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Really, now tell me, what does anyone expect out of Fox except

Posted By: Christine on 2009-01-20
In Reply to: FOX just announced that their dancing - is approving during the youth ball.

as much garbage as they can get out. They have done it all election. Totally against Obama. I would faint out cold if they said anything good about either 1 of them. They are called "faux news" by the way. I think she looks terrible, small waist, great choice of a dress for her. CNN is calling her sexy and saying no one has had this since Jacqueline Kennedy. Imagine!! Go back and watch "faux" - I learned long time ago just, as my husband said, negativity there.

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Would expect Obama to take high road. To expect this
One of many issues of valid concern is the fact that Palin would accept this nomination knowing full well (or maybe not) that when the broadcast media get done with this, Bristol's entire life for at least the next 5 years or so, will be red meat for publications like the Enquirer. Judgement. Priorities? The cat's out of the bag now, and I say that with no joy whatsover. In fact, across party lines, left or right, anybody with red blood coursing through beating hearts would stop and for one single moment experience the pain that poor girl must be feeling. Despite this, her mother has put her in the position to put a smiley face on no matter what, or go under the witness protection program, change her name and leave the country. Fair game? Of course not. National spotlight. You bet, and there is no turning back now.
I don't expect anything
You don't have to believe anything, and you don't have to sit down and shut up, but please do not spin people of faith as weirdos and engage tongue-in-cheek about their beliefs. Again, you don't have to believe, but you don't have to belittle either.

I can't tell you how to act I can only request.
Well, what would you expect them to say?
Do you really want them to attract attention to ijits out there who would make good on the threat?  Sometimes the "truth" isn't just exactly the best thing to circulate.  I heard the yell myself and there was absolutely no doubt in my mind whatsoever what was said.  It reminded me that there are too many nut jobs running around loose out there and all of this Barrack HUSSAIN Obama stuff is just fueling the fire.  I hope all of you who are badmouthing him without any documentation whatsoever will be happy if the unthinkable actually happens knowing you had a part in riling up the nuts.
He's about what one would expect
for someone who was at the bottom of his class and ran everything he came in contact with into the ground.  Typical spoiled rich brat completely sans brains.
I would certainly expect him to do that

 FOR SURE.  I would expect anyone, especially someone proclaiming to be a Christian, to deny this fact emphatically.

I expect s/m
they won't turn their attention to anything until and if they can get another Republican in the White House.  I've been gone all day and really hoped by now the RABID republicans would have given it up.  Looks like they could give him a little more than 24 hours to see what he's going to do.  I hope ALL Republicans aren't like some of you people on this board.
I expect more but I know he won't

give me enough to pay off my mortgage or feed my family for 4 years, so I'll just hope for the gas money and the flat screen TV.

What do you expect
M-snot-NBC and Wall Street Journal. C'mon big bad, you should know better.

Those two "rags"(rags referring to gossip/smear tabloids) are so hateful to anyone not liberal, and gleefully aimed to destroy her from the beginning.

I take nothing they have to say with any ounce of truth.
Well.....I would expect you to know about gas....
that being said, I guess you missed the part about I am not a Republican? What is more important? Fixing the economy or pig poop? Think the pig poop could wait a year? I do. Talk about your ridiculous statements. Here awhile back the EPA deemed, after millions upon millions, that cows belched too much gas into the atmosphere too. Yep, we know that now. Also deemed there was nothing we could do about it. So millions later, cows still belch and pigs will still poop...GET THE PICTURE? lol You folks kill me!!
I don't expect you to get it! sm
Obama is gonna get us in a bigger war while he sits on HIS BUTT spending money he doesn't have, appearing on talk shows trying to be some kind of "hollywood celebrity president".  While he is acting like some kind of "god", terrorist countries are sitting there lauging at us and plotting how they can attack now.  I am wasting my time even typing this I know because HIS supporters are not gonna listen and they will be screaming and crying when it all hits the fan!
What do you really expect him to say?

He can't given away any plans that we might have in getting the hostage back because we wouldn't want that information getting to the pirates.  All he can really say at this point is that we will do everything we can to get the captain back safely.  It probably is a good thing he isn't commenting on this.

Exactly. It was a KID. What do you expect
Did you expect the

Saudi King to give Obama an iPod with show tunes or DVDs that won't work in our DVD players?  LOL!

Well, he was a Democrat. What would you expect?

Johnson didn't have a haves, have-more, elite base like Bush bragged about having.  He just cared about normal everyday people.  How I miss those days.

I certainly didn't expect
I remember when I believed that about my country...innocent until proven guilty....alas, if only it were true! Have you ever heard of Japanese interment camps during WWII? Today, it's Guantanamo; talk to McCain about the ban of torture.

As for your poll numbers, I have some too:

http://www.thebusinessonline.com/Stories.aspx?America%20turns%20on%20Bush%20as%20all%20the%20president%E2%80%99s%20staff%20face%20integrity%20test&StoryID=E6B6DD59-E863-47B6-B714-3B8B037609F7&SectionID=BA48E3D7-CCB9-4976-883F-EE19F9206FB3America turns on Bush as all the president’s staff face integrity test

By : Jonathan Kennedy in Boston October 30, 2005

LESS than a year after George Bush’s re-election, the much vaunted “political capital” he was supposed to have won last November has all been spent, if not squandered.

For a president who came to office with great ambitions to change the US, he has little to show for his first five years in office, apart from a foreign policy that is in chaos, a massive and wasteful increase in public spending and a few modest tax cuts. Already crippled by allegations of corruption and nepotism, seemingly interminable bloodshed in Iraq, and a woefully uninspired response to Hurricane Katrina, President Bush was delivered two more hammer blows last week.

Harriet Miers, formerly Bush’s personal lawyer and chief of staff for policy, was forced on Thursday to withdraw her name from consideration for the Supreme Court nomination after massive opposition from the president’s core conservative base. Miers was attacked from both sides of the aisle for her lack of experience in constitutional law and her uncomfortably close personal relationship with the president. Ultimately, however, the failure of her bid can be attributed to a lack of support from America’s conservative movement, who were looking for a candidate with a more transparently strong voting record on conservative issues, especially on abortion. But Friday’s grand jury indictment of

I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby and a continuing investigation into Karl Rove, Bush’s top political adviser, could prove to be the straw that breaks the back of the Bush administration and relegates it to lame duck status. Libby, Vice-President Dick Cheney’s chief of staff, and Rove are under scrutiny for their alleged role in the outing of CIA officer Valerie Plame, a move that detractors believe was a politically motivated smear tactic. Rove, among other Bush administration officials, is implicated in what has become a spectacularly intricate alleged conspiracy against Plame’s husband, retired ambassador Joseph C. Wilson. Plame’s cover was allegedly broken in retaliation for her husband’s vocal opposition to the Iraq war. Although this sounds esoteric, it is seen to be a serious matter in Washington.

Of particular interest will be Libby’s role in the affair. The prominent administration insider was implicated when New York Times reporter Judith Miller revealed Libby as a source after spending nearly three months in jail for her initial refusal to betray his confidence. Libby’s indictment for perjury and his close connection with Cheney, and thus Bush, is raising questions that most Republicans don’t want to answer with mid-term elections looming next November.

According to a CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll released on Tuesday, nine out of 10 Americans believe that Bush officials did something illegal or unethical; bad news for an administration that campaigned on the promise to “restore integrity” to the Oval Office. The incident is under an independent investigation led by US attorney and acting special counsel Patrick Fitzgerald, a registered independent who cut his teeth prosecuting mob bosses in New York. The ex-attorney for Northern Illinois is considered by most in Washington as non-partisan, if not overzealous in his strict interpretation of the law.

The consensus among legal experts and insiders on Capitol Hill is that the president himself is safe from any legal repercussions. But he will not come out unscathed. The political ramifications stand to be far more damaging, not only for the president, but for his party. In another CNN/USA Today/Gallup Poll, it was revealed that were an election held immediately between President Bush and any Democrat, the unnamed democratic contender would win in a 55% to 39% landslide. The same poll revealed that the Democrats are ahead on almost all the issues for the first time in recent memory. This includes health care (59% to 30%), social security (56% to 33%) the economy (50% to 38%), and the Iraq war (46% to 40%). The only issue on which the American public still trusts President Bush’s party is terrorism, the Republicans still enjoying a sizeable 53% to 29% lead.

With American deaths in Iraq above the psychologically important 2,000 mark, an erosion in support from his base, the press smelling blood over the Plame Affair, and his domestic agenda in tatters, last week was undoubtedly President Bush’s worst since entering public life.

What else would one expect from a classless hag?

What do you expect from a liar?
He's been caught lying through his teeth so what else is there to do but lie? He seems to get by with that easily......

What would you expect him to say, now that they have gone belly up?
And those bonus-seekers and lobbyists et all...Democrats. This is your Enron. Enjoy.
Certainly you don't expect an answer?
This is what happens when those that have nothing to believe in go after those that do. Most don't believe there is anything greater than themselves.

It is sad really but remember, we will continue to love and pray for those to come to Christ. This is not said with arrogance in the least.....just love.
I expect a replay either way.
And there should be, especially if McCain wins.
Thanks! I don't expect everybody to agree with me. That's
why America is so good.  We do have the freedom to vote as we choose. 
Don't expect more than a big, long DUH just like the one
you are getting from you other legitimate and quite pertient question about centrist vs right-wing platform. They are too busy conjuring up verbal assassinations against Obama to stop long enough to ponder anything else. Hope somebody steps up to prove me wrong. I have my own ideas about the party orientation, but being an unAmerica, socialist, Marxist, commie Muslim loving deadbeat I thought I should give them first crack at it.
What do you expect from an illegal? (sm)
He's probably trying to get McCain to lend him his birth certificate. 
I don't expect you to "get it."...(nm)


I wouldn't expect you not to agree with B. That's nothing new.
But, thanks for explaining it to me.
What do you expect? You just come to antagonize not discuss.

Well, if I said I wouldn't be and I didn't, then why did you expect me to? sm
I am confused here. I will say that as far as your assertion that you were attacked by Kfir, I would say there was an equal amount of enmity on both sides.  The only difference is, your entire life and country at this very moment are not about to be blown to smithereens.  It might help to put that in a relative light. 
Lurker, isn't that the response you would expect?

Did you think that those folks would behave as adults?  They are bullying children, after all.  You were set up to be mocked and chastised. 

I do have to say, though, that your posts for the most part have been an eloquent and ethical plea for a more humane world.  I would think that anyone, no matter their personal ideology, would have been moved, even inspired, to ponder a different manner of viewing our world and our role in it.   

This all reminds me of trying to argue/debate with my mother who was a borderline personality (a mental disorder).  It's hopeless.  You cannot have a straightforward discussion/debate/argument with someone for whom the bounds of reality are constantly shifting as their logic will never be grounded in sane reasoning.  

Then I expect you to be the first in line for the draft.
Everyone has the right to protect themselves, their beliefs, religion, and country, but it seems that yours takes precedence over everybody elses and you can't seem to bring yourself to that level of understanding.

I don't have a stomach to being lied to and I especially don't stomach flippant remarks about my beliefs, as I have a right to protect them. Hatred is formulated. It has been formulating for years. Love turns to hate. Jealousy turns to hate. Intolerance turns to hate. Just give the right stir, formula 101.

2006 NIE report findings stated the the occupation of Iraq is creating more Islamic radicalism.

"An opening section of the report, “Indicators of the Spread of the Global Jihadist Movement,” cites the Iraq war as a reason for the diffusion of jihad ideology. The report “says that the Iraq war has made the overall terrorism problem worse,” said one American intelligence official."

Who's wearing the blind fold? Two hates to do make peace or tolerance.

Why do you always expect the worst? You call sm
yourself an independant and I have not seen anything to convince me that is true. You spew such venom toward anything that the democrats do and keep repeating false information that you have heard somewhere, probably FOX news, I could be wrong, without ever investigating to any depth yourself to see if it is 100% true or not. Spin doctors spin in both parties, I think you need to recognize this and think and investigate for yourself if you truly consider yourself an independent.
What did you expect from Deepak Chopra?? nm
His dad named his kid Daxx, what do you expect? nm
Don't expect any answers from O lovers on this
If Obama hasn't told them, they wouldn't know....they need him to think for them. He won't even give the amount needed to run his social programs, let alone all the other pie in the sky stuff he wants to do, stuff they do in socialist countries where everyone pays through the nose more than us and the government takes care of all of them, like Obama wants to do, take care of all of us while he screws us all over.

Most of those "plans" he has would put so many businesses out of business it is scary to even think about it. All this stuff he wants mandated...well, if small businesses have to enact that garbage, they will go under. Not the rich! The very middle-class he seems to have convinced this O lovers on this board he wants to take care of.
My Lord, what do you expect from the Democratic rag, the
Washington Post? Give me a break and the rest of us here. Why don't you read some real new for a change?

Did you know that just a tiny bit of arsenic can make you deathly ill?
I would expect that kind of answer from you....
but just so ya know...being a nonbeliever doesn't mean you won't face him one day like the believers, if we are right and you are wrong. I you are right, we're all just dead and part of the ecosystem. But if we're right... :)
If he was in a Fox interview, I wouldn't expect him to be.
Panthers don't scare me. Hannity, on the other hand....
I realize that; however, I did not expect it to pass....
because amending the constitution is different than voting for a law you know will be overturned. Just out of curiousity...I am not sure what I posted about the US Supreme Court will have any validity...can they challenge a state constitutional amendment?
You expect us to accept this bluster?
This election has been as clean as clean can get, especially when compared to 2000 and 2004. As you can see by the overall 2008 results, democrats don't have to throw elections to assume power.
What would you expect 14 days BEFORE his inauguration?
No suprise there. I wouldn't expect you
so does this mean you realize that W's policies are much more consistent with classic socialism than O's ever could be, state ownership being what it is an all.
as i said i expect it about politics NOT about race
I slam anyone back that slams me. I learned that in a little place called high school to ALWAYS stick up for yourself

people are mean for no reason and i dont put up with it for a second anymore.

do you see me STARTING it? NEVER and i guarantee it. go ahead and look.

but I will be the first to apologize if i truly offended someone. there are certain things that are not to be joked about or said and that is one of them.

Too bad nobody else can do the same but hmmm i guess anyone with an independent mind can see where we all stand then right
I would expect this lame comeback
Everybody is seeing Obama for what he is......nothing new!
Wow, I wouldn't expect a one liner out of you!
You're going to tell me Clyburn has the right to insinuate that the republican leaders are racist because of this?
So you'd expect the President to put on a wetsuit
No, but we'd expect a thank you to the Navy Seals
You act as thought Obama did put on a wetsuit and jump into the water himself.

To thank Obama for giving the orders so the Seals could rescue him is one thing, but to post and treat it like Obama and Obama alone rescued the captain is ludicris.

Did you even say thanks to the Navy Seals for risking their lives....I highly doubt it.
An expect those govt officials not to have their...sm
"liquid lunches?" Are you kidding me? Alcohol won't be regulated - all the suitmakers around the DC area just wait for those beer- and scotch-bellied officials to order a new suit!

However, I do hear that AR just passed a new, higher tax and that most people are crossing over into MO to get their smokes???
What do you expect them to do? They've got to grasp the only straw they can find

conservative "values."

They don't know how to be objective, and they're not willing to accept the truth. 

Democrat, you don't really expect fair from these trolls, do you?
They can't even stay off the liberal board let alone not attack. It's all the same old stuff...whining about *the left this and the left that* blah blah blah...I appreciate your optimism, but at this point it's probably waaaaaaaaay too much to hope for.
Dont expect FOX Repubs to understand
your post, which was mostly right on!

Anyone who can watch FOX and *not* see the blatent attempt to TELL ITS VIEWERS what they want to hear INSTEAD of the truth must be downright stoopid. Come on get a clue: The 'teleprompter readers' just get prettier while the content gets more embarrassing. Are Americans THAT easily manipulated?

For the record though ALL MAINSTREAM media is purposefully designed to keep Americans ignorant about what is really going on - no wonder much of the rest of the world has such disdain for us: We are often not only wilfully ignorant in this country, we're arrogant about it to boot!
If I had any I would, Bush took care of that, but I don't expect you to get the facts.
So you expect politics to be *pleasant*. I can remember on the other board SM
two of the regular posters leaving and you and your friends celebrating on the board.  Ding Dong the witch is dead. Stuff like that. Immature, but that's typical. Still, you celebrated.  They left because you HOUNDED THEM OFF.  You were relentless in posting multiple times to their every post, no matter what it was about.  They said they left for the good of the board. You are leaving because you can't take the heat. Big HUGE difference.  If you can't and won't have the strength of your convictions, then what good are you.  Thank God our Lord Jesus Christ had more backbone.