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The hospitals take a long time with IDs sometimes. I know that the sm

Posted By: RadPro on 2006-04-26
In Reply to: Keystrokes position - Bea

account I am lead on takes anywhere from 2 days to 3 weeks. It is a source of frustration for the management team as HR hires because of a need and then the hospital takes forever. Not all accounts though. Some are same day.

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This is because the IT departments at the hospitals can take a long time. sm
I know this is a topic that comes up in our meetings, too. They are trying to get this time to days instead of weeks on most accounts; one on of the three that I lead gets IDs in about 24 hours now. Whoo hoo, finally! What is bad is that while the new employee is waiting, we need the help. No one benefits.
If you like to switch back and forth all day long between 5 hospitals
All with very different account specifics then it may be the place for you.
Survey - Is it time for hospitals
to bring their transcription home to the medical records department and contract directly with MTs, both ICs and employees?  IMHO this is something that seriously needs to be done both for the cost savings to the facilities and to ensure that qualified MTs can make a decent living.  This could be even more important with the EMR thing and could apply both to regular MTs and EMR editors.  With health care reform on the table it would seem to me that this is the time.  Email me with your suggestions of how this might be accomplished.
What really sucks is that I looked for a LONG, long time -sm
before joining DRC - wanted a highly reputable, not-too-big co. that was LOCAL, and that treated its MTs humanely. I'm very happy with DRC & had planned to stay with them permanently.
Most of the time it is for security reasons. We do work for 4 hospitals sm
and 3 of them want us to take someone off the account immediately when someone gives notice. This is their in-house policy as well with any staff member with access to medical or financial records.
beds full at the 4 hospitals I type in Texas (this is never a slow time)

Beg to differ. It is not perfect and is a long way from being perfect. A LOT of hospitals
are moving away from voice recognition after trying it and failing. The good news is that once burned, it is hard to convince a board of directors to put out money like that for a second try.

I think that it has its place and does work if done right in certain facilities, but it is a VERY small percentage and will not hurt us for many, many years to come.

I am not hiding my head in the sand; I am actually seeing the trend reverse.
It is not the hospitals on a short TAT it is what MQ wants to make the hospitals very happy with

them. I would assume the accounts are on 12, 24 or 48 TAT but wouldnt they love having their work back no sooner than it is dictated.

I have been an MT for a LONG time but
stupid old old Medrite and DOS. I just find the lines super super hard to get! My QA scores are fine, but my counts suck :( I keep building my Expander hoping it will come around but it looks hopeless. I am very discouraged.
To long time MGr no more
Mine was a chronic illness that has improved with treatment; still, I can see how HR discrimination might possibly get in the way.

I would love the flexibility. Where can I find out more about what IC status is? I have some vague idea, but no real idea of serious pros and cons. Thanks so much for your reply!
They did a long time ago
I worked at OSi a couple years ago and they used to have a supervisor who would tell people to do that but she quit working there. She told at least three people that. I heard they don't do that anymore but maybe not, she was the only one. They always had the disclaimer if you have line/time to make up in email's. Funny because she and I both work at the same company now but she is just MT at this company.
no, long time, don't let them get you down --

They're bad, not you.  You know they treat(ed) us like nothings.  It's not the profession, it's that particular company.  Shop around, find someone better.  FN's strategy is to belittle everyone and make them scrape for work.  Do like me, pick up your toys and go somewhere else.  Also, on the way out, be sure to get in your digs and burn that bridge.   They do not deserve us.  My new short-term goal:  Bash FN and show them for the money-grubbing rats they are.

I have been an MT for a very long time

I'm 37.  I raised my kids doing this on-site and from home simultaneous; my kids are 14 and 9.  I worked long hard hours.  I still work hard.  I don't have a zone and I hop up and down from my desk so as not to make my body work so hard at this, but I make good money and I get to stay at home.  I also get to see all events my children are involved in.  I take a day off whenever I want, and yes I have my own accounts.  Please don't be fooled by this 24-hour TAT.  Most practices do not require that strict TAT if you have your own accounts.  It is the online companies requiring this TAT because that's how they get their big clients.  They promise big and most times cannot deliver. 

Braggin?  Naah...  I call it knowing how to manipulate and manage my time to benefit myself.  I've never taught MTs and have no desire; I hated cross training on-site and still hate teaching.  I'm just not good at it. 

I'm an IC, so it's my way or the highway!!! 

That's a really long time.
The company I work for sends out the checks on Monday and I get them on Wednesday, sometimes Tuesday if I'm really lucky.
I have been there a long time
Pay always on time.  Various platforms, not just Spantel, which is a little cumbersome but not awful.  I have NEVER had work taken away from me and thrown in the trash after it was assigned to me.  Management now much better.  Seems wrinkles have been ironed out, which is always needed in any growing company.  Very happy there. 
Long-Time MT-NY
You betcha we do! Here is the link. I hope we are allowed to post links here. If not, the mods can take it down and I will apologize. This has tons of stuff made in the good old US of A!

Yes, a long time ago when I used to get
my checks mailed, now I always opt to have direct deposit for that reason.  I remember the owner of the company had to stop payment on that check and issue me another one. It didn't take that long, but like you, we needed the money.  Maybe you can ask them to re-issue you a check and then send it FedEx or next day delivery since this puts you in a bind, or can they trace your check and see where it is?  Sorry to hear your news, I hope you get your money very soon :)  
i have been doing asr for a long time now

i think one of the very first accounts to start it, so the recognition is very good on my account.  Also, I speed up the dictator at least 1 or 2 steps but i do listen to every word.   the only other thing i do is not use the mouse much and use the ShortHand macros for editing that are posted on community page.  i don't mind asr.  I would take an all-ASR account over no work any day. 

Its a lie, they were both in MT industry long time before they met
Ummm....I have been with MDI a LONG time
I know a lot of MDI MTs and everyone I know says how many lines they will do on any given day, but they are NOT required to work specific hours.  As I said, I've been with MDI a long time and before that I was with Signal, which was also Dorothy's company, and it worked the same way.
I worked for MQ for a very long time. sm
I really loved working for them until the recent changes, and I agonized over my decision to leave. Now that it is done and over with, I can honestly say that I feel I made the right choice. However, now I find myself desperately searching for that job that I can settle into and be happy with, and hopefully outdo my 8 years with MQ. I definitely don't enjoy changing jobs.

I worked for them a long time ago.
Left in 2003. They were nice enough to work for. Not sure how it is now.
I also have known her for a long time and that just does not sound like her IMO. nm
Been MT'ing a long time.......
In the good old days companies were smaller and run by managers that were actually MTs and could relate to their employees. Now most have been replaced by managers with business degrees, little or no MT experience, and a corporate mentality. It is sad.
I e mailed them a long time ago and
I got their info -- seems to take a long time (sm)
to receive the first pay.
This was a long time ago, Since DD was put in place, there have
been no problems. It has been in place for over 2 years now. Why would you bring something up from years ago? You forgot to mention that they sent out the bank letter to everyone that it was not a bounce but that a deposit had not cleared yet and the fact that they covered everything immediately. Tell the whole story if you are going to open your mouth at all. No work? You're nuts. They have more work than anywhere I have ever worked. What's the real story?
I have not seen them advertise in a long time.
I have never heard anything negative about them to my recollection though.
I have not seen them advertise in a long time.
I know their recruiter left and I really have not seen any ads. They do have a banner on this site though.
Any long-time Amphion MTs out there? HELP!
Where's the work?!?  I'm hoping to get some straight answers from some other MTs (i.e., not management).  I'm a newbie (less than 2 months) who was hired to be full time and for the 4th week straight I'm lucky to get 4 or 5 hours a day!  They keep saying it will get better but I'm getting less work than ever!  Has anyone else experienced this?  How long were you all on mandatory overtime before the workload suddenly plummeted?  I decided to work here because everyone on the message boards said how great Amphion was and how there was always tons of work and the people were so wonderful.  Yeah, the people are great and nice and professional and everything, but sadly that is not going to pay my bills next month.  Maybe I should look for a 2nd part-time job to complement this one!!
How long does this slow time last. nm
Been with SS for a long time. Things are getting better and better.
All of management has been working very hard to improve things and I have seen big changes with a lot more to come. So far all of these are to benefit the employees.
you're not alone - been doing this a long time
but every slow down, expected or not, causes anxiety - I think we all feel more anxious now than we used to because we know the work is being done electronically and offshore.  I got a second job just to try to save money for the lean times and emergencies.  Only one provider in this household - nervewracking!  I think you hear a little anxiety in the other posters' replies too - they are trying to reassure themselves in the process.  This holiday seems to be worse than I remember it, this is more like Christmas and Thanksgiving!  People must be really taking off!  Imagine that. 
How long from the time you submitted
your resume until they called you?
Long-Time MT, you're so very right ...
I'm one of the MT's still on straight transcribing and after having my primary transferred to PI and having the majority of decent work either going to ASR or being outshored I'm struggling every day just to try to make a below minimum line count.  My paychecks have been nothing short of pitiful.  It's so frustrating. 
I used Meditech for a very long time.

I highly doubt you will make $20.00 an hour unless you work your fingers to the bone.  There are some accounts that probably have what they call canned text, but these are usually built by the company or IT people and not by the MTs themselves. 

I can say I learned to flip around the screens after a while, but you have to use your F keys a lot, which is sort of different than straight typing in Word. 

Question for Long-time KS (sm)
Do you e-mail your daily line count in every day?  If not, how do you do it?  (I am not familiar at all with computers or Word or any of that, so, if you do it differently, could you please give instructions too?  Thank you!
She has been there a very long time, but not since the beginning. sm
If it is who I think, she came from DDI to OTI. I was with OTI in the beginning and SE was not there until years later.
Time long gone when we could be separatists.
Long-time Futurenet IC...sm
I've been with Futurenet both full and part-time since 2001. I have ALWAYS found them to be a very good company to work for! The pay is very fair and is always on time. The people are extremely friendly and always willing to help. Work can be low at times, but Workflow does make an honest attempt to keep you as busy as possible. In my experience, when I start finding myself low on work, all I have to do is ask to train on another account and they always are more than happy to allow me to do so. Let's get real, everyone in this industry experiences work shortages at one time or another during the year. I personally won't work for anyone else!!!

So please don't listen to the one person on this board who is apparently hell bent and sounds to me like she has some sort of agenda. Bottom line, if you don't work you get the boot. If you cause problems and stir up trouble, you get the boot!

Listen to the MTs in this thread that actually work their normal schedules and have been with the company for years. There are WAY more satisfied employees or ex-employees of Futurenet than there are disgruntled ones.

By the way, welcome home Krista! I had no idea you were back.
I did for a long time, but job sharing
with another MT. Do you have a friend who is a transcriptionist? My friend and I worked our regular jobs and switched off every other day with the other one. We both made great extra money without feeling like we lived at the keyboard.
It has been little or no work for a long time now.
And the only thing I can get are those editing jobs that don't even come close to reimbursing you for the time spent trying to clean up the mess. I think making money at Transcend is a thing of the past. This company is definitely on my list of things to get rid when I do my summer housecleaning.
Long Time NY MT, would you mind
telling me what your line rate is?
Who is J&R? I figure I know but they have been gone a long time AND sm
one of them passed away. Get in with the times.
I have worked there for a long time
and the trainer at All Type is excellent.  She is very patient, precise about the process, and no question is too dumb for her.  She never makes you feel stupid for asking.  All your account specifics are in writing so you can refer to them instead of sitting there in the dark.  The typing platforms are varied but not difficult to learn. 
How long is quite some time. I average
250 to 300 lines working on 1 account for the most part, have thousands of expansions, standard reports, and also have been doing this for 25+ years.
I hate to burst your bubble, but I am a good MT and in demand.  I graduated from Andrews School, which is the best in the business and have been told that my work is beyond and above MTs that have been in this field for many years.  I have a total of 5 years in this business, but have become disenchanted with it.  Both of you have a right to your opinions, but do not assume I am not a good MT because I am leaving this field.  I am a highly skilled MT with many offers on the table, I want to get out because I do not like the way this field is heading, and I believe if you show up for work, on your scheduled shift, then work should be available.  Work being available when I have agreed to a specific shift is the problem, but also no work being available unless I sit on the computer all day is also a problem.  Thanks for your negative opinions, but I am a good MT.
I, too, have been in this business a long time.
I think the hostility and anger is due to the changes in the industry.

Even if everyone were well paid and benefitted, the anger and disappointment would be there because of the changes going on.

Most hate to do speech recognition work. Many QA are not as good as they should be. Lots of new MTs without the experience are being brought in as the more experienced MTs are phasing out. Offshoring is here now (I don't expect it to ever go away).

Of course, these things all impact our pay, too, which causes lots of frustration and anger.

The changes our business has gone through are not over, in my opinion, and will never be over. Personally, I see that technology will become more widely used and we, as MTs, will have our roles completely revised. It will not be the same job in 2 years as it is today.

I also think we are seeing the cap on pay having already passed us.

I left there a long time ago but I
had office people but I don't think they were MT's.  I do remember the endless account rules and them changing all the time.  They were very disorganized when they distributed information.  It wasn't the worst place I've worked but it wasn't a picnic either. 
Long time Transcend MT
I have been on BT since day 1...I was one of the first MTs on it.  It is no longer my main job as I have experience in another platform and they needed help.  There is not a lot of clicking on BT.  You type plain and it puts it in the format the hospital wants on the back end.  If there are normals for each doctor they are put in the system and you can use them and get paid for them.  You can use an Expander program, I use Shorthand.  If your acct is just going to BT it will be quite awhile before you will be doing a lot of editing...it will be straight typing for quite awhile.  Its just like typing in word.  No need to be nervous about it.
Six years is a long time.
Yes, I would completely ignore the opinions on this board. There are a lot of unhappy people that post here. I have a feeling that the people that are so negative here are the same people that would be difficult to work with in an office situation. The only difference here is that you can hit that delete button and forget about it.

I have not experienced anything like you did. I'm sorry it didn't work out for you.