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It's like trying to discuss Dante's Inferno with someone stuck in My Little Red Reader. nm

Posted By: don't waste your time on 2009-03-30
In Reply to: I read real slow. - I get it.


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Oh, that's just silly. So you are a mind reader? I don't think so.
It's obvious what happened.  Give some of us the benefit of having a brain.
Glad you put that straight, Reader.
Not that it really needed to be put straight in any but the most challenged minds, but hey - was very interesting!
Excellent post, Reader.
You really hit the target:) And of course, you are absolutely correct. MT has no credibility here, she blew it herself.

And I totally agree with you about lying - that is one thing liberals on the whole despise, but something you'll NEVER find the Cons stating that they hate. They can't, because it's just too easy to prove that lying is a Con way of life and they know it. So they attack us instead:) It's all they've got.
Reader's Digest version....
Nancy Pelosi is Catholic, Joe Biden is Catholic. Nancy Pelosi made some comment about the Catholic Church being vague on the issue of abortion (those are not her exact words, the jist of it). Anyway, immediately one of the Catholic Church hierarchy said there was nothing vague about the stand of the Catholic Church (and printed what the stand is) and said if a Catholic supported abortion they should not take Communion. It was mentioned again in Denver when someone asked the Archbishop of Denver about it, as Joe Biden does profess to be Catholic, and the Archbishop said that the Catholic Church believes abortion to be wrong and he would speak to Mr. Biden personally. Bottom line, the Catholic Church defines life begins at conception, they are against abortion, and these Catholic higher-ups are saying that if you publically support abortion you should not take Communion. If you Google Pelosi abortion catholic church you can find a lot of it.

I am not Catholic, by the way. Just answering the question. So I can't get into a shouting match with people about what the Catholic church believes or what they should or should not do. I do agree with them, however, that life begins at conception.

And with that, I will finish.

So I guess what the article meant was that the last thing the Obama campaign wants to have to answer is abortion questions when his veep is catholic and the speaker of the house is catholic and they are being spanked by the church over abortion stance? That would be my take on it. I guess now we will see if Biden will throw his catholicism under the bus too?
I posted the information. It is up to the reader...
to decide what it means.
Reader's Digest version....
where do you think the dirt on Joe came from? a background check instigated by the governor of Ohio. Which tramples all over Joe's civil rights.

Now let's make that pertinent to you. If YOU went to a John McCain rally and placed yourself at a rope line for the sole purpose of asking a "hard" question...and you did ask the hard question...which he answered...and then his answer was not becoming so to do damage control the governor of the state launched a background check of you and made all the information from that public...would YOU not be angry and sue? I darned sure would. As big as liberals are on civil rights, and the ACLU is not in sight, and you certainly aren't defending Joe's civil rights either are you?

I guess that only matters to you when a liberal's civil rights are violated?
dear mind reader

1.  Very tacky to insult a person's family name.

2.  I hear Medium is returning in february.  be on it.



hiring a *speed reader*
to mug for the cameras was indicative of the respect the dems are showing for the legislative process, no?  what a bunch of scamps those dems are!
LOL, stuck to or stuck WITH??

Gee that's funny READER, cuz I never saw your handle on here until the last few days. sm
So who are you Really? Why, I think you are a liar!
mind reader! faith healer! nm
It probably bothered her because she is a closet Nat'l Enquirer reader?
Did you even read what you stuck out
You put the article out there, it was read and I simply pointed out the person writing it is very biased. He/she obviously does have a bone to pick with whites, but as usual, when someone refuses to actually read what was written, I said nothing about having a problem with whites being a minority. You seem to be the only one obsessed with that view. Having Hispanic presence in this country does not "disturb" me, even though you seem to, as you didn't say it didn't bother you; you said it didn't "particularly" disturb you, meaning it obviously does in some way. Anyhow, you seem to be caught up in thinking illegals mean only Hispanics. Illegals are coming over from a lot of places, many many are criminals. Do you think 8000 (thousand) violent gangs in LA alone from foreign illegals is a good thing? Eight THOUSAND in one city alone multiplied by thousands more in the border states spells BIG trouble. You need to get off the "white" bandwagon and stand up for the sovereignty of your country. I'm assuming you are legal.
Regardless, it's still there, stuck on our shoes...

You must be a selective reader...lots of facts posted by the right...nm

Aah, don't get stuck on color here.... Terrorists
they have been home grown right here in this country.....Ayers, Dohrn, just to name a couple. You know, Obama's pals that his supporters keep hearing the news media they get their info from tell everyone how he hasn't had any dealings with these two or the corrupt white multi-millionnaire realtor he has many associations with AND bought his 1.6 million dollar home from at a STEAL!

His name is Muslim. You want to pretend it's not? Now, that alone is not the issue...his Islamic relationship with terrorists in terrorist countries is the problem, of which you want to ignore. His Islamic teachings is also an issue, of which you also choose to ignore. His own family members say he is Muslim through and through. They say he is NOT a Christian, but of course, you know more than they I'm sure.

Is Cheney your president? Why are you stuck
Doesn't matter.....she stuck her nose out first
Grow your own. It's stuck in your little poor me world...nm

And again, they fall silent.....stuck her foot in
You're stuck on pub thing aren't you.... not
prefer to think for myself unlike you who obviously needs someone to do it for ya. I don't care for government, let alone more of it.
If John McCain had stuck to his guns and been...sm
able to run as himself instead of being remolded by the right wing of his party, he probably would have sailed over the finish line. He killed any chance of winning the election when he gave control away.
You're stuck on names instead of facts
They'd never make fun of killing W....cuz then we would be stuck with CHENEY!!!!!


Republicans are Stuck to Bush - See RNC Memo Link

Republicans are Stuck to Bush

In a memo to RNC chairman Ken Mehlman, GOP pollster Jan van Lohuizen argues that it's dangerous for Republican congressional candidates to distance themselves from President Bush.

President Bush drives our image and will do so until we have real national front-runners for the '08 nomination. Attacking the President is counter productive for all Republicans, not just the candidates launching the attacks. If he drops, we all drop.
Good grief! Taxpayers get stuck with the bill...

and Franklin Raines gets a over a million per year in "retirement..."



Not to mention her ritzy hotel bills she stuck the state with.nm


I was trying to discuss things with you

You obviously have a great hatred for our country and our president and cannot see the difference between Bush and world leaders who are set on the destruction of the United States and Israel. The Iranian president has made his intentions known about what he wants to do to Israel and the U.S. In fact, he had a nice little P.R. campaign in his country this past week detailing what he wants to do to us. If you are so naive to believe he just wants his country to have energy from nuclear plants then I guess you deviate from what much the U.S. and the rest of world thinks about Iran's intentions.

I said the nuclear option should be the last resort as I believe our president would make it, but you are so lost in your world of conspiracy theory on Bush's character and intentions that you evidently missed that part of my post.

I would like to know where you got the so-called Bush quotes. This is the first time I've heard people actually use quotes--where did those come from? I hope not a hearsay opinion piece, because that wouldn't lend much credence to those so-called quotes.

I was actually joking with you when I made the *shopping spree* remarks. I know you are much too intelligent to actually go and do that. You may, in my opinionm be a little misguided by your emotions but I know you're not that stupid. I'm sorry you cannot see humor in someone discussing this topic with you. I'm even more sorry that you feel you have to label everyone who disagrees with you as uninformed and unthinking. People will have different opinions with you on many issues but that makes them neither stupid or uninformed. Have a nice day...
I am not asking you to discuss Israel. sm

I know that it happens all the time.  I am sorry that it does.

I refuse to discuss

religion with Moonies or Scientologists.  There is just no common ground.  The same way as I refuse to discuss politics with people who actually consider Fox a news station.  They are indoctrinated and innoculated from the truth by daily coordinated talking points to distort any event (such as saying Charlie Gibson looking down his nose at SP or was too rough on her) to favor their desire to keep the corrupt repubs in power. It's a waste of my time.



Why can't I continue to discuss
You all carry on about Obama's palling around (re: believing things that simply cannot be substantiated), but you sure can't take it when someone turns around and comments on your precious heroine. How very sad for all of you who hold this vapid, undereducated, unqualified, power hungry example of hollow charm in such high esteem. Perhaps we should be discussing your judgment instead of hers.
No, I don't argue much. I discuss or
post articles I think would be interesting to people on this board. I try not to tear down the people who post, either, not like some on this board. They have their opinion, I have mine.  
No, I don't argue much. I discuss or

post articles I think would be interesting to people on this board. I try not to tear down the people who post, either, not like some on this board. They have their opinion, I have mine.  

Your idea of a reply very often isn't up for discussion. You seem to think it's the only one that matters. End of discussion.

Okay - let's discuss the $9 mac and cheese.
Personally, I love bacon crumbs on my mac and cheese. Anyone else?
What do you expect? You just come to antagonize not discuss.

But you don't do that. You only discuss the democratic past.

In order to smear it.

No talk about the 12 prior years of Reagan and Bush.

A time to dissect and discuss a war...
is after your military is at home and safe, if you want to debate it pubically. The time to discuss the war and how you as an American feel about it is in private until they are safe. If you want to discuss it while they are still at war, discuss it in town hall meetings. Discuss it at your house. Discuss it at Wal-Mart. Discuss it in your front yard. Write to your congressman. But do not do it publically while men and women are still fighting. You are entitled to your feelings and to express them. However, common courtesy, in my opinion, should keep a person from going public while men and women are still fighting. All that does is embolden the terrorists. They have said so themselves and it is pretty obvious that it does. I saw an interesting report on it this morning, how that is the number one *battle front* for AL Qaeda now...just feeding the propaganda machine with the daily stuff from the American public. Frankly, I don't think that is anything to be proud of. But that is just me.
Sam does discuss issues and gets attacked for it.
What about parents who don't discuss with their kids?
And so you know right off, I'm not a Barack fan nor McCain fan. However, my own personal beliefs aside, I believe "it takes a village to raise a child" and there are FAR too many parents NOT doing their jobs these days, which forces schools, governments, etc. to jump in to help. I see far too many parents who'd just as soon go to the bar than raise their child. There are parents who are apathetic, and there are parents who are embarrassed or ill-informed themselves to teach their kids sex ed. I don't think sex ed is a problem at all in school, so long as it's in the context of health education and not presented to students in a biased manner of some sort. It IS how mammals reproduce and therefore does have a place in education.

God gave us free will and if you try to control the free will of someone else, how is that right? I believe in consequences of free will when someone chooses wrong, which is why we have laws in place. I don't believe it's any one person's or party's place to tell another how to live their life, period.

Personally, I'd like to see more parents do their jobs at home so gov't and schools didn't have to do it for them (and all the rest of us too as a result), and sure, ideally I'd like to see more kids abstaining from sex altogether. But I'm also a realist and know that my beliefs and willpower aren't the same as everyone else's. That's what is supposed to be great about USA.

The reality is that not all kids have the willpower to abstain in the heat of the moment, no matter WHAT their upbringing or what wonderful parents they have. As you said, it's everywhere - on TV, movies, ads, games, you name it! It's in their face now more than ever, so to ignore it and act like it won't ever happen isn't the answer, either. No, I don't know what the answer is, either, but I don't think that's it.

Also, to take away any access to sex ed and/or birth control at all is in a sense forcing the ideals/morals of one group of people on another and basically taking the free will of the other group - how do you reconcile that? I'm being sincere, as this question plagues me often when considering these issues.
I never meant to discuss the money -
my point, Kendra, was just that these kids can already be treated without their parents consent, that that part of it was nothing new.
Honey, I would glady discuss this

with you privately. Since you seem to be so well-read, as I am also, we could have a great discussion on this subject. The market can easily be manipulated by speculators and the outrageously rich to sway political minds. When the market is down it favors the dems, it's a fact. When the economy is good, the current administration gets the credit; when it's bad the same also happens. You don't think that can be manipulated at all?

My own humble opinion on why O will be elected are these:  The economy, hatred of Bush, white guilt and uninformed voters, period.

Maybe she just doesn't have anything to discuss with you....pitiful
I like it here. Besides, mostly all they discuss there is current events. Imagine that. nm

Well pardon me, but how can you discuss the present without a history of sm
what shaped it?  It isn't possible.
Well, by all means lets discuss pertinent
Of course, because it takes high thinking to discuss
Why don't we discuss the Republican candidates for a change?
This is just like a dog chasing his tail!
Don't worry JR - very easy to trounce them AND discuss the issues.
They're dumb, and they lack conviction, and they do most of the work of exposing themselves for the lackeys they are so that we don't have to spend much effort at it. I mean case in point - that the Freepers would even THINK it was a good plan to tie up liberals on chat boards to keep them from grassroots organizing. Hey, if they can get paid for it more power to them - but sheez, are they really that stupid? Or, just that desperate, heh.
Why don't you discuss like an adult instead of throwing temper tantrums?
Inquiring minds would like to know.
We'll discuss that crime when Bush et al are done with their trial.