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sorry....not sure about any tests

Posted By: frustrated on 2006-04-18
In Reply to: Test??? - Bea

Someone just mentioned something about a test. I just had to say that I was never offered a test. I DO NOT like tests either. I do great on employment, but get extremely nervous with tests...lol. Sorry if it made you nervous.

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Easy tests versus harder tests...
Having passed both and offered jobs at both, which company would you likely go for?  They both have the same basic benefits and line rates.  Would I be assuming that the harder testing will mean that the dictation is more difficult?  Any opinions on this would be greatly appreciated!
What about IQ tests?
start doing....!
Take other tests
There are lots of MTSOs that have online tests through MTtest.
Phoenix Medcom has new and improved voice files for testing.
I just tooked the tests and not at all what is being described so the tests must have been updated recently.
I refuse to test for a company until I have received some background. Your're right some of those tests are quite extensive and I refuse to spend 2 or more hours on a test to find out they only want to pay 7 cpl and have lousy benefits. Funny thing is, when I want to inquire further before taking a test, I never get a response back from the company.
Need help with MT tests

I have almost two years MT experience and have transcribed and edited just about everything short of pathology and radiology.  I am currently doing ER.  I tested for a national today and did well on the grammar and terminology, but not well enough for the transcription.  No direction was given for the transcription test such as to type bedtime as opposed to h.s. and daily or q.day instead of q.d. or mL for cc.  I never know whether to do those things or not do them, it seems like whatever I choose to do is always wrong whenever I take an MT test anymore.  I could not even slow down any of the dictators for clarity.  I need to find a better paying MT job. 

What would you do for prohibited abbreviations? 

Also, would you expand or not expand for diagnoses and impressions? 

Would you type short physical examination sections in paragraph form with the headings or would you list them individually under the section heading?  I have had clients that wanted it both ways.

Maybe I have lost my edge by doing strictly ER.  Still, I would really appreciate the thoughts of other MTs about the above questions and any other pointers anyone would like to share. 

Thanks in advance.

Hi Jan:
I am a newby fresh, new blood. A post graduate from community college. Use mL in place of cc.

Am also looking for transcription work myself; do you have any leads?
Sorry to hear you failed their test. I also failed theirs and Medquists twice. I hate that they don't give you any feedback on why. No idea whether it was writter or transcription or what. Just thanks, you can reapply in so many months. I really think they should give some feedback, don't you?
I don't think anyone tests with MDI-MD
I could be mistaken, but I work for MDI-MD and there was no formal test required. Instead, they review your resume, see if they have a 'fit' for you, and then there is an extensive phone interview where they assess you skills and go over your experience with you.

I've seen several MTs post to this same experience, so I don't believe they have any formal testing at their site or elsewhere.

Easy tests
Nope, you can't go by that. In fact, you can't go by anything but your own experience. Make your wisest decision. Use your gut instincts. That's all any of us can do.

It might help others to answer if you named the companies, but I understand why you can't.

Good luck. :)
I though the tests were very fair sm
and although not simple, they weren't extremely hard and certainly much better than some I have taken. The actual verbal, I thought, was the easiest. By the way, definitions ARE a MAJOR part of transcription ability. Sounds like you are sore at the company for not getting the position.
All tests for Phoenix Medcom have been updated as of 7/26/2006
Long tests
I was thinking the exact same thing!  LOL! I once took an enormously long test that was in my specialty and I knew it was good.  Never got the courtesy of a reply.  Soured me on tests.
Long Tests
Yep! I think that some companies out there do use MTs to get work done for free. Absolutely agree with you.
Tests and Companies
I have taken a test for DR,Inc; Chronicle, and O-Script. Have offer from the last two. Would really just like to work part-time because of health reasons, so I went ahead with the test for DR. Now, if I passed the test for the last two, which weren't just a piece of cake but showed that you had knowledge , it would seem I would pass the DR,Inc. test, but you never know. I just would like to work when I feel really good which is about 4 hours after lunch every day, I have had 2 back surgeries and a neck surgery and it just takes awhile to get going and after sitting for awhile, I can hardly get up. Any suggestions on what I might could do to alleviate some of the pain? I take about 3 hot showers a day just to get the tension and stress out of my neck and back.
transcription tests

What is the grading criteria for these company tests?  Must the transcription be totally error free, 95% error free or what.  I've had some good results, but some where I thought I had every word correct gave no answer at all.





Most tests are done in Word
and emailed, so you'd have a copy of what you submit. You can always copy/paste your test from the online sites as well. I'm not really sure why you have such a big problem with her seeking feedback from a fellow MT either on her previous tests, or actually as I suggested in my original post, HER PREVIOUS WORK she's done to see where her weaknesses are so she can improve her skills.... ??
For the majority of tests, you HAVE to go by
BOS2. No way you can pass it if you are not following the rules.
About the book/tests - have you not ever sm
done any in-depth research into the field you are working in?  Had you done that, you would have probably ended up at the AHDI site at some point (creator of the BOS) or MTChat or here - references to BOS and tests come up daily.  How could you have been working and not know there was a BOS?
transcription tests
What a bunch of BS.  If you have years of experience the testing process is so ridiculous.  I think taking the test before you even know what they are going to pay is so unfair.  If they are paying ZILCH - which seems to be it today - why waste your valuable time transcribing anything.  I agree 21 notes - give me a break.  They probably just send them to QA and on to the client and get free work!
Oh let me tell you, they know how to pass the drug tests! (sm)
One woman I worked with was talking about how to use "Yellow Root" to "beat" the drug test! (that's what she said, "beat" the drug test) They know all of the tricks of the trade. One company stopped using the urine drug test and now they use the hair strand drug test, so I don't know what they use to "beat" that one (I guess they pull the strands out of somebody else's hair!) :-)
In my testing experience the tests that were the
hardest had the easier dictation and the testing that was the easiest had the hardest dictation and worst doctors.  I don't think that the testing really has much to do with what the dictation for the company will be like.
In depth, what exactly are you looking for in these psych tests?
Just "crazy" people or stressed out individuals, what? Aren't those who are truly crazy obvious to those not so crazy individuals? Why couldn't you, the MTSO, use your own judgement rather than pay for expensive psych evals?

Good judgement is part of being a good business person. I, as a MTSO, would look upon this as a failure if I could not use good judgement and hired "crazy" individuals. But then again, not everyone has good judgement I guess!

If the MTSO did hire anybody with working fingers, I don't think there would such a problem.

This is my 2 cents. I do not agree with such psych evaluations, but to each their own.

Good judgement is the key. If you don't have that as a MTSO, than you probably should not be in business, and if you are, you won't be for very long.

Psych Tests To The Company!

I haven't been on here in a few days, so I'm just catching up here, and reading about the psychiatric evaluations.   I have to put in my two cents.

Personally, after dealing with the crap from various medical transcription companies out there, I feel that it is the Transcriptionist who should be giving the owners/managers/team leaders of these companies psychiatric evaluations!  They are the ones that expect us to do all this extra ancillary work for free and then bow down and kiss their feet to thank them for giving us a job paying an average of 7 cpl with virtually NO benefits to speak of.  I'm sorry everyone, but if these companies are starting to give psychiatric evaluations to their prospective transcriptionist, then maybe we should create one for them!  After all.....they are the ones making us crazy! 

Update. All tests taken are for ortho. All who have taken and
passed have been offered a job and either have started or declined. There is no one who has taken the test prior to 3 days ago that has not heard back and had resolution. One person does the hiring for Keystrokes and this person has never told someone that they are too busy to respond or always on their phone or that they get 150 emails a day. Hiring is priority as we have added at least one account per week for the past four months and anticipate this year following the same pattern.

No, I do not work in the office either, but that is irrelevant. I went to the source and called HR and asked her. This was concerning to me as the account I am in charge in is expanding, and I need four more MTs to run it. She assured me that this is absolutely not true and everyone has been contacted.
I recently took two over the phone tests.
It is not that bad. In both cases the person giving the test made me feel quite at ease. I passed both tests and even took a position with one of the companies. It is easier, does not take forever to do, and the questions in both cases were things you see every day in transcription. I have heard of about four other companies who have started testing on the phone now. I remember years ago the old Edix as well as the now gulped Your Office Genie all did phone tests. There is a lot to be said for these tests. I took them then with those companies and also passed and got job offers.

usually, for the online tests, you can download...
the voice file into a file on your computer, then download into Express Scribe player (free online), so you can use your foot pedal instead of the keyboard.
And then there are those who ace the tests and deserve a response!
Tests are only on ortho accounts. nm
I sent them my resume and took their online tests...
they e-mailed me and said I did extremely well on the tests. Then I took the online transcription test. I told them ahead of time that in my 15 years of transcribing I did maybe 5 OP reports and they said that was fine. I have NO experience in them whatsoever.  One of the test reports was an OP which I failed miserably.  The other 2 reports I did fine on.  However, they did not hire me and I have to believe it was solely on that one OP report because all they could tell me was I did well on MOST of the transcription test reports.  Oh well...I have heard a lot of good about them though apart from running out of work.
lol I'd give it a little time. Who knows how many tests they
Patience is a virtue.
i turned in tests, last year. nothing
What's the big secret? Just change the tests more
often.  There is plenty of dictation to change the tests frequently.  You must work for Keystrokes.  That's the company they are talking about.  I just wanted to know what I did wrong so in the future I can be more careful.  Even in school you get corrected papers. 
I think recruiters nitpick on MT tests so they can
If you'd typed it verbatim, they probably would've dinged you for not cleaning up the grammar and punctuation.

They always win; we always lose.
I did 2 tests the last couple of days, both through mttest, though

the tests were different. One test took about probably 45 minutes and that didn't include the transcription part.  I started the transcription and the dictation was so horrendous - sound quality really bad, barely able to hear any of the dictation, 2 ESL docs, and 1 really fast talking U.S. doc.   I do about 90% ESL, but goodness.  I have nearly 20 years' experience and I have decided it just isn't worth my time to do the transcription part.  I'm trying to get out of a stressful situation currently, and this didn't seem like it was going to be the answer.  I know that it was only a small representation, and I feel sorry for anyone without lots of experience trying to take the test.

The second test was so easy and even with transcribing the dictation I think it only took me 45 minutes tops. 

I don't know why I continue to test and look for another position, because I'm fairly comfortable with my dictators, my company leaves me alone 99% of the time, good line counting program, etc. and I turn down every position I'm offered because:  1 - no one offers me as much money (even though I'm not making gobs of money); 2 - no one offers me the flexibility that I currently have, although I don't have as much as I used to have; 3 - I've got 5 years invested in this company and I know what to expect; 4 - while QA is pretty stringent I'm 99% or better and go weeks at a time without getting anything back .......  I just need a change of pace, but at the same time I don't like change, I don't want to learn new dictators, don't want to learn a new format, don't want to learn the quirks of QA and all the other stuff that goes along with a new account/new company. 

I think the last 6 months I've tested and been offered 8 positions and some companies continue to call me and none has anything better to offer me.  


Can you use a food pedal with on-line tests, or do
Would like to know to before wasting time on transcribing tests.nm
Why send resumes? Take the online tests.
Most of these outfits have online tests. You'll hear back a lot quicker, I'm sure.
verbal tests also show what you do when you aren't sure
I had 2 sound alikes with different meaning out of all the questions asked. On those 2, I nailed the first meaning but wasn't sure of the second because I was nervous. They (meaning any company who does verbal tests) expect a certain amount of that in a verbal exam. I admitted that off hand, the answer didn't come to my head and I would have to look it up to be certain. I probably would not have gotten a call back if I had just guessed and gotten it wrong or didn't say I would like it up because then they would think I would throw in words into a document that didn't fit and it would show I didn't care. They want to know what you aren't sure of, too, and if you care to find out the answers.
I absolutely refuse to take long tests.
Maybe one dss file, that's it for me.  I'm finished typing someone's work for the day.  I feel like you are actually doing work for free on some of these tests.  They get your test, and then don't even reply back that you failed.  I would almost bet they are giving you their overflow.  Then all they have to do is QA it.  I feel like if they get a backlog they say, hey let's put it as a job offer.  We'll get bites, we'll have them do it as a test, and then all we need to do is QA it, and it is like they are getting us to type for free...  
Interview by phone. Tests are on line. NM
Five resumes. Five transcription tests. No calls.

I'm trying so desperately to leave the Q.  I know my job will be done soon there, I can feel it.  I'm hurting financially from all the changes, the ASR, the cut in rates, etc., so I'm so ready for a change!  I did the research, read up on this board and many others, and applied for FIVE DIFFERENT COMPANIES.  Two are IC, the other three are employees.  I will work p/t or f/t, I don't even care, I just need work.  I started part-time with a new company before the holidays only to discover they've over-hired and there isn't any work!  I'm still technically working for them even though I haven't worked in two weeks.

I have years of experience in all kinds of different reports.  I'm a good person with decent skills.  Why can't I get a job?  I'm starting to think it's the whole MQ thing, that there are so many of us out there, we've flooded the MT market.

It depends on the dept. Ortho tests, rad and HIM used to sm
but now they do not. I did hear that there was no difference in those that tested than those that had the experience, so they decided not to test anymore in those 2 departments at least.

I do know that recruiting and hiring is always changing, trying to find new and better ways to process applicants. Not all changes work though, and they start over again.

If you have applied and not heard back, try calling Beth at the KS office. She has been processing the applications and question forms as quickly as possible but really does match everyone up well, which can take time!
Do they give psychological tests also to allow you to work for them for free? It's



Cheating/verbal tests and cost per line.
I am sorry to hear this wonderful recruiter being called a cheater. I have been in this business for about 25 years, and I will take whatever help/advice I can get. Yes, I am in the transcription business to help people but I am also in it to help support my family. I'll take short cuts, macros, whatever it will take to increase my lines and if getting into a company that is willing to give a helping hand, a cue, a hint, whatever - I say thank you. In the end, if you do take pride in your work, the terminology will come to you in the actual report, and I bet the next time you hear those particular terms you have trouble with on the test, you will remember them. You will remember affect and effect. You will learn intra and inter because somebody's health may depend on it. Too bad for you.....
Verbal tests show the information that is in your head.
There is nothing wrong with a company that does this and if someone flunked that portion of the test and passed the other portions, I would think that portion weighed more heavily because we are supposed to utilize our knowledge of MT also, not just the things we have to look up in reference material. We must know what we are doing, hence the reason for verbal testing.

I personally wish more companies did that. The ability to think is a big part of being a good MT. I say two thumbs up for TransHealth for testing that ability.
You'd be surprised who feels they aced tests but didn't.
Everyone always thinks they are the big kahona in testing but I am never surprised at lower scores.

If you bombarded them with tons of emails, etc., you probably hindered your ownself.

Never be too sure of yourself. I see it undone every single day.
I got it to open on Real Player but I didn't do it. The tests
had patient names etc.. I suspect they wanted free work done and then had a 24-hour turnaround. No thanks. I smell a rat.
Sick of invasive, no-wrong-answer tests.

I am really tired of all the invasive no-wrong-answer tests out there.  I plan to send this to every place I might apply.



I am looking to be affiliated with an accredited company who has a good client base, but I need to get a psychological profile before I could even consider submitting my application.


I would like you to take a few minutes of your time to complete the following questionnaire.  Remember, there are no right or wrong answers


MTs are just disposable resources to be used mercilessly by our company.  True or False


MT's are undereducated and require the benefit of our vast knowledge.  True or False


MTs never get tired because if they did they would be let go.  True or False.


MTs really do not have lives of their own.  They should live to work!  True or False


MTs are lazy and not dependable.  True or False


MTs are unemployable elsewhere, that is why they spent so much time learning the profession.  True or False


Our company intends to financially reward those MTs who are punctual, dependable, hardworking, and are willing to struggle through some of the worst dictators on the planet.  True or False


Our company is just in it for the money.  Money is the name of the game, we don't care whose back we break to get it?  True or False


Our company will undercut all the other MT companies by promising that our MTs are 100% accurate.  True or False


Our company knows that the accuracy expectations are just a poly to keep the MTs down, and degraded so they don't dare ask for a raise.  True or False


Our company knows that accuracy checks are really the luck of the draw but that's just how it is done.  True or False


It's an employer's market, and we know it, and we intend to milk it for everything it is worth.  True or False


We really do not have the accounts we claim to have, we are just trying to build up a workforce, so we can submit bids to potential clients.  True or False


We really don't know that much about transcribing ourselves, that is why we want our MTs to walk on water, that way it makes us look good.  True or False.


The principals in our company all have at least 20 years' experience transcribing and are all certified MTs with accredited degrees in the English Language, spoken and written.  True or False


So just be honest with me.  Your answers will be held in the strictest confidence.





Okay, here is how a recruiter who is a friend of mine explained verbal tests to me.

Verbal tests are to give the recruiter a feel of what that MT knows off the top of their head.  Not all people get nervous at verbal tests but a good recruiter has the insight to know if a wrong answer or lack of an answer is from not knowing or is from just being nervous.  A verbal test is done just to get a feel for the the off the top knowledge of an MT plus you know that MT is taking it.  This recruiter is also an MT and having gone through so many tests the long hard way decided this was the lesser of the evils.  She did tell me though if she felt that MT knew their stuff and just could not respond because of nervousness that she noted that and just by a general conversation based on experience would not flunk someone like that.  Lenghty tests prove very little except that an MT has been working for companies that all have different ways of style and that she felt that was not right to an MT; as well having to take tests that are hours long after an MT has been working long hours is also not fair to the MT.  And my friend told me that in many cases there are MTs that literally have other MTs take their testing for them and you would not know it until that person starts the job.  It depends on the recruiter and their knowledge of the industry.  Each recruiter or company has their own way and usually they find the way that works best for them.  I personally find that many recruiters just have no knowledge of the industry (inside knowledge) and it annoys me that someone like that is allowed to even have the opportunity to interview and test me.  I can remember one with a company up north and their idea of punctuation was way too much.  It should not have been an issue unless it changed the meaning of the report but had they gone by the Book of Style they would not have added those 20 or so commas throughout the 4 reports that they had me transcribe.  I passed but when you have been in this industry for over 15 years and are being judged by someone that has not and who has not been in your MT dancing shoes then something about that just does not seem right.  Anyway I doubt there really is a best way to do anything, but if I had my choice, I would prefer the way that is the shortest. Time is precious and for the rates they pay nowadays those tests are just too lengthy to go through that for a whopping 7 cents a line.  No thank you.  I'll chance my nerves over all that.