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Please email me. No one should have told you sm

Posted By: OrthoPro2 on 2006-04-20
In Reply to: I have almost 9 years of ortho and I - wasn't home

that as we are starting three new accounts in May and two existing accounts are expanding.  These are all ortho.  If you do not want to email me, please call the office and ask for Cheryl or Becky.  Cheryl is the Orthopaedics Coordinator and Becky is the all-around person. 

I work on ortho for Keystrokes and know that the new accounts were finalized late today but there have been ortho openings all along due to the work constantly increasing. 

Did you take the test yet?  That is the first step for ortho for Keystrokes. 

Seriously ... these accounts are great ... don't miss out if you love ortho.  Cheryl is tough but great and I have learned so much from her. 



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Who told you that? Email me! lol
I don't hesitate to ask. Have been told "yes", and have been told "no." Never been to
Hey OrthoMT.. tried to email you back but the email was returned as undeliverable..
Basically, this is what I'd like to know.. You can email me the information if you like..First off, are they hiring for ortho? and what is their scheduling like, FT or PT, IC status or employee etc. I would like to find a company that is pretty flexible. Also, what platform do they use? I have worked at some like you were saying, took forever to get the line count and I want to work 8 hours and be done. Oh, do you have benefits, and what are they like if you have them? Thanks for any information you can give..

No, but I will email the Moderators as soon as I find the email. You know it's the truth, Becky.
Administrator- could you email me. I never posted that message about Netmed, yet it came to my email
address and I figured it out when someone from Netmed contacted me about my post. Is it possible for someone to steal and use your email address to post things. I thought there was some validation in place.
I am reposting email address, not sure why you cannot email me. nm
They email everyone a copy of the newsletter. Email and ask
and they will email you one if you haven't been receiving it.
tried to email you but your email is invalid
Is there an email address I can email them at. nm
Why email me? You want people to email you. NM
I tried to email you but it said your email is invalid. Can

you email me please.

The email said the owner as she is the owner of the email software package. sm
We got the list from AHDI. If someone does not wish to be on our email list, there is a link to click on at the bottom of those for opting out. We immediately remove those that click the link.

We also have a few mailling going out. Same thing - if you opt out of the email program, we will remove you from all contact.

We need transcriptionists for many new accounts and have ads on here and other sites, as well as several magazines. We are going to need over 100 MTs in the next 3 months due to new accounts and more work on existing accounts!
You are right, I told ek to do like ET...

Have they told you that you are going to

be a MEDICAL EDITOR?  It's semantics, like the "MLS" title for a transcriptionist.  Sounds really impressive to be called a "medical language specialist," but...HELLO...you're a TRANSCRIPTIONIST.

You are going to be nothing more than a custodian, cleaning up the junk that the "hookt on fonix" MACHINE REPLACING YOU has generated and for less money.  If the dictators are half decent, you might be able to fly through a report in minimal time, but if you have to sift through the GARBAGE, only to wind up transcribing most of the job yourself, you are definitely going to lose money.

Do you eat only what you are told? If not, try them...
Told me the same
Same bull came from Jennifer week to week.
THANK YOU! I'm usually told how I should RUN
and all kinds of upset stuff.

Thank you! I hope to someday!!!
What I was told
Here is what I was told when
I switched to DQS from Medrite.........

You actually were getting "free lines" on Medrite with the information that populated onto the (TES screen) actual report, for example, patient name, account#, MR#, dictators name, signing physician, address, etc. This accounted for about 6-8 lines per report. Needless to say, and I KNOW THIS FROM EXPERIENCE, a doctor could just hang up on that report and NOT SAY A SINGLE WORD and I would get paid those "free lines" because it was information that populated on the report.

With that being said, if you were typing 8-10 reports an hour, then multiply that by 6-8 for your "free lines" PER REPORT that would account for anywhere from 48 lines to 80 lines AN HOUR! Now, take that 48 to 80 lines per hour and multiply that by how many hours you work in a day. This is why and how you will see a decrease in your lines!

The problem is, is that with DQS, you ARE NOT PAID for the patient's name, account #, MR #, physician name, and so on. I believe this is where the misconception of DQS being a horrible platform and/or MQ screwing their MTs started.

All in all, I am able to type the same amount I was in Medrite per hour. The more you add to your word Expander and familiarize yourself with the platform, the better you will be.

Within a few weeks you will get used to it. I average 300 lines an hour and like DQS very much.

no but I was told that
people who were making a certain rate before DEP training were cut before the training. I heard this second hand from a girl in my class.
That's not what I was told when..sm
I went to work for them.  You must be management.
They should not have told you that. sm
There are very few people in this industry that make that much money, especially working for national companies.  Do you use a word Expander and do you use it at its fullest potential?  The most I ever made was 52K working for a hospital making 10cpl per 57 character line.  One other thing you might consider is trying to get your own accounts.  Where you may now make 7-10 cpl working with a national, you can make 15-17 cpl with your own account, provided you can handle the workload.  Unfortunately, they sometimes fail to tell you that in school.  Good luck!
No. Not that they told me. SM
They just told me about the training that I would be going through and kind of just sketched through it.  It seemed like they offered okay benefits, but the pay seemed fair.  I was just seeing if anyone actually took this position and could tell me more about it.  Radiology would be nice too.
Yep, was told would get
...another one, it would be added to my queue that day, but it never happened. This was three weeks ago. How many times should I ask before they get mad at me? It must be nice to be salaried and not have to worry about paying the bills.
they told me no, but when I got the sm
contract, there is a place on there that asks what hours you most likely will be working, so it is not set in stone. I understand that anybody likes to know something but I have talked to others who work for them and they have no problem. I am going to give them a 12 hour span when I could be in there. So far, they have answered my questions to my satisfaction. We will see when I get started. But, I am anticipating everything will be fine.
I was told that too.
I know who you are and you have told me

that you never checked to see if they were correct in their calculations when you were an MT - you just assumed they were right.  No wonder you've advanced to QA....LOL.  They love people like you. 

Who told you not to?
No, I'm not SURE...but it was what I was TOLD. That's way better than the 90% I was doing at a
What I was told.
I interviewed and with over 20 years experience, was offered 8 cpl for MT and was told that was their tops, but you can get a little extra for shift differential.  Also 4 CPL for editing reports.  This is not VR, but work transcribed overseas.  I don't feel comfortable proofing work for oursourcing  as I am patriotic and I feel the CPL is way too low for experienced help.  I am turning it down.
Was doing that, but QA told me not to do it.

So I assumed it was staying in the document when sent to client/QA.

I did not think that it would do that. But how would QA know that I had viewed in the larger type if it did not stay that way.


my guy told me about 30%
we were told
that nothing would change for the first 100 days, which we are in right now. 
Were you told (sm)
by the Lead MT or the tech person that they were too busy?  Be persistent and hopefully that will help.
I was told my

testing was so exceptional that they would waive the requirement that I pay the interviewer's hourly rate for the time she spent with me. I was gobsmacked, I tell ya.



What I was told about the OT...

There is really no way of getting out of doing the madatory OT.  They sent out an e-mail some time back that said that anyone not doing their required OT would face disciplinary action.  What I was told was that if you absolutely could not do it on a given day, they would allow you to skip that day, but you were required to double up the next day.   

Hi, they told me they have......
nothing available right now ....................
Thank you. Like I told someone else, I have (sm)
been doing MT work since the 80's and NEVER had this kind of trouble learning a new program/account. Was thinking it was just me and I was getting too old or senile to do this anymore. Thanks.
They told me no they don't.
for clinic accounts anyway.
They told me they pay 25%
and it would cost me approximately $280 and couldn't tell me how much it would cost to add my kids on.
They told me that the pay is between 9-11 cpl
which is great! I make 9.5 where I am now, so hopefully I'll end up with around 10 cpl.
I have told her
And its not that I'm upset, I was offering an explanation to why YOU may always have OT and others on your account may have no work.
Told ya' so....
I think I was told $300, could be different now
If more of us said no and told them willing to
negotiate, pay might come back up, but there are too many out there that will take whatever is offered.

I was told that they pay anywhere from...
99 cents to $1.05 per report, regardless of length, which would not be bad if you got a lot of x-ray reports and not too many CTs, MRIs, etc. I would try asking on the MQ board. I get comments from the MQ board in my email(due to the alerts and I have set up) and respond to them all the time.
I think it told you how...sm
to go about getting your own accounts in the book.
I was told...
for now, they require 1100, but in the future it will probably go up to 1300.  Yes, I have noticed the omission of clear words.
i was told. by them..sm
Only employee status. 7.5 cpl.
Do you believe everything you are told? nm
Who has told you or where have you sm

read that you are being phased out, as you say?  I would hazard to guess that if you steadfastly maintain that you will not under any circumstances do ASR work, then yes, you would be phasing yourself out of a job. 

Otherwise, I have not seen or heard anywhere that the MTs are being phased out.

Here's what they told me
last week.  QA/QC is 16.00 per hour plus shift differential.  VR is 6 cpl.  The test was very easy, yet they said I failed, BUT offered me a job at 4 cpl.  I think the test is just a way to test what they really want, which is 4 cpl VR editors.