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If they are so great why do you work there part time?

Posted By: Come On Now on 2006-03-17
In Reply to: RE: Info on Transcend please - Shelly Hendrix


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RE: If they are so great why do you work there part time?
Because I choose to.
No PTO for part-time. Not sure if you can work part-time or not since recent rule change. sm
You do pay a deposit for their equipment.
I'm lookin for part-time work (about 3-4 hrs daily) after 13 years of full-time, anyone know of a
company that is hiring flexible part-time?  I'm starting a career in real estate but don't want to totally quit transcription, but I think most places require 25 hours a week and I cant work weekends, as real estate sales are the biggest on the weekend with open houses and people off work to shows homes to.  If you know of a place I'd sure appreciate the info.  Thanks!
i work 3 part-time jobs now. it can be confusing if you are learning both at the same time, but sm
other than that not a problem for me. best to get one down before starting to other or you might become overwhelmed.
Thank you! I'm looking for part-time work to supplement my no-work full-time job.

They no longer hire part-time and may be eliminating part-time employees within the next 6 months.
They are going to have those that are PT go FT if possible. Some accounts require 1 weekend day, but not all. Most transcriptionists have 1 account with 1 back-up account. I know that they are hiring for hospital accounts in medical records and radiology right now.
Part-time MT getting full-time work ??????

TransTech should not be giving out work to PT people on their DAY OFF, or any other time BEFORE a full-time MT has enough work    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Part-time and still never enough work. nm
Transcribing litigation part-time, looking for prn medical transcription with work available at 6:30 a.m. Eastern time.
Part-time work
Medquist allows part-time transcription in which 4000 lines have to be done in a pay period and the payperiod goes from the 1st to the 15th and 16th to the 31st.
Could anyong give me the name of companies that hire part time, provide equipment, and still use dial up?  Thanks
Looking for part-time IC work..

Are there any companies out there that have part-time work available and will just leave you alone and let you do the work?  I produce client-ready material and really need very little attention :)  I already work as an employee with one company and an IC with another.  I'm starting to feel uneasy with my current IC position and am just hoping that there is a company out there that will allow me to do the work without feeling the need to micromanage?

Part-time ER work?

Hoping someone can help me out.  I work full-time already in acute care and would like to find a flexible part-time job.  Benefits aren't important to me since my full-time job takes care of that, so a great line rate is mainly what I'm looking for.  I have 5 years of acute care experience, and am mainly wanting ER work for a part-time job. 

Any suggestions? 

How is JLG to work for part time ?
I may be going with them and would like any input, good or bad, on how the company is to work for.  I'll only be part time but it's important that I have enough work so I can pay the wonderful creditors that I owe my life to.  TIA 
part time work

I picked up some part time work by calling  some of the smaller local companies. They often pay better than the large cos and you can almost ways be an IC with them and work very flexible hours. Just a thought!

Why is that? I only work part-time, but think sm
it is a great company.  The owner is wonderful, QA is great, and pay has not only been on time but has been early. 
Low work and looking for part-time
I know how you feel. I am now looking for part-time work.
Can you work part-time for TTS?

I'm been reading through all the companies out there hiring, including the company I work for now, which is unbeliveable..  I'm looking for part-time work to supplement my work with the company I work for now.   The work is starting to slow down for us so I wanted to find something part-time.  Can anyone suggest a good company to work for?   Thanks !

part-time work
I am not sure of your background or experience, but I just started a part-time position with Phoenix Medcom and they are very nice. They do have part-time positions and you are told right up front what you can expect with regards to line count, etc.  Everyone is extremely nice, helpful, and organized. I have local accounts and so far this is exactly the supplemental work I was hoping to find.
Only work available is part-time
Looking for Part-Time Work
I was just looking at this company. I don't know how things work there or any of these companies really because I have only worked for hospitals. Is there any place (including Supercript) that lets you work when you want and for how long you want? I have a full-time MT position at a local hospital and I'm just looking for something that will provide me some extra cash. Any help is greatly appreciated!
I work part-time with KS. nm
PRN or less than part-time work.
Does anyone know of any companies that hire people to work less than 20 hours per week or do not require a set schedule?
I work there part-time. sm
I enjoy it very much and am very satisified with my pay. I work part-time at 3 companies and have a couple of accounts of my own. Focus is the only place that actually encourages me to send to QA so that I can focus on production. I rarely do send to QA but it is certainly far more comfortable knowing that it is supported by the company, not frowned on.

Platform is great. Do really good with VR. Have 4 accounts and only those 4. Know them well.

I'm part-time and don't have to work all weekend. I work Tues-Sat.
I've never heard that from Chronicle, of course I didn't see the ad.
There is a part-time and a flexible part-time, just left there and they offered
me both. Flexible, however, is more or less when they need you (I.e. weekends), part-time is fixed hours.
try Alltype for part time work.
I have heard excellent things about them from other transcriptionists that I work with at my hospital
Ask to be put on another acct. I'm part time and work
full time hours because our account is always behind.
Shelly, you work part-time. You don't have to
person who works on it hours every single day.  Maybe you were one of the lucky ones who happened to get a glitch-free download, but I don't see how as the glitches are program-wide.  When I worked for Transcend I had nothing but problems with this program to the point that I quit working there.  I got tired of tearing my hair out every day dealing with all the technical problems and poor voice quality.
I work for 3 companies part time and....
don't have any work either. I made $50 in two weeks for one company, $40 for the other and $300 for the third. What a joke!! I do have to make a living to pay our house payment. I have been at this for almost 20 years....so SAD!!
PT'ers work part time because they are....sm

working on other private accounts....sheesh.......I spend half a week working for private mds and the other half working for MQ......what do you want from us PT'ers??????

Are you calling all PT'ers malingerers?  How unfair is that?  I work my arse off 24/7/365 and since I'm a young teen......so that's about 40 years!  The only YEAR I took off was to have a baby 25 years ago.

AGAIN, POSTERS, consider the source of the perps posting!!!

How rude!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I only work part-time, and my production sm
depends on the reliability of my connection. On most days I do 30 minutes of dictation, which will yield 300-500 lines depending on everything. I have over 30 years' experience. FC uses Chartscript which is so simple to use. Just run a macro, type in patient's info as dictated, and you're on your way. Reports follow one after another in the document file for that account. As far as lot of work, I only know what's going on in my little world. I have plenty of work. Hope this helps. FC is IC only, BTW.
i work for MDI less than part time and love it!
i've with them them for a year and a half. i also work part time for a big national and i'm consdering quitting the big national to work for MDI only. they are personable, don't treat you like a number. pay is always on time, (i have direct deposit). they are very flexible too. good luck in your decision!
I work part-time for them, so I cannot help you regarding benefits. sm

The pay scale seems a bit on the low side (I started at 0.0825), but you are an employee, so they take out taxes and such, which is a plus for me, and you can raise your rate of pay according to how many lines per hour you type.  I do not have the tier right in front of me, but it is something like 150-170, add .015 per line; 171-215, .035; 216-230, .05; and so on.   I type 300 LPH on my full-time job but cannot seem to average more than 250 at Webmedx, so not sure if it is the way they count lines, or maybe I am just not used to my account yet.  The sound quality on some of the hospitals on my account is absolutely AWFUL, and no one seems to be addressing that, so that is a down side. 

They have their own platform and supply the computers.  Someone said you have the option of using your own computer, but when I asked, they said I had to use theirs, so I don't really know.  I would much prefer mine, but I did get a switch so I only have to use one monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

They charge a $125 deposit for the computer, taken out in installments of $25 per pay period, refundable when you quit and return the computer. 

The pay is direct deposit and always on time. 

I know they have benefits such as medical, dental, and vision, and a 401k, but I do not know the details.

Hope this helps.

Good luck!

I work for MedWare part-time.
I am happy MedWare. Theyis flexible though you do have to do a stick to a schedule. However, I have never had a problem with getting time off when I wanted. They have plenty of work for us to do. Pay is on time. The Merit platform is user friendly though I liked Dictaphone better. So far, I have had a nice group of people to work with.

I believe the pay is low but I have applied to 3 other nationals and they have not offered anything better. I hope that helps.
I work for MedWare part-time.

I am impressed.  I get quick responses from my supervisor.  The Merit runs real smooth on my computer.  We have lots of work. This week it is a little slow as compared to last week but enough to keep us busy during our shift.  Usually by weekends though we are swamped.   I do think the pay is a little low but for me it is worth it not to have to drive in-house. 

I have never worked for Diskriter.  The benifit package looks wonderful. 

I work for MedWare part-time.

I have no complaints.  I have worked since December.  Last week the account I was on ran out of work.  They say that doesn't happen very often.  The week before that we had too much work to do.  Anyway, the pay is a little low but probably average in this business anymore.  I use the Merit platform.  It is easy to learn but I don't like the word processor part.  It is like a glorified note pad.   Schedules are flexible.  I have not yet had any problem getting off when I needed it. 

part time work plus computer
I'm looking for a part time (15 to 20 hours/week) transcription position.  I would like a company that supplies the computer.  I am a CMT with 7-years' experience with acute care basic four plus multispecialty transcription.  Any suggestions?
Yes they do clinic work and part time
I work for them part-time and love them! sm
There is plenty of work, and the people are absolutely WONDERFUL.  You are paid twice a month, and the pay is always on time, direct deposit in my account about 2 days after the invoice is submitted. 
I work for Focus part-time
I have worked for Focus for the last nine months. I am part time by choice.  I have always been able to work out any problems that I have had with them. I told them from the beginning that I had heard negative things about their QA and how things were managed.  I was told to let them know if I had problems. I have and they have always taken care of them professionally.  I have always received my pay on time. If you wish to email me, I can tell you the names of that I have dealt with and maybe you can get in touch with them.
I like to work 2 part time jobs. sm
I don't like to put all my eggs in one basket. (Easter eggs LOL!)  That way if I lose one I still have one to fall back on.  Been burned too many times between offshoring and VR.

Anyone know of a good company willing to hire for part-time work?  I'm not familiar with the majority of the companies looking to hire on here.  Thanks !

Work both jobs for awhile, part time for the new one. Most
of the MTSO will understand your reluctance to quit your old job until you are sure the new one will work. I have worked for two companies in the past year and told both that I would have to work part time until I was comfortable quitting my old job. I ended up keeping my old job because the new ones didn't work out. Also, 1 cpl decrease in pay isn't that much to make up if the work is good. Hopefully, you won't have to sit around waiting for work, and you can follow the BOS which will be easier for you and probably help you transcribe fater.
I work part time, got hired last month. nm

Well I work on an account that probably about 4 part time transcriptionists on it ...sm
There is hardly ever enough work. Never get a full day because the account is overstaffed. There are 2 doctors on this account also. It might not be as bad with you because you only have you and 2 part timers. But on this account there is a handful of MTs. Ridiculous!
My information is kind of old, but I used to work for them part time sm
and it was a good company.  The people were great, and they paid on time (weekly).  The pay was rather low, but what I was doing was easy clinic work, so it kind of balanced out.  Good luck!
keep those local clients and work part-time maybe SM
Depend on ourselves for a change? I don't know.
Can you tell me how many hours a part time person is allowed to work. Does it specify that at all.
I didnt quite understand that 8, 16 and 24 hour thing. I thought part time as long as you cut off before the full time hours you can work them.
Does anyone know if Futurenet hires part time weekend work? (nm)