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Oh Please, how we forget so quickly.

Posted By: NY subway bomb? During Clinton? Done by Bin Laden on 2009-01-21
In Reply to: Kept us 'safe' from terrorists for 7 years? - Don't you mean ATTRACTED them?

Bush will write a book and will be able to share some of the terrorist acts that were to happen on US soil and attacks were able to be stopped before they happened. Bush could not tell about because of being in office, but now he will share. I bet it had something to do with Iraq too.

You forget so quickly. Just be glad you were not in NY area during 911, but then if you were, maybe you would remember.

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How quickly we forget...(sm)

Bush has made campaign promises to: 

Lower the price of oil -- didn't happen. Reform healthcare -- didn't happen.  Improve foreign relations -- sooo didn't happen.  Education reform -- not even close.  Increase domestic oil and gas production and exploration -- another swing and a miss.  "Transition to a market economy" not dependent on federal supports. --  ROFL.  That's just a few.

You seem to think it's okay for Bush to not come through on his promises (for 2 terms in a row), but you are just dying to jump all over Obama who hasn't even been sworn in yet. 

How quickly we forget....(sm)

What I want to know is why can't the government start something that would charge companies who outsource production to other countries? 

The answer to that lies in Bush tax cuts to those corporations.  Watch that stimulus plan.  The pubs want to add more tax cuts for those very same companies instead of working on infrastructure which is what this stimulus is all about in the long run.

And since we're talking about the stimulus, here's what I think.  I am in favor of it.  However, Obama tried to compromise with the pubs and put in some of their tax cuts and cut out some of his programs in the hopes of getting some pub support.  I say since they obviously aren't going to support it unless it looks like another pub trickle down tax cut (as evidenced by no pub votes in the house), the dems just need to go back to the original plan (maybe adding more for infrastructure) and just push the bill past the pubs.  If they don't want to be part of the solution, then they can just sit on the side lines and whine like they always do.  Maybe some of those midnight sessions like the pubs do to get stuff passed is in order.

Unfortunately, I'm not sure anyone can quickly
get us out of Iraq. What's more important to me is to have a comprehensive plan. We are in a HUGE (I cannot emphasize that enough) mess that is going to take time to get cleaned up. I'm not sure I truly believe those that say they will have us out 3 months after taking office. I do want us OUT of Iraq, more than you can imagine, but we have to handle this correctly. I am interested in hearing more of what the candidates have to say about how exactly they would do things.
Ask Obama today - quickly
Want the president's ear?  Go go whitehouse.gov quickly and ask a question for the town hall meeting for today.  Only two hours left for questions.
You're right - the US is quickly turning into a total
Ditto. I hope she recovers quickly, as well. (nm)
Followed quickly by Barney Frank and Chris Dodd. nm
Oh, and Obama had better get on Welfare reform QUICKLY before it is a run-away train, or did the tra
already leave the station. Extension of unemployment benefits, GREAT, because in this economy it takes so much more time to find a worthwhile job. Extension of COBRA is great. But the free ride that many dishonest and lazy Americans have enjoyed for generations should be put to an abrupt END. Sorry, I see it every day. Hire enough trained, educated case workers, get them out in the field investigating these fraudulant claims, and give the truly deserving and huring population the funds they need to get back on track, as they want to, and push the lazy and indigent to get productive for our country.

I also love the money going directly to the SBA (Small Business Administration), so many of us are fed up and would probably do better working with the SBA to secure low-interest, easy term loans, employ ourselves, employ others, get the taxes rolling, and be part of the solution. Okay safely off soap box for now!
I like #5. I have heard another survivor trait is the ability to quickly adapt. nm
Yes, AJ, don't forget the
**liberal media**. When all else fails, just blame them. I wonder how long before they start attacking Fitzgerald.
I will never forget what he said.

He conned me, just like he conned those in Congress who voted for the war against Iraq.  I believed him when he said Iraq was involved with 9/11, and I wholeheartedly supported his war against Iraq for the reasons he gave. 

But he didn't lie about his personal sex life, so his lies don't count to some people.

But don't forget -

Bush no longer cares about Bin Laden (and obviously Al Qaeda and the Taliban).

Also don't forget that Bush's reckless failure to nail 150 Taliban members is really Clinton's fault. 

Don't forget
Reagan and G.W. Bush also have been accused of rape.  Check it out.  Please don't say that the Democrats have cornered the market on this.  Even Eisenhower had a mistress.
Let's not forget...
yea, and don't forget
Don't forget
the one I just used before reading your post..."airhead."  LOL. 
Lest we forget...

This is for those with poor memories:


But let us not forget
Harry Reid, who said "The War Is Lost."  How totally irresponsible, not to mention a total disgrace to our troops.  I have such respect for their selflessness.  I'm literally in awe of them. I  get that lump in the throat thing when I see them.  We owe them SO much!
Also, don't forget

his famous "signing statements," like when he signed the law against torture and then quietly came back later and basically added that he doesn't have to obey that law if he doesn't want to.


I also find it astonishing that some people really believe that Democrats run Congress.  The House may have a Democratic majority, but the Republicans still have the majority in the Senate.  The Senate needs 60 Democrats in order to avoid a Republican fillibuster, and to my knowledge, they still don't have that number, even though they picked up a few seats in this year's election, so the Republicans can still continue to control the "do-nothing Congress."

(I hope this post makes sense.  Not feeling well and need to take meds and go to bed. )

As always, let's just forget anything that
for Obama and move on to other issues, such as how we never gave President Bush a chance to succeed, we never showed showed him an ounce of respect but we demand it for Obama, yada, yada, yada....whatever. Just be sure and ignore anything about Obama that is a little iffy, shove it under the rug and bow down. But, of course, there is no bias here.
lest you all forget.....sm
The electoral vote has not yet taken place and will not taken place until ---shoot, no calendar so I may be off on the date, but I believe it is December 10th. Not that I would want to actually see a change to the outcome of the election because I can't even begin to imagine the chaos that would ensue, but nothing is yet concrete. Don't come blasting at me; I am not expressing an opinion, simply stating a fact.
How soon we forget about

Or whatever name the woman was dubbed for going on TV and shouting that after he's in office her..."mortgage will be paid...gas in her car...bills paid...yada, yada, yada"...how soon we forget about that huh?

I am saddened that most people cannot see past the fact that Obama is a black man, period. To some, that's all the qualification he needs. He may very well be the perfect man for the job, be he black or white, or whatever, but I'm afraid he'll never be given the chance to prove that because so many are just fixated on the fact that he's black...so sad.

I do have to add that I did not vote for Obama, not because he's black, but because I disagree with his views. Even my 10 YO son said today that it doesn't matter what color his skin is, it matters what kind of a man he is, and he is so right. Obama is much more than that, but most just can't see past his ethnicity and that's so sad and surely not what he (or MLK) would have wanted.


Don't forget
The 200 million for grass on the national mall. I'm not a repub and this angers me.
Oh, how could I forget?
Oh, how could I forget?
And don't forget
those neat webby things between your toes while you're evolving. 
How could you forget....
OPRAH? People are sheep.
Let us not forget the

lobbyists in which Obama stated that there would be no place for lobbyists in Washington.  Then he later said lobbyists were okay but set up certain guidelines in regards to appointing them.  Then when that kept him from appointing certain lobbyists.....he totally disregarded the guidelines that he himself stated. 

Oh....and he didn't bow to the Saudi King......yeah right.  That's like Bill Clinton saying he didn't have sex with THAT woman.  LMAO!

lies lies lies and more lies.

Please....if anyone else can think of lies that I have missed....feel free to add.

You always seem to forget

James Carville who said he wanted Bush to fail.  Funny how the liberal media didn't jump on that comment though.  Once again....goes to show how one-sided the media is.

As someone who didn't vote for Barrack Obama, I want him to fail because I believe the road he wants to take us down is not the right road.  I don't want him hurt or anything, but I don't want him to do everything he wants to do either because I think it will be bad for our country.

There is nothing wrong with saying that either.  If James Carville didn't agree with what Bush was doing, he had every right to say he wished him to fail.  The same goes for anyone who doesn't believe in what Obama is doing.  We have a right to wish him to fail for the sake of our country. Just because a president fails in completing his own personal agenda does not mean that America fails as well and that is what you all fail to see.  All you see is I said I want him to fail and therefore I want America to fail....which is so not the case.

It amazes me that one side hates Bush and gives the man no credit for anything he does and does nothing but call him names and say how dumb he is.  Now that Obama is in office, you can't see anything he does wrong or refuse to see the lies that he blatantly tells and you give him credit for everything. 

I am still waiting for the day when people hold all politicians accountable for their actions instead of blindly following someone based on their political party alone. 

Will Obama make mistakes....yes...he is only human.  But that doesn't mean he should get a free pass for everything wrong he does either.  Every politican should be held accountable for the mistakes they make.  If Obama makes a mistakes...fine.....but my biggest problem with him is the fact that he blatantly lies about things.  Compare his campaign rhetoric to what he is actually doing.

Honestly, if I had voted for Obama and believed what he said during his campaign, I'd be thoroughly ticked off at him.  However, there are so many people who continue to believe the rhetoric and refuse to see with their own eyes what he is doing....it is just shameful really.

How can I forget - it's on my b-day.
:-) Will be interested to see the news of the day.
Don't forget.......................
his 8 year affair with Herb Moses, an executive at Fannie Mae... that is why he pushed deregulation of Fannie Mae in the first place.....to appease his little "lover" and relax lending restrictions!!!! What a sicko!

As Bill Clinton said (and I ain't no fan of his but at least he made sense here)...
"I think the responsibility that the Democrats have may rest more in resisting any efforts by Republicans in the Congress or by me when I was president, to put some standards and tighten up a little on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac."

Of course, that's why Frank got so b*tchy back at O'Reilly..... he didn't like to be accused of the truth and screaming back like a girl! The truth does stink doesn't it?

can we forget about clinton?
When you need a punching bag, bring up Clinton..If in doubt, bring up Clinton, if a republican is being investigated, bring up Clinton.  Who cares about Clinton.  He is not in office, however, Delay, Frist and Rove are all working in the govt.
Don't forget our computers!

I received an intrusion alarm when I booted mine up this morning.  Don't know if a hacker is after some personal information or if it's my friendly government stalking me because I disagree with Bush's policies.

Be careful where you surf.  Big Brother might be watching.

And don't forget the bird flu.

Almost a year ago Bush reserved the right to declare martial law if/when the bird flu comes to the USA. 


As for your other points, I'm sure there are home-grown terrorists in the USA.  Will Bush limit his target to those people?  That's the problem.  Nobody knows for sure.  All people can be certain of is how he feels about swiftboating and getting revenge on anyone who disagrees with him.  And that's why this man should be forced to follow the law and use warrants when spying on Americans.  He simply can't be trusted.

I do question which troops he will be using, though.  They're too busy fighting Bush's war in Iraq (not to mention likely war in Iran) to be able to fight Bush's war against Americans who don't agree with him. 

Don't forget Travelgate. sm
I am amazed how many people don't know the details of what happened during Travelgate. The lives of people ruined for no good reason other than cronyisim.  It remains a travesty of gargatuan proportions and probably 80% of the people don't even know what happened.  Sad.  The Clintons....well, you pretty much said it. 
Forget his religion,
he was a total bomb as a governor. He said one thing to get elected governor, then changed his mind when he decided to run for president. Then he went around the country bashing Massachusetts. Now there is a story in the newspaper that there were illegal immigrants painting his house even after all the problems with his landscapers. Such a hypocrite.
Don't forget his preacher!

Okay. Whatever. You just do not get where I am coming from. Forget it.
I DO NOT LIKE EITHER CANDIDATE. PERIOD. END OF DISCUSSION. Thank you. Blast Obama, Blast McCain. The ECONOMY is the problem right now. But nobody seems to care about that. Just constant bashing, and scare tactics. Done with the whole thing. Bye.
Hay, GP. Don't forget the conebread.
Don't forget about the states. Why
do you think Rendel hosted the Governor's meeting in Phila. last week? They want some money too, but Rendel is just covering his tracks by calling this meeting because the state is almost bankrupt after giving every nickel away of the road repair money to 2 cities and just last week before the meeting, he gave another couple Million or Billion away for something else.
Don't forget a son of a terrorist.
Don't forget, you will get a check to help you
pay your bills, buy gas, pay your mortgage, college will be free, healthcare will be free, jobs for everyone and we will all link arms and sing Kumbaya! The blind shall see and the deaf will hear....a bunch of nonsense in the coming 4 years!
Yep, and don't forget...your favorite....
the Terminator....lol...
And don't ever forget it, baby. Believe
someone around to remind you, YES YOU DID!
I forget - what's a PUMA again?
And people seem to forget
that on Clinton's watch, when he could've had bin Laden's head on a platter, he was too busy with his extramarital activities.

I just can't wait for the big O to fall flat on his face, as he will. He looks like a freakin' deer in the headlights with a thought balloon over his head. "Oh, crap. I won. NOW what do I do?"
Forget the topic I did...LOL. nm

You seem to forget that when put to a vote...
the "bible thumpers" won in this case in California. Perhaps this is not as much a "bible thumping" issue as you and others would like to make it. Unfortunately, it looks as if our government is no longer "For the people, by the people." It appears that what the people vote in does not matter.
For some, do not forget about the tea party.
April 15, 2009 No more government tax spending.
NO NO! Again forget religion! sm
Salvation is easy but you have to repent from your sins (which means turn away) from your sins, accept Jesus Christ as the living Son of God and the author and finisher of our faith. Christ himself made it so easy a child could understand.

Nowhere does it say that you can "believe" in Jesus and still go about your same sinful life. That is what repentence is all about. There are folks who will say they believe in Jesus but have not repented. That is something our churches have taken out as of late, repentence. If you truly repent and turn away from your sins you WILL lead an upstanding life. It doesn't mean you won't fall and make mistakes or sin but you will know immediately by the Holy Spirit and you will want to ask forgiveness for that sin.

God does not judge us based on our character. He judges us based on the fact whether our sins have been covered by the blood of his son Jesus christ. If that has happened truly, then your character will speak for itself. There are alot of good moral upstanding people who are going to find themselves in he** because they have depended on their own righteousness and not HIS righteousness to get them into heaven.
I think a lot of people forget
in the argument that these rules came from the Bible that the Bible was not written at the onset of man being on this earth.

However, I do believe in creation. And I believe that when man was created, he was created in the image of the Creator, and therefore it was imprinted in him the rules of right and wrong.

I am also a huge believer in studying psychology (that's why I'm in school for it!) and I believe that everyone's conscience is where this right and wrong is imprinted. But, over time, we can become dull to our conscience, even tricking it into believing what's wrong is right, etc. Just like man, our conscience is fallible, and when someone or a group of people come along that are overly convincing, if someone (or a group of people) are not deeply rooted in what they believe is right, then they can be convinced otherwise, and can be made to do horrible things. For example - Hitler and the Nazis.

So I would say that I believe that the problem of right and wrong is an absolute one. There is a right and wrong side for everyone, and it is the same one, but through the fallibility of man and conscience, we have been led to believe that right and wrong is relative to the person or people group.

Good discussion :)