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That is horrible. They sure cheated you.

Posted By: Dont Understand on 2006-03-18
In Reply to: I was paid by the hour and turned in my hours and noticed then cut in half - Fingers2TheBone


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Horrible, horrible, horrible place. Unlike the other poster
I actually worked there.   Sound quality is horrendous.  The account I had was the worst ESL I've ever had and I do 85% ESL so I have no problems doing ESL.   Frequent management turnover.   When I was doing QA the work was so bad that I pretty much had to redo every report.  I hear about how well they pay, but they don't pay that well and certainly not enough to compensate for all the other stuff. 
Worked there 2 years ago..horrible, horrible, horrible.
Would totally avoid them at all costs.
You did not get cheated?! Ya right!
Not cheated either
I have to also agree that I do not feel cheated. Could things be better? Of course, but I have also been out in the MT jungle and feel Cymed gives you the tools necessary to be successful if you chose to make the most of it. As far as the spaces go, I negotiated a higher line rate at Cymed and along with the headers I feel it compensates for the spaces issue. Their platform is also very efficient, allowing you to get in and out of reports without a lot of messing around. I would love to hear from the MTs who have left and have actually found a better situation though, especially regarding benefits, etc. My experience has been most of the companies talk the talk but do not walk the walk. Lots of bate and switch going on.

Regardless, if they cheated an MT
out of her pay, then that stinks in no uncertain terms whether it was 4 years ago or 40! No excuses!!!
I haven't been cheated

After working for two Major companies, I think Cymed is a great place to work. My adjustment to pay without spaces started before I worked for Cymed. I heard the hospitals won't pay for them. My line counts are always high and match my paycheck. Maybe I have more years experience or my word Expander is bigger than those of you who are unhappy. As far as I am concerned, I've been out there in the MT jungle and Cymed is the best by far!!

It's like they cheated the work out of you (sm)
That's totally unfair.  At WebMedX there's a thing called No Pay Normals on the time clock, so you can create normal templates without screwing up your line count.  So it still would've been no pay, but it wouldn't have hurt you, line-count and speed-wise.  I'm guessing that if your company had been honest with you from the get-go, this kind of thing wouldn't be a big deal (it wouldn't to me, anyway, if they just made the request occasionally).
Must agree your getting cheated bad
I would first ask what program they are using to count your lines. And then save a report and do the tedious task of counting every single thing yourself. Lots of fun been there done that. Had a small company screw me out of a little bit of money but got my friend for thousands.
They do not dock for errors. NEVER been cheated out of $$!!!!!
SoftScript is the worst - horrible accounts, horrible management, don't go there! nm
horrible, horrible contact person! Worst experience ever. SM
Turned it down because of the arrogance and attitude.

That was not long ago. Ads run every 2 - 3 months.
Horrible accounts, horrible sound quality, etc
The only time SoftScript would not be wonderful is if you aren't doing your job. They are an extremely professional company. Sounds like someone may not have lived up to their standards.
Horrible, horrible place. Lots in the archives.
Horrible company, horrible dictators, ESL
at its absolute worst, sound quality horrible.  The MTs I did QA for were horrendous.  They made up words, obviously didn't use a spellchecker, couldn't get the hang of something as simple as copying and pasting Preop diagnoses to postop diagnoses and would type same again and again.  QA manager would send out updates for new drugs, equipment and have things misspelled, frequently got e-mails that evidently were sent because someone wanted to feel important, absolutely no useful information, management problems, lots and lots of turnover, including management.    The CEO has no clue about transcription and is in it for the money.  After talking with him you feel like you need a shower. 
Horrible platform. Horrible communication.
Horrible people who say one thing and then when you do what they say, they get mad and act ugly.

Enough of a bone?
I can't believe how horrible this all is.
I never thought it was decent of MQ to prevent you from seeing your line count after each and every chart like all other programs and companies I've worked for. I guess this explains it! - it really makes me sick at heart to think they are that criminal, that they are deliberately cheating us. All those cheery notes from our supervisors - thanks a lot guys for helping the company pick our pockets and lower the standards for the entire industry. Before you know it every national will be doing the same thing and we will never be paid fairly by any of them! Whatever happened to fair labor practices anyway? Are all big businesses staffed with nothing but unpricipled dirty greedy backstabbing cheats?

Sorry for going off but man, thinking of all I've sacrificed over the years and the extra above-the-norm effort I've put in to keep my line counts high and accounts within TAT - and for what? To find this out is like a real sock in the kisser.

QA is horrible
They WILL nitpick you to death. I have over 20 years experience and got an 88 on my QA and it was COMMAS....some places they took them out, some they put in. There is ONE person who has final QA say and even the team leader I had would warn about how ridiculous it is. The QA varies from account to account as well. They say they go by AAMT but they don't. The old DOS platform sucks big time. You get 40 pounds of books to look through with hundreds of pages of doctors to go through. If you take the time to find something in the manual, you lose lines and you lose money. If you don't take the time to look and put a blank, they take of a percentage for that. There isn't even a way to look for a doctor when you are in the text typing!! The spellcheck leaves a lot to be desired.

Expect to be given 3 accounts at once and have to switch back and forth frequently between them and of course memorize all the QA differences between them. You will find that the QA booklet they give has gross errors in it, and even if you document the errors, such as a medication spelling, they say they "do it their way." Expect loads of ESLs and of course you get dinged for blanks for those as well, no matter how difficult the dictator is. I have never ever seen a company work so hard at taking money from you like they do. They swear they pay hourly...well good luck. Out of 8 people I knew from training, 7 quit.
Horrible, Horrible, Horrible
accounts, support, managment etc.
Horrible pay!!
They offered me 6 cpl for acute care and 7 cpl for clinic work!! Of course, I refused.
They were horrible, not there. S/l I'm as bad as they are.
horrible horrible
honestly, it was one of the most awful experiences of my career. Details aren't even needed .. just stay away. Mean supervisors, stupid old DOS and dial up work. Backstabbing and that's just the beginning. DON'T DO IT .. there are better companies out there.
Horrible ESL
So if you don't LOVE ESL, you might want to rethink. The company itself was a great one but the accounts were horrid.
a bit low?........that's horrible pay!
horrible horrible horrible!!!  Stay far far away!!!  Nasty management attitude!
That's horrible....
Wow...I was offered a job there a few months back, but I ended up turning them down for another company. Looks like I made the right decision! I also live about 2 hours away from where my family gets together every Thanksgiving, so there is no way I would work there if they are that inflexible with major holidays! That's awful!
They are right! it is HORRIBLE!
Even before I left last winter, the platform was having a lot of technical problems. I was constantly having the platform come up with random errors, freeze up, and it wouldn't save my report like it was supposed to. One time I lost a 5 page psych evaluation report and had to start from scratch. When I called tech support, they didn't give me the time of day and just said, Oh well, guess you'll just have to start over. I wouldn't recommend this company to my worst enemy! You will have zero job security! I'm glad I decided to get out when I did!
I worked for Cymed for a year, which was bought out by SPi a little over a year ago. SPi treats their MTs HORRIBLY! No, they do not pay for spaces, and they were always screwing up on my paychecks, and I was never able to get a hold of anyone, either by phone or e-mail, to correct them. The managers, from my experience, were by very, very rude and unhelpful, and the QA was very inconsistent. I finally quit back in February and went to another company, a smaller one that does not outsource at all, and I am sooooo much happier! SPI was one of the worst companies I have ever worked for. In fact, they were in jeopardy of losing many big hospital accounts right before I left due to poor quality and TAT issues, including the 2 accounts that I worked on, and I heard that a few months after I left, they did actually lose several accounts, heavily outsourced a lot of other accounts, and had a lot of lay offs of MTs and QA staff. This is one company that you should avoid like the plague!
Ugh! Horrible!
This is a Phillipine company. They are DEFINITELY a company to avoid. I used to work for CyMed, which was brought out by SPI a little over a year ago. As soon as SPI took over, tons of MTs left, including me. There is just way too much wrong with this company to list them all here. Check the archives.
It would take way too long to list all of the reasons why they are so horrible. I would run as fast as possible from this company!
Also, having IM on all day was horrible. I got nothing done. nm
Yep, a horrible day. Thank you!

I appreciate your note very much! I was having a horrible day. Life is so stressful and our industry so affected, we're all running stressed, scared of losing our jobs, and it's a horrible thing. Many have been taken advantage of and are fearful of that happening and guarded in employers. I understand all this. I am an MT and have been there. I lost two MTs last weekend, one because she was going through a divorce and another who had taken on more work than she could manage (3 accounts). People are human - it happens.  I didn't want to ask my gals who work the other weekends or weekdays to have to work more than they normally do because I don't want to burn them out.  I'm a small service - eight MTs. I try to run things without MTs dumping on one another, taking advantage, flaking out, watching out for their jobs being protected - because if quality or TAT fails, their jobs are in jeopardy and it's not fair to those busting their butts.  I've had some MTs who got fired because they flaked off or did poor work post negative comments and there's nothing I can do about that. They were upset and venting. I would be careful on the internet and I would check references. I got stung for $4K at Charter and it's horrible. I would talk with folks who work for them - not believe the ones they fired - to get a feel for them. I feel a commitment to protect the jobs of my gals and treat them well - if I let things deteriorate, I place them at risk, something I can't do. 

On the 45 day payment, yes, I get paid 30 days from time work's done. In the info I sent, I said that if this were a hardship, I could try to pay and absorb this to help during this first pay period.  After that it's every other week and it depends when someone starts but if they start at the beginning of a pay period, the wait could be that long. I want to be honest and upfront with folks. No surprises with your income. Most of the gals who work weekends have other jobs and this is supplemental - some it's a problem for - some it's not - just depends. I do what I can to help because I understand when you need to survive!


Lastly, yes I have an embroidery business. Because I've found the psych transcription to be heavy after 20 years, I like to maintain balance by doing happy creative things - quilting, sewing, crafting....I create machine embroidery designs & sell them online. I had to use that webspace because I don't have webspace for PsychTrans. 

I'm a small stable business. I don't advertise. All of my clients have been by referral and word of mouth. I prefer stable over alot of turnover...both in MTs and clients. Better for everyone.

So there you have it - who I am and what's what. I appreciate the hard work that all of you do, like me. We've been hit hard over the past decade and I know the sacrifice you're all taking. I wish you all every success!

Why would they? It's horrible here now SM
with more and more of our work being VR.  I'm glad I didn't say I only wanted to straight type because if I did, I'd probably have no work.
Some are okay, some are beyond horrible. Even
with samples I don't know what they are saying. 
How HORRIBLE!! n/m

I'm considering TRS now. What was your horrible experience?
This company is horrible and you'd be better

off not taking a position with them.   There are issues with their line counts with MTs being cheated - this is in addition to horrible management, horrible dictators, horrible QA people ......

She is trying to keep them. IT is horrible, they will all quit
and will get a big pay cut for the first 6-12 months they try to use it because it is so difficult to figure out.  
They lie, steal, cheat, and do anything and everything but pay you!!!! RUN, RUN, RUN.
I can vouch for this....they are horrible SM
and very shifty.  Even though their recruiter is gone (along with his lies about how much $ can be made), they still misrepresent the pay and the working conditions!
My experience with them was horrible, too.
I was also told the same thing by the rude woman. If you don't like it, quit. We only want people here who meet our needs. We need weekend editors for the offshored work and people to work the night shift AFTER I was hired to work days. Merit sucks, too. I'm so glad I got out of there and found my new company.
Amphion is the worst place I have ever worked!
I am not sure who you are but I feel horrible for you. I
think that was terrible of the coordinator but from what we all know now, the rad coordinator was not all that. We have been doing a lot of damage control because of her and her buddy that used to be HR.

I am sure that you are a wonderful Transcriptionist and hope that you are happy where you are now.

It is sad that things like this happen, and knowing the owner, I am sure that she was just sick over this. However, I also know that she was probably painted a completely different picture of you by that coordinator. It just seems like she did that to everything that she felt threatened her position. We have re-hired, as employees, 5 MTs with similar stories and all have been treated like gold on their return. If there is ever anything that can be done, please do not hesitate to call the office. If you do, only ask for the owner (not allowed to post names here anymore).
Horrible company!
Do not work for this company. They want their work 12 TAT or sooner. They will drive you crazy!!!
Horrible company!!
Do not work for this company. The pay is horrible!!! They pay $4.25 per 1,000 words. That's like 5 cents per line!!!
What a horrible post..you seem like a very
unhappy, unfulfilled person. Glad you don't work for my company.
horrible post
Funny you would use the words Horrible - and your company.
Post simmply stated companies were watching, thanks for proving my point.
horrible post
Ditto to msme's post - you do prove the point you are watching.

To the original poster - you are probably the company we are speaking of and I believe if you didn’t have a guilty mind then you wouldn’t have taken the time to post an answer to this thread. Shouldn't you be reviewing resumes, after all you constantly are running ads?

We all know which companies are good, bad and indifferent. I too wonder why companies would wander here. I (here is the dreaded word) assumed employer(s) would have more to do than to spend their time here....LoL.
They are such a horrible company they can't keep
good, qualified people, so they have to give newbies a chance so they can get the work done. 
horrible tale

I was commenting on how companies go in and out of favor.  I am a battle-weary oldtimer like yourself.  I fortunately have not had anything like the disasters like you have had, but am too searching wearily for a decent company. I don't believe any recruiter anymore. They tell you what they think you want to hear. You sign up, lose insurance from prior job, and find out you have 98.8% ESLs, all impossible to understand, or you work for an hour and have no work.  and then you go searching again.


Well if it was soooo horrible...
Why didn't they say that??  I only received three or four corrections on it and this was on an ESL speaking doctor, so for a first-time run at it I don't see that as horrible.  I type for a large 300-bed acute care hospital and also do IC work for a brain and spine trauma center and my QA is 98%++.  As far as this being a test, this was an actual report that was pulled off the system to type.  This was not something dictated from a year ago, it was just dictated.  When I applied to them there was no testing, no phone interviews or anything.  Basically, I received an email stating they could use me on this account and then I was set up.  From where I come from you train your people so that there is no confusion on how a typed report should look since essentially they are a legal document and everything needs to be in order.  You can say all you want, but I think this company lacks PR and to me that is as important as how much a company will pay.  I'll just keep my own accounts and be happy.  I don't have any complaints from them, only happy referrals to other offices.
apex = horrible