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Over 9 years ortho experience and not even a callback from Keystrokes..

Posted By: Frustrated #2.. on 2006-04-17
In Reply to: Congratulations!!! - frustrated

I can assume that they were swamped with applications or maybe I was just not want they were looking for. Oh well....other ortho accounts out there. I have enough acute care that I should find something.

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I agree 100%...I have been at Keystrokes for 2 years doing Ortho
and I love it...best company I have worked for...
Keystrokes does. I have worked on ortho only for them for 2 years. sm
I have my own docs and my supervisor is great. She leaves me alone to do my work and as long as I do it well and on time, she leaves me alone. I prefer this, so it is a great job for me. I average 14,000 lines a pay period and make 0.09 per line. I do use their insurance, which costs me $204 per month, but it's only me. So far, so good with the new insurance!

I'm not sure if they are hiring but it would be worth trying.
Yeah, with 14 years of ortho and WC experience, 6.5 cpl is NOT an option.

I'd work at a fast-food restaurant first. When did our skills become so insultingly undercompensated. I'm like a lot of us, about ready to go back to school..do anything but this. Luckily, I also so medical insurance billing so I may have to go back in-office and do that. At least, I know I'll be compensated ...FAIRLY.. what a bunch of.....

Apparently, you got a call back.. Not me.. over 9 years of ortho experience and nada
Oh well, best wishes to you. Let me know how it goes once your through the process. I had asked before about information on them but no one seems to have any.
Anyone actually get a callback from taking the test at Keystrokes with their recent ad? sm

If so, how long before you heard from them?  I took the test yesterday and just wondering what to expect.  I think I did relatively well with it...had one blank though...but still pretty good.



Keystrokes has great ortho accounts and a wonderful manager over the ortho work. sm
I have worked with them for 4 years and will never leave unless something drastically changes. I do not post here normally as it seems that there are so many negative people, but this is one I felt I could answer without being attacked.
Considering Keystrokes...ortho
Any current information would be great!  I am wondering about the work load, dictators and how steady the work is?  TIA
Keystrokes Ortho pay

I was just wondering if anyone who works on ortho for KS would be willing to share what their average pay/production is.  I just got hired and am very excited but also worried because the line rate is a lot lower than what I'm used to.  I've been doing acute care with high ESL for the last 11 years, so I'm hoping that the ease of the clinic work will make up for the low line rate.  I'm, going to be working in ExText.  Any info would be greatly appreciated.

I have almost 9 years of ortho and I
when they called. When I returned the call, I was told that We did have 3 openings when I called you but it's first come, first served and you missed out.

I was told that at 1 pm today and now I see they have a job posting for 12 ortho MTs.
I have been with them over 2 years as well on ortho...
I use Scribe, which is a word-based platform...very user friendly.
Keystrokes does. I am on an ortho account that is sm
busy, consistent and very well run.  I know that they are getting more of the centers with this group.  I have been there since February and plan on staying until I retire.
Keystrokes -ortho account

Does anyone have any info on Keystrokes ortho accounts?  Have you worked on them or tested with them for an ortho position?  What is the testing like?  Thanks!



Keystrokes structures it like this for ortho
The Keystrokes manager who handles the ortho department structures it where you are assigned your own physicians. You have 24 hours to have the work done. You must pass a test though, but it is not a hard one.
I did ortho a couple of years ago...
and it was definitely a challenge! What I did was got an ortho word book and studied it when I could. I also took as many repeated phrases as I could and put them in autotype. Hope this helps!
I am on an internet account for Keystrokes. It is ortho but my
friend is on a clinic account that is internet for them.
Try applying to Keystrokes...I do ortho for them and I love it...
I guess 17 years of ortho exp. isn't good enough for them

Just curious. What program does Keystrokes use on the ortho accounts?
Keystrokes Ortho MTs--What is your production like in terms of lph etc.. on their system?
Just wondering how easy it was to make a good decent living on their Ortho accounts. Thinking of applying.
I work on an ortho account. Keystrokes is just wonderful! They will help you in every way possible
and seem to really care about each person.  They have been very good to me and I am very thankful to have a job with such a great company!
Try Keystrokes for ortho. Lots of work. The lead is the best I have ever had. sm
I have two doctors that I am responsible for and love having them assigned because I know what they are going to say before they say it. She is a stickler for reliability and quality, but if you are a good MT, you will love it!
Keystrokes--Ortho account IC status. Anyone know what the pay is?? Thinking of applying. Thanks
Heavy ESL is probably exactly why I got that callback...
now that you mention it. Before I quit, they had me in a very heavy ESL account. That's not specifically why I left (didn't help), it was a combination of things, mainly that I couldn't move through the junk quickly enough to make a decent paycheck anymore and knew it was not gonna get better there. Of course, I was told at the time that was all they could give me. We do not have a fit for you, yeah, buddy. Going back would just mean more mistreatment. I personally hope they have to fold.
No experience with Keystrokes, but SM
a veteran MT should be able to handle it.
My experience is that Keystrokes sm
pays me for everything on the page whether I typed it, pulled it up in a macro, expander, whatever. They pay for it all. But, all accounts are different and not all are on the same platform so I can only speak for myself.
I would go with Keystrokes, had a good experience
with them, I left for my own reasons, nothing to do with them at all, they were great. Above poster is right, stay away from Landmark, I had the same experience with them.
Experience requirement for Keystrokes

I am just a few months shy of 3 years experience.  Does anyone know if it is worth it for me to apply?  

7.25 cpl - 12 years experience
With how many years of experience ?
I have 18 years of experience and yet
I got sent a letter telling me to reapply when I had more experience.

They would not tell me what I missed on their testing. I know I did not do that badly.

You can have them.
I have 20 years experience....
they wanted to pay me $10/hr for the first 30 days. Puleeze.
And how many years experience do you have?
I have 10 years of experience, that's how.nm
5 years experience?
All of the companies I'm finding want someone with 5+ years experience.

Does anyone know a good nationwide company that would be happy with 2-1/2 years experience?

Gee...I have over 30 years experience

and I STILL use reference books and websites to look things up and verify spellings, words, etc.  Maybe that explains why you were let go better than anything else.  With the rapid advances and changes in medicine...I don't think that anyone ever gets to know enough to stop using references. 

19 years experience was not enough. Wow!
I'm kinda curious who did get the job, maybe someone with 40 years experience =)
I have 23 years experience
and I still run into grammar errors; part of it was the last company I worked for made me do some very strange things. But, also, it's because since my schooling 23 years ago, somethings really have changed, and I myself have gotten fairly lax about it. The last company I worked for didn't correct anything; be thankful for the criteria, and LEARN from it. This will make you a BETTER mt.
I have nearly 20 years' of experience and have

recently started exploring options.   I have been offered 10 cpl as employee and 11 as an IC with a couple of companies.  The lowest I've been offered is 9 cpl as employee.  

It should be 20 years' experience OR 20 years of experience

the apostrophe takes the place of the OF.

Well, my experience is from a few years ago (sm)
but at that time they were fine to work with. They always paid on time. I actually had to re-record on my account, but like I said, that was probably closer to 4 years ago now. I remember that the people were nice as well. I ended up moving on because for one reason or other they lost the account I was working on, and I was already an IC for another company at that time, but the parting was on good terms. I'd work with them again.
17 years experience.
Loved your toast!!
I have 5 years of experience
going on 6, and I was just offered 9.5 cpl for straight typing on an ER account, and I can't wait to start this week.
Ten years experience and
Yes I listen 100%.... I could never do blanks only on any of the MTs as they still all make enough errors to make the dangerous.
I have more than 15 years of experience.
It was not my fault that they could not get their ducks lined up in a row.

Just because you have 30 years experience (sm)
doesn't mean there isn't much to still learn. I too have almost 30 years experience. Believe me, when I first started with WMX, I was shown how much I didn't know that I thought I did.

I have learned so much in the last couple of years with WMX. That's the difference between a company with a good, responsive QA dept as opposed to one with no or limited QA.
I have over 20 years of experience - sm
I can't get them to answer my resume when I sent it TWICE.  I know they employed a gal who had absolutely no experience so maybe they thought I knew too much or wanted to much $$ and didn't even ask??
over 30 years rad experience -
not worried about the test.  Just can't afford to give up insurance where I am, so looking for a good part-time option.  Thanks for all the replies!  I will definitely look into it further.
Even with 20 years of experience

I did work on-site, and when I left, they had to realize the hard way all that I did for them.  I am the one laughing now all of the way to the bank. 

Hey on-site job, thanks for the experience because I'm making close to $50.00 an hour now.  Thanks to you and your networking, I gained my own accounts and a great name for myself!!! 

Again - it was several YEARS ago when I had a bad experience
PS & that was with 20 years' experience
many years of experience
You can't expect to make 35-40K per year with just one year of experience under your belt -- it takes a LOT of time and patience as well as discipline -- meaning ignore the phone during the day and set one or two days to do all your errands -- plus its a lot of hours.