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I was not answering you per se

Posted By: Really on 2009-02-26
In Reply to: geez! - so disappointed

but someone else who asked if this was normal. I am actually more lightened up than most on these boards as I can do transcription or not, my life does not depend on it anymore, thank the Lord.

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Thanks for answering. nm
I see. Thank you for answering.
Some companies want their equipment rented from them. Some what a security deposit that is refundable.

The way some of the posts on this thread were reading, I wondered how the MTs were having to pay to work for the company.

I appreciate you answering.
Thanks SO much for answering. At least I know that the ... SM

platform has not changed yet. It's been a month since I left, and yes, it was only going to be a couple more weeks before the change-over to the CM platform.  The account itself was not that bad, pretty good really, but what I really liked was getting the benefits.  Not sure what to do right now.  Thanks again for commenting on this for me. 

I don't see them answering the
thanks for answering
i did see all of that later today. 
I appreciate your answering
No, not upset. I work on VR on Piedmont acct and love it. Like occasional straight typing but love the VR most of all. Thanks for the info. Do you have work most of the time or have you ran out?
Thanks for answering

The work is going ok so far.  Very easy account, platform not really that bad - made 700+ lines in 5 hours on my 2nd day.  The staff is much more courteous and respectful of an MT than the last place I worked.  The QA person is friendly and not a rude hag like the last place.  I also don't have to pay $25 to get my check and am a W2 employee.  So far, so good...

Thanks for answering. NM
I was answering the OP about sm
forums for KS if you will read. There are NO forums for Keystrokes employees. That is the only question I was answering. I told her I like Docuscribe as I have worked on it in the past. I have not worked on the Christus account and said that alos.

Read before you speak will ya?
I donít know about answering this as I never
use the combination keys, only the mouse. Was told when I first started VR a few years ago had to use the mouse. I know this sounds strange but until then never used a mouse. I learned and then told should use the other keys. The VR I am on is really good, and yes when I need to correct something I take my hands off to fix with whatever needed but having said this, I could not edit any faster, no way using combination keys. Your audio only goes so fast and no amount of keys can get you faster.
I was answering below, but on this point SM
I am going to have to say it is going to be near-impossible for you to get paid that much per line AND work days.  I do wish you luck though.
That bit about answering the IM's is especially amusing since
we are told ALL the time to use it for emergencies only. Guess you have a lot of those??
Thank you all below for answering! I will check into some of these just to see. nm
Thank you for answering the question
I am not the one who posted asking about information on Zylomed, but I was wondering about them because I have accepted a position with them. I just wanted to say thank you for your reply.
Thanks for answering. How long did
you stay? I didn't get any paycheck for work I did in November. Did get a few dollars in training pay 25 days later, but nothing since.
I was answering Colleen....
in the first place. If YOU wanted a specific answer then you should've asked, but I find YOU NM quite rude.
Thanks for answering my questions. (SM)
I felt the recruiter was being straight forward with me. She even gave me time to think things over before going on. All in all I feel she was being honest with me. I've decided to give them a try.

Thanks again for answering my questions and good luck to you also!!
Thank you very much for answering my questions. nm
I think she was just answering a question.
Why bother answering at all
if you are a no thanks?

WHAT PART OF WHO WOULD *SUPPORT*... was confusing?

Thanks so much to both of you for answering my questions...
I have e-mailed you both.
And not only for transcribing, but answering their
It's not all it is cracked up to be and certainly not for everyone. There are more hours involved in administrative tasks with more clients, too. Make sure you are fully aware what you are getting into before jumping. Not saying that to discourage, just a friendly warning. It has its rewards, too, but trust me, you will work your tail off. Doctors work 24/7 and often expect the same of their business associates.

If you provide digital equipment, you'd better know it inside and out or have a good tech person on your payroll because the office will call you for help everytime there is a hiccup. Set forth your hours, rules, and extra charges for stat reports, faxes, copies of reports lost in their office, etc., ahead of time. Once you get a few clients, you may want to line up another MT or find someone you can subcontract to in the event of illness, vacation, etc., maybe trade favors with another MT with own clients.
I remember someone answering

I could be wrong, but the person actually e-mailed me with this company MxSecure.  I then posted the company name for others since again it was one of those I e'd you kind of thing and others wanted to know as well about the company I was asking was flexible.  Come to find out MxSecure I believe does require that you do a certain line count.  I wanna say this was probably six months ago, but the poster got a little tiffed that the company name was posted.  I only did it so others would know. 

In the OP post, JP states the last time she put the company out there, no one used her as a referrall so she didn't get any money. 

I don't know, I just have this weird feeling that it is the same person.  I'm not sure though.  I have no clue about MxSecure and never worked there.

Yes, Mommy. First, nobody at all was answering
as I hate it when my questions are ignored. Loads of people read it, but nobody answered, naturally until I did and expressed my opinion.  Now, of course, the loyal defenders come on slashing any naysayers. As I said clearly, I had no personal experience, so silly to bash  me on that one. Personally, I really like KS and the people I have personally spoken with at KS, but the no work situation was the big thing that kept me from accepting a position on more than 1 occasion.  They admitted themselves that it could be a dellicate balancing act and they were very humble about learning so much in their huge succesful growth spurt.  So, while you seem to refuse to admit the problem ever existed, your bosses admit it.  I just unfortunately am not financially comfortable enough to be able to take the gamble and hang in for weeks or so until no work situations are corrected. So I weigh my employment choices on the known potential problems with a company and go from there, as I'm sure the OP was trying to do.  But, yes, Mommy, this forum used to be famous for pages and pages of KS posts claiming no work.  Whether they were really KS MTs, or pumpkins, or aliens from Pluto, I have no clue. I simply shared with the original poster that there used to be boatloads of posts on this particular issue and I was honest that I had no personal experience.  Glad you have too much work.  Go get 'em! 
Thanks for answering my questions
I'm only looking for SE status right now.  Just something to keep me busy if my regular account gets slow.  The line rate is certainly decent, especially for employee status.  Thank you again for the info.  If I ever decide to go employee status, I'll definitely check them out.
thank you all for answering my post.
MDI-MD does sound like they treat you good.  I am thinking of just up and quitting my present company who i have been with for almost 10 years.  the last few have been quite challenging and continues to go that way so I do not think if i have the energy to work both just to see how well it goes.  Thanks again. 
I started out at the top before you answering
the person who wanted to know about TTS. You came in after me. I do not know what you are talking about. You do not work for the company, like where you are, good hours, no weekends with you. What is the issue now?
Since you are answering honestly, I am
asking honestly why your company has to deal with offshore support/upload team. I have never really heard an honest answer from a company. Is the bottom line price? I am very interested in honestly knowing what goes on behind the doors of these MTSOs. Thanks for your honesty.
Are they not answering the phone in their office?!! nm
No fair answering this way. What are your reasons?
You're the one answering, honey. LOL
I think nobody is answering because of the word *decent*...LOL
Thanks for FINALLY answering the question
Thanks for answering - I am familiar with Bayscribe(sm)
as I worked for MDI-MD for about 3 months. You are right about no platform being perfect. Do you have a smaller amount of doctors? To me, that is luxury!! If I never saw (rather heard) another ESL that would make me really happy!! Best of luck! Keep me posted
Thanks for answering - this sounds perfect for me! NM
Would you mind answering a few more questions?

Did you switch from straight transcription to VR, or start with VR? 

How long had you done straight transcription and what was your lph speed then?

How long have you been doing VR?

How long did it take you to get up to the speed where you are now?

Thanks in advance!

I notice she is answering all these questions
all over the place and yet she was speaking as though she had never really worked as MT, needing a job - what gives with this?
Right now not too many people answering posts unless
There is no answering machine. There is a live person
during business hours with voice mail after hours. If you called her home office rather than the main office, I could see that happening as she has only been in town a few days this month and last. That is why people need to call the people they are supposed to and not the CEO. Most company presidents are not accessible, in fact I have worked for both Transcend and MQ and never once spoke to the CEO and never expected to. Why does everyone expect Keystrokes to be different?

I am not saying that Keystrokes is perfect for everyone, I am just saying that if you go through the office, as you should, you would not have that problem. She only made calls for 3 days right after the HR person left and then someone else took over.

Typing4Dollars - Thank you for answering post about Amphion.sm
Can you give me any other insight into the company and the fact they state "you set your schedule 'initially' when signing on."  Any and all information, whether opinion or fact, would be greatly appreciated.
Do you get the impression this person is answering herself in some areas?
I know I do.
Why don't you call them and ask? I have found them to be good at answering
those types of questions. Better to get it from the horses mouth, I think.
Not answering their phones would be a big turn-off for me. I wouldn't take the job. nm
saw the question today and was answering it. sorry to offend.

and it might be nice to get someone answering the phone you can UNDERSTAND. nm
Thanks for answering. It does sound like a waste of time.

Sound like your skills are constantly on trial.  Who needs that. 


No one at the office. No one answering emails this a.m. TY for your advice anyway. LOL nm

Do a search of the boards. Recent stuff answering these. nm
And I just called their number and an ANSWERING MACHINE picks up.
Gimme a break.
wow, 3 offers, way to go! which places if you dont mind answering. nm