only 2.5 cents a minute at onesuite.com.  You have to pay in advance and then you dial an access number and then the number you want to reach.  I liked unlimited better because I could dial direct, but for now I guess I'll use onesuite.

I got the same letter. sm

last year from SBC so I switched to MCI.  I was completely honest with MCI and told them what I needed it for becuase I did not want them coming back at me telling me I was not using it according to their guidelines.  MCI is expensive though.  By the time you pay for taxes and everything else my bill is around $80.  I wish I could find a job that is totally internet based.  I started to check into Vonage but I could not understand how that worked when they kept telling me I had to pick a phone number or a different area code than the one I have and you can't speak to someone who speaks good English to get an accurate explanation.  I also would like to know what everyone else does or how they get away with it.  I wish the hospital that I work for through the company that I work for would have a 1-800 number for the transcription.  I would even be willing to pay my employer a $10 long distance fee or something just so I do not have to pay out $80 every month. 

need letter help
Okay, it's been a long time since business english 101, can anyone tell me where "return receipt requested" goes on the body of the letter, and isn't it in all caps? I am thinking it goes just below the address to whom the letter is being addressed, but just not positive about it. Thank you!!!
SPi letter
Yes, I got the letter this weekend. Disturbing sign of the times.
First letter only!
Thats how I have always done SOAP notes.
MQ lawsuit letter
Yes, I received the letter yesterday.  Sounded like this investigation is going to take quite some time if they have to subpoena transcriptionist's records.  I just threw it in the round file  :)
why it will be good for MTs. you can see from letter below from CEO

the impact the lawsuit has had simply to start change within the MQ organization. 

Here's pertinent part of letter that shows changes coming.

From Frank Lavelle, President

To all statutory medical transcriptionists

July 14, 2005

VIA Electronic and U.S. Mail

Dear Statutory Medical Transcriptionists:

We would like to thank you for your continued service and support. We know that the key to our success is the people who work so hard for our customers everyday.

At MedQuist, we are determined to become the medical transcription provider of choice for statutory employees. Over the past several months, with your help and input, we have been working on developing a pay plan and comprehensive benefit program that will enable us to set the standard in the industry. We recently announced significant changes to our benefits program for full time employee transcriptionists and within the next few months, MedQuist will be announcing a new pay plan that will address the feedback we received from medical transcriptionists in response to our survey on pay issues.

As you may also know, MedQuist is currently responding to a lawsuit brought by three medical transcriptionists that was filed in response to certain publicity surrounding MedQuist's billing practices involving the AAMT billing unit of measure. MedQuist takes all allegations concerning its pay practices very seriously and will seek to address any concerns raised by the lawsuit. While we believe that the claims raised by the three transcriptionists appear to lack merit, we are diligently working on addressing this matter in order to best serve all of our valued medical transcriptionists.

To enable us to fully and appropriately respond to this, as well as other lawsuits currently pending against the company and governmental investigations, our lawyers from Winston & Strawn are required to collect documents. To ensure that you are completely informed about the materials they are seeking, we have attached a memorandum below regarding MedQuist's document retention and collections policy. Please review this document as soon as possible.

Once again, we would like to express our deep appreciation for your continued patience, cooperation and service to the company.

Very truly yours,

Frank Lavelle





introductory letter

Kkay, what exactly do you include in your introductory letter?  Have the business cards already. 

Thanks a mil!