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So true. I think some of these people have been shackled

Posted By: to their desks for far too long. on 2009-01-20
In Reply to: wow cynicism and meanness is so sad - XanaX

Time to go outside and get a breath of fresh air.

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So true. I think some of these people have been shackled
Time to go outside and get a breath of fresh air.
No, that is not true. I don't believe only lazy people ask for help (sm)
and I am not a republican. I always vote for whichever candidate I agree with the most. To be honest, this year I am not happy with either choice. I will just decide who is going to be the least destructive and vote for him. The reason I said that is that you said you care about his Harvard degree, but you don't even know what he studied. So how can you speak so boldly? At least I am on here asking questions, of which you have answered none, even though you certainly have a nice vocabulary.
Not if it's true (for some people), and I'm beginning to believe it is. nm
The true enemy of our troops are people like you. sm
The troops and their families are speaking about people like you right now on CSPAN.  But, of course, you would not be able to handle what they are saying.  Because they are speaking the truth. 
So true - also, are these the same people who brought us the last 8 years?
and they want another free pass? I suspect the people supporting McCain were also all diehard Bush supporters. It would be interesting to see how they defend both who as per some are supposed to be on opposite sides now. how does that work now...

as far as democrats being represented, in all honesty I think they just probably move on because there is no debate, but trust me they are out there. it just gets tiresome being called names and being brow-beaten...

whenever I speak up (I am an independent) I usually get the attacks on myself personally, you know, I am naive, or like those people who think they are being so coy but are actually calling you stupid, or worse.

pretty soon we will have to change USA to DSA, the divided states of america.

not a tolerance from the right and too much separatism...

in my opinion
It is true for some people, but I don't think it is the majority anymore (sm)
I am white and have many friends who are different races and most of the white people I know, who do not know my other friends necessarily, are not racist. I know many white people who are voting for Obama. I also have a lot of black friends who tell me that a lot of their relatives, mostly older, are very prejudiced against white people. When will people realize that they should look at the person for who they are, not the color of their skin? But truly, I do not think it is any longer the majority who is racist. I think it is mostly older people who have the prejudices and that most people 40s and under are no longer racist, and those who are are generally very unintelligent people. By the way, I am from the deep south.
I do want people to be inspired and hopeful if it is true...sm
just don't want everyone to feel let down later.
Not tolerant of people who mislead and slander, invent fiction and then say it's true.

That's true - and Barack Obama is a true Patriot too.
Again we can agree to disagree. How John McCain has voted goes against everything I want as a President, but there are an equal number of people to me who feel opposite. That's the way it goes.

Your last comment brought to mind how true that is. Being a true patriot is not harmful in a candidate. John McCain is a patriot. So is Barack Obama.
So you and your daughter have no problem with people who wish for people and their children sm
to burn in hell, call people's children ugly, etc. etc.  Well, you might not BE gt, but you might as well be.  Even the liberals don't agree with gt, or hadn't you noticed?  You might want to check that out and while you are at it, the conservative board has been a regular play pen since the liberals stopped their hateful dive bombing.  In fact, some really good conversations are taking place over there between both sides, which DOES NOT happen on this site. 
Bored people are BORING people.
Is that how your people justify killing people?

Everything you said is true and can be

easily seen by just reading the board.

At least it can be seen by most of us.

But it IS true.
I saw a feature on it. They had videotapes of the recruiters coaching the kids on how to pass a urine drug screen.  It is absolutely true. 
I don't think that is true at all. sm
I think a lot of people are pretty sick of Cindy and her histrionics.  I don't see it as political at all.  A lot of people aren't going to sit by this time for another Vietnam where the antiwar crowd totally influenced the way the war was run.
Not true. sm
They are pro troops and pro Israel.  You are definitely not reading that board right. Is it the guns that offend you?  Or the war with Islamic radicals who all want us dead?  I mean, what EXACTLY offends you the most? 
LOL!!! Oh how true! nm

Not true
Re-upped?  He joined the military because all his friends did.  Read Cindy's description of how he got hoodwinked into going.  Re-upped?  No.
LOL. I like that...so true...nm
When in doubt, blame Clinton.
the true me
Happy and peaceful but when I deal with rabid conservatives attacking me..I attack back..Happy and peaceful in my life and in my beliefs, you bet, totally..I can sleep well at night cause I know my ideology/politics help people, I help people..I am an extremely happy peaceful accepting person..However, when I get attacked, I can give as good as I get..I do have to say, the net does not show the true person, so I dont see the true you and you dont see the true me..I have met people who I have only known in the net and when we met, we became friends..So I would take with a grain of salt the impression you get of people over the net..we are much more..
So true sm
That clip would be hilarious if it were not so true.  It is frightening how true it is.
It's true. SM
I remember Nan talking about it.  It was way way back when some of us used to put our e-mails on line here. 
This is SO true.nm
True that is.
Lesson good.
Even if that was true (and I don't believe it is), so what?

The one thing the radical right wing HATES is the fact that we have freedom of religion in this country.  We are all free (so far, anyway) to believe in whatever religion we choose.  It might be Christianity, or it might be something else.  Why does it even concern YOU how many Democrats are Christian?  It's simply none of your business, yet you want to jump to conclusions that may or may not be true and judge an entire group of people based upon religious beliefs, some of which might be different from yours.

This is my main problem with the radical Christian right.  They don't seem to believe that other religions are just as good as theirs.  They believe theirs is the best, and anyone who doesn't share their specific religious beliefs are judged to be inferior people.  You want to force your narrow views on everyone, and surely you must know that just isn't going to happen in America.

However, if Americans don't wake up soon and if you manage to wreck America and turn it into a theocracy, I can and WILL move to Canada in a heartbeat to escape your religious bigotry.  By the way, wasn't that the reason this country was formed to begin with -- to end religious persecution?

I can only wonder why YOU haven't been nominated for Supreme Court justice, since you seem to have the only qualification required by Bush.

Oh, that's right.  You're obviously not one of his close personal *friends* who worships him like a god and licks his boots.

Why should she? It's true!


MT was responding to a CHALLENGE to people to put their *money where their mouth is* and if they think this war is so *noble,* then why don't they either enlist or sign up for civilian services over there.


No spin.  They are her words.  She didn't say *might* or *would* or *maybe.*  She said she WILL.

You're the one who's doing the spinning.

I know it's not true.

Completely false and irresponsible.

Yes, well, that may be true.

And this board is intolerant and extremely violently angry. 

Now this isn't true.
I am disappointed in you, PK.  We had a pretty good conversation on here at one time.  I actually thought there was some communication and I have enjoyed posting here. I never sidetracked anything or anyone. I was on topic.  However, many of the questions I have asked her in response to allegations have never ever been answered.  Why is that?
How true.

LOL!  If I didn't know in advance that this paragraph was about Ann Coultergeist, I would have sworn you were describing the Conservative Board.

I know. Everything you said is true.

I hope you have a great 4th, LVMT. 

Not true
but nice try. :)
So true.
But more and more Americans are waking up every day and seeing how they have been deceived by this administration.  I doubt that any of the die-hards on these boards will ever change their minds and see what's in front of their noses, but the good news is they represent an increasing minority in the USA today.  :-)
This is true, we should be able to
hear the debate, but I have a problem with Bush debating anything...he is so embarrassing whenever he speaks...so embarrassing.  We NEED a STATESMAN!!! and someone who has a command of the English language.  Oh plleeeeze. (thud)
Not true...

It's rare that the baby is full term, but not all ectopic pregnancies fail.

Just thought I'd clear that up.  :)


if what you say is true

Then by golly the Republicans surely have gone downhill a long, long, long ways recently.  Especially if you judged them by the surly cruel posts made by the Republicans on this board!

Morally bankrupt Republicans with Annie Coulter at the helm!!!!  He-he-he-he.. That ship is gonna sink!!

This is true.
But I have noticed that you always are civil.  I think you are the only one on this board who keeps a level head, even when you come to the other board. Just an observation.
What you say is true,
but their president is cutting off his nose to spite his face. If we would just give him enough rope to hang himself I think he will take himself out. I understand he has become very unpopular, ignoring completely the platform he was elected on and the people are not happy. I believe he will be deposed one way or another and perhaps we will not have to invade yet a third country.
This is true, and here's why. sm
Or at least one reason why.  When Rosie O'Donnell practically glorifies Sheik Mohammed on her show, not one voice from the liberals decrying this is heard.  When the protesters marched and some of the signs were horrible, then burned a soldier in effigy, and in Arizona, dragged an American soldier effigy through the streets reminiscent of Somalia, not one voice from the Democrats is heard saying this is not right.  I think the whole party has slid all the way down the slippery slope and over the edge. 
That is just not true.
I don't know what you are reading or listening to but I know it is not me. I never gave a thought to global warming or abortion as being associated with VT. I was comparing the deaths of innocents. I don't hate Bush and he is NOT conservative. He is a BIG SPENDER for one thing and that is not a conservative trait. I am sorry that you believe that everything I say stems from a hatred for Bush. It doesn't. I believed as I do now for most of my life, a little tempered by age, but about as bleeding-heart without being dead as one can be. You know as well as I that many real conservatives in his own party, moderates on both sides have been concerned with the spending, the incompetence over and over because friends are put into positions that they are not qualified for and they have been voicing their concern for some time. It's not about Bush, it really really isn't. It is about (in the big long-term picture) a government out of control and a country spinning out of control right behind it and no one is doing anything about it.
That is not true....
the board is not heavily "censored" and liberals and conservatives were always allowed to cross-post as long as it did not get personal. Basically, could not stand the heat so left the kitchen?
This is SO TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anon. this is a great article. Unfortunately it is not really funny. To me it is a sad commentary on the potential candidates and how we are seen through the eyes of the rest of the world. My hubby and I have been saying this all along. Your unknown writer just phrased it a lot more succinctly.
How true
I have not figured out why in America, some cannot drive a car at his age (obvious reasons), in the work force you would be retired (forced), and a whole slew of other things that happen at his age. Can someone explain to me why you can run for President no matter what age (over 75 that is). I would think this is probably one of the most important jobs in the country and they let old senile people run (and I'm sure the health problems he has are hidden from public view).
This is true, but...

...what about SUPREME COURT JUSTICES?  It's a LIFETIME JOB.  Right now, Kennedy is 71, Scalia is 72, Ginsburg is 75, and Stevens is 88!!!!

Presidents come and go (hopefully), but a Supreme Court Justice is forever! 

So true!
Wonderful post!
Even if that were true (NOT), they still had the
Because it is true, true, true.
WHat if it was true? At least she does not...
associate with anarchists, vote to let infants born alive after abortion die without treatment, she let the Down's baby live and it is loved and taken care of. Still puts her head and shoulders above your guy. Fight fire with fire. Not to mention ascribe to radical religious ideas (black liberation theology). Sheesh. And all you got is to attack a woman personally! Even if this WAS true it has no bearing at all on the office she is running for. How hurtful to drag a 16-year-old girl into this. How LOW can you go??
How true. Especially to those who have
That's very true
I have learned every source has a reason for putting out information. I try to read all sides, but I find I learn the most when I read articles from people who don't live in our country but watch what's going on. We used to live 20 minutes from Canada awhile back and because we only had an antenna on our roof we only got one TV station (canadian). You sure do get a different viewpoint of what's going on in the US when you listen to other countries reporting. If I want to hear good things about republicans/bad about dems I got to Fox. Good about dems and bad about pubs I go to MSNBC. Some reporters are radical. I refuse to listen to Sean Hannity & Rush Limbaugh because they are hateful, jealous, spiteful people (and smug) and I cannot trust them to tell the truth. They tell their version of it. O'Reilly is okay sometimes, other times he's not. Keith Obermann is okay sometimes, but I stopped listening to him awhile back as he was interjecting his opinions and feelings. But I try to listen to all of them and then figure out what their motive is for what they are saying. So, I take it all with a grain of salt. One place I find a lot of information both liberal and conservative is the drudge website. They seem to have it all.