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I'm Sorry Frustrated....

Posted By: Bea on 2006-04-17
In Reply to: Congratulations!!! - frustrated

....I know how much of a pain in the rear it can be when no one will give you the chance to show your stuff. Keystrokes requires at least 5 years experience (I do believe).

I also just checked my email and another company has offered me a position, but it's not doing Radiology because they are fully staffed on their Radiology accounts, but has offered me a position in one of their medical records accounts. Waiting to hear if they will tell me what type of reports that account has and see what they say. I doubt I will take it though.

The only problem I see with Keystrokes is my schedule. I am not going to like working 2-10 p.m. Central time at all, but it was the only schedule that they had open. I wish you luck Frustrated. Just keep at it, someone will give you that opportunity.

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I finished my DQS training almost two weeks ago. I was cleared for DQS two days later. The next day I received an email saying a DQS user request would be submitted for me and an update provided when I'm added. I've heard nothing. I've emailed several times with no response. Every email up till then was answered within minutes. I want to call now but fear sounding annoying and having it held against me in some way because I really need this job.

Is this typical? If so I can deal with it. I just wish I'd get some type of response. Should I call and risk being annoying after sending several emails?
to frustrated
I agree with the above post, it could just be an oversite with all the changes going on...as my Daddy used to say  "it's better to make a move than to sit and stew"
Had you had any warnings in the past or did they have a policy on mistakes?

I'm with you. I know what I should be doing, but get bounced all over the place from account to account. Just when I get my momentum up, I get either an ESL or a sloppy Engligh-speaking person. I don't want to wear out my rewing, but....I would love to be assigned 2 or 3 doctors and be responsible for just them. Dream?
Frustrated MT
company maybe CPR Technologies?
I am frustrated
with the ability to make lines at some of these companies and would give a pay cut in terms of cpl if I could have the chance to just MAKE the lines. Also, all these short 1-minute reports and the info put into the patienet information screen takes soooo much time and sucks the line counts from me daily.
Wow, $100?  I thought my $400-500 per pay period was bad, but in order to make that I have to log in every day.

Thanks for the info.  Guess they are out because of the set schedule.  I am so sick of seeing companies hire as an IC but then turn around and make you work a set schedule!!!!! 

Frustrated IC
I just have a question for the other ICs out there.  Isn't one of the advantages of being an IC that you do not have to be tied to shift work.  I ask this because I have been looking for a part-time job to supplement my current one that has gotten slow because they lost one of the doctors in the practice and all of the ones that I see posted for IC work mention the shifts that are available.  For a variety of reasons, I cannot be on the computer at the same time every day or even the same hours week after week, but I have never failed to get my 24-TAT accomplished.  I am just frustrated and was wondering if someone changed the rules in the middle of the game and forgot to send us all a memo... 
What a great post! As a new graduate just starting out, I expected it to take some to get my first job. Hearing that experienced MTs are having trouble is really disheartening. Hopefully everyone WILL be busy next month! When I get my career going, I will gladly vacation in a tropical climate during the slow time, as my husband is also in construction. Good luck to all!
Do you know why they had to hire so many all at once?
Yeah, I wonder how hard the Transcend/MDI mucky-mucks are crying? All the way to the bank.
I got so frustrated, I was continually
we would sever the relationship and I would not be responsible for paying them the $125 for the computer.  Haven't got my last check from them yet, so it might be $125 short.  Go figure.  Will keep you posted.  I was having headaches and chest pains when I worked for them.  The day after I quit, all that went away. 
Just Frustrated and down in the dumps....
I work for a National, everyone told me I would love this company, I am trying so hard and cannot seem to get the daily line count they want or that I want.  I am using word Expander for the first time with this company and love it but sometimes, to me, it is a hinderence in getting your typing rhythm down, and sometimes it expands things that I did not want, so I pause, hesitate, delete, find what I am looking for etc. then go on, but again, my line count isn't what I thought it would be.  I work Sun-Thu and on Sun and Mon I meet the line count but then they switch me over to doctors I've never had on Tue, Wed, and Thu and then my line count goes way down, trying to find reports, trying to understand the doc, and end up leaving blanks.  I love being an MT, I just want to be able to pay my bills AND have some extra money to save....I guess I just wanted to vent....I know there are many excellent MTs out there, and Ill be replaced without hesitation, I just wanted to make this work.  I've been doing it for 2 years and this is the first time I've had this problem.  I don't do laundry while I work, I have a private room for my office and rarely leave the chair.  I have not taken any time off and even worked holidays.  Any ideas to increase my line count?
Also frustrated in searching
Is there anyway you could archive posts sooner, like maybe only keep two pages of current post?  Or set up a search for non-archived posts?
Focus frustrated
I am very happy to read your post. I have worked for Focus for three weeks. I expect my first paycheck next week and I think it may be for $1.25.ha ha I get 100% on most of my reports, but some of the foreign doctors are soo hard to dictate and I get an occasional 95% because of it. That is my money!
Also, I have been keeping track of line counts. MS Word and Escription are drastically different. MS Word shows 118 lines and Escription shows 67. At .08 cents a line that is about a whopping $20 a day!
I make more doing contract work! Think I will just make the leap.
Do you mind me asking what company you went to?
Not so frustrated anymore
I was frustrated a little while back. My account manager quit and I wasn't getting paid for my 2nd shift differential, but now things seem to have settled down. They have a new person doing payroll, and everything seems to be fine now. I have always loved the account that I work on and I even just got a new secondary account, so things seem to be getting somewhat back to normal there.
Expect to be frustrated
You'll try to communicate with them in English but they will not understand and just keep pushing other issues. They do not understand NO so be prepared to repeat yourself over and over when you are unable to work a certain day or time etc. Good luck with that one. People do not stay long there and your QA is done by people in India so do not bother taking any notes on the correct or incorrect way to transcribe as what you learn will never apply anywhere else you ever work. Best wishes..
I'm frustrated with this as well. We must be on same account! :)
You think you're frustrated now, don't even consider
them.  Read the archives.  The rare good post has a definite management undertone to it. 
Getting frustrated w/Transcend
I've been working there for about six months now and due to lack of consistent work I haven't been able to meet my quota of 12,000 lines. Now granted there are times that it's my fault, albeit uncontrolled circumstances like tech problems and such but there's just no excuse for going days without adequate work. I'm going on five days with no work! It's true. I was promised a $1000 sign on bonus and was told that unless I can meet my line count this pay period (ending tomorrow) I won't get it, well guess what, I've got a total of about 1900 lines for this week alone, which gives you can idea of how much my pay is going to suck immensely, PLUS I had to work all night long doing some of that, or I wouldn't even have that. Now they're offering me an option to work on another account but using their BeyondTxt platform and I don't know anything about it except for what I've read here on these boards and none of it sounds good. I've hung in as long as I can afford to but I guess I'll have to find another company. Why put me on an account in the first place when they clearly didn't need a full-time MT? Now I've spent six months learning these doctors and will have to start all over with new ones most likely.

Why can't it just be frickin easy !

Dear Frustrated

I am so sad for you and the other MTs at  MDI experiencing this problem.  I was offered a position with MDI last month and after reading this board, I emailed back my liason and declined the position.  I am sure glad I did, but I am still looking for adequate employment right now.  I have employment, but the environment is not great and I am still wishing to find a better environment.  I understand why you posted here and I applaud you for speaking out so other MTs may be warned.  I was warned againg MDI from this board, and I appreciate the warning.  I just want to say keep your chin up and move on.  God will bless you and your blessing could be just around the corner.

Extremely frustrated
After three years with FN, to be treated this way is just uncalled for and very unprofessional.  Every account they put me on only lasted a few months and then they lost it, then another and they lost it, five times so far, and now told about the new account with a billion lines, ya right.  Where is it?  I have not see it yet!  Bunch of lies, all lies.   
extremely frustrated indeed
Hi Paul,
When did you start with FN, as I started in 2/2005 and what you are saying is exactly what I have been told also. This new account was supposed to keep us all overwhelmed with work and I am lucky to get 1 or 2 charts PER DAY. I'm practically begging for work and I'm just lucky if they decide to answer my emails or phone calls. Ready to pull my hair out...
Yes, kidding, but he's getting frustrated with me!

Exactly right Frustrated and Uh Oh..not that there is any work for anyone right now.
In Reply to Frustrated
I have worked at Amphion for years and couldnt be happier.  In my humble opinion, this is one of the smartest things they have ever done.  Why should the company keep supplying (and paying for) computers so people can let their kids get on them and download who knows what.  Then when they are fried, the company has to replace them (at the company's expense).  I think it's a very good (and smart) move to get out of supplying computers to everyone.  Times are tough, people.  This economy is horrible. Amphion bends over backward for their employees.  Try to find anyplace else where you are treated better.  I doubt you will.
urr!! frustrated with transcription companies!!!!!!
... I am not a person who believes everything posted.. I believe the truth usually lies somewhere between two extremes, so when I would read about all the complaints transcriptionsist would make about companies, I factored in that perhaps there was more to their story not told, i.e., less than optional work produced, whining, not meeting scheduled times, etc. Now here I am experiencing what most are saying about companies and I hate what I am experiencing! I am in school now, and can handle about 6 hours of work a day. I looked high and wide before I accepted a subcontractor position with a small company. The work is good, but darn if after three months, they didn't start dicking around with my expected work flow. It seems the pattern I am experiencing is that as soon as I get going pretty good with one of their accounts, the carrot gets taken away. They cut back on my work, and put me back on crappy account that pays poop. I am a highly experienced transcripitonist, do professional work, love challenging work and can do well at it, do whatever I am asked, I am not a complainer, I don't whine (except now), and have even received feedback from the company on how good my work is, but here I am after a few months making a paltry $200 a week!! I guess I either have to go to school full time to rapidly complete my schooling, or get a job in another field without all the politics!! Just venting, just venting......
Reply to "Focus Frustrated"
I got 1 check from them .... only for their 5 reports per day during the 1-week review period. Which equals 25 reports and I got @ $50 !!!!
How sick is that ! They are getting slave labor...but I quit after a very short time with them, because I know I deserve to be paid better for my espertise and skills... and so do you I'm sure. I haven't acquired other employment as yet. But I have learned some good lessons in the brief time I was with Focus. What a crappy outfit !
..and that should be "just" not "jsut". I am frustrated right now LOL
great post....i think some here get frustrated
with what is out there and being offered to MTs that sometimes it is forgotten that there are really good jobs out there.

Good luck finding your MT for this account. Ophthalmology can be a high-paying field for the right docs.
Totally frustrated - Please read
Kinda apples to oranges, but your last paragraph there stroke a chord with me.

When I worked in-house on PM shifts, my supervisor would process my timecard and definitely more than once would forget to include my overtime, any vacation days I had put in for, etc., so I would end up on a few occasions getting paid for 1 week's worth of work in a 2-week pay period due to HER oversights.

Her response? 'Oh well, we'll catch it next pay period.'

I went along with this and lived off of ramen and Kraft Dinner a few times, not wanting to rock the boat since I did like her as a person, but she pulled this nonchalant 'oh well' routine once too often when my waiting meant a $50 late charge on my rent. I went over her head and straight to Payroll with a copy to my boss's supervisor, and the problem never happened again (still had to wait 4 days to get the balance of my check, but it was better than waiting 14 days).

So, I TOTALLY agree with your last paragraph. It's all in the attitude and the way some of these people think doing without part of your paycheck is no big deal at all, like you should somehow plan on your paycheck being shorted.

I doubt you have the recourse to go over someone's head to get your pay sooner, but I just wanted to let you know I totally have been there and know exactly how you feel, and it's just not right.

another typo - - see how frustrated and let down that I am about speech with TT

I value my knowledge and years of experience in the medical field too much to accept one-half my current line rate.  Can't you see what these companies are doing to us MT's by NOT showing any appreciation nor value in our medical terminology and skills  that we have acquired over the years. 

If a newbie, I can understand your accepting less per line for VR, but not for a skilled and educated Transcriptionist who has gained her knowledge over a number of years, sometimes many years -- NOT WORTH ANY LESS !!!

I am so frustrated with this MTSO thing. Is this normal or what....sm
I know there are plenty of nationals who are screwy, misleading and otherwise unorganized and shady.  However, I came across a great one that gets great reviews on this board.  Their benefit package is excellent, pay is fairly normal, HR lady seemed to be thorough. This company contacted ME, at which time I told her I had an eMachine and heard it was not compatible with their platform. She said we could get around it with a different platform they just started using on many accts.  I tested, we then had a 45-minute phone interview (everything sounds good, let's see what account we can get you matched with, I'm sending you a schedule commitment to fill out, etc.).  Does that not sound like I've got the job?  Three days go by, still received no paperwork so I call her.  Oops, she probably forgot to send it.  I complete it and send it back next day.  A WEEK goes by with no word.  I contact her.  She e-mails that she is speaking with acct. mgrs. to see what their demand is on certain accounts and will get back to me in a couple days.  Another WEEK goes by and she e-mails that she found a good acct. match for me but it is not compatible with my eMachine, and would I be interested in purchasing a new processor from them.  Didn't I tell her that when she contacted me? But I answer anyway that yes I'll use a different processor because I've put off other job searches for almost a month now in hopes of starting this one and I'm REALLY desperate to start working again.   That last e-mail was sent to her almost a WEEK ago and I'm getting tired of contacting her to see why she hasn't contacted me!  So now I'm into this company for about a month now.  This all seems so half-@ss and unorganized, and this company is known for being the opposite.  I am SO furious and am about ready to blow, but I don't want to keep plugging away and testing if I'm 'this close' to working again.  Is a month unheard of with nationals? Again, this is one of the good places! UGH
I am so frustrated with the Webmedx system that I could scream! sm

I've been here about 3 weeks now, and when I'm typing, I'm fine.  However, going screen to screen is so slow and even seems stuck sometimes.  My mouse going over the screen, especially near the top right, makes the report just, POOF, go away.  Sometimes it can be recovered, usually in fact, but I have to log back in to the system in order to do so.  My SH doesn't even want to work correctly - caps in places it shouldn't.  This is so frustrating!  And they pay on lines per hour - I will never make it. 

Frustrated that's all. Line count not going up I hoped.
I guess its the honeymoon is over thing, happens anywhere. Just a bad day I guess. Can't get lines this week, have to do more to help workflow. Dont know how to do more to help out. That kind of a thing.
She's not rude or psychotic; she's FRUSTRATED! When peeps
I, too, so frustrated with TT NO WORK that I made typo


No reason to talk to them.  They talk to us via email about NO WORK.  Flex, flex, flex . . . overnight, into EVERY weekend, and then absolutely impossible to get line counts required.

Hate it when these companies OVERHIRE for a supposed account coming onboard and another company picks up the account from them! ! ! ! !   And we MT's continue with overhired MT's and NO WORK.

I, too, so frustrated with TT NO WORK that I made typo


No reason to talk to them.  They talk to us via email about NO WORK.  Flex, flex, flex . . . overnight, into EVERY weekend, and then absolutely impossible to get line counts required.  Something like the saying, TT is counting their chickens before they hatch NOT even thinking one thing about the MT's who have been sticking by them and continuing to pay their SALARIES while we cannot even get paid our OWN salaries, because we are PER LINE/PIECE WORK employees. 

Those TT employees who work in the office and those mgmt-type people who work from home HAVE NEVER MISSED A PENNY from THEIR paychecks, when we are constantly getting LOWER AND LOWER paychecks due to their OVERHIRE.

Hate it when these companies OVERHIRE for a supposed account coming onboard and another company picks up the account from them! ! ! ! !   And we MT's continue with overhired MT's and NO WORK.

I've had 2 jobs in 4 hours today - getting frustrated. nm
Don't give up or get frustrated, many times it takes a while for the recruiters....sm
to get back to you, so believe in yourself, sounds like you have excellent skills, there are a lot of people scrambling for jobs, so lots of paperwork, interviews, etc. And there may be a lot of MTs, but many do not have the years or the broad base of experience, so hang in there, sometimes you get four or five replies/offers all at once!!! Take Care!