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I hope you don't stay lost

Posted By: BDayes on 2008-09-01
In Reply to: You lost me there - TT24

for an unncessarily lengthy period of time.


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I hope you guys stay ok

I don't know if welfare varies from state-to-state, but you don't see people living the high life on welfare in my state. They have to work a 40 hr week. They have to get some type of training (even with children, they get subsidized childcare). They are not allowed to live year after year on welfare - they get cut off for a few months and then they have to reapply. For the scum who don't want to work - they just make meth. It's easier than applying for welfare and they make a whole lot more money.

If someone is in a hard spot, i.e., husband leaves wife with children and she needs help, I don't begrudge that. Years ago, it was just like you say, but not anymore. My husband did just that. Took off out west and I had 2 kids and a part-time job decorating donuts and no car. I had to go on welfare because my son is handicapped and needed consistent medical care. I remember sitting whole days in the doctor's office because my kids weren't seen until every last insured patient was seen. It was horrible. Sick kids with fevers crying all day in a doc's office. I wanted to kill myself. I hated the situation I was in and was determined to get out of it.

Fortunately, I was eligible for grants. My son's school for the handicapped got my son SSI (otherwise we couldn't afford to live on welfare alone). I went to school and after graduation got a full-time job. I ended up raising my kids in my OWN home. It wasn't a palace, but it was home. I paid $26,000 for that house - payments were $250 a month including taxes and insurance. I couldn't rent for that. I got the house loan because of my credit, not because it was a handout.

I don't know a single solitary soul who gets welfare (truth). I did years ago and it was just like you said - they'd collect their welfare and work under the table with no worries, and yes, I resented that. It's not so easy anymore - the bums just sell drugs to make a living now. I guess that's "work" and if there wasn't a demand, they'd be out of business......sigh

I only lost $1000 so far-Hubby lost $2000 in a week (sm)

so, I called his financial advisor yesterday and told him to put hubby in a "safe" plan. It's now in a money market fund that is part of his IRA.

I have no choice. I have to stay where I am. I have no "safe" available. Neither of us will be able to retire on what is now in our 401Ks and you're not the only one. We couldn't buy a car with Both our 401Ks, let alone live on it.

We are late starters for retirement  not until our late 40s funds (most of our employers did not offer pensions). We are now of the first retirement tier and although we own our home outright, if we live until we are 90, there is no way we can live off retirement 401Ks or SS.

My husband's father told him back in the 50s that we would experience something like what is happening today and stated it would be worse than the ཙ crash. It is sure starting to look that way, but we will survive some way, I hope.

We need to pray for the people on SS now that cannot survive. I, for one, would love to help them, but can't help ourselves at this moment.


Good for Joe! I hope so. And I hope he sues...
the governor of the state of Ohio from now to next week. He should. They BIG time violated his civil rights. If this situation was reversed and he was a Dem who had asked McCain a question and a state had had him investigated, the ACLU would be all over this like ugly on an ape. Liberals only care about other liberals...they could care LESS what happens to conservatives. But yeah, they are all about civil liberties. Geez. Pull the other leg awhile.
can stay.
What happens if you stay
informed? That means what to you or me? It does you what good? It helps you out how? It makes a difference in how Washington is run? I think your statement sounds stup..
Don't look, better yet, stay on your own board.
stay on your board
They just cant stay on their own board cause it has no information other than liberal bashing and then they are patting each other on the back, LOL.  They should change the name of their board to **I drank Bush's Kool Aid** board.
Stay on your board please.
I put this site up for the liberals, yet you people just cannot stay off this board.  Hannity has a board where everyone will agree with you, why not go there?
So much for who can't stay away from our board.

Today on the conservative board, there were 10 new posts, and not ONE LIBERAL posted any of them.

Today on the liberal board, there were 20 new conservative posts.

20 to 0.

Obviously they find their own board boring since they posted twice as many posts here as they did on their own board.  But then we already knew that, didn't we?

no way, jose....needs to stay til it's over...

They have to stay objective. It's their job.
One of our family members is a well-known political analyst on t.v. At family functions, we all hear the full-on opinions. Believe me, reporters are human, and they certainly do have their opinions! But their job isn't to discuss their own point of view. It is amazing, though, isn't it? I don't think I could control myself if I had to interview some of these people!
No, let's don't. Let's stay on task.
Again. Could you PLEASE stay on task.
Thanks, but I will stay without my legs
without my boots and with my copy of the Notebook. Don't let the door bump you in the butt.
Sorry. Just trying to stay on task.
Thread started out about hate speech, then turned toward lawsuit. Silly me. Do you always change the subject when you start to look stupid? The only plants at the SP rallies spring up from the seeds of bigotry and racism that come spilling out of her mouth every time she opens it...in the form of a crop of hateful ignorance. Must make you feel right proud.
Let's stay focused here.............sm
this is not about whether Obama has ever appointed a SC justice. This is about Obaman's PROVEN stance on the Born Alive Infant Protection Act. This is about the FACT that he squelched the bill in Illinois when he, as head of the Health and Human Services Committee, had every opportunity to push this bill through. This is about the FACT that he contradicted himself when he said he "would have voted for it" in Washington (had he been a Senator at the time). This is about the FACT that he is talking out of both sides of his face and lying to the American sheeple who he believes are too dumb and awestruck by his very presence to grow a brain and go out and look for this information on their own.

Obama cannot be trusted.
You as well need to stay on task...
Fact. He has said he is going to give a tax break to 95% of the American people. 40% of the American people don't even pay federal taxes. How can you give a tax break to people who don't even pay taxes? In the form of a check. How ELSE is he going to do that? THAT is classic redistribution of wealth Marxist style. Either he is lying about the 95%, or he is going to cut a lot of checks. YOU tell ME how he is going to do it.

As far as Palin...you really need to focus here. Yes, she did a windfall profits task. And yes, she distributed it to the Alaskan people. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM, rich and poor alike, every single citizen of Alaska. That is NOT redistribution of wealth. See the difference? And it is not taking from the tax coffers that everyone in Alaska paid into...which is what Obama is going to do. He is going to tax small businesses and the so-called rich (the threshold for which gets smaller every day) and redistribute that to 95% of people...40% of whom don't even pay federal income tax.

Marxist re-distribution of wealth.

No soup for you either, but plenty of ice cream.
yes..but the revenue does not stay here. nm
still no message
Timid or not they'd do well to stay far away from me.

As if Arkansas doesn't have enough of the creatures already, they released a bunch of rattlesnakes and copperheads  in Devil's Den State Park a few years back and that's not too far for them to slither up this way.  Those varmits are most definitely not timid and I fear to go outside at night without a flashlight lest I encounter one of them..

Not really. She's no dummy and if she wants to stay
especially should she end up in a senior-level position, she will really not have a whole lot of wiggle room since all eyes will be turned on her because of all the concerns which are being voiced on this forum and in the media. She did not exactly "take charge" in the senate as a junior member and as SOS, she will be in a position to take her cues from many others besides her own DH.
You really can't stay on topic, can you?
It might help you focus a bit better.
Theories have to stay out of school?
I certainly agree religion needs to stay out of our schools except when clearly labeled for everyone to know, such as a comparative religion class or even the history of a particular religion. But no theories in school? Think about what you're saying. Or did you have a particular theory in mind, say the theory of evolution? Why is that such a hard one for some people? There's more scientific evidence to support evolution than there ever was to support the idea that this rabbi a couple thousand years ago was the physical son of God. And anyway, evolution doesn't disprove creation. You can believe there was an intelligent force behind it all and still believe that evolution was the way it was carried out. Seems like some people want to be able to name that intelligent force, and say what it wants and thinks and force those beliefs on others, though.
The NG should stay shared with the state and fed...sm
In time of emergency. What is wrong with communication? In time of emergency like Katrina, Bush and Blanco's office should have been on the phone at first levee break and making *quick* and *effective* decisions. They should have stayed in contact.

If you give the fed complete authority in times of emergency, an emergency can be interpeted a lot of different ways by different people. I keep saying, checks and balances, that's why you need state and fed collaboration.
I wish the government would stay out of my uterus
The posts below are getting crazy.  Abortion should be a private issue and a woman's right.  Using pro-life or pro-choice and a political platform infuriates me.
So basically the poorer I stay
the more I get?

Talk about your backwards logic!

yeah, stay ignorant,
and watch just CNBC. OR, educate yourself and try Fox news for some balance and honesty. and calling people hicks? Nope, i'm country at heart (and geographically now), but i'm born and raised a city girl; still not falling for the Obama routine.
Exactly. And the government can stay out of my pocketbook....
while they are at it. Don't tax me to fund abortion and don't tax me to redistribute my wealth.
I think you're the one who needs to stay on task

you even asked it.  Go back up a few posts and you'll see where I said:

"I'd say the same about anyone who dies after they cast their vote but before the election.  It shouldn't count.  Where's the accountability?"

Anyone would refer to grandma, pap, brother, sis, aunt, uncle, etc. 

Geez, you people make it so easy for me to feel smart. 

And arent the mormons. They should stay
what are you talking?? You go off the subject, stay with US..NM
Eeew! I'd rather go on welfare and stay

The more we want things to change, the more they stay the same. nm
Government should stay out of those decisions
no I'm not a lover but do like to stay informed.
I can only take about 5 minutes of bull*(#% a day though.
those people need to stay where they belong
who are they to want a better life
I think an extended stay in paradise...(sm)
is the least we can do after holding them (regardless that they are innocent) for 7 years.  What would you want if someone picked you up and held you prisoner for 7 years for no good reason...not to mention any torture they may have endured...
They already ARE allowed to stay silent. That's the irony of this.
It's just one crazy loon who wants to foist HIS version of the world on the rest of us, which is no better than ramming religion down a person's throat.  What about those who wish to say the pledge, now they can't.  It was better the way it was... Say it if you want, don't say it if you don't want to.  That way everybody has the freedom to choose.
The first one says, do not bash their posts. It does not say stay off the board.
The second one I did not recall seeing. As I said, go to the conservative board and see what you see.  The same thing as here.  Stop whining about it and grow up.
And that 's not the total number either because it keeps rising. They just can't stay away.
I think it's hysterical.
Stay off the conservative board and you won't get so upset. nm

If you want to stay in a good mood DON'T READ...sm

Ann is such a tacky little witch that it's not funny.  Even if I were republican I would not defend her.  Kudos for Hillary for responding to her outright disrespect to these 9-11 widows.  I don't understand for the life of me how she could tout being pro-military, pro-America and call liberals Godless when she is walking around disrespecting four 9-11 widows with that xxxxxxx smile on her face.  Phew! I feel a little better already.

Hillary Lashes Out at Ann Coulter
Jun 07 7:16 PM US/Eastern


New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton lashed out at Ann Coulter for a vicious, mean-spirited attack on a group of outspoken 9/11 widows, whom the right-wing television pundit described as self-obsessed and enjoying their husbands' deaths.

Coulter writes in a new book, Godless: The Church of Liberalism, that a group of New Jersey widows whose husbands perished in the World Trade Center act as if the terrorist attacks happened only to them.

She also wrote, I've never seen people enjoying their husbands' deaths so much.

Clinton, who has felt Coulter's wrath over the years, responded angrily on Wednesday.

Perhaps her book should have been called 'Heartless,' the senator said. I know a lot of the widows and family members who lost loved ones on 9/11. They never wanted to be a member of a group that is defined by the tragedy of what happened.

The New York Democrat and former first lady said she found it unimaginable that anyone in the public eye could launch a vicious, mean-spirited attack on people whom I've known over the last four and a half years to be concerned deeply about the safety and security of our country.

The senator spoke after delivering a speech on protecting children from exposure to sex- and violence-saturated media.

Coulter appeared Tuesday on NBC's Today show, and reiterated her stance, saying the women used their grief to make a political point.

Her criticism was aimed at four New Jersey women whom she dubbed The Witches of East Brunswick, after the town where two of them live.

They have spent the years since the 2001 terror attacks supporting an independent commission to examine government failures before the attack, and in the 2004 presidential campaign they endorsed Democrat John Kerry.

The women are Kristen Breitweiser, Lorie Van Auken, Mindy Kleinberg and Patty Casazza of New Jersey.

The women, who are still pushing for changes in how the government guards against future attacks, issued a joint statement after Coulter's television appearance.

We have been slandered. Contrary to Ms. Coulters statements, there was no joy in watching men that we loved burn alive. There was no happiness in telling our children that their fathers were never coming home again. We adored these men and miss them every day, the women said.

Stay tuned - vote fraud. sm
There are reports from polling stations from volunteers observing vote counts for Obama and Paul that state people from the Clinton camp were throwing them out. 16 precincts in Iowa are still missing. Sutton County NH reported 0 votes for Ron Paul and people coming forward to say they voted for him. I smell a rat. Paul and Obama will not get the nomination because they will not let them.
You sound bitter and should just stay in Europe
I'm no Bush fan (now), but let me tell you why I voted for him. I was tired of the dems taxing the you know what out of us. In my whole life I had never been taxed as much as when Clinton was in, and Gore was going to continue on with those taxes. I couldn't afford anything. DH and I had good jobs, but close to 38% of those paychecks were going for taxes and then each year in addition to that we ended up not paying enough and would have to fork over an additonal $1500 to 2000. We didn't own a house, we didn't have an expensive car, no fancy wardrobes, no vacations, nothing, zip, nada. We had to pass on going out to eat a lot with family because we didn't have it. We lived in a one bedroom apartment in the silicon valley. We had enough of the Clintons. We had enough of the high taxes, the bumbling yahoo from the south. The guy who said he was going to do this for us and that for us and once he got into the white house all that changed and he catered to his rich friends. He didn't have a clue as to what the average American citizen was going through. He just kept imposing taxes to fund his phony programs. He brought in NAFTA. Lots of people lost their jobs and then he created these "false" jobs (i.e. the ones that paid minimum wage and people still had to go on food stamps). People were losing their homes. You want to talk about a Hillbilly you need to start with Bill and Hillary Clinton (please no offense to the Hillbillies). Those two were a disgrace to the country and made us look like fools to other countries. His phony gaffaw to make it seem as though he thought something was funny (not presidential at all!). Then on their overseas trips the insulting mannerisms of Hillary who is suppose to be first lady but acting as though she was the Queen. When graciously given a gift from another country if she didn't like it she was overhead telling people what a piece of $*$@ it was and there was no way she was going to put it on (it was a piece of homemade jewelry). She disgraces the country and made me ashamed to call it my country (I served the country under Regan and was very proud and they yanked that out when they came into power). Then you have his lying to congress, lying to the American people, Bill & Hillary's fights in the white house. The mysterious deaths of people, the affairs, the scandels, them acting as though they are King and Queen of America. Calling people to be there at a certain time then waltzing down the stairs making sure everyone was their watching their "grand entrance". Then you had the disgraceful people he had on his staff. People stuffing classified documents into their pants pockets to hide stuff, Janet Reno, Waco Texas, Elian Gonzales, drug runs, missing people only to be found having taken a "dirt vacation", etc, etc. They were the two biggest disgraces to ever step foot into the white house and clearly did nothing of any benefit while in there.

Bush is not the brightest but neither was his predescessor. Sure Bush has a lot of faults, sure he should be impeached like Clinton was - remember that detail - Clinton is an impeached ex-president and in my opinion has lost the right to still be called Mr. President.

Gore as VP was one of the most worthless VPs we've had. I put him right up there with Quayle. Good for absolutely nothing. But I guess we should remember. He created the internet and he and Tipper were the role model for the movie "Love Story". Wait a second...I'm going to barf here... Sorry but I did not want Mr. Stiff as the next President. Especially when he was hiding and covering up what the President and Hillary were doing. He was a weakling and I did not want them in there. Do I believe the election was stolen? Yes I do. Am I sorry it was? No. Gore would have not done any better and nobody can tell me otherwise. He's an imbi*cile pushing this global warming thing of his, which he won't even listen to the expert scientist and weather people who know what is happening in the world. I still wonder what he's going to tell his kids when they ask him one day why he lied about global warming. I'd love to be there when that happens.

Am I going to vote for McCain? Are you out of your mind. No I don't like Bush. Yes I don't think he's running on all cylinders. As someone once said to me "He's one fry short of a happy meal". I'm not going to continue on with another term of Bush.

Who are you to "warn" other people. Who are you to "tell" other people who to vote for. You are entitled to your opinions, but it is this elitist attitude that gets very tiresome. There are plenty of very good reasons why half of the country did not vote for Gore. I actually did not vote for Bush, but voted against Gore. As my mom told me you have to pick the lesser of the two evils. Nobody, including you, knew Katrina was going to happen when Bush was running, you didn't know that 911 would happen. You didn't know any of the disasters that happened would happened unless you have a crystal ball, and now you act as though "you warned everyone this would happen". How someone reacts to crisis is a whole different story. Clintons were no better with the disasters that happened when they were in. Yes it could have all be handled better.

You mentioned stem cell research. Funny how that wasn't approved when Clinton was in there. Gay marriage...I heard nothing about Clinton approving it. Gay couples were struggling back then as they are now fighting for their rights to the equality that opposite sex marriages have. You make it sound as though Bush took all of this away - this is rubbish!

No, I am no Bush fan and am glad he's on his way out. I'm sure in his last days he too will be handing out pardons like Clinton did as if they a K-Mart blue light special.

Yes, this is a free country and you are entitled to your opinion and I am entitled to mine and mine is that you have an elitest attitude and I hope you stay in Europe.
Show up or stay home. No difference.
my favorite place to stay current

on the issues in politics is Media Matters America.  As the name explains, they monitor all forms of media and report on the distortions and misinformation. They give factual rebuttals. They make it a lot easier to sort fact from fiction.


Next time, please try to stay on post task.
1st paragraph. I agree. That's why O's and B's supporters are voting for them. Not more government. Better government...smarter government…and one with vision for a different America than what you cons are peddling. You are straying from the subject again. Pay attention. The discussion is about O and JM how JM's plan differs from Bush's plan. On the voting record, last time I checked only O and JM are running for president and those are the voting records we are inspecting now. It is the 90+% of MC'CAIN'S votes in support of Bush's initiatives that we now showcase. Do not complicate the plan comparisons with a whole bunch of smoke and mirrors peripheral unknowns. Candidates. Got it?

Have it your way. Bush adopted O's exit strategy first and JM followed his lead who followed O's lead. He did not start talking exit at all until the Bush flip-flop(s) (i.e., we dont negotiate with terrorists but a US interests section in Iran might work) began getting press during the primary campaigns. I have not had time to examine the context from which you lifted O's surge statement from the other O's Fox interview which you continually and confidently predicted he was too scared to do. Once I do that, I will comment further on the surge statement. Don't know how to tell you this, but the surge was not the greatest national security/foreign policy decision, although it is plain to see that the cons often get military strategies pretty mixed up with foreign policy. Again, ask the Iraqis how successful our missions have been at slaughtering more than 100,000 of their family members. Another bubble to burst here. There are many among us who do not feel that the war has made our nation safer from terrorists. So, in fact, we are not done with this subject, no matter how quickly you would like to dismiss it. Obama was simply trying to avoid MORE quagmire and advance the withdrawal plan that is not only promoted by him, but now suddently promoted by Bush and JM in tow. Some call it vision, others call it judgment.

Did not ask about JMs speeching. Asked about the plan. What is it, if he laid it out so plainly? Must have missed all that between the fear/military references last night. BTW, as I told you in the past post, govt transparency is a democratic initiative that was launched back in the early 90s during the Clinton administration, squashed during the undercover Bush administration and is now clearly articulated in O's technology section under issues.

Cons cannot speak for democrats as to how they can or cannot define pork barrel spending. I know very well what it is. I do find your example of moveon.org rather peculiar in this context. When was the last time they benefited from pork barrel legislation? Please do not reply with a regurgitation of Fox and O'Reilly campaign to demonize the group. You want to talk PACs, fine, but put them in the correct context and tread very lightly for your own sake.

The class warfare is waged by pubs against dem constituents, so yes, I am familiar with that subject and plan to continue to advocate and support measures that will level that playing field. I have a lot of company in that regard. TBone advocates drilling once or twice inside the context of a whole arsenal of other energy initiatives that you discount by omission. He does not, however, try to sell the public on the notion that this will bring prices down anytime in the first of second terms of the upcoming administrations like JM and company would have us believe. On the American imperialist delusions of grandeur, if you have to ask, no soup for you. Would be a waste of time, but this concept is not lost on the better versed in Bush/Cheney NeoCon visions which JM is trying to deny and embrace at the same time. Good luck with that one.

Stay on task, sam. This thread is about refuting
Guess you can't reconcile facts staring you straight in the face with the fiction you couldn't wait to post. Again, if O voted against Katrina funds, there had to have been something REALLY stinky the proposal, and I for one prefer to wait and see exactly what it was before passing judgment.
The poorer you stay, the happier Obama becomes
Stay out of my bedroom, my beliefs and my uterus first of all.
Then, provide a sound infrastructure (low crime rate, low poverty rate) with my hard earned and eagerly paid taxes with is all a citizen can do for his country besides obeying the laws and living the Golden Rule.
I am gone, outta here. Like I said, I offered to leave before and was asked to stay. SM
Since you have become the board monitor, I am out of here.  And I don't care what you believe.  A poster who no longer comes here was wished to die and burn in hell.  Lots of other people saw it.  In fact, I commented on it and I believe Suzie and maybe vs did.  Not sure.  Anyway, it happened. Outta here.....whoosh::::::::::::::::::::::::
I think it a good thing to stay away and not give them a target. sm
It is so obvious they are brainwashed and cannot respond to logic in a sensible fashion, so it is no use discussing or arguing with them. You cannot argue logically with someone who has no logic.