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Everyone is aware of what you don't approve of....

Posted By: sam on 2008-09-01
In Reply to: her life is obviously out of - BDayes

and it happens to be the same kind of life a lot of your party members live. Like I said...get out there and spread this message. You will do more harm to Obama's candidacy than all the conservatives combined can do. Get right after it. I DARE YOU. GO post it somewhere where it will make a difference if you really believe it.

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I approve of his choice. I also was...sm
impressed by Obama's statement that he did not want to choose a yes man.
do you think he would approve of what you are posting here?
I most certainly do NOT.
A site all of you may approve of.

I found this site this morning. It's pretty neat. On the right, it includes biographies, voting records, issue positions, interest group ratings, speeches, finances (campaign contributions), etc., etc.

In the center, if you click on one of the underlined groups, it will tell you who they are, their mission, and how they rated every one in government.

On the left, you can put your own congressman or senator and do the same.



All the states can approve
homosexual marriage. It still doesn't make it a reality. Very few people will ever recognize it as reality. In fact, it's best just to ignore it completely and not validate the assylum.;-)
I really hope that the house does not approve...sm
the bill from the senate with all the addendums. Why can't we have a clean bill without things being added on? The house vote is our last chance and I hope they don't cave without making changes. I am proud to say that one of my senators, Bernie Sanders-I voted against it, and he IS the most liberal senator, not Obama.
You are correct, Jesus would not approve of it....
that being the case, I am equally sure He would not approve of abortion in any way, shape or form. Didn't he say "Suffer the little children to come unto me, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven" ? Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God? Who is more pure in heart that a child in the womb, I ask you.

That is only ONE of the reasons I will not vote for Barack Obama. He goes so far as to vote AGAINST treating a baby who managed to survive abortion, rather leave them to die in a soiled linen closet, alone, simply because that might somehow be used to get abortion rights reduced.

Someone has to take a stand for those babies. Shouldn't it be Christians?
You don't approve of a part-time mother??
Where have you been? With all the mothers working these days, where do you think their children stay? At DAYCARES, the other PT mother. Some would love to stay home and be mom FT but can't. That doesn't make them a bad mother. My mother had to work when I was growing up or we didn't eat.

As far as her teenage daughter, she is to be married. Do you know how many teenage girls decades ago were married right out of high school and pregnant? There might have been more mothers at home to assist them but is it really Palin's responsibility to put her life on hold because her teenage daughter got pregnant? Pleeezzz!! If anything, she is showing her daughter that this doesn't have to be the low point in her life. It can be a joyous time and the girl can look at her mother as an inspiration of what you can do.

Pardon me, but I couldn't care less if you approve of my opinion or my humor

This is the liberal board.  It's very interesting that when one of you supposedly disappears, another shows up instantly to take the first one's place. 

If you are truly interested in discussing this issue, then please tell me the points with which you disagree rather than rant and rave with personal attacks on my opinion and/or sense of humor.

I think they're aware, don't you?
I believe the actual estimated number was somewhere around 4 to 6 million people exterminated,about 90% of them Jews... and it was the advance of the Russian army into Poland that began the disruption of the majority of the death camp operations. We basically stayed out of the fray until the very end.

But as mentioned, you have to look closely at the FACTS to get a true picture of what was going on.
How could you NOT be aware of it?

SHE POSTED IT ABOVE, only to receive the typical neocon response:

What makes you think we don't have that?

What makes me think you don't have that is because you believe, just like the idiot president you worship, that it's okay to send everybody else's kids to their deaths, as long as they aren't YOUR kids.

To respond in such a heartless way -- on CHRISTMAS, no less -- when you all claim to have superior *moral family values* makes me ecstatic that I'm not one of you.

This site has allowed a Jewish person to be labeled as a *Nazi* on the CON board.  When the person requested the offensive posts be deleted, do you know what happened?  SHE WAS BANNED FROM THIS SITE.

The *Nazi* posts are still there, posted on 11/28, hidden in posts labeled *Happy Thanksgiving* but, as usual, revealing NOTHING but the HATRED YOU ALL SPEW.  Why do you people hate the MOST on HOLIDAYS?

Considering the owner's handling of the Nazi posts and the heartless response to Carla, I'm ashamed to be associated with even knowing this site exists any more, let alone continuing to frequent it.

I feel the need to take a LONG HOT SHOWER to hopefully get rid of all the SCUM that lives on these boards.

And to the owner of this board:  Don't bother banning me.



Yes, I am aware of that. However. sm
She cites absolutely verifiable election results.  So skip everything else and read that. 
That's the best you can do? Are you aware you
Do you think I'm not aware of that???
I wish I could support Obama as avidly as you support McCain.  I DO NOT think either of them are honest.  As to Obama throwing his pastor under the bus, in my opinion he was about 20 years late in throwing him under the bus.  I simply would rather take a chance on him (unknown) versus McCain (known).  Either way we are royally screwed IMHO. If McCain is elected and doesn't pan out as you seem to think he will, I hope you remember you voted for him.  It's looking more every day like we're going to get Obama and I will remember I voted AGAINST McCain.
yes---and I am sure that she is still well aware...
that abstinence works, if it is practiced.
I am aware that AAMT is not
a worker's union; however my bone of contention with them is the fact that instead of promoting MT's here and making us feel that we are indeed valuable to the economy of the nation we live in, they decided to do what other corporations have and give more attention and resources to offshore MT's in India.  IMHO that is a slap in the face to the MT's here who have worked like the dickens to provide the medical community with the highest standard of transcription that we all could take pride in.  I'm getting off of my  box now....
He is not on their payroll that I am aware of....
there are many people who "work for the campaign" who are not paid members of the campaign. I have never heard Fox or any other network say he was a paid member of the McCain campaign. I said he was working on behalf of the campaign...so am I, but they aren't paying me either. Big difference. I don't think, and have seen no indication, the Rove will be a member of a McCain administration.
I am very aware of what she was referring to.
I am asking for facts/incidences that directly relate to the type of "personality" that proves this poster's observations on Mrs. Obama's character. What exactly has she done to draw this meaness from someone?
You aren't aware of what compassion is.
It includes responding IMMEDIATELY to those in need. It includes a leader who makes RESPONSIBLE appointments to vital public posts (not lazy college drinking buddies who used to run horse associations). How carelessly you toss out accusations of taking political advantage while the leader you support carefully selects two black victims to hug on camera (the prettier the better)far from the stark reality of the war zone he helped create a few miles away. Or, stand in an airplane hangar trying desperately to smother his yawns while fauning public officials brief him on camera and tell him how well things are going, while badly needed helicopters are sitting uselessly behind him for impressive props. Political advantage? - Bush a la Rove has NEVER missed a single opportunity to take political advantage in every way possible, up to and including the death of every 9/11 victim, despite the fact that the victims' families are in no way satisfied with his bogus hand-picked impartial commission's findings. Please! You're just bitter because nobody likes your man anymore. The fact that he has royally screwed up not just this time but ALL ALONG is his fault, not ours. We're just pointing it out.
You aren't too aware of history. sm
Hitler's reign began with gun control.  I thought everyone knew that.
Are you aware that nm at the end of your message means
I'm aware of who the real bosses are. sm
Don't be fooled by the dummy act, he's dumb as a fox, and all the damage he has done has been well-planned.
I am aware of the pitiful attempts
smear Obama over his ACORN "ties." Suing over rerdlining merely "bullied" the banks into treating minority and white loan applicants equally and was hardly responsible for the predatory lending practices ALREADY IN PLACE at the time. The operative word here with regard to O's "association" with ACORN is WAS. Personally, I cannot fault a guy for involving himself in voter registration drives. So what if they endorsed him? He's the better candidate and certainly represents their interests in minority social issues better than McCain. Voter fraud investigation is ongoing. Perhaps we should wait for the results of the investigation before drawing any conclusions, especially since you seem to be trying to insinuate that O somehow is trying to throw the race...a charge that will never gain any political capital coming from the party who in the past 8 years has written the book on voter fraud. Its a little hard to understand exactly how the current accusations rise to the level of voter fraud BEFORE the votes have even been cast. The only thing dirty here is the pathetic attempts on the part of the McCain campaign to spread hatred and division in their cowardly attempts to avoid talking about the economy elephant in the room.
are you aware all caps is yelling?
please do not yell at me
Seriously? Are you aware of the ridiculous things
Are you aware of any attempts to suppress
Or am I missing something here?
No, but I am aware of possibly 1000s
of democrats being registered to vote who do not have the legal right to vote, people who don't even exist. Suppression, are you kidding?
I'm quite aware of how Medicare works...
I have been dealing with my mother's for years. You won't have to worry about your mother not being able to afford her medications for 4 months because the way it is being set up, your government will decide if your mother even needs that drug and if so, how many "pills" she can be dispensed and how long she can take it and if the GOVERNMENT doesn't feel it is helping, she will not be allowed to get any of it......PERIOD! They will decide if she is still young enough to make the government's handing her the meds worth their money or not. If not, they will allow her to do without and if that kills her, so be it. They have determined she is a lost case and doesn't deserve her medications, the medications I and you pay for.....but of course, Obama lovers just know their government knows best. Now they can decide if you live or die depending on your age. Just stick around folks.......it's gonna be sickening!!!
When die Obama 'apologize?' I am not aware of that.
He only 'admitted' that the former administration made mistakes. It is not his realm to 'apologize' for mistakes the former adminitration did.
And O does never portray himself as 'miracle worker' and being able to 'heal' everything. Obama is TRYING to put problems back in track.
Thanks for splaining that to me. I wasn't aware of the soldier
killing fellow soldiers. The sign was disrespectful. But, if you think counterposting disrespect for disrespect solves anything go for it. Just proves both people were/are dead wrong.

This is like, he hit me, well he hit me too. HEHE.
reality bites very hard...be aware....
Nana, are you aware of the conditions in Iraq? sm
Millions of people have lost their lives, lost their limbs, lost their livelihoods, lost their families, lost their electricity, lost their water, lost their homes, etc,, etc.  In short they were "shocked and awed" a number of years ago for no good reason whatsoever. What kind of people and society allow children to go homeless and hungry????  You tell me.
You are aware that Obama has always been pro-free-trade?
Granted, not nearly as much so as McCain who wants to expand free trade as much as possible.

"Senator Obama: "I believe in the Free Market. I believe in Capitalism. I believe in Free Trade. I am not worried about us being able to compete anywhere on earth with American workers"-Obama." Too bad, at least Hillary does."

One of the many links to this quote: http://www.mydd.com/story/2008/2/17/171927/342
In case you aren't aware (and I doubt you are)

You're not aware what Biden said about Obama?
There has been no harsher critic of Barack Obama's lack of experience than Joe Biden. Biden has denounced Barack Obama's poor foreign policy judgment and has strongly argued in his own words that "Americans are quickly realizing that Barack Obama is not ready to be President." His words. He stood on a stage shoulder to shoulder with Obama and said this very thing at the dem debates.

And, Biden's own words.
"I think he(Obama) can be ready, but right now I don't believe he is. The presidency is not something that lends itself to on-the-job training" AND......

"If the Democrats think we're going to be able to nominate someone who can win without that person being able to table unimpeachable credentials on national security and foreign policy, I think we're making a tragic mistake..."

About Obama's foreign policy he said..
"Having Talking Points On Foreign Policy Doesn't Get You There."

On Obama's voting against funding for US Troops overseas he said,
"If you tell me I've got to take away this protection for these kids in order to win the election, some things aren't worth it. Some things are worth losing over. That would be worth losing over. Hundreds of lives are being saved and will be saved by us sending these vehicles over which we are funding with this supplemental legislation. And I want to ask any of my other colleagues, would they, in fact, vote to cut off the money for those troops to protect them? That's the right question. This isn't cutting off the war. This is cutting off support that will save the lives of thousands of American troops."

On Obama's leadership in Iraq he said.....
"I Don't Recall Hearing A Word From Barack About A Plan Or A Tactic."

Biden on whether he would meet unconditionally with leaders of rogue states as Obama said he would.....
"Absolutely Positively No." Biden: "Would I make a blanket commitment to meet unconditionally with the leaders of each of those countries within the first year I was elected president? Absolutely positively no."

Oh, AND IT GETS EVEN BETTER......There's his undying love for John McCain, "God love 'em".
Biden has called McCain a personal hero and proclaimed that he would run on a McCain ticket. He has praised McCain’s stances on climate change and troop levels in Iraq. He acknowledged that McCain’s approach to foreign policy differs from President Bush’s — everything that flies in the face of lines of attack that Obama has been pushing against McCain. Remember he said he would be "honored to run against him or with him".(meaning McCain).

I mean, this is why the entire Obama/Biden ticket is such a joke...gotta wonder what is going on. Biden does not care for Obama at all nor his beliefs.

Biden thinks more highly of McCain than Obama and has said so.

Didn't you watch the democratic debates?

I am not aware of any daily idiotic Biden statements.
I'd be happy to play that game while you furiously scour the blogs for a snappy comeback in defense of the indefensible. SP is obviously note even vaguely familiar with the US constitution or with the very limited authority the VP office will offer to her. Still, if you insist, feed me some gaffes and give me something to do. It beats the heck out of responding to Obama Moslem terrorist socialist communist unAmerican hate speech.
I am acutely aware of Obama's stand on the issues.

And that is PRECISELY why I voted for him. 

Again, regarding France, I'd refer you to the link I supplied, and yes, Bush is, understandably, the reason.

I'm sorry, you are aware of what caused the financial crisis aren't you?
or you will just blame BUSH BUSH BUSH/CHENEY.

Please, do some research.

If my memory serves me, it started going downhill when a democratic congress took over.

Not only that, this MORTGAGE crisis was set into effect by the CLINTON administration and helped by a DEMOCRATIC congress.

Now let me be clear, I do not think Bush was a great president and he made mistakes, but DO NOT tell me that this financial crisis was his doing. I know you are going to flame me, but don't ignore the facts! Actually, that's what liberals do so nevermind, go ahead anyway.
Was not aware of Carla's loss, but your response was completely uncalled for
your response about dead soliders is not only wrong but completely, completely uncalled for.