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Posted By: frustrated on 2006-04-17
In Reply to: Keystrokes position.... - Bea

First of all, congratulations on your new position!!!! How much experience did they require you to have? I have only 1 year exp., unfortunately, in Ortho,but know that I can run with the best of them in this specialty. However, I have not been given the opportunity. Just wondering. Again, Congrats!!!!

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Hope it fits like an expensive shoe :)

(Don't let anyone burst your bubble with their personal philosophies.)
Congratulations on your new job.
I personally would call them. There are lots of changes going on and everyone is in a scramble. I certainly would not worry about appearing annoying, you need to know these things and the only way to get answers to our questions is ASK! What office are you out of?

Welcome to Amphion!  You will really like it here.  Everyone is very kind and helpful.  Congratulations......I'm very happy for you! 

That is great. I work for Amphion, and I believe you will find it a very good place to work. Very friendly people who are extremely professional and very flexible...!!
How long did the process take? How long after you sent in a resume did you hear back from them?

Congratulations!! nm
on getting out of AAMT. Why does anyone need the CMT? It is ability that counts. I have been an MT for 38 years, have worked some some mighty demanding and good jobs and no one has ever given a fig about the CMT.
Congratulations .... SM
I hope it works well for you.  I emailed with one MT who works there and she is very satisified with them.  I am talking to them about a very PT clinic position and have gone back and forth but we need to get a time set up to train and I'm not getting a response right now.  I feel there's probably a fine line in being aggressive and just wanting to keep in touch, and being a pest.  I feel sure they will get back with me, but if not today, I will contact them back tomorrow.  Again, congratulations to you!  
You are lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky to work there!!!!!!!! I would ABSOLUTELY LOOOVVVVEEE to work there too!!!!  Good luck.  Let us know how it turns out for you.
Congratulations! :-) nm
Way to go! Congratulations.
Congratulations! I know how happy you must be...because I am too! I start tomorrow and I am so used to volunteering for more than 1 account, I did that, but they said they wanted me on 1 and they will make sure there is enough work. All of the people who have set me up thus far, the lead, etc. have been so kind and I do believe that like you and others, this will be a safe haven or at least less stress than being out there in the world if you know what I mean! Again, congrats.

Must not have what they were looking for.  Seems weird since I have experience in all the specialties they listed.  I will keep searching...


congratulations to
Encompass, Focus, and Sten-Tel! 
Glad to hear it!! 
Congratulations to you!!!
Like the other poster, I have also been there only a short while (just about 3 months now), and absolutely love it there!! I never felt so enthusiastic about doing my job before.  It is truly a pleasure working there.  The people are wonderful and always there to help.  The communication is excellent with the managers; there are 2 of them and one or both are always available for questions or problem,etc.  You will not be disappointed.  I absolutely love my job, and feel soooo lucky to be working there.  I can honestly say, the grass is definitely greener on the other side!!!!  Again, a big congratulations to you!!!!!
I am sure you won't be disappointed.  They really are great.  :)
Well, congratulations! s/m

I don't think I've ever heard of anyone making that kind of money in 2 years.  When I used to teach, back in the old days when pay was a lot better, I told new MTs not to expect to make decent money for 5 years. Stedman's has a lot of strange words to get a  handle on in such a short time.  You must be one smart cookie.

I'm not going to say what I make because knowing what I make wouldn't put another nickle in anyone else's paycheck plus no one would know if I was telling the truth or telling a whopper.  Just suffice it to say I'm satisfied and at the end of the day that's all that matters.

Please keep us informed. Maybe it would be worth the switch.
Yes, congratulations
My post below was not aimed at you, rather that nasty response you got from Miss Personality below.
Congratulations to you!!!
I have read all the posts below and I cannot believe some people!!!

That being said, I am very happy for you. I am what the lady below would consider one of the best - I make $50,000 a year working 30 hours a week or less, I have great QA scores, have never had any trouble finding a job or keeping a job, when they want a stat report done, they always call me because I can get it done fast, and yet, I am sitting here wondering what is happening to my job!!!

Outsourcing - maybe... economy - maybe??? I don't know what the problem is, but I know I am not going to have a good Christmas this year either.

I am in college right now to get a degree in accounting and get myself out of this world too. It has been good to me for a long time (17+ years), but like someone else said, it is a sinking ship and I am grabbing for a lifeboat!

I hope things work out really well for you in your new position.
and good luck!
Glad you finally found what looks like a fit for you.
Congratulations on your new job! :)
Hope it works out for you! :) I'm leaving MQ and will be starting a new job hopefully this week...I'm a little nervous but so happy to leave MedQuist...Good luck to you! :)
Congratulations on your new job!!

I wish you all the best!!  I have also just accepted a new job, I am very excited about the job but just dreading the training and having to learn new things. 

Again, here's wishing you all the best and keep us posted on how things go!! 

Congratulations on your new job with KS (sm)
I too left MQ for KS 3 years ago and it was the best move I ever made.  You'll like it at KS...
And good luck with your new job!  I wish you all the best. 

To both the MTs starting with Keystrokes I wish nothing but the best.

I sent a resume late last week and did receive an email with some questions which I returned on Friday. I have not yet heard more.

Do you thinks this is a positive sign?


Either way I wish you both the best. It is nice to offer congratulations and hear good news!

I do and congratulations on your
new job.  One never knows what opportunities are just around the corner.  Usually  people have to get off their duff and look for opportunities rather than just sitting around crying that they can't pay their bills.
You have all become the biggest losers of any profession.   Always whining and complaining.  Thanks for making my profession so embarrassing, I really appreciate it.   Thumbs up to all the thumb suckers. 
How nice. Congratulations! nm
Congratulations! Hope you get the job! sm
Honestly, I think that they cannot be beat.  I just wish they offered PTO....but maybe they will later on.  They are great!  Good luck and really hope you get the job!
That is great!!! Congratulations...uh..if she needs anyone else..LOL (nm)
Congratulations. I thought that I'd
miss it after 16 years, but I don't. Fortunately, there is life outside of transcription. Good luck.
Congratulations and welcome aboard! (nm)

Congratulations, sincerely. sm
It's good to know there are companies out there who value their employees.  In the spirit of the season, I hope you can ignore many of the Grinches on this site and have a really great and Merry Christmas!   Being grateful is important.  
Congratulations but you are exceptional..sm
Obviously you are very experienced and your expertise came through quickly...not everybody can get through QA in a day! Please don't give the impression that anyone can do it just because you did.
Congratulations Giants!
Boston gal here. It was sooooo disappointing for the Pats lose the Super Bowl after a perfect season. The Giants were by far the better team last night. You could tell from the 1st quarter they wanted to win bad, and they sure did give it their all! The Pats were out to lunch. I have to admit, after seeing Eli Manning interviewed over the past couple of weeks, I liked his down to Earth demeanor and humbleness. Congratulations to all you Giants fans! The better team certainly won last night!
Wow congratulations on your prestigious

Congratulations!!! Best of luck to you!!!
Congratulations! You'll be so happy there!

Great! Congratulations. You wouldn't
wealth, would you? What company??? Do they need more people? May I email you?

You are very welcome - Congratulations and Good Luck! nm
Congratulations Sparky. What platform were you (sm)

hired for?  I'm hoping to get started this week.  Good luck, hope you like KS.

Congratulations. Just curious, when do they want you to start? NM


Well congratulations!!! I am at WMX, and I went there primarily for the insurance sm
because we have 4 young daughters at home--lots of doctor visits, sniffles, etc. Our deductible is like $500 per person with a max for the family. It is pretty good coverage with either a $20 or $25 copay, depending on the plan you choose.

I know you must be overwhelmed right now, but you have been blessed. :-) Take it easy, granny! :-P I think it is wonderful. Enjoy!
Congratulations! Did you also go to school for billing? (sm)
I only ask because I've been an MT for 20+ years and want to switch to billing.  There is a company 2 miles from my house that does billing and is always hiring. I have never submitted an application because I don't have any training in billing, just MTing.  TIA
What a wonderful testimony. Congratulations to you. ... sm
God IS good.
Congratulations Newbie and Best of Luck to You
Congratulations on that! I have considered going for my master's, too,
but I am worried if this is the right time especially in the area I live. Good luck to you :)

Due to your foresight into enhancing the productivity of your valued medical transcriptionists by allowing them to double their lines per hour and cutting their pay in half, you have managed to succesfully eliminate the need for half of your workforce.

Since your job is so streamlined now, and you don't have as much to do, we are cutting your pay in half. Thank you for being a team player. As you can imagine, this will allow us the profitability to keep our company strong and growing. RAH, RAH.

As a special bonus, we are offering a 7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. Thursday through Sunday IC special shift for our management team. Thank you for being a team player. This will completely eliminate your benefits but give you the flexibilty to work Thursday through Sunday, usually when those pesky MTs want to be off.

Since this will further reduce your workload, we will be cutting your wage by half again. This super-streamlined workload will give you time to study and expand your horizons. Thank you for being a team player. We recommend ESL 101, Cough, Yawn, and Grunt 204, Advanced Physician Spelling 305, Whatthehellishesaying 410, and the graduate level Food Stamps and You 599. 

As we realize pressures from our global marketplace might trending your wages down slightly - people in India are every bit the managers YOU are - we would recommend you supplement your income by doing medical transcription. Thank you for being a team player. This opportunity allows you to make 3 cents per line, and Newbies are busting out at over $4.50 an hour in this lucrative field.

We realize that many of you may not know how to produce a medical document; however, we have this fantastic platform that virtually eliminates any thought process needed. It records everything the doctor says, even if it is wrong, and even if it is his personal and inappropriate discussion with someone else. Thank you for being a team player. It is very easy to learn, and we have a multitude of experienced transcriptionists who would be happy to tutor you for $250 to $300 per hour. Think of it as an investment in your future.



 and allowing you to seek employment in the transcription department. Since we know most of you know nothing about transcription, we have available hundreds of experienced medical language specialists who will gladly tutor you