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Wiki. 1984, Miss Wasilla.

Posted By: A small hamlet in Alaska. on 2008-09-01
In Reply to: Palin is a beauty queen? Where did you find that info? - Or is that your opinion? nm


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Miss Wasilla please chill, a 30-billion pipeline is not God's Will! nm
WIKI?? THAT is your source?? lol
edited, changed, and added to by ANYONE, right? You should be thoroughly ashamed of yourself as an MT to cite Wikipedia as your authority for ANYthing. I don't even necessarily like SP but you're making the case to side with her if that's how Barack's followers think/act.
Wiki was also scrubbed clean,..
when Palin was picked. Imagine that! They scrubbed what they could without being TOO obvious.
Sorry - guess you can't use quotes. I meant Orwell's 1984.
Huh? Even the reference disappeared! (Twilight Zone music plays). 1984. nm
Wasilla has only 8,000 pop, so even 1 meth lab is a lot and
Yeah... PALIN has lived there since she was 3 and became mayor there so for this place to have 42 meth labs is quite dramatic.
No wonder she rose to the top of her town, the rest were skanky white trash.
You have friends in Wasilla?
I have a cousin in Wasilla
and it appears that there is a large amount of support for here there. News media is notoriously liberal, so the newspaper support of Obama is not a huge surprise, is it?
Wicked Witch of Wasilla
She is being further investigated on yet more incidences of abuse of power.  The fact that she and Todd built their brand new home using the same contractor that just happened to get the contract to build a new 10 million dollar sports complex in Wasilla simultaneously has led some to question the whole deal, and possibly acquiring, shall we say, the means to do so through this contractor.  That's just one of them.  Watch Keith Olberman tonight on MSNBC.  They have her all figured out!  Obviously someone believes this woman is shady enough to warrant this further investigation.
According to my friends in Wasilla...Alaskans
love her and don't have a problem with her family going with her on trips. Maybe you should consult them before you say what the taxpayers hate.

Very few up there have any problem with her, except the buddy system they had in place. Anyone still associated with them of course wouldn't care for her. She kicked their butts!
Let's talk about the 42 meth labs in Wasilla or
the Keating Five or how McCain's daughter voted for John Kerry.
On Palin, AKA The Wicked Witch of Wasilla
For someone that we collectively have only known now for 8-9 weeks or so, we sure have discovered a lot of very questionable things about her that blatantly shows her lack of integrity, her intelligence of matters of the country (and the constitution), the many, many lies that she has been caught in lies, her very un-Christian-like behavior that provokes people to such a base mob frenzy (all done with a simpering smirk), her very obvious hunger for power and the spotlight, and now she is even turning against her running mate trying to make him look bad in a very sneaky backhanded way in order to further her own very demigogic agenda.  I, for one, cannot understand that there are still so many people out there that just will not see the truth.  Trust me, there is lots more to come in the next 10 days!!
The Wicked Witch of Wasilla, talk
about goulish!!
The wasilla meth labs were kept quiet too... and sm
for all the rabid repubs talk about the "media"... nobody really bothered Willow or Brillo or Bristol and nobody really publicized the big anti Palin rally by Alaskan women! You gotta wonder! Palin should keep her piehole closed. She got an enormous break and still screwed up.
Gotta be thankful to her though, for giving Obama more votes.

Story about Wasilla meth labs from Juneau news sm

Troopers dub Mat-Su area the meth capital of Alaska
WASILLA - The Matanuska-Susitna area is the methamphetamine capital of Alaska, according to Alaska State Troopers.
In 2003, authorities uncovered nine meth labs in the area. Last year, the number increased to 42, said Kyle Young, an investigator with the troopers who works with the Mat-Su narcotics team.

Officials with the Office of Children's Services in Wasilla said the problem affects children. The office receives about 40 calls a month from people reporting abuse or neglect involving some aspect of the highly addictive drug.

In late February, the Mat-Su narcotics unit arrested a couple at their Willow home. Michelle Motta said for years she tried to warn authorities that her three young nieces lived in the midst of a methamphetamine operation run by their parents, Phillip Dean and Laura Jackson.

Alaska State Troopers reported finding a "large active meth lab" in a detached garage shop. The house was a frigid mess, with piles of dirty dishes, clothes everywhere and frozen pipes, investigators said.

Through a hatch in the shop floor, the team found an underground room with a meth lab in one corner, as well as old marijuana root balls and lights from a past pot-growing operation.

An investigator said the team didn't find the children at home but saw signs of them there. Motta said the girls - ages 14, 8 and 6 - at times slept in the garage with the lab.

A year ago, the oldest girl detailed the household's rampant drug problems and squalid living conditions in a handwritten letter to a judge.

"My parents grow marijuana and crystal the(y) did the drugs that they bought in front of (my sisters)," the letter begins. "They spent most money on them instead of food or doing laundry. I got left home with nobody there I got left home with drug(g)ies..."

Motta now has custody of her three nieces. The Jacksons are jailed at Mat-Su Pre-Trial Facility in Palmer.

Children sharing homes with meth labs face the risk of contamination, fire, explosion, neglect and hazardous living conditions. Caseworkers report little children complaining of breathing problems from toxic fumes rising off chemicals such as acetone, ammonia and hydrochloric acid.

When authorities surrounded a converted bus housing a meth operation in Big Lake in January, a 13-year-old boy who answered the door bragged that his mom cooked the best meth in the valley, according to the troopers.

During a 2003 bust at a house outside Wasilla, officers discovered five children living inside, all younger than 8 years old.

The calls about meth to children's services in Wasilla accounts for as many as 40 percent of the agency's total monthly child protection calls.

The troopers are aggressively going after meth labs, said Capt. Ed Harrington, the supervisor of the state's drug and alcohol enforcement unit.

"It's just not a simple process," Harrington said. "Just because somebody calls in and says 'So and so's cooking meth' doesn't mean we're going to kick the door in the next night."

Palin's Wasilla has 42 meth labs and her daughter's new mother in law to be sm
got arrested for drugs.

She said SOME or did you miss that? nm

Man!! I miss everything! nm

What did I miss? nm
Ya, then none of us would have to miss
That would just suck.
Did you miss something?
Yea, some moron found a you tube clip and her religion was an issue over and over ad nauseum in the media, of which I'm sure you paid attention to.

I have based my opinion on his background, not his color. He has a very very very questionable background, being brought up in Islamic faith. That's NOT a little thing. If you don't like the religious aspect of it, too bad. When Muslim belief says all who are not Muslim are to be killed, you better believe I pay attention. When I see one after another terrorist (even home grown) being his buddies, I'll pay attention and question why.

Dense and ignorant will ignore anything Muslim, because most liberals don't care about God anyway, but his real beliefs and upbringing that has been proven over and over again are a big concern for me.

You might open your eyes when or if he is in office and all those cabinet positions have to be filled and all you see are names you can't even pronounce, because they all have questionable citizenship to this country, questionable middle eastern relationships with those involved in terorrist organizations, etc.

Then you can wonder where this country is really going and maybe you'll have bigger fish to fry then.
No, I did not miss that -
I addressed that part when I said that people who would not pay taxes already do not pay taxes!

There are many, many people who never pay a penny into taxes and get $5000 to $6000 refunds every year for EIC. That is nothing new.
MAN what did I miss???
What'd I miss?
So I've been gone for a few days (almost a week I guess!)

Any good bits I need to check out? Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! I think my eyes are orange from all the pumpkin pie I ate!!
So do I (miss sam)

I don't post very often anymore because of the same reasons. You're bashed constantly for your views. This is no longer a politics board as you said.

I'm at least willing to see what O does BUT, I caught a bit of his Phila. speech and he stated we need to change the Declaration of Independence. Huh? I hope I didn't hear that correctly.

I'm also sick of seeing all the garbage that's being pushed with his face on it, like he's some kind of God and how the whole world is going to tune into his inaugaration and celebrate. Saw where one woman in Kenya had a skirt on with his picture on it. It fit right over her butt. I got a kick out of that.

Yes, I miss her also...................nm
Try not to miss me too much...(sm)
Gone on vacation.  Hope you all (even the ones that hate me...lol) have a good week    . 
didn't miss anything....
but I want to know why we haven't heard more of cronie Rove?  I knew that would be shoved under the rug as they are wanting that scandal will go away.  That's why the "early" nomination of Roberts.  So see-through they stink!
I will miss Tim Russert. sm
Yup, you still miss the point...oh well....nm

Did I miss something important? AS is a pub gov
He ran under the pub ticket and was elected by Californian pubs and other star-struck Californians. Do you disagree with the idea that repulicans come in different flavors or should I be translating you message from Christian right-wing fringe-speak to mean roughly "my way or the highway" on what it means to be a REAL republican?
did you miss the part where
this lady had a B for Obama carved in her head by a black man (not that his race really matters, so lets not start calling me a racist). I doubt that it was Republical propaganda about Obama being a Muslim that caused such a thing and I find it offensive that everyone keeps talking about Palin's looks. Honestly, it's not as if she is really all that good looking, just better looking than Hillary. Might not be racism, but it is a bit of sexism. If this had been a black woman attacked by a McCain supporter, I still would not understand you stance, but at least it wouldn't be from out of nowhere.
Did I miss anything good?

Okay, I have been gone for 2-1/2 days.  My son graduated from boot camp this morning and I was at Fort Jackson - LOVE OUR SOLDIERS!!!! 

Don't really have time to go through all those days - but if there is something good I missed, point me there please?

Me too. I am not a democrat, but I think I miss
Did you miss this part? s/m

" She was fired early this year over personal expenses she had put on the group's credit card."

Nice try but no sale.

Are you kidding me...and miss all the fun?
I could do this until the polls open if need by, but I think you can get the general drift:
1. “I’m the mayor, I can do whatever I want until the courts tell me I can’t.’” –Sarah Palin, as quoted by former City Council Member Nick Carney, after he raised objections about the $50,000 she spent renovating the mayor’s office without approval of the city council.
2. SP: RNC Convention: “I told the Congress, ‘Thanks, but no thanks,’ on that Bridge to Nowhere.” who was for the Bridge to Nowhere before she was against it.
3. SP: RNC: “We grow good people in our small towns, with honesty and sincerity and dignity.” quoting the fascist right-wing columnist Westbrook Pegler, an avowed racist and anti-Semite who once expressed his hope that Robert F. Kennedy would be assassinated
4. SP: “Absolutely. Yup, yup.” after being asked by People magazine if she was ready to be a heartbeat away from the presidency
5. SP: July 2008: “As for that VP talk all the time, I’ll tell you, I still can’t answer that question until somebody answers for me what is it exactly that the VP does every day?” interview with CNBC’s “Kudlow & Co”
6. SP: "A Vice President has a really great job because not only are they there to support the President's agenda, they're like the team member--the team mate--to that president. But also, they're in charge of the United States Senate, so if they want to, they can really get in there with the senators and make a lot of good policy changes that will make life better..." Palin told Denver's KUSA-TV on Monday,
7. August 2008: SP: “A changing environment will affect Alaska more than any other state, because of our location. I’m not one though who would attribute it to being man-made.” dismissing global warming as influenced by human activity, Newsmax interview.
8. 09/09/2008: SP claimed that lending giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac had "gotten too big and too expensive to the taxpayers." Operated as private companies, not taxpayer funded. Fundamental ignorance of a key issue that will face the next administration.
9. 09/11/2008: SP: “They’re our next door neighbors and you can actually see Russia from land here in Alaska, from an island in Alaska.” –Sarah Palin, on her foreign policy insights into Russia, ABC News interview,
10. 09/11/2008: SP: “Perhaps so.” when asked if we may need to go to war with Russia because of the Georgia crisis, ABC News interview.
11. 09/11/2008: “I have not, and I think if you go back in history and if you ask that question of many vice presidents, they may have the same answer that I just gave you.” after being asked if she had never met a foreign head of state, despite the fact that every vice president in the last 32 years had met a foreign head of state prior to taking office, ABC News interview
12. 09/11/2008: “In what respect, Charlie?” after being asked if she agreed with the Bush Doctrine, ABC News interview
13. 09/11/2008: SP: “Let me speak specifically about a credential that I do bring to this table, Charlie, and that’s with the energy independence that I’ve been working on for these years as the governor of this state that produces nearly 20 percent of the U.S. domestic supply of energy.” –Sarah Palin, misstating the actual amount of energy produced by Alaska, which is only 3.5 percent,
14. 09/11/2008: “You’ll be there to defend the innocents from the enemies who planned and carried out and rejoiced in the deaths of thousands of Americans.” linking the Iraq war the 9/11 attacks while addressing U.S. soldiers shipping off to Iraq, Fairbanks, Alaska. Gee. And all this time we thought it was those WMDs.
15. 09/17/2008: SP: “Oil and coal? Of course, it’s a fungible commodity and they don’t flag, you know, the molecules, where it’s going and where it’s not. But in the sense of the Congress today, they know that there are very, very hungry domestic markets that need that oil first. So, I believe that what Congress is going to do, also, is not to allow the export bans to such a degree that it’s Americans that get stuck to holding the bag without the energy source that is produced here, pumped here. It’s got to flow into our domestic markets first.” SP...billed by John McCain as the nation’s foremost expert on energy, clumsily answering a question while speaking off the cuff at a town hall meeting, Grand Rapids, Michigan.
16. 09/24/2008: “I’ll try to find you some and I’ll bring them to you.” When asked by Katie Couric to cite specific examples of how John McCain has pushed for more regulation in his 26 years.
17. 09/24/2008: "our next door neighbors are foreign countries. They’re in the state that I am the executive of. And there in Russia … We have trade missions back and forth. We– we do– it’s very important when you consider even national security issues with Russia as Putin rears his head and comes into the air space of the United States of America, where– where do they go? It’s Alaska. It’s just right over the border. It is– from Alaska that we send those out to make sure that an eye is being kept on this very powerful nation, Russia, because they are right there. They are right next to– to our state.”when asked by Katie Couric how Alaska’s proximity to Russia gives her foreign policy experience.

Did you miss his credentials? sm
Schmitt, who grew up in Silver City and now lives in Albuquerque, has a science degree from the California Institute of Technology. He also studied geology at the University of Oslo in Norway and took a doctorate in geology from Harvard University in 1964.

I think a doctorate in geology does suffice.
Did you miss the point?
Without government interference, there would never have been subprime loans in the first place! The banks couldn't afford them!!! Now, that is correctness!
You really did miss my whole point entirely.
I didn't defend alcohol being legal. I said, in effect, "Do two wrongs make a right?"

I'm sorry you wasted all those keystrokes.
I did not miss your point at all
You either love all men as God teaches or you don't. I don't think God says to love them all - except for this group or that group. Nope, God says to love ALL men. There are no exceptions to that.
Swing and a miss...again...(sm)
It has always been a right for people to marry who they wish to marry.  Being gay does not make them any less of a person.
Bye Bye Miss American Pie..sigh..

Hi, Anon!!  :o)

I warned my republican friends..YIPES??  I have republican friends?  Yes, and three of them now have told me the war was wrong and Bush is frightening.

Anyway, I warned my republican friends and everyone else that if Bush got in office the first time, the country would change drastically and he would destroy America and the world (okay maybe that was a little over the top..but not really)..I see us women going back to being bare foot and pregnant in the kitchen and the men coming home in loin cloths and billy clubs (umm..well, maybe that might be nice.smile)..


Honestly, you didn't miss much.
It was not one of his better shows, but he still cracks me up!
Did someone miss their morning meds?...nm

So, Miss Thang is a mindreader too.
Aplogies to Jon for miss spelling his name
 . . . also love Stephen Colbert and Whoopi and Joy on the View (not so carzy about Elizabeth), and also now truly in love with Keith Olberman (sp?) on Countdown.
Did you miss the part about pubs
Did you miss the part where I took out loans?
I only used the Pell grant ONCE. That's the difference. I didn't use it every year because I could.

I am not against welfare. I am against those who cheat and USE the system and don't attempt to better themselves.

I've had a job since I was 16. I bought my own car, I paid my own insurance, I paid my way through everything. I kept my grades up and for one year I used the Pell grant to take classes SO I COULD WORK MORE and pay for the rest of my schooling. By all means, shoot me for that.

Me too... boo hoo. How I shall miss the hateful left.
You still miss the point that 48% of the country....
don't see Obama as the leader you see and have no faith that he can "change" anything for the better. He talks a lot of "unite" but not much about "compromise." He wants to bring US to HIS side, not meet us in the middle. His whole career has been that, his voting record has been that. What, I ask you, is there other than his word for it that he means to change anything other than taking everything we the 48% believe and demolishing it so that nothing remains but HIS view? Where is ANY tangible proof of that? He is immovable on abortion and extreme far left radical on it. He means to change the face of the supreme court and remove all semblance of conservatism. He does not want to "unite" conservatives, he wants conservatives to become liberals. As do his followers...it is readily apparent from the posts you read here. No one here is interested in uniting anyone, unless you adopt their thoughts, their values, their vision. If you don't, you are an ignorant redneck and so many other colorful adjectives I can't name them all.

So you tell me...where in anything Obama says does a conservative find hope for compromise or positive "change?" Please direct me there.

As to party rubble...not a republican...that party left me a long time ago. I personally think the party system is divisive and I think the idea of only 2 candidates reeks. But...oh well. The powerful higher-ups know the more candidates you have, the harder to get a majority...and they don't want that.

Oh well...off my soapbox. In closing...very simple. If Obama truly does start to "compromise" in his effort to "unite" then I might really believe he is reaching out to those of us who don't trust him. Until then...just words.
I'll miss you Cyndiee!
As one of the most thoughtful, intelligent, nonpartisan posters on this board. It is a shame that someone who is obviously unhappy in their own lives has decided to make your their target. Believe me, I feel for you. This happened to me a while back on a different board and it was very unpleasant.

I have enjoyed reading your posts and agree with you 99.9% of the time. You are a very warm, witty, insightful person and I will miss reading your posts.

What a shame that the darn trolls are spoiling this board for all of us. I have a feeling they are foreign MTs or management, trying to create divisions.

Take care of yourself and your family and when you feel strong enough, I look forward to seeing you back here. You will be sadly missed.