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That was rude

Posted By: TT24 on 2008-09-01
In Reply to: I hope you don't stay lost - BDayes

I was simply saying I didn't know what you were talking about. Care to explain instead of being insulting?

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Rude, rude post. (nm)
You people have no right to talk about anyone else being rude!  You have a corner on the market.
Know what is rude
Rude is sending our brave military into harms way for nothing, rude is lying to the American people about the reasons, rude is causing the biggest deficit our country has ever seen and spending away our surplus that President Clinton gave us, rude is dividing this country when he claimed he was a uniter not a divider. 

They come over here and pretend to be holier than thou and then run back to the Conservative board and trash us.  Go read it.  It's quite amusing.  While you're at it, why not read the entire board and count the number of civil posts that seem to be written by someone over the age of 5.  You don't have to hurry, though, because all their juvenile hateful tirades will be there forever and will never be deleted.

You should probably read the posts on this board first, because as we've all seen during this week, they stand a good chance of being deleted.  As has been demonstrated on the Liberal board, you're permitted to have your freedom of opinion and expression......as long as it's the "right" one.

You are very rude. sm
I was not agreeing or disagreeing with anyone, but trying to have a conversation.  I was respectful at all times.  It explains why there are only a few posters here. Good day!
AG has been very rude lately... :( nm

How rude you are. nm
WOW that was rude!!!

I guess the radical dems on this board (not the regular, respectful, nonbashing dems) will never listen to reason or a participate in a good debate because they know they are right always and forever, no matter what the subject.....what kind of democracy is that?  NOT.


okay, I am rude, but
You don't get a vote. It is an American election. And even though I am so liberal you all would puke, I am tired of our American arms stretched so far over the world that we don't take care of our own anymore.
Now that's just rude!
Just because someone doesn't believe the way you do doesn't give you the right to be so mean! Get a grip on yourself!
I'm sorry if I came across as rude. Outraged is more like it.

Outraged that a handful of Republican politicians would sell out American troops to a bunch of terrorists, even in a symbolic gesture.  Outraged that their lives should be used in a political stunt.  This is very frustrating for me.  I think our lawmakers should support our troops in every way possible, and I believe it's unacceptable to agree to amnesty for anyone who kills our troops. 

We have already far exceeded our budget to the limit because of this needless personal war of George W. Bush.  We provided Iraqis with free medical care.  We will be supplying them with countless more money for decades to come.  Our troops continue to be killed and wounded.  I don't care what the political stakes are.  Under NO CIRCUMSTANCE should their lives be used as pawns any more than they already have been.  For God's sake, don't they deserve the support (regardless of how symbolic it is) from ALL members of the party that sent them there?

I posted comments by two lawmakers regarding this, but you didn't choose to address the content of what I posted.  I've noticed that happens a lot on these boards.  When someone posts anything questioning another's viewpoint, particularly if they corroborate their views, instead of debating the issue, all they do is become indignant, call names and then pretend to leave.  If that's your communication style preference, you'd feel right at home on the Conservative Board. 

I asked you to enlighten me.  Instead of doing so, you became angry, called me rude, picked up your toys and left the playground.

I'm asking you again to enlighten me because nowhere did I see it written that this is to take effect once we leave.  Please provide a link to that effect.  If you'd like to debate the issue, please do so.  I agree with Harold Ford that this was nothing more than a stunt.  Do you think this will boost the morale of our soldiers?  What are your views?  Please share them.  Or not.

Your choice.

Wow - you sure are rude - see message
1. How did I become an MT? Two years of schooling and 10 years of experience honey.

2. This is not a medical report I'm typing. Makes me wonder how you became an MT if you don't even know the difference between a medical report and this website where we can give our opinions and ask questions without the worry of being persecuted.

3. I read many websites and I don't always see the "respective parties" capitalized.

4. Leave your QA'ing at the door or else don't come here at all.

5. You must be one uptight (r)epublican because the (d)emocrats chose an excellent candidate and it's just too bad that the (r)epublicans will be losing this fall. Oh wait, I just read your post again. You are a (r)epublican and your true colors came out.

6. As the poster below (who did her research) stated, Hawaii is one of the United States which makes him a natural born citizen. If you didn't know that Hawaii was a state then how did you even graduate from high school and if you didn't graduate high school how did you even become an MT.
That is rather rude and inappropriate.

You don't touch strangers like that and you don't make comments about their muscles or lack thereof.  He should know better. 

Let us hope that when Obama and Biden sit down to talk to terrorists that Biden doesn't reach over and tug on Obama's beard and tell him he needs a trim or shave.  LOL!

No, it was RUDE and inappropriate.
If you can't see that, then your thinking and reasoning must be warped.
And it is not RUDE and inappropriate to
say my thinking and reasoning are warped because it is different than yours?
Wow you are so horribly rude
and really immature for an ADULT.

Have you ever read the Bible or attended a service or sat down and talked with a pastor with an open mind? No, I doubt it.

I think you are brainwashed by the jaded people of this world.

Just keep on down the broad path...I promise it'll start to get real hot soon!
we have now gone way past rude..
to downright disgusting. It probably also take a MENSA brain to call someone else pathetic, little, loser because they don't think the same as you. Give it a rest already people.
rude you are. Calling
someone an 'old man' is showing a complete lack of respect.
I'm sorry but the way you worded it was rude. nm
Rude and uncalled for.
Everyone has a right to their own thoughts.  If you cannot reply with a constructive opposing view point, why bother replying?
You're being rude and obnoxious and I prefer to not

who simply doesn't "get it."

If you feel that invading Iraq is protecting our borders with Mexico, then you are direly in need of a geography course.


I found it rude and disrespectful. sm
But that's a liberal for ya!
Speaking of rude and disrespectful...
I wonder if you felt the same way about Don Imus when he roasted Bill and Hillary Clinton when he was in Colbert's place back a few years ago?

Oh, I bet it's only rude and disrepectful when it is directed towards a Republican, right?
newish to this board, why do you have to be rude?

did you receive coal from Papa Noel this Christmas?  Hope not -

And you're just plain rude to her again and again...sm
Didn't the moderator tell you guys to stop it, for like, the umpteenth time this past week?

Leave sam alone, geez.
That was kind of rude, oldtimer. nm
So that gives you an excuse to be rude - see message
to anyone and everyone who disagrees with you. You know who gives a hairy who-know about what was said at rallies. It goes both ways. There is nastiness on both sides and your comments only go to prove it. We all are passionate about the candidate we want. Whether your are republican or democrat you are entitled to your opinions, but the original posters comment was so disgusting beyond words. You want to talk about the worst kind of hate!!!!!

This board is suppose to be where we can show support and share ideas and viewpoints about the person we want to be elected. But to come out and say one side should be rounded up and shipped off somewhere?????

The democrats who vote on issues have done enough damage to our economy and its going to take a long time to repair the damage. Not only have they almost destroyed our economy they have created such mistrust in politicians. These were not republicans - these were democrats who were benefitting from screwing the american people and they didn't care. They didn't care one iota about people like me and my family and friends. Their names are Franks, Dodd, Cox, Obama, Kerry. Those are the tops ones and they are democrats! Sure there were some republicans who benefitted. Can't lie about that but the majority of the big benefitters were democrats! And you sure don't see any of them giving back the money.

I am so disgusted by the original posters message and by your message it's beyond words. This is the same way I felt when some poster was trying to compare Obama/Biden to Osama Bin Laden. It's all disgusting on both sides that its just beyond words.
my apologies to you - I probably did sound rude - nm
Well then, let me put the rude truth bluntly to you
your posts are very racist and hypocritical. You are a very bitter person.
being rude is also an unfavorable quality in an MT
it makes us look like we dont have any social skills.
It really wasn't intended to be rude........ sm
I just thought it kind of ironic...that's all.
I NEVER START with rude language,
I only REACT to it.

Like SELF-DEFENCE. ever heard of this?

Nope, she just made me think I really don't like rude people...

In day to day life or on this forum. 

Lila appears to have an ax to grind with her passive-aggressive insults and no real knowledge or insight to share. 

As I said, I don't care for rude people, whether liberal or right-wing or out of the box completely. 

just plain rude - keep 'em coming
You are rude and such a bore...but I bet you knew that, didn't ya...nm

My goodness. This must be the rude anonymous dem poster...sm
. Constantly putting my posts down. Seems to be your goal in life lately.
So right! Joy is extremely rude, but I dont "hate"
This board is never peaceful,,, she's confused and rude nm
Now you made me feel really stupid! Or not! How rude!..nm
I've heard no rude or bad words from Gourdie
Only from that nawnau
Who was rude? I just said she sounds young. You are just mad cuz Obama is winning
so everything i say is hateable from your point... well you can kiss my grits lady...you cannot come to my victory party... no snotty argumentative loser rednecks allowed.

I am not surprised. Obama represents the rude left
Rush Limbaugh is a rude, ignorant, overweight

Rush Limbaugh is a rude, ignorant, overweight

Now you're just plain rude. To try to belittle someone while spewing hatred.
First, you don't know me. Your insinuating that I have a crutch to fall on (religion). Sorry to debunk your theory but I'm not religious. I don't believe in your god.

Second, I don't listen to any of the leaders. If you've read any of my posts I've always stated I don't trust any of the politicians. I also read a wide variety of articles and I have an open mind and listen to every possibility. When you just pick one side and won't listen to everything you cut yourself off from the truth.

Third, for you to say "the most hideous and evil deeds in history have been done by people like me?" That is just downright rude (and I would say your remarks are hideous and evil, and that's putting it nicely).

You sure are one piece of work. And all because of what? I posted a link with some facts about your candidate you didn't like? This is why I belong to no political party (and no religious party). You'd probably eat it up and praise me if I put something negative about McCain (which I have also done).

I agree with another poster that said intolerance is the worse religion.

I also agree with the moderator who has said no more attacks on people. You need to read that post. After this post you will no longer be in my thoughts.

Hope your proud of your hateful and cruel comments. We all have our opinions. Guess I'm just shocked because this I think has to be one of the worst posts I've read so far. Never knew anyone to be so cruel and evil for them to say such things.
Good grief! You're a rude, bitter person.
your post is extremely rude, hateful, harassing, insulting...
I post here once more YOUR rude reply to my post, I quote...

...'You don't listen very well, do you?
Tell you what. You liberals seem to need everything spoon-fed to you and I've come to the conclusion that all we're doing is interfering with your mental progress.
Look up the speech and see if you can maybe figure out for yourself what he said that was disgraceful - if your mind will even allow you to consider tht possibility.'

For this your comment you should be BANNED from posting. I comply with the rules of this forum and abstain from giving you some appropriate insults in return. I think them only.

you aren't reasoning out issues, you are being downright rude, crude, and nasty. nm
The truth sounds rude when put bluntly but still is the truth. nm
!!!! hahaha
It's better off dead than dead AND rude and OBNOXIOUS.
Please respect the monitor's rules, even though you think they're stupid. 
I'm snotty, you're rude...we're even....
My dearrrr....not everyone in this country pays taxes. So you are wrong there. Obama said "spread the wealth." From his own mouth. The interview in Canada...economic parity and redistribution. Words from HIS mouth. If you believed those words from his mouth as much as you believed other words from his mouth, you would know he is a socialist. Selective memory is a wonderful thing ain't it??