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So, Transcend pays half of MT rates for ME?

Posted By: Wow, MQ only pays 20% less for ME than MT! on 2006-03-18
In Reply to: Please clarify one thing. - Former Transcender


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Webmedx pays for half of the testing fee...sm

if you pass, which I think is very generous. 

They also raise your line rate a quarter cpl when you become a CMT, which is not fantastic, but we all know any addition to your cpl can add up.

It's more than most companies offer.

Transcend/MDI pay rates

I think MDI/Transcend should inform the MDI MTs what their pay rate will be come January 1st.  We've been through enough and you can't tell me that they don't know what it will be. 

I'm on the verge of jumping ship, and if I don't find out soon what my pay rate will be with Transcend, I think I'm going to go with the other company.  I'd rather know what I'm going to make than to sit around wondering about it.  I can't wait until January 1st to find out that I'm going to be making 20%, 30% or even 40% less on the next paycheck.  This is ridiculous and really should be unlawful. 

All MDI MTs should email their liasons or D herself and ask this question directly, in light of these recent Transcend pay cuts.  Maybe if enough of us come together to do this, they will give us the answers we are seeking. 

Transcend Cuts Pay rates for All

Anyone else hear about the cross-the-board pay cuts for all at Transcend???  We started getting the calls today from our manangement team.  Starts October 1st.  This goes into effect whether you are brand new with the company, or if you've been with them 10 years.  Team leads are the only exceptions.  These cuts in rates are in the 30 - 35% range. There are no more shift/weekend differentials And of course, quota remains the same....you just now have to produce 35% in a night 5 nights a week to make it .  So for some....guess than means no more benefits.  This makes an overall pay rate cut for me of about 50% over the last 5 years.  (The first 20% cut came 4 years ago when they first took over the hospital where I worked --- and now this second one for approximately 35%).  Crazy, isn't ?  Where else can you work 5 years someplace and loose 55% of your pay?  I'm disgusted and discouraged.  Is MT even worth it any more?

VR lines rates w/Medq vs Transcend

You could never figure the line rate with VR out with Transcend --- it was different with each person and when you did hear the formula, you would need to be a math whiz from Princeton to figure out the percentages of everything.  It would always turn out 1/2 of what I would make straight typing.  So probably Medquest is paying better on that for sure because I surely didn't make twice what you are saying is the rate for Medquest.  They may have their faults and pay less for straight typing but for VR that isn't bad at all.   Once you get going if you lose the dang mouse, you pull down twice the lines or more than with straight typing. 


Does anyone know how Transcend pays out
Their $1000 sign-on bonus?  Thanks so much!
Transcend pays still
one day, 4 hours with trainer = $60.00
Transtech pays as much as Transcend
TransTech Pays for Internet does Transcend?
I just read that they reimburse for internet, does Transcend do this too?
Transcend pays hourly or at least they did a year

I think Transcend pays hourly for training for
But, I think the training is Monday through Thursday and I think you do 10 reports a day.  This is how it was last year, but I'm not sure about now. 
Transcend pays for experience and I thought the
They have quite a few accounts.  They are a large company. 
Transcend only pays 55% of line rate for editing...

I could have dealt with an 80% cut.  I think that is a very fair rate.  That is my whole point.  I do not have a problem with the fact that they are moving to ALL editing.  I have a problem with the cut being too large.  I think 6 cpl would have been fair.  That allows you to make a decent wage, but 4 cents is absolutely ridiculous.  If voice recognition is the way of the future, at least MQ is doing something right, at least trying to be fair.  Transcend is just greedy!!

Transcend pays more. There is editing and straight transcription. Let's just say..they pay more
than 9 cpl, double of what people will be making at RC Transcription.
Transcend pays 3 cents per line on holidays, plus sends a handwritten card to all
employees. I have worked for many companies and I have never seen a company that cares as much as Transcend.

E-mail me if you'd like more information.
They only pay half, so if you were
say 8 CPL, you would only get 4 CPL.  I am not doing ME for them but you would have to do twice as much to make the same money.  I have already decided if they try to force me into it, I will move on.
A lot of companies like mine pay half. If I had to do ASR full time for that price, I would go to work at a store or something easy.
about half. However, you might be one of those sm
people who really excels on ASR once you get going on it and figure out ways around it.  I know people who now prefer ASR and are making more than they did with regular and don't want to go back to regular.  Keep in mind you have to do 2.5 to 3 times the lines on ASR as regular to recoup what you were doing on regular.  Some people can do that, I can't, because I read too slow.  Even with ASR, it's all in the macros/shortcuts.  1200 lines a day at 10 cpl is $120.  You'll need 2600 ASR lines at 0.045 cpl to get $117.  Can you opt to do both regular and ASR?   
one-half cent
I'm a little confused. Do you mean 3/4 of a cpl or 7 and a half cpl? sm
Because if you are meaning 3/4 of a cent per line that seems REALLY low.  Maybe I'm just reading your post incorrectly. 
I got mine within about a day or a day and a half.
I was only there a year and a half, but
did the same, got a secondary job as an IC back in August when things were crazy with the 15 different CPs I was making NO money and was so frustrated! Before that, I was at the same hospital for 11 years and only left cause they went over to MQ. I am still keeping my IC job, I love it! But am doing 40 hours for KS. Training was today, kind of confusing after working on DQ, but I'm sure I'll get it. Smart move, I hope you find the new job much more profitable so you'll be able to switch over for good!
I was only half joking s/m
I've always worked so I'm sure that I'll continue to make extra money.  We, as MTs, have more talents than we usually give ourselves credit for.  For one thing, I have a website http://www.ozarkmountainmemories.com that right now is used for a nonprofit event but by the first of next year or so I expect it to be making money.  I never thought I could build a website and it took me awhile but I got 'er done!
No, half of what you make as an IC does not

go to taxes, but 30% is a good percentage to work with at this time, but that is likely to change with a Democratic president.  Not trying to make a political statement here, just state facts.  As an IC, you will have deductions you can take, home office expenses, a percentage of your utilities based upon the square footage of your home office, any expense that has to do with your business, DSL, extra phone lines, etc. 

This job is going to the dogs.  If you read the ads on the boards, most of the big nationals are nothing more than sweat shops these days, trying to get blood out of a turnip, and paying less and less and giving nothing in return.  Oh, they say they offer benefits, but you can't afford them.  Not to say that they can make it more affordable in these economic times, but the fact remains that they are in business to make a buck, and they are making their big bucks on the backs of transcriptionists.  They expect sacrifice, but it is YOUR sacrifice they want, not theirs.  That is evidenced by the fact that you, the MT, will work on the weekends, you will neglect your family, you will have no life, and they don't give a rat's patootie.  I remember when we didn't work weekends or holidays.  Don't give me this 24/7, 365.  THEY, the muckety mucks DON'T work weekends.  When they negotiate contracts, they sell your soul to provide 24-hour coverage, but their big asses are at home on the weekends. 

I am an IC because I cannot stomach working for a national that wants my blood, my children's blood, and my life sitting and waiting to hopefully grab a job and if I don't have work today to stay up 24 hours so I can make line count to keep my benefits!  Benefits????  What benefit is there for me and my family working for these companies if I never see my family, never have the time to take a leisurly day to do the things that normal families do, going to a ball game, a movie, having their friends over for a cookout, going to church together, sitting and watching a DVD together? 

I am afraid we have allowed this to happen to this profession.  We bowed to their demands of Tue. thru Sat. or Sun. thru Fri.   We accept poverty-level wages.  We say it is okay that our benefits are based on our production, but when we don't have work, we don't scream and yell when they take away our benefits. 

You know, unions were created because of just such conditions.  These companies are taking advantage of us, and if you don't think so, just look at the demands being made if you apply and are one of the chosen ones. 

Lord help us all.  When the economy really tanks (quite soon, I'm afraid), you'll see them drop like flies, all of them, to 3rd world countries.  You think they care about the American MT?  Heck no.  They only care about themselves. 





not paid the second half

Ok, about a month ago, I posted about a service who would not answer emails, phone calls, about paying me what was owed.  She paid me less than half of what she owed, and now I have waited patiently to get the balance and once again she will not answer emails or phone calls.  She is blatantly ignoring me. I emailed her and asked her WHEN she plans to pay me.  She has in her contract that she pays twice a month when the docs pay her. Well, this is going into the 3rd month now.  I have gotten that ONE check which was less than half what she owes.  I no longer work for her, as she locked me out of her system when I kept emailing her.  (GO FIGURE!), who would want to work and not get paid anyway!

I have tried to work with her and give her the benefit of the doubt, but at this point, I think that I am going to have to take other measures. 

What is the other half of the company?
Signed on contracts like hospitals and stuff? I'm not following what you all mean. If it covers it for now does that mean lay offs might happen?
Thanks Travelin! I think half the sm
battle is finding the fit for you! Not every company is for everyone.
Yea my job offered me less than half....

of my salary accompanied by the e-mail saying how I would be getting 3 times my lines with this wonderful VR system.  I'm not overly concerned because it is my part-time job.  I barely make any money with them anyway, so I will take the opportunity to learn it and just see how it goes I suppose.  It's ridiculous though.

Oh heavens. Sorry about that. Half awake. nm

NO, you are wrong. They deduct half of the 15%
the other half.  So 7.5% is deducted from your check, then they pay the other 7.5% themselves.  My company does not withhold any federal or state taxes, only 7.5% for SS and then Medicare tax.
If half of these companies were worth
a rat's butt, there would be no need to hop.

I hopped right into a fine job paying 14 cpl, so I say hop away.
Plus, your line rate is up to half of what it
would be transcribing and there are so many corrections since the machine has no brain like a human does and spits out all kinds of crazy things. It wastes one's timI with all of the correcting. I feel it is INDEED a big threat.
Can't even get half of that with my current company...
bout a year and a half ago
been awhile.
Yes, and if they are in a bind they PAY time and a half, so (sm)
what is your problem?
Excuse me. I didn't even put half a name
They pay half and it is really, really good insurance. nm
Same experience. Half the pay for doing work that would take
We're not even getting half rate.
Our company is going totally VR on all accounts and we're going to 3.5 cpl.  Adding insult to injury is that the accounts haven't been on VR yet, so we get to train the system.  I don't plan on staying long. 
you said 446 for half an hour of VR LINES SO... DUH....SM
I just did x2. I don't care if you typed after that, it still would be doubled for an hour. this is REALLY idiotic all right and I'm not wasting any more time on you. You already lost credibility by saying you type 130 wpm and would rather VR. Simply a lie miss L.
No, you didn't. It's still there about half way down the first page here.
and scoff all you want... my half million house says it all.
I get half the number of reports I request each sm
download, and then I have to call and ask for more work. Of course, then I have to wait for it, sometimes it never comes in, and I give up after waiting 45 precious minutes. Could this be why there were problems with TAT--that MTs weren't getting the work DURING THEIR REGULARLY SCHEDULED WORKDAYS??

The OP could have been me posting. I voiced my sadness to this company using the very same words.

I am sick about this.

I won't be defending this company here anymore, either. I've found that indifference helps to mend wounds such as these.

When their line rate is cut in half because they are so productive, then what. They have said that
My former employer swore it did. Now, I'm half blind. :(
Anyone with half a brain knows why they lost the account.
I know why, but I don't understand why.  It is like they did it on purpose.  Why not just sell-out to start with, why let it get to the point that it did and have their name smeared everywhere (let me say justly so).   I know there are still MTs who don't know all the details and I myself probably don't know all of them, but I know lots of details and they aren't pretty.  
half of us probably had mothers who didn't teach us anything....
What about time and a half and/or bonuses for holidays?
Does MDI ever offer any incentives?  TIA
oops half of them (my own grammar police)
Half the employees didn't take it? I'm shocked.
You'll work twice as hard to get half as much, it seems
Replies - You can get private insurance for half
that amount.  I don't understand why people think their company has to provide insurance.  If you have pre-existing conditions opens may be limited and you may need company insurance, but otherwise you can get a private policy much cheaper, probably better coverage, and then you can leave any job you want because your aren't tied to it because of the insurance.