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Yes, Ronnie and Nancy, and George and Laura...

Posted By: both couples had/have great apparent love on 2009-01-20
In Reply to: Anyone else catch the first dance? - penny

for one another.

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Did you see the look on George & Laura's face?sm
You know George bounced off the walls when he got home. There is only one look I found more hilarious, and that was the look on Mike Myer's face when Kanye West made the famous statement George Bush does not care about black people.
Ronnie Reagan, the man who cut all the programs for mentally ill and sm
that is when you started seeing all the homeless people on the streets. During his reign of terror. A horrible president.
George Bush HIMSELF makes it so easy to make fun of George Bush!!!! oh where would I start, so litt
Laura Bush

Actually, GT, I heard two stories about her accident:  I also heard, as you did, that she was drunk.  The second story I heard was that she wasn't drinking but that the person who was killed was her fiance.  Don't know what the true story is, but you're right, if it were Hillary or Chelsea, they wouldn't let it drop.

Any intelligent person can read "I hope he burns in hell" to be akin to telling someone to "Go to hell," or comments of that nature.  NOWHERE have you EVER said you wish anyone dead, and nowhere have you talked about any poster on this board in that vein, and anyone with enough brains to get a headache knows that.

Don't let these people get to you.  The other poster above is right.  They are obsessed, and they're trying to get to you.  They thrive on this, and they're trying to turn the liberal board into a cesspool like the Conservative board.  I know it's crap.  You know it's crap. 

This is a quality board with civilized, thoughtful posters, who generally seem to be respectful and just nice people.  So just ignore the ones who aren't.  They aren't even close to being worthy of a response by you.  Don't let them wreck this board and chase people away.  As hostile, idiotic and irritating as they are, if we don't respond to them, they run out of gas.  Let's just ignore them and watch as they just sputter off.

Don't you mean Laura's husband
should have been doing his job?? Lots of intel on the attacks, but nothing was done.

Laura Bush

1. Laura Bush is a librarian and Sarah Palin bans books.(Sort of in the way Jesus was a community organizer and Pontius Pilate was a governor!) Which brings me to the funniest thing about the story of how Sarah Palin, upon becoming mayor of Wasilla, called up the local librarian to inquire about banning books: the idea never went anywhere because she didn't seem to know what books she'd ban. Sarah Palin doesn't read! Duh. Neither, probably, does Cindy McCain. Laura Bush's favorite book is The Brothers Karamazov, a fact that I still find sort of mindblowing, but anyway, that is what makes this sort of sht so funny.

2. Laura Bush is pro-choice. When Cindy McCain found herself in that messy conundrum over whether Roe v. Wade ought to be overturned earlier this week, to whom did she turn for guidance? According to Katie Couric, Cindy's spokespeople said that she, like Laura Bush, did not want Roe overturned. Who knows why Laura Bush is pro-choice; maybe she read American Tragedy, maybe it's just because she killed someone herself and the law had gone easy on her; maybe she's just a rational person, but whatever the case, women like Laura Bush — not Northeastern Marxists like me or "I Choose Life For My Daughter And Everyone Else In America" Alaskan prophets like Sarah Palin— are ones who live in those crazy states that are always trying to add little "abortion banning" amendments to transportation bills and such, the ones who actually live in states where this stuff comes up on the ballot every November. And as such, women like Laura Bush are the only reason Roe has yet to go back before the Supreme Court.

3. Laura Bush raised Jenna Bush. Laura Bush's other vocation besides library science was being a mother, and even that Communist organ Us Weekly agrees that Jenna Bush turned out pretty good. Laura Bush raised a fun underage-drinking socially-conscious charter school teacher who spent months in the ghettos of that little country her granddaddy invaded learning about the tragic life of a teenage mom with AIDS for the purpose of writing a cautionary tale of what happens when you don't use condoms. Sarah Palin raised a fun underage-drinking cautionary tale of what happens when you don't use condoms.

4. Laura Bush is a walking living and in some ways tragic symbol of the emotional core of liberalism, which is to say, our bottomless capacity to forgive. She had a tragedy in her early life and for that reason alone most of us will forgive her unwillingness to try and make herself into some sort of internal dissident in the Cheney White House. She reads Russian lit, she knows how it goes for dissidents. She forgives her ignorant husband the way we all forgive our ignorant racist grandmas. She accepts his differences and we preach acceptance. She is from a Red State and married to a red meat Republican but she defies all the usual pithy pollster cartoonology; she has never had big hair even though she's from Texas, she has never been blonde even though that is a major rule for Republicans in DC; she has never seemed Stepfordy, she smokes cigarettes. And like with Laura, said sentimentality can lead us to be forgiving to a fault! Remember how we hated Clinton for his triangulation and his beholdenness to Wall Street and his generalized moral turpitude? Ha ha ha, yeah. Don't let's let this become the election that gets us all misty-eyed for the Bush years in a couple years time, Laura Bushes of the world! (God did you ever think that would even be a possibility? Christ.)

OH AND BONUS EXTRA THING I FORGOT: She defended Michelle Obama against those ridiculous attacks on her patriotism that both Cindy and Sarah Palin have milked well into elementary school at this point.

laura stepford bush

Nah, terrorists are not nice guys who need a hug..but, yes Bush's two daughters are ugly alcoholic freaks who need to go to daddy's war.. As far as Laura?? The one who killed a childhood friend, yeah, she is a Stepford wife, a dumming down wife..and also a murderer who killed a friend years ago..If we will not forgive and forget Ted Kennedy, we most certainly cannot forgive or forget what dumn arse Laura did who rides the coat tails of the Bush family.  May Bush, Laura and the two alcoholic ugly daughters burn in Hell for eternity..

I believe it was Barbara not Laura Bush sm
In an effort to further divide America, this writer must have gotten some of that rabid drool on his keyboard.
I would like a link to the story about Laura Bush. SM
Verifiable and trustworthy.  Because I think this is spurious and a horrible thing to post without validity.  I personally know no one who ever mentioned Chelsea Clinton.  The article about the NYT investigating Roberts' adoption is interesting in that Democrat wrote it would be blamed on the leftists. Yes, I can see how she would say that seeing things as you have posted here.  Be careful what you put in writing. 
do you think laura read this? Probably not but great letter anyway
 No Place for a Poet at a Banquet of Shame
    By Sharon Olds
    The Nation

    Monday 19 September 2005

For reasons spelled out below, the poet Sharon Olds has declined to attend the National Book Festival in Washington, which, coincidentally or not, takes place September 24, the day of an antiwar mobilization in the capital. Olds, winner of a National Book Critics Circle Award and professor of creative writing at New York University, was invited along with a number of other writers by First Lady Laura Bush to read from their works. Three years ago artist Jules Feiffer declined to attend the festival's White House breakfast as a protest against the Iraq War (Mr. Feiffer Regrets, November 11, 2002). We suggest that invitees to this year's event consider following their example.
- Editors, The Nation

    Laura Bush
    First Lady
    The White House

    Dear Mrs. Bush,

    I am writing to let you know why I am not able to accept your kind invitation to give a presentation at the National Book Festival on September 24, or to attend your dinner at the Library of Congress or the breakfast at the White House.

    In one way, it's a very appealing invitation. The idea of speaking at a festival attended by 85,000 people is inspiring! The possibility of finding new readers is exciting for a poet in personal terms, and in terms of the desire that poetry serve its constituents - all of us who need the pleasure, and the inner and outer news, it delivers.

    And the concept of a community of readers and writers has long been dear to my heart. As a professor of creative writing in the graduate school of a major university, I have had the chance to be a part of some magnificent outreach writing workshops in which our students have become teachers. Over the years, they have taught in a variety of settings: a women's prison, several New York City public high schools, an oncology ward for children. Our initial program, at a 900-bed state hospital for the severely physically challenged, has been running now for twenty years, creating along the way lasting friendships between young MFA candidates and their students - long-term residents at the hospital who, in their humor, courage and wisdom, become our teachers.

    When you have witnessed someone nonspeaking and almost nonmoving spell out, with a toe, on a big plastic alphabet chart, letter by letter, his new poem, you have experienced, close up, the passion and essentialness of writing. When you have held up a small cardboard alphabet card for a writer who is completely nonspeaking and nonmoving (except for the eyes), and pointed first to the A, then the B, then C, then D, until you get to the first letter of the first word of the first line of the poem she has been composing in her head all week, and she lifts her eyes when that letter is touched to say yes, you feel with a fresh immediacy the human drive for creation, self-expression, accuracy, honesty and wit - and the importance of writing, which celebrates the value of each person's unique story and song.

    So the prospect of a festival of books seemed wonderful to me. I thought of the opportunity to talk about how to start up an outreach program. I thought of the chance to sell some books, sign some books and meet some of the citizens of Washington, DC. I thought that I could try to find a way, even as your guest, with respect, to speak about my deep feeling that we should not have invaded Iraq, and to declare my belief that the wish to invade another culture and another country - with the resultant loss of life and limb for our brave soldiers, and for the noncombatants in their home terrain - did not come out of our democracy but was instead a decision made at the top and forced on the people by distorted language, and by untruths. I hoped to express the fear that we have begun to live in the shadows of tyranny and religious chauvinism - the opposites of the liberty, tolerance and diversity our nation aspires to.

    I tried to see my way clear to attend the festival in order to bear witness - as an American who loves her country and its principles and its writing - against this undeclared and devastating war.

    But I could not face the idea of breaking bread with you. I knew that if I sat down to eat with you, it would feel to me as if I were condoning what I see to be the wild, highhanded actions of the Bush Administration.

    What kept coming to the fore of my mind was that I would be taking food from the hand of the First Lady who represents the Administration that unleashed this war and that wills its continuation, even to the extent of permitting extraordinary rendition: flying people to other countries where they will be tortured for us.

    So many Americans who had felt pride in our country now feel anguish and shame, for the current regime of blood, wounds and fire. I thought of the clean linens at your table, the shining knives and the flames of the candles, and I could not stomach it.

    Sharon Olds

Laura Bush Recalls Painful Past
There are many hits of this on the internet, but a few I found credible.

The Associated Press
Thursday, March 2, 2000; 7:15 p.m. EST

PROVIDENCE, R.I. –– Laura Bush, wife of GOP presidential candidate George W. Bush, on Thursday recalled the pain of a 1963 accident that killed her boyfriend, saying "it was crushing."

"All I can say about that (is) it was a very, very, tragic accident I was involved in when I was 17 years old, almost 40-something years ago," Bush said. "It was a terrible accident. It was terrible for everyone involved."

Bush said the grief remains.

"I know this as an adult, and even more as a parent, it was crushing ... for the family involved and for me as well," she said.

Bush would not comment further and quickly resumed talking about her husband.

The accident occurred Nov. 5, 1963, when Bush was talking to a friend while she was driving to a party in her hometown of Midland, Texas, the New York Post reported.

At an intersection, she apparently failed to see her boyfriend, Mike Douglas, driving south. The vehicles collided and Douglas was thrown from his doorless Jeep, breaking his neck. He died instantly.

Midland officials would not release the full accident report, referring Freedom of Information requests for the document to the attorney general of Texas. He has until May 15 to decide if he will make the report public.

An abbreviated version of the report concluded neither Douglas or Bush could be blamed for the accident, the Post reported.

© Copyright 2000 The Associated Press
Question from the "Ask the White House" web site.
Jay R. Fazek , from Akron, OH writes:
The legal blood alcohol limit in Ohio was officially lowered at midnight this morning to .08. What is your opinion on this, considering your extensive experience with drunk driving in your family?
Mrs. Bush:
Most of our Republican friends keep maps of the Red and Blue states that designate which stretches of desolate brush voted for my husband. Bushies' and my map, however, keeps track of which states are just tempting fate to drive in. Thanks to a call from Diana Ross and your e-mail, I am managing to keep all 50 states current. Thank you so much for your kind help in that regard!

The color was gorgeous on Michele, liked Laura's coat too nm
If you go back and reread the post gt posted about Laura I responded to that. sm

And, if you were following what I was saying I was talking about the posts on the neocon board between Nan, AG and the Nameless Trolls.

Get the picture?

Spoken by someone who posted about Laura Bush's accident about 40 years ago. sm
But I guess we were supposed to forget about that, too?
Lesley Ridge had a graduation party at the WH via gracious Laura Bush...
Think there were any kegs? Were the forefathers rolling in their graves or were the graduates rolling between the sheets? DISRESPECTFUL! WASTEFUL SPENDING!!
Nancy P.
She is a scary, scary woman.
Who is Nancy?...nm
Yup....Nancy is one of a kind...
let us sincerely HOPE.
LOL. I don't like Nancy Pelosi either.
You are saying then that Nancy Pelosi would...
make a better President than Sarah Palin. Are YOU kidding ME???
Nancy Pelosi should have been
thrown out a long time ago. 
Nancy Pelosi
With her election as Speaker, Nancy Pelosi is the first female Speaker of the United States House of Representatives. She is also the first Italian-American and first Californian to serve as Speaker. As Speaker of the House, Pelosi ranks second in the line of presidential succession, following Vice President Joe Biden, which makes her the highest-ranking female politician in United States history.
Nancy Pelosi has 5 kids....
maybe she should have aborted a couple? Geez.
They are quoting Nancy Pulosi from her
little speech yesterday. You are right. It doesn't take a pub to *read it and weep,* I am a registered Democrat and I have wept myself dry! I have great concern for my country and my grandchildren.
I love Nancy Pelosi!
I think she is doing a wonderful job and hope she continues to do so for years to come. We need more people like Nancy Pelosi in government. In case you are not aware of what she has accomplished during her career, here is a link that you may find very educational.

Nancy Pelosi would cuddle

these types of people in this story below.  We need to secure our borders instead of cuddling illegal aliens. Please read. 


Houston Police Officer Richard Salter was shot in the face last week while serving a drug warrant and is in critical condition. Doctors are optimistic because recently Salter, a 27 year vet and the top narcotics officer in Houston, moved two of his fingers. It has now been released that Wilfido Joel Alfaro, 29, a drug smuggler with multiple run-ins with the law in both the US and Mexico, was an illegal alien from El Salvador and had deportation orders. He was arrested multiple times after being ordered to leave the United States, but remained here due to sanctuary city policies.

Mayor Bill White of the sanctuary city of Houston, Texas was quick to point the finger at the federal government rather than taking responsibility for his actions in making Houston a haven for illegal aliens and drug smugglers. It is really sickening that these "leaders" are quick to wash their hands of any responsibility.

It took the Mayor nearly a week to release details that Alfaro - who was killed during the incident - was an illegal alien and that there were multiple times that Alfaro could have been removed from this country. Of course Bill White didn't acknowledge that if Houston actually actively worked with the feds instead of harboring illegal aliens this police officer would not have been shot. Mayor Bill White is a disgrace to the whole of the United States of America.

In an interview I saw on TV tonight (Update: I added the interview video at the end of this entry) Michael Berry of KTRH said that Alfaro's "residence" was basically a $40,000 home that was frequented by gang members and was a known drug haven that was defended by a $50,000 security system fully equipped with multiple cameras, sensors and burglar bars on all the windows. Basically a fortress. It was also revealed that the wife of Alfaro is part of the Avila crime cartel and that her cousin Bruno Avila shot and killed the first female Hispanic cop in Houston last year.

There can be no greater disrespect for law enforcement than knowingly putting them in harms way by allowing a criminal element to reside in your city unchallenged and then being arrogant enough to shrug when one is shot in the face. Mayor White's response to this tragedy is the equivalent of a shrug and every American should be outraged!

They should waterboard Nancy Pelosi. All she does
and when Ronald Reagan was prez, NANCY was

I just saw Nancy Pelosi in a press conference...
and I was reminded of the interviews I have seen her in...and frankly...Palin does a HECK of a better job than she does....and nobody seems to mind that.  Bear in mind, if, God forbid, something happened to both Pres and VP guess who we get:  NANCY PELOSI.  She is TWO heartbeats away from the Presidency no matter who gets elected.  Good grief, no wonder they send the VP to an undisclosed location and don't let Pres and VP travel together.  lol. 
And Nancy Palosi hand picked more
than 11 of her people to vote NO, people who owed her favors.
Wonder if Nancy Grace will make an effort to
to bring this to light and declare how sick and cruel this was. And then question on and on and on why this would have happened. She works for CNN....doubt it.
Obama apolgizes to Nancy Reagan

We all know Obama has a sense of humor.  He's likeable and funny and I enjoy hearing him speak.  But he really should think before he speaks, and not try to make jokes.  Americans are needing issues to be solved, not seeing how funny our President elect is.  This is a very serious and grave time for America and we need some reassurance that he will do what he promised on his campaign trail.  He spoke of Hope through his campaign.  Now we need to see the hope turn into reality.  I had read a lot of articles from both liberal and conservative sources that he doesn't do well with "off the cuff" comments and I think he should stick to the speeches that are written for him. 

Like I said - I like Obama.  He's a good speaker.  But his comment about Nancy Reagan whether you like her or not was indeed making fun of her and unecessary.  He should have just said, "I've talked to the past presidents" and left it at that.  By him having to state they were alive??? The public is not so stup!d that we wouldn't know he didn't mean the "dead" Presidents.  I hope that's not what he thought.  I'm just glad he called her to apologize.

On another note I watched the press conference he gave and I would have like to have heard a little more about what he's going to do once he gets in the white house, who he is picking for his cabinet, and what are the first things he is going to do to help Americans and what promises he gave to us that he will be able to keep and work on first.  Not what kind of dog he is going to get or where his kids go to school.  That does not affect American and I like many of my friends don't care.  We care about issues that affect us.

Obama's Nancy Pelosi Problem

Only 2 excerpts posted here. Read the whole article. Interesting. This may have been posted before and if so, I'm sorry to repeat it.

"...Pelosi has also embraced—even encouraged—her role as Republican enemy No. 1. GOP leaders know better than to go after Obama, whose approval ratings still float around 70 percent. According to Rasmussen, Pelosi is at about 35 percent. "She believes in the president and is willing to take any punches she needs to for him," says a Democratic leadership aide.

But Pelosi isn't taking those shots without getting something in return. In ways that have not always pleased the White House, the Speaker has made it clear to the president that when it comes to House business, he has to go through her. "We are an independent branch of government," she has said repeatedly. Though Pelosi's office denies it, an administration official tells NEWSWEEK that the Speaker asked to be informed whenever the White House contacts a Democratic House member. She also wants to know what the conversation was about...."


Thanks for Nancy Pelosi's e-mail address.
I just sent Nancy Pelosi a note telling her to keep up the good work!
Nancy Pelosi is just plain disgusting. How did she
Nancy Pelosi wouldn't know the truth if it jumped out and bit her....
Nancy is spinning like a top to keep herself out of trouble. Every time she opens her mouth she puts her foot in it again. How many times has she told this story? How many times has it changed?

The fact that this woman is 3rd in line to be president should scare the living daylights out of every single one of us.
Clean Energy Fuels and Nancy Pelosi

My, must be nice. Trying to pass a bill for clean energy and who is going to profit from this? T. Boone Pickens owns Clean Energy Fuels. Nancy and her husband bought #50K-$100K worth of stock in May 2007. No wonder she's pushing it. It means a fortune for her.

Another site states her husband bought the shares alone, but she lives in CA where it's share and share alike.



Let's hope that something doesn't happen both of them and Nancy Pelosi steps in as president.
Nancy Pelosi flies back home to California on our dime...
what's your point?
Nancy Pelosi has become a huge embarrassment and detriment to the Dem party, IMHO......nm
You are right on, but Nancy Pelosi is so darned MILITANT about her leftist views, (registered Dem he
I think some of those mice are running amok in her head. I used to respect her as a strong female role model in politics, but lately she has become just another aggressive, abrasive, cultish Demobot that I am totally sick of her. The more I get into politics, the more I am convinced we need a new system, this two-party system is antiquated and has become just sorry, elitist clubs, us versus them, as America's heart and soul deteriorates, we have become the new Roman Empire, writing our own end...starting with the wrong stimulus bill in this depression. Shame on them all. Sorry for venting, watching C-Span while I work all week!
I would believe Nancy Pelosi before a biased reporter who is Republican, sounds like Palin, no facts
By George, I think I've got it!!

I watched "The Situation" on MSNBC last night, and I got a pretty good laugh regarding the Bush Administration taking a quote from Bono (of all people), completely twisting what it said to mean something completely different, and running with it.

I believe I'm starting to understand the disconnect between some of the Conservatives on this board and the rest of humanity.  They've obviously adopted the George W. Bush way of communicating.  I'm not sure if Bush is their hero because of his communication style or whether they personally adopted his technique after the fact.  Someone should really enlighten them that just because Bush does it, doesn't make it right, and that that is the very crux of many people's frustrations with Bush:  That he lies, and nobody can believe what he says.

Anyway, here's a copy of the transcript from that show.

CARLSON:  Next situation, the Bush administration between the rock and a hard place and it‘s all because of rock star Bono.  A State Department press release quotes the U2 front man praising President Bush.  But apparently, Bono was not so much quoted as misquoted.

According to the State Department, Bono said Bush, quote, “has already doubled and tripled aid to Africa.”  But actually, Bono told “Time” magazine, quote, “Bush feels he‘s already doubled and tripled aid to Africa, which he started from too low a place.”

This is such an interesting story on so many levels.  Here is the most interesting level, as far as I‘m concerned.  The Bush administration feels compelled to twist Bono‘s words.  Why do they care what Bono thinks?  Bush actually has dramatically elevated aid to Africa to a much higher level than Clinton ever even thought about bringing it. 

The United States is the largest donor to Africa far and away.  We have no moral obligation to give anything to Africa.  We do it because we‘re decent.  Isn‘t that enough?  The front man from U2 has to approve?  Why are they lying about this?  It‘s bizarre. 

SEVERIN:  This is very sad.  By the way, Bono has an “r” missing from the end of his name.  I just wanted to report that on this program. 

Secondly, you know, how can I know what to think about world affairs until Bono and the Edge weigh in?  What about the Backstreet Boys?  What do they think today?  I mean, this is really sad that we care about what “Bonor” thinks about anything. 

MADDOW:  Well, fine, you can be upset that they quoted Bono.  But the fact is, they misquoted Bono. 

CARLSON:  No, but that makes me more upset.  Why are they doing that? 

Why do they care?


MADDOW:  ... get out there and say that Bono, who they respect for whatever reason, he‘s actually made himself into a voice on debt issues...


CARLSON:  Well, I‘m sure he‘s a great guy and very smart.  I mean, still.

MADDOW:  Paul Wolfowitz thought he was worth, you know...


CARLSON:  That‘s right.

MADDOW:  ... long phone call before he took the head position at the World Bank. 

SEVERIN:  I knew we‘d get you to say something nice about Wolfowitz before the year was up.

MADDOW:  Exactly.  But the fact is, the State Department, like they‘re doing—like the Bush administration is doing on way too many things, just overreach.  They not only had to quote Bono, they had to lie about what Bono said.  It‘s embarrassing.

CARLSON:  But why not just tell the truth about their own record?  It‘s compelling enough.  It‘s amazing.  Here‘s this purportedly mean, right-wing administration sending huge amounts of aid to Africa. 

MADDOW:  Well, yes, they‘ve promised—they asked for $4 billion for the Millennium Challenge.  They‘ve actually spent $4 million.  So we‘ve got a difference of opinion on that.

CARLSON:  The fact is, in money spent already, they‘ve elevated 56 percent over the final year of the Clinton administration.  It‘s a lot of money. 

MADDOW:  Yes.  But you can‘t take credit for more than you‘ve done. 

SEVERIN:  Yes, but they‘re Republicans.  That‘s why. 

CARLSON:  All right.

Add George Will

to the conservatives willing to say  no mccain, no way.


Yes, it's George Clooney's

George Will on Coulter sm
Freudian slip?

George W. Bush
Why would you say that about our President? Please help me understand.
George Bush
I am counting the days until this person is out of office and pray that our country can withstand the wait.

I have been around a while (let's just put it that way) and in my opinion we have NEVER had a President who has been so bad for our country - and I certainly include Poor Nixon and his few bungling burglars and his silly little lies in that list, along with Clinton and his scandalous behavior, which now in sad retrospect is just par for the course, apparently, among politicians - he has ransacked our Treasury (I don't know if you all remember we had a surplus when he came into office), has totally ruined the reputation of the US around the world, got us into a pointless war with untruths and fabrications causing the death of over 3000 young Americans (so far) and is able to somehow hold his head up and act like nothing is wrong. And is now busily trying to broker a peace settlement in the Middle East to there is something to be said for his 8 lousy years in the White House.

I truly believe he stole the first election with the help of his like-minded buddies on the Supreme Court and the second one by the curious release of the Osama Bin Laden tape shortly before the elections, which I feel prompted some rubes to be too scared to change horses in the middle of the stream (war) and voted to keep him in office. I myself did not vote for him either time and am glad I didn't, even though I am living with the consequences of his presidency; for example paying $4.15 a gallon for gas and seeing the price of groceries rising every time I go into the store (plus I live in Michigan, which is a hard luck state right now to start with).

Frankly, I was shocked when he was reelected; I truly did not believe that our supposedly sophisticated and intelligent electorate would put this man back into office.

The day he hits the dusty trail for Texas will be a happy one for me!
George W. Bush


George W. Bush

There was a genuine atmosphere of trust and goodwill that summer of 2001, when a new era seemed to be upon us, with the Berlin Wall gone and the divisions of the past overcome. I was sharing this thought with President Bush (both of us recently elected to lead our countries) at the closing dinner of the G-8 summit in Genoa in July 2001. Bush led the conversation, talking amiably with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Japanese Premier Junichiro Koizumi, British Prime Minister Tony Blair and German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder. Pearl Harbor, Hiroshima, the tragedies of the Second World War and cold war seemed far away indeed. Bush observed how much the world had changed, and how we could pass on a lasting peace to our children. I remember feeling true happiness inside me. Just two months later the unthinkable happened, and the Sept. 11 attacks would again forever change the world. The battle against terrorism would become the principal preoccupation of the American President and our common international priority.

In the months that followed that immense tragedy, we nonetheless tried to stay focused, aware that justice, freedom and democracy can flourish only if there is security. President Bush knows this well, that a secure world is bound to be a united world, where everyone—and particularly those more fortunate—can and must do their part.

George W. Bush, 61, will be remembered as Commander in Chief, but not only for that. He was above all a President who felt the moral obligation that the leading nation of the free world must carry. My thoughts return again to that G-8 summit, where Italy had brought to the top of the agenda the fate of the world's poorest nations. And Bush was an early and enthusiastic supporter of our initiative to establish a fund for combating endemic illnesses.

One time, Bush told me that it is reasonable to have doubts, but not to have so many doubts that you cannot make a decision. It's up to historians to judge his presidency, but whatever fate history holds for him, I am sure that George W. Bush will be remembered as a leader of ideals, courage and sincerity. Personally, I will always remember him as a friend, a true man who loves his family, understands the meaning of friendship and is grateful toward America's allies around the world.

Berlusconi was elected Prime Minister of Italy for a third time last month

Good ol George
george will, conservative

icon, declares McCain temprament unfit for presidency.  You don't get any more conservative than George Will.  Meanwhile, Sara P has pictures taken with foreign leaders but absolutely no questions allowed.  Photo op.