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I would call and talk to them. I know that they say 5 years for some positions

Posted By: OH MT on 2006-04-17
In Reply to: Congratulations!!! - frustrated

and 3 for others BUT I am sure that if you test, they will give you a shot. The worst that they can say is no. They gave me a shot 4 years ago with 8 months experience and I am still there!

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Call and talk to them. They have a few.
I am sure they will help you if they can. Unfortunately, most systems require high speed to run properly.
We have too much on my account. Call and talk to sm
Martha or Karyn.
Call IT and talk to Marianne; she is

very very helpful and will figure it out

It is pretty easy. I would call them and talk to them. sm
Start with HIM Coordinator (starts with B). She's the best.
Thank you. I would like to call HUP but I have no idea who to contact in the MR Dept. to talk to. Do
you know the direct phone number to the person in HUP MR because to go through the main number is like trying to call the president.
Call and talk to a recruiter. They would know what openings are on what accounts. nm



Talk to your leads or call the main office to see if you can get a backup account...
I have been there for over a year too and have always had plenty of work...
Can anyone from the Ohio MQ office give me a contact person and a phone number to call so I can talk
to someone there without getting a lot of other people involved before I find out what kind of accounts they have to offer. I am interested in transferring from my current office but would like to speak with someone up there first. Even an email address of someone would help.
I call 5 years a chance. Give me the
old MDI where I was not a number, I was a human. I am now a disposable piece of equipment, a robot that they flip the switch to on or off as they want. I do not have all those FABULOUS days, and wonderful weekends that I hear about. I used to call the office but after 5 years I do not think anyone there even remembers my name. This is big business at its worst. Money gets to some people and makes them feel they are better than us peons who make them that money. I deal with people that I have never heard of before and some that are not that nice.

My price of gas tripled and my pay checks have been cut in half.
Why not call them and ask? I've been with them for 2 years and love it. Best company
I have ever worked for.  There is always plenty of work, pay is decent and on time, and best of all I am treated well.  They offer all kinds of bonuses, continuing education pay, vacation pay, reasonable insurance through Aetna, life insurance.  Am I getting rich off this?  No.  Am I paid reasonably well?  Yes.  Would I recommend Transtech?  Absolutely!
I have been there 4 years and there are many happy MTs. Call the office, not the sour grapes on thi
I did phone training years ago on the platforrm and was paid 50.00 per call (sm)
The call usually lasted an hour, and was one-on-one.
Apparently, you got a call back.. Not me.. over 9 years of ortho experience and nada
Oh well, best wishes to you. Let me know how it goes once your through the process. I had asked before about information on them but no one seems to have any.
In REPLY TO: What do you call 6.5 cents?? - Geeze, when I started out 15 years ago, I made 8 c
6.5 was the offer for one place and the second offer was 9 cents. I chose the second offer :). Rough out there indeed! There are even places paying per report now... I saw 75 cents, $1.10, $1.15 and $1.25. Ain't good for Rad.
Yes, call waiting works. I also have call forwarding from my home line
You can call it greed, I call it feeling like
I am back in the 80s with the money I am pulling in. SS, retirement check and my paycheck, cha-ching. Not planning on taking it with me, never. Love to travel and have 4 places planned for this year. High maintenance lady here. Ta-Ta.
Also do they have IC positions?
tia too
Both positions are for...
large teaching facilities with many different types of reports.  The test reports I did included a chest x-ray, mammogram, MRI, CAT scan, and a few interventional procedures.  So I'm thinking maybe the gross line method would be best?
Would anyone know where to find MT management-type job openings on the internet? Have been searching with no luck. TIA!
IC positions
Can anyone tell me which companies still hire ICs.  TIA!
Is there an ad for MT positions somewhere? sm
I don't see an ad here. Please let me know.
No, they are actually 2 different positions
You are the 24-hour PT fixed schedule.

For MTs who want to work 20 hours and under, they work when they are needed or something like that. It's in the other posts.

good luck with MQ
IC positions
Does anyone know of any IC jobs that allow you to work the hours you want, with just a weekly line requirement?
MDI positions
Keep checking back with them on your resume, and if nothing pans out try again in a few months. I imagine they have been flooded with resumes this week from MQers. They are usually pretty good about not overhiring and keeping the accounts staffed adequately so it all stays in TAT but people have enough work.
PT Positions
Hi - I currently work part-time for a company that is consistently running out of work (a bunch of you can probably guess which one). I am looking for somewhere where I can put in about 10 hours weekly to supplement. Can anyone recommend anywhere that would hire for such limited hours? I do not want to leave my current company just yet - only been there a year.....but do want something permanent and steady.
QA positions
This is possibly a stupid question but how do you get a job in QA?  I have been a medical Transcriptionist for over 24 years and would love to do some QA work.  Can anyone give me some insight into this?  THANKS!
QA positions
Thanks so much Heather!  That is exactly what I am going to try doing as well. 
What's with all the IC positions I'm seeing lately?

It was just a matter of a few years ago that the IRS was stomping on just about any MTSO that used what I will call (for want of a better term) the IC dodge to get out of withholding taxes, paying their share of SS, unemployment insurance premiums, etc., etc. 

At the time, the IRS published a list of something like 20 questions or criteria that had to be met for an individual to truly be considered an independent contractor - and none of the MTSOs they audited met the criteria.  I was personally involved with a company that was declared in violation and it cost them plenty.  I also heard about a number of others that were similarly penalized.

For the most part, this IC thing is just what I called it above - a DODGE.  In almost every sense, in most cases, the individual is an EMPLOYEE.  One of the criteria, for instance, included the degree of control over HOW the work was to be done, WHEN the individual had to work, etc. and it's almost impossible for an MTSO not to exercise more control than the IRS likes to see.

One explanation could be that the IRS is concentrating on other industries right now. They're so short-handed in their auditing division that they have to prioritize what they go after each year.  Maybe they thought they had cleaned this up and moved on.  If so, they should come back and take another look, because this is starting to rear its ugly head again.


Which positions and
No IC positions at Precyse. nm
At home positions
DTS America Brentwood TN has at home positions awesome management group there.
eliminated positions
Well.... I'm not sure which account you are talking about, but what actually took place was this.... for each of the .. I think 3 accounts there was a day and an evening lead MT. On the acct I worked on there was also a night lead .. though I'm not sure about the others. What they did was tell the leads that their positions were eliminated and actually created new positions, positions which were lead positions, both covering 3 accounts instead of one... plus they are required to type 600 lines on their shift... which basically means they will be of no support to the MTs.. which I felt was the most important part of my job. You will not find anything which violates labor laws in this.... As far as integrity in a company that would do that to their employees.. that is different story. Now.. what you might learn by reading through the facts on this site...


is that these people seriously violate the labor laws when it comes to the amount of work-related hours their MTs put in which they are not paid for.... now THERE is something that cannot be denied. Please tell whichever lead it is ... that I know how she is feeling.. and it shouldn't be allowed... but then..firing an employee after 28 years of working in the same hospital for fabricated reasons after you find out she knows you have been playing doctor with one of the married physicians on staff... and are afraid she might tell... well that isn't right either.. but .. it still happens all the time...the only and very best thing we can do ... is swear to be better people than those who are willing to screw the rest of us to get ahead....
Editor positions
I would be interested in becoming an Editor ... I have been an MT for 25+ years and would welcome $14.00 an hour.  Please send email.. thanks
Maybe the M-F positions are filled? Don't know
How about QA positions? May be interested.
Went on website and looks like you can only apply for MT. ?
Hospital positions

The hospitals themselves have rules that they only hire from certain states. I have never really gotten a definite answer as to why, but I believe it has to do with the state tax withholding and they are only compatible with certain states.  I work for one of these hospitals, but I could not work for the other one because of the state I live in.

It's too bad they put you through all of that without checking first. It should be one of the first things the recruiter checks for a hospital position I would think.  There is more than one hospital, so make sure you don't qualify for any of the other ones.  


do they offer QA positions?
All IC positions and they do offer

positions are all full
MD-IT psych positions
Has anyone interviewed with and heard from MD-IT regarding their psych positions?  I interviewed last week and still have not heard anything...
psych positions
Can someone tell me who MD-IT is? website? Thanks.
Most of those are inhouse positions so just
They were only hiring for 5 positions

I know that the recruiter was overwhelmed with the amount of resumes she received.  However, I do know that they go through the resumes and keep the qualified MTs on file for the next time they hire. 

The ones accepting these positions must be SM
newbies, cause I can't believe an MT with much experience would put up with it.
QC editing positions??
I am currently with Focus and have been given the choice of quitting or working a fixed shift for productivity. I now work for productivity and at least can make up for it later if I have equipment issues or no work. Know of any good ON-SHORE companies to work for?
QC Editing positions?
I also have been given only a few days, so I am putting out resumes and finding out if my #1 job has extra hours to give me (I'm only part time with my first job.) I've gotten a response from one company today.

Re Focus: I also have issues with how Focus they change their productivity sheets every few months and how they change their line count calculation back and forth whenever it suits them. The new line count calculation produces much less and when using so much time with that very cumbersome auditing software program, I figure I am lucky to bring in $12 an hour any more when I used to average over 20/hr during my 2nd month with Focus.
New graduate positions
Does anyone know any company who hires new graduates or can point me in the right direction?
Do you mean 60 positions are being affected? sm
I sent you an email.
No, I mean 60 positions open

and available for filling.  Even if she meant 16, that is quite a bit.  Again, more information available upon (E-mail) request.

Employee Positions
I am looking for a full-time employee position as I need benefits. It seems everything is IC. Does anyone know of companies that are hiring full-time employees? Thanks in advance!
What positions did you all apply for?
You can email if you'd like and we can chat about it. bewitchedmt@yahoo.com