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loved it!!! how glorious -- she adores him

Posted By: XanaX on 2009-01-20
In Reply to: Anyone else catch the first dance? - penny

it was truly magical -- made me cry... so full of hope and happiness right now.  proud to be an American...IMHO

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On this wonderful, glorious day, let us
celebrate the fact we in the US have a new change of guard, a new president and a wonderful opportunity for everyone to pull together and bring to light what this man is all about. It matters not what you would have liked for things to be different, things are like they are. You cannot change faith try as you might. This was exactly what was supposed to be. No amount of remarks about him or his wife being bigheaded or snooty will take away the glory that is their's today. He is the choice of the people, he won and we should all be looking to him and his cabinet to maybe help some of you from the hardships you have been going through. I read posts here about their husbands losing their jobs, people not having work, worried about their homes- rejoice and perhaps the tide is turning. Some of you are not even giving this man a chance. Everyone deserves a fair shake and lots on here already doing their best to show the opposite.
Well, thank you Penny. It was a glorious day in our history!
How have you survived with these nasty comments from rabid republicans? I left for a few months because it was getting too nasty. I said before the election that I would be back to revel in the glory and here I am.
Yeah, we humans are just such glorious, HOLY little
So lets all go out and crank out more of em, til there's not an unoccupied square foot left on the earth. God will be so pleased, he'll make food fall from the skies so we wont have to starve for lack of space to grow our own.
Least you forget.......obama is your glorious leader
HA HA HA HA HA - loved it
The insanity drives me crazy.

Loved it...thank you!




What I loved even better (sm)
was that he was trying to give her good advice - advice she should listen to, and she wouldn't have any of it. I like her, but I don't take her too seriously and I don't think anyone else should either. She's a satirist, like Bill Maher for the left.

Republicans have been in power now for eight years and the Democrats did nothing but scream and yell about what a terrible job they were doing. Now that the Democrats are in power, they're going to have to get used to hearing that same screaming and yelling from the Republicans - it's just the way politics works =)
But your loved one will have to have
but a government-run facility. Have you ever tried to help someone with a mental illness get insurance? Especially someone who is the catch-22 of can't get insurance without a job--can't get a job without medication/treatment--can't get medication/treatment without insurance--thank you for calling social services; we currently have no openings in our treatment programs and our prescription assistance service ran out of funding for the year in February, but we can put you on the list.
Loved it...LOL...nm
HAHAHAHA - loved it!!!!
exactly where is it that i said i loved hillary?
'bout time, too.
I loved your post
I don't want anyone taking my money or my DH's money that we have worked hard for and giving it to someone who sits around all day waiting for the mailman to bring them a check. You certainly don't hear much about welfare reform anymore. Just about how every one needs to be treated the same.
That's okay, I'm sure O has a pill for her....he loved
I loved reading that
I still don't understand why Obama singled out Pennsylvanians with those statements. Does anybody know why who follows this stuff "religiously" (dare I use the word)?
I loved this.....thanks for the laugh....sm
Do you suppose it would really work for any of us in this day and age????.........lolol.........
Loved the quotes
I love history (love the history channel when they have specials on historical figures) and reading about the great men who worked hard to make this country free. These are all great quotes. Unfortunately in today's day and age there are so many lawyers they have turned everything around and they are destroying (or trying to destroy) what the country was founded on and make it into what they want it to be today, and too many people just don't care about the men in our history (just don't take away their American Idol and Survivor shows. HA HA)

It is so insulting that people are trying to destroy what made this country great and free!

I also saw your message above about the thanks for defending the country. I came from a family of military people (dad and grandpa in navy, uncle in marines, another uncle in the air force, and his son (my cousin) in the marines). I believed in our country (Reagan was president) and still do. I am a patriot to the country - not to a person. If I didn't like our country I would leave and move to another country, but I happen to like this one and it has nothing to do with who the president is. If McCain had been elected I wouldn't love the country any less.

But I do love Jefferson, Adams, Washington, Franklin and all those other great men who fought and risked everything. They had such wisdom, knowledge, and courage. And now look at the modern day politicians. I'm sure the founding fathers are turning over right now.
I loved and supported
my sister through surgery. It didn't mean we were married. You can love and support anyone. It doesn't make a marriage. A man and a woman who love and support each other and have sexual intercourse to try and conceive or not is what makes a marriage. It's a simple concept that has worked over the centuries and it will continue regardless of homo judges and whining, crying abnormal mental cases who are confused about their sexuality.
just to say loved your reply...GREAT!

Believe it or not some people who have lost loved ones
do feel that the losses were worth it.  I know it's hard to fathom.  I know their grief has got to be almost unbearable, but they, like their loved ones who enlisted knew what the consequences of signing up for military service might be.  How do you explain those who enlisted right after 9/11 and are enlisting even now?  A personal friend of mine is leaving for Marine boot camp in two weeks. Something  beyond human reasoning compelled them to enlist.  It's called patriotism and the willingness to defend the freedom this country was founded on and spread that freedom throughout the world. 
Loved this post! Couldn't have said it better
What a great post. Wish I could write so well.
Thank you for this post - loved it and to the point.
As a Deist myself I find you are right on!

I am so tired of arguing with the closed minded religious nutbags (my sister who newly turned mormon is the worst to talk to - she is so closed minded). The christians always have an answer for everything and they won't listen to the truth.

They also haven't researched who our founding fathers were and what they went through because of what they believed. I think Thomas Paine probably got it the worst. They were the most brilliant men in our history and I'm sure they are rolling over in their grave everytime they hear someone saying our founding fathers were christians or the country was founded on Christianity. Reminds me of when I was watching the O'Reilly factor (who is catholic) and he was trying to tell some Jewish guy that Catholics invented marriage. Luckily the Jewish guest called him on it.

You are absolutely right on - they were NOT christians. They were Deists. Beleiving in a creator does not make one a christian.

Thanks for the post!
LOVED the tick comparison!
sucking every last drop of blood out of us little guys who are little more to them than just cogs in the wheel.
I loved him in Young Riders
He's a good actor (he can play some real creepy characters). Not sure about his political viewpoints because I'm not very conservative.
Loved the article. I had made some of the same predictions he did! nm
Loved your post farther down on the board...
....the post about religions, etc. It's what I'd been thinking but much more eloquent and better researched.
Actually I think Queen Elizabeth loved the Corgis...
and Princess Anne loved the horses. However...I don't believe Princess Anne barrel raced and my Corgis are not nearly as fat as the Queen's. lol. No royalty here.

Have a good evening as well.
Loved the "TV guide" version
Thanks for the countdown to Hillary's speech. Put some comedy into this which is what is needed. I also loved the other post that said a whole Xanax affords you a 2-hour nap. I'm gonna have to get me some of that.

I have learned a few things during this "race". Hillary is driven by power and greed and she won't stop at anything. I've never liked her. Well actually I used to like her when she and Bill were campaigning before he was elected the first time, and I liked her for about a month after she became first lady. Then her true self started to come out and DH and I would be mystified saying, wait a minute...this is not the same lady. I also heard that whenever they hosted dinners at the white house they would tell everyone to be there at a certain time and then they would purposely wait one hour and have everyone gather at the bottom of the steps so they could make their grand entrance for everyone to watch. They seemed to forget they were living in America and the were the president and first lady, not living in England being the King and Queen. So looks like her attitude hasn't changed much. Hillary has always been after uniting the world into a one-world government (or at least Mexico, US & Canada being one country) with her being the leader. Nothing less. I never expected her to end her campaign. After all you never know when such tragedy will hit and she needs to be standing there ready to sleeze in. In the beginning I listened to her because I wanted to know what her plans were if she were to be elected, and it seemed to be more of the same socialist programs she has been trying to pass since being first lady. So I have learned the best way to avoid the stress of listening to her drone on is to hit the mute button as soon as her face "graces" my TV. Now I'm pretty good and can usually hit the channel changer first before a sound from her is even uttered.

Anyway...loved your post. and yes, grilled peach salad doesn't sound too good.
Loved it!!!!- great way to start the day - with a laugh. (nm)
I thought you loved to argue daggummit?!
Well like I said I understand not wanting to vote for Mccain. I really don't either. I just can't in good conscience vote for Obama. Like I said I have to look at the issues from a Christian point of view before I look at them from any other view. Mccain is not the epitome of a Christian candidate, but to measure him against Obama he is more so than Obama. Or at least he will hold closer to the laws of God than Obama.

I know Obama says he is a Christian, but you will know a Christian by the fruit he bares. I'm not liking his fruit. :)

Lesser of two evils unfortunately.
Loved it when Biden called Obama
But I thought you guys LOVED gays! Wassa matta you?!!? nm