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I call my husband middle of the roader and

Posted By: Christine on 2009-01-20
In Reply to: wow cynicism and meanness is so sad - XanaX

milk toast- can never get an opinion out of him it seems, very quiet, keeps his thoughts to himself but this afternoon I was talking about this board and telling him what people had said. He spoke up (for 1 time) and said lots of people have negative feelings and that is what is going on. He is definitely 1 who tries to find good in everything but what I have read today he just says negative people.

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Call me what you want, just don't call me late for dinner. LOL....
GP, I like your sense of humor.
You call it hysteria, some call it concern for the
Then call it what it is...or call for conservation...
but don't make up a myth to try to gain control. That is what Gore is after...what all the global warming hoohah is after. They have an agenda...pure and simple. And the base fact is that a very low percentage of the greenhouse gas effect is from cars. Every time you breathe out, you contribute. Are we all going to stop breathing? Are cows going to stop belching? I have no problem with ethanol...I have used it. My husband is from Iowa...I would love it if we started using ethanol more extensively. But in previous years, Democrats (Hillary being a primary one) opposed the use of ethanol. I guess if I believed any of those people out there hawking global warming actually believed what they were saying it would be different...but I don't. The science is not there. As I said...if the real interest is conservation with the side benefit of less CO2...fine. Just say so. But as the article pointed out...if it is as bad as they say it is, you can't stop it anyway. It just does not make good sense to me.
Fine. Call if whatever you want to call it....
I will call it as I see it. I look at a totality of things. He has embraced black liberation theology which is racist and has Marxist tones for 20 years. There is no way the man went to that church for 20 years and did not know their doctrine. But, if you choose to believe that, again, fine. I do not. I believe he knows that theology backward and forward and believes it to his core. You don't have to. That is the wonderful thing about America. We can agree or disagree. On this we disagree.

Yes, I am feeling a pinch. But I don't think the government should take money from you and give it to me. I don't think they should take money from any private business and give it to me. If you think that is fair, fine. I don't. That is how socialism/Marxism takes hold. Historically it ends the same way. I don't want that for America. Perhaps you do...you want the pinch eased for you and if that means taking money from someone else that they earned, and giving it to you, who did not earn it, to you it is all good. To me it isn't.

He never has said who the $1000 checks are going to. I am thinking not every person in the whole US of A...so not only does he get to choose who he takes the money from, he gets to choose who to give it to. That would be another interesting piece of the puzzle. If he confirms to the Marxist view, it would be issuing checks to the "poor." And he gets to define who that is. You may be okay with that...me, not so much.

And by the way...have you ever researched an oil company profit margin? It is not as huge as Obama would like you to believe. But, again, he is counting on no one researching what he says. They hear free money and that's all they want to hear. Also, do you think oil companies don't employ people? You think it is one CEO at a desk in an office raking in billions? You don't think there are rank and file regular folks who work for oil companies? Whose jobs might be impacted by you and others wanting to take money away from their employers and doling it out to people who have not earned it? You think there is a chance they might have a problem with that?
I call, fax, and call again and I do campaign....
My husband too in VN....
we were married after he came home, but he could not adjust.  He slipped into alcoholism, and died in a one car crash with a blood alcohol of 0.28 at age 31.   (thank God he did not kill someone else too.)  But he never talked about Vietnam, don't think he could....just never was really happy and drank, drank, drank. He told me one time that in Viet Nam you either smoked dope or drank, and he drank.  I would bet that a lot of Viet Nam vets turned to alcohol afterwards. 
If my husband
called me a c unt....I'd reply by calling him a d1ckhead.  That is just another word to me and I don't take a huge offense by it whether or not my mother does.  So like I said before, who makes the rules about words and which ones are offensive.  For all you know, his wife could be like me and not be hugely offended by that at all.  He11, he could have just meant she was a nice piece of @ss.....but think what you will and spat whatever you want.
Her husband is not just anybody. nm
her husband

works for BP. Oil, you know.


My husband and I both
think that Michelle Obama is arrogant.
My husband and I went to go see this
just tonight. It was absolutely hilarious! I hadn't laughed that hard in a long time!!!
So what? My husband does very well
Because he has WORKED HIS BUTT OFF!! Now, there's a concept you would do well to remember. No one has given him anything, which is a great motivation to work hard, get up every day and not be lazy, and work to better your life.

I don't hear Obama saying anything encouraging to young people except let the government pay your way, pay your education, and do what the government says you should do and we'll give you a tiny tiny fraction of your college tuition. You might be able to buy toilet paper with it. Big whoop! Just let "me" take care of you...you dumb easily led sheep to the slaughter. I'll give you money.....you don't have to do a darn thing.

My husband and I give in our community and that way we know where the money is going, who is administering it, and it is going to the very people who need it most......NOT THE GOVERNMENT!

Maybe you would like to explain to me why YOU think your government is better qualified than you to know what is best for your hard earned money? You need the government to do your thinking for you? That's not the American way but unfortunately so many have forgotten where they live.

Your husband...
Could he possibly be "Joe the Plumber?" HaHaHaHa
Your husband should tell Dad . .
to give him a raise. Minimum wage is $8 an hour in my state. Teenagers make that flipping burgers.
My husband and I were both
cracking up.  Especially when he told her that she should be joyful since her name is Joy.  LMAO! 
My husband and I have been saying
for a long time that we were heading for a recession long before the media even hinted at there being a problem.  I have no doubt in my mind that we are currently in one right now whether or not the government admits to it or not.  So don't use the petty spout about republicans not admitting to a recession because that just isn't so....at least it isn't for this republican. At least I'm not naive enough to believe a man who is lying and has no experience.  At least McCain has experience.
BTW.....and if any of my husband's

employees would have said what was said to you, he would have fired them.....period. 

Especially with times right now, these salesmen need to wise up.  It isn't like it used to be.  Salesmen used to be able to sit at their desk and wait for the customers to come to them.  Now they actually have to work hard to get people in, get them interested in a vehicle, etc.  This economy is definitely going to weed out the bad salesmen because they won't be able to survive.

My husband saw one too.
I would definitely call payroll and see what the deal is. Maybe you make too much money to get the tax "cut".
yea? well someone w/middle name Hussein

I'm not voting for Hillary but....

know that it scares the heck outta me and others, Obama.......his middle name is hussein.....

one of the bibles say something to the effect of when the *stuff* happens (the bad stuff) - it's going to happen from the *inside out* -

but glad you are ALL so trusting.......i trust nobody 100%. 

i cannot stand ALL of these candidates this time around......

JMHO - no flames please

Middle class
Didn't McCain define "middle class" as anyone with $5 million???  How realistic is that?  I don't personally have, nor do I know anyone, who has $5 million. The "real" middle class is screwed with either of these clowns.
You have a problem with his middle name?
Yes he did in the middle of the night
If the new middle class is $120,000 (sm)

Then my income will just push us into that bracket.  I wonder if that will negate my entire income?  If so, I guess we may be better off if I just quit? Right now I work because I can't afford to quit.  I won't be able to afford it then either so what will I do?  I wonder how many others will be in my situation? 

FYI, we live in a small older home that we are trying to pay off so that when our two children are college-age, maybe we can afford it. We don't live extravagently by any means.  What will happen to people like us?

Middle class? sm
If Obama is elected, that is something that our children's children will be reading about in a history book. It is fast disappearing and will be completely gone if Obama takes office.
Beacuse of his middle name?...sm
My middle name is Ellen.  Does that make me a lesbian?
Exactly! I love that he's using his middle name...
...and throwing all that fear and hatred right back in their faces!
A New Way To Tax the Middle Class

Just call it something besides a tax.

Who Pays for Cap and Trade?

Hint: They were promised a tax cut during the Obama campaign.Article

Cap and trade is the tax that dare not speak its name, and Democrats are hoping in particular that no one notices who would pay for their climate ambitions. With President Obama depending on vast new carbon revenues in his budget and Congress promising a bill by May, perhaps Americans would like to know the deeply unequal ways that climate costs would be distributed across regions and income groups.

Politicians love cap and trade because they can claim to be taxing "polluters," not workers. Hardly. Once the government creates a scarce new commodity -- in this case the right to emit carbon -- and then mandates that businesses buy it, the costs would inevitably be passed on to all consumers in the form of higher prices. Stating the obvious, Peter Orszag -- now Mr. Obama's budget director -- told Congress last year that "Those price increases are essential to the success of a cap-and-trade program."

Hit hardest would be the "95% of working families" Mr. Obama keeps mentioning, usually omitting that his no-new-taxes pledge comes with the caveat "unless you use energy." Putting a price on carbon is regressive by definition because poor and middle-income households spend more of their paychecks on things like gas to drive to work, groceries or home heating.

The Congressional Budget Office -- Mr. Orszag's former roost -- estimates that the price hikes from a 15% cut in emissions would cost the average household in the bottom-income quintile about 3.3% of its after-tax income every year. That's about $680, not including the costs of reduced employment and output. The three middle quintiles would see their paychecks cut between $880 and $1,500, or 2.9% to 2.7% of income. The rich would pay 1.7%. Cap and trade is the ideal policy for every Beltway analyst who thinks the tax code is too progressive (all five of them).

But the greatest inequities are geographic and would be imposed on the parts of the U.S. that rely most on manufacturing or fossil fuels -- particularly coal, which generates most power in the Midwest, Southern and Plains states. It's no coincidence that the liberals most invested in cap and trade -- Barbara Boxer, Henry Waxman, Ed Markey -- come from California or the Northeast.

Coal provides more than half of U.S. electricity, and 25 states get more than 50% of their electricity from conventional coal-fired generation. In Ohio, it totals 86%, according to the Energy Information Administration. Ratepayers in Indiana (94%), Missouri (85%), New Mexico (80%), Pennsylvania (56%), West Virginia (98%) and Wyoming (95%) are going to get soaked.

Another way to think about it is in terms of per capita greenhouse-gas emissions. California is the No. 2 carbon emitter in the country but also has a large economy and population. So the average Californian only had a carbon footprint of about 12 tons of CO2-equivalent in 2005, according to the World Resource Institute's Climate Analysis Indicators, which integrates all government data. The situation is very different in Wyoming and North Dakota -- paging Senators Mike Enzi and Kent Conrad -- where every person was responsible for 154 and 95 tons, respectively. See the nearby chart for cap and trade's biggest state winners and losers.

Democrats say they'll allow some of this ocean of new cap-and-trade revenue to trickle back down to the public. In his budget, Mr. Obama wants to recycle $525 billion through the "making work pay" tax credit that goes to many people who don't pay income taxes. But $400 for individuals and $800 for families still doesn't offset carbon's income raid, especially in states with higher carbon use.

All the more so because the Administration is lowballing its cap-and-trade tax estimates. Its stated goal is to reduce emissions 14% below 2005 levels by 2020, which assuming that four-fifths of emissions are covered (excluding agriculture, for instance), works out to about $13 or $14 per ton of CO2. When CBO scored a similar bill last year, it expected prices to start at $23 and rise to $44 by 2018. CBO also projected the total value of the allowances at $902 billion over the first decade, which is some $256 billion more than the Administration's estimate.

We asked the White House budget office for the assumptions behind its revenue estimates, but a spokesman said the Administration doesn't have a formal proposal and will work with Congress and "stakeholders" to shape one. We were also pointed to recent comments by Mr. Orszag that he was "sure there will be enough there to finance the things that we have identified" and maybe "additional money" too. In other words, Mr. Obama expects a much larger tax increase than even he is willing to admit.

Those "stakeholders" are going to need some very large bribes, starting with the regions that stand to lose the most. Led by Michigan's Debbie Stabenow, 15 Senate Democrats have already formed a "gang" demanding that "consumers and workers in all regions of the U.S. are protected from undue hardship." In practice, this would mean corporate welfare for carbon-heavy businesses.

And of course Congress is its own "stakeholder." An economy-wide tax under the cover of saving the environment is the best political moneymaker since the income tax. Obama officials are already telling the press, sotto voce, that climate revenues might fund universal health care and other new social spending. No doubt they would, and when they did Mr. Obama's cap-and-trade rebates would become even smaller.

Cap and trade, in other words, is a scheme to redistribute income and wealth -- but in a very curious way. It takes from the working class and gives to the affluent; takes from Miami, Ohio, and gives to Miami, Florida; and takes from an industrial America that is already struggling and gives to rich Silicon Valley and Wall Street "green tech" investors who know how to leverage the political class.

There might not have been 9/11 widows if her husband was doing his job. NM

Don't you mean Laura's husband
should have been doing his job?? Lots of intel on the attacks, but nothing was done.

My husband is a vet so has VA coverage....
but he also works for the government and is a federal employee. I don't claim to know all there is to know either, but I believe the federal employee insurance depends on the best deal the government can get with a private insurance company. His happens to be Blue Cross/Blue Shield of the state we reside in. Maybe it is BC/BS across the board. But, at any rate, it is a private insurance company, not an entity for all federal employees in the United States administered from a central location. As to whether or not a person working at a VA hospital is a federal employee, my first inclination would be yes, because the government administers the VA hospitals. But, I do not know that to be a fact. The supplemental programs you talk about are state administered and vary state to state. Even Medicaid is to some degree controlled by individual states. What people are talking about when they talk about socialized medicine is like in Canada, in France, in Cuba...and other countries, where it is all centralized in the federal government. The federal government decides on the coverage, it administers the whole thing, from one place. Everyone gets the same plan, regardless. To some people, it looks good that the "rich" and the "poor" have the same plan and even if you have money you cannot jump "the line." "The line" being the waiting list for anything nonemergent. That is why Canadians come across the border in droves for procedures, etc. Recently two high risk pregnancies had to come to Seattle because there was no room for them in Canadian hospitals. I saw France's President on TV talking about how their health care plan is becoming nonsustainable and talking about having to cut benefits, raise taxes, or something soon. He talked about free market health care...so while some people might view socialized medicine as a cure-all, it isn't, and it is not sustainable, because it doesn't attack the core issue, and that is finding a way to bring costs DOWN. Historically, the free market system where there is competition brings costs down. The great minds of this country need to sit down and talk about that, reason it out, and not trot out the mother of all entitlement programs. People complain about HMOs making their health care decisions, yet are thrilled to let the government make their health care decisions for them in return for not having to pay a premium. That just makes no sense to me.

Insurance companies, health care providers, and a set of arbitrators need to sit down and work something out that will truly make health care more affordable for everyone in the country without handing it over to the government hook line and sinker. They should be able to do that. It would not happen overnight, but it could happen. I would like to see any candidate talk about that.
This is a nonissue. Whether it was she or her husband or both...
it was several years ago. Obama has been consorting with known anarchists (people who espouse the violent overthrow of the government and have bombed government buildings) still today and took money from them to run for office.

PALES in comparison. If you condemn one, you must condemn the other.
My husband is union....
He works for a trucking firm and told me this morning the union was talking about them taking a 10% cut in pay. The difference between him (or maybe his company?) is that he thinks no problem- his pay is good as it is and if it keeps the company going, why not? I think the car industry might think the same. Did they not say no cuts in pay??
Does your husband understand the
So, you think your husband will be employed again
With his taxes imposed on businesses, they definitely will NOT be hiring anyone, including your husband because they won't be able to afford him, even at minimum wage.

GP was talking about McC, not your husband.
political candidate who exploits his military experience to gain political traction. Some of us who think he does that would not think of insulting any soldier currently deployed to Iraq.
I taped it for my husband
he was laughing his head off, especially when Bill made that face imitating Joy's face when McCain was on
My husband is in Iraq right now.
He says that there are many in Iraq who do want us there. They have been an opressed people and we have fought for their rights. The media does not air such things, but keep in mind that the people we are fighting are insurgents--not the majority. While I am sure that they do not like living in a war torn country, we are doing good things over there. We have built schools and given food to the needy--a cause I would expect the democrats to support. While you might not agree with the reasons we are there, lets not deny that good things are coming from it. I, too, want my husband home safe, but am a little offended that someone would call what he is risking his life for "pointless." I respectfully disagree.
I'm sorry about your husband's illness but

sky high health care is something that affects all of us.  My husband and I, retirees, for Medicare and medical supplement plus drug coverage pay right at $800 per month in premiums.  We know other retirees who pay more than that.  No one seems able to see that much of this health care cost is due to several things:   Used to be that doctors had private practive and hospitals were not for profit.  Is it any wonder that now that hospitals are for profit, they get greedier and greedier?

Everyone (and everyone doesn't necessasrily mean YOU) has their hand out for a handout.  People waiting for those Obama free money checks they think will feather their nest.  Well, I think they'd do well to keep their day job....or get one...because I don't think the free money is going to be forthcoming.

We need to go back to something called personal responsibility to start with.

My husband is in Iraq and...
he e-mails me every day on---wait for it---guess what? The INTERNET. My first-hand knowledge is that he does have access to mainstream media and the internet and really doesn't have a lot to do otherwise, so he has remained very informed. Perhaps it is not this way for everyone, but you assume a lot when you assume that you know more about the war than all of the people participating in it.
My husband said the same thing (sm)
He told me not to expect to see the mainstream (left) media cover this story at all. It will most likely happen when no one is looking, much the same way the 401K takeover that they'd like to do, if they do it. By the time it's done, it'll be done, and non one will be able to dispute it at all.

Quite frankly, I'm hoping the poster above who says it's a red herring, is correct.

But I'll check back later too. It may come to pass, right under our noses.
My husband just came into my office...sm
He was just watching Bill O'Reilly, and my husband said the most interesting things.

Ann Coulter is a humorist, not a politician. She says outrageous things, and sometimes they're funny (sometimes not, I guess). It's how she sells her books.

And I guess Bill and Ann don't like each other much.

The things she says offends those that are center right, and she really offended Bill O'Reilly. Bill thinks she gives conservatives a bad name, and part of that seems to be true.

But I have to agree with him. She can be very offensive in the way she talks and writes. Even though a lot of what she writes about may be true, she's not very nice about it.

No wonder she offends people.

We should all strive to be like your husband
he will outlive all of us with this bickering back and forth. People who take life as it comes live longer.

I am opinionated so I am talking about me too. However, I do practice be more objective or maybe the word is more diplomatic and just hope practice makes perfect before I give myself a stroke with all of my strong opinions.

My husband and I have had the same 401K, of which 1/2 is.....sm
General Dynamic stock, the company he has worked for for 27 years. Well, our stash there is now about half what it was, our retirement, essentially. We are hoping and praying that by staying into the market that we will be able to recoup some of this as the market rebounds..GOD WILLING!!! I am sooooo sorry for all the folk who have gotten hurt in the banking collapse and the crash, so not fair to hard-working Americans. We need stricter laws, I think, stricter regulations once again on banking and corporations. JMHO
I just found out too from my husband.
I guess there is so much news to report that Barbara Bush was not important. So sad. Hope she is fine and has a speedy recovery.
I agree. No he is not hot! My husband
I can't stand to even watch him on the news or listen to his speeches, blah, blah, blah.
So you think in the middle of a war, this is a good idea? sm
This perfectly illustrates that your hatred for Bush exceeds any care for the safety of Americans.  
Exactly! I don't give a darn WHAT his middle name is...
but I do care about who he is allied with, and have said numerous times that his pastor and mentor is very thick with Louis Farrakahn, and now Farrakhan has come out singing Obama's praises. Talk about hateful racist comments...Farrakhan is a virulent racist.
I agree, take the focus off of middle name, etc.
I agree with these posts, that putting any focus on a candidate's name is just ... well... embarrassing. A few days ago a poster said Obama's name made them "shudder." ??? I'm blown away by the fact that so many people buy into the fear-mongering going on. I'm more apt to listen to someone griping about Obama not seeming to have enough of a plan ... but his middle name? his skin color? all the other bogey-man antichrist nonsense. This stuff about his name and middle name, makes me too not want to even read the posts too.

I heard a conservative radio talk show the other day (Glen Beck) laughing about getting some email about Obama being the antichrist. Even HE was embarrassed and laughing about the pure insanity of sending this tripe around. If you really want a laugh, Google Bush being the antichrist...

Sam did not "leave out" the middle part...
I said "from what I understand." I did not know the middle part; I did not ignore it. Had not had time to research it. Boy, you are quick on the trigger aren't you??

But thanks for posting. I will research it when I have time.

And by the way, addicted people do lots of strange things. It is an addiction. Here awhile back one of the Kennedys...maybe Ted's nephew...the alcoholic one who ran his car over a post in DC...there were considerable strings pulled there too so he would not go to jail, everyone knew he was an alcoholic but it took getting in trouble with the law to straighten it out. What about Teddy and Mary Jo Kopechne? LOTS of strings pulled there. He left the scene of a accident that resulted in a fatality. Don't you think most of US would still be in jail?? He is still a senator, isn't he? People still vote for him, don't they? Let's keep this in perspective, shall we?
I am so totally middle america

and with only a high school diploma. I also believe in Christian values - the actual ones, not the ones that Dobson, Buchanan, et al., supposedly represent.  I do not get offended at the terms because I KNOW many uneducated women who only believe the slogans and information they get from Fox news. Trying to engage them in conversation results in heated statements like the terrorists are walking down every street and we need to fear, fear, fear.  I know that I actively investigate the issues.  Therefore, demographically, I am uneducated, but I take it upon myself to be informed. When Christians are mentioned, I am not offended because I myself can see the distortions and self-righteousness in their spokesmen.