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Stay away

Posted By: ex-cheerleader on 2006-03-20
In Reply to: Info on Transcend please.... - Carly d

I worked full time for them and never had enough work.  The pay is horrible and the VR is the WORST!!!!!!!!!!  SO glad that I left!

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I can't afford to stay with VR. If they paid more, I'd stay.
The situation sucks. I really liked this company when I started there. I know they read these forums, and they are aware that we are unhappy over VR line rates. They stroke us with cute emails and say we're the best, but I can't feed my family on praise. They're turning into another MedQuist, and so I'll be leaving.
Stay low and stay very, very quiet. Do not
ask questions, do not talk to the supervisors unless forced to. The answer will always be the same, that you are the only one who has an issue, everything else is perfect. Never mention anyone's name. This place has the mentality of the Borg, everyone has been assimilated, which means if your supervisor does not like you, or does not like your friend, you have no chance. You associate with so and so, so you are exactly like them. That quickly goes through the Borg network and every team lead, ROM, and person in management, including HR, is aware of it. You'll be labeled a trouble maker and your life will not be worth living. Any trial to clear your name will be done in the fashion of the trial of witches. You are in a dunking chair - if you drown you are innocent but it is too late by then.

Remember, a ROM never makes a mistake and never tells something that isn't true. They are perfect (and nastier than a pack of hiennas.)

If you run out of work, it is your fault. You are just lazy. Can't make enough to take care of your family? Too bad, you need to work harder.

And forget getting an answer from management. It doesn't
happen. So, as before, stay low and very quiet.

And do a good job? You can be assured that if you do a good job, do what you are supposed to do, and stay quiet, no one will even recognize your name. They have no idea where you work, what your schedule is, or that you even belong to Transcend.

Stay away from

Stay away from OSI then...
Will promise you the world, but then it crumbles beneath you!
Stay away . . . stay far away! (sm)
Not only do they offshore (& offer you the opportunity to earn pennies editing the accounts you worked so hard to develop normals for, etc), but they're one of the companies that docks your lines for the ENTIRE report if you make an error that the client complains about. TRS does that, too.

Make certain about the pay dates -- the employee handbook said they pay the Friday following the end of the pay period on Saturday (i.e., 6 days), but the pay schedule I received showed they make you wait 13-15 days after the end of the pay period.

Were you offered transcription or SR? I've heard good things about the Dictaphone platform they use, but the general opinion seems to be the SR part doesn't work. They offered me 8.5 to transcribe (to start) but 3.5 for SR.

Also do make certain to factor in the several hours you'll spend in uncompensated time printing out all their documents and downloading all the stuff from their FTP site. They don't supply equipment because the recruiter said that 25-50% of the units arrived damaged. Strange -- other companies don't seem to have that problem. I spent 9 years with ddi --> MQ, had probably 5 computers sent out in all that time with nary a problem.

In conclusion, make absolutely certain what you're agreeing to. Personally I find the huge corporations unpleasant to work for -- why should I transcribe to pay layer upon layer of executives, vice presidents of this and that, etc.?
stay away

they have had problems with pay and work load.  I had to find a new job.

I will stay and see if I can do it
depending on the requirements of part-time and as long as I can have flexibility to make my schedule when I want it!
I'd stay away...
I was recently offered a job with them, it was for a QA position, allegedly, but then it turned out to be editing on a voice recognition account. I accepted and started getting set up with downloading software, I'd email with a problem and not get a response for days, if I got a response at all, then I'd discover that the guy was responding to me via Yahoo Messenger, not email, even though I haven't been logged on to Yahoo for a week and he didn't bother to tell me that I could expect any communication from him to come via Yahoo. I'm not particularly impressed with the level of professionalism displayed by these people.

Pay is pretty low, I think they start out their entry level transcriptionists at some ridiculously low rate, it was 2 or 3 cents/line, but I heard it's gone up to like 5. I was offered 7 cents/line for transcription and 3 cents/line for editing with five years' experience.

They claim to have a bonus/incentive program, but I asked for specifics and was completely ignored.

They require you to work three days doing five jobs a day at no pay as an "evaluation period."

They were going to sell me a foot pedal at a discount, I sent them a check, and the guy claimed that he'd send it as soon as their shipment arrived and I'd receive it in two business days, but a week and two days after this shipment allegedly was arriving, I still hadn't received it. No email informing me of why, when it would come, etc.

Apparently there were some issues in the past with paychecks bouncing, which I hear has been fixed, but I don't know. I had an oogy feeling about them from the start, and I only accepted the offer as a "just in case" type thing, in case none of the other companies I'd applied to offered me a job.
It's been slow but due to them overhiring. I'm still new at this so when the work slowed down I freaked. Do you have any idea what months are the slowest?
I would stay put- sm
If I were you, I would stay put. I was doing 250-300 lph at MQ, they have now adjusted my lines and am now doing 130-160 lph. No benies. You are actually doing pretty good and I make 10.25 cpl. I had one day I made $12.40 for one hour. I would stay put if I were you, at least you know the system and the doctors.
I'm still there, but trying to stay
Which isn't easy. QA program isn't exactly fair from a money standpoint as they don't give you any context from which to learn from the presumed errors in order to get to 100 percent. They only tell you the word you got wrong, no context, no copy of the report. There's no way to challenge or clarfy what QA says (I've tried). If there is an error that's in a macro or normal, you'd never know in order to change it. QA needs revamping, and QA rules your income potential. As they say on M-TV NEXT!
I would stay with MQ
definitely stay where you are at.

You have the best position right now.  Working for nationals or otherwise at home is just bad nowadays.  I would really like to be in-house and paid hourly, and I am keeping my ears and eyes open for a position.  Take care.

almost all ESL and going to VR stay put nm
stay away!!!
They are a horrbile company to be associated with in any way!  They lie, they have horrible ethics and...I could go on and on!
Stay away!!!!
I worked for them a while back and they care more about the almighty dollar (quantity) rather than quality.  They give you a primary account and then will take it away from you with no notice.  They say they want everyone to be cross-trained, but how in the world are you supposed to make any money by switching accounts all the time?!  Also, they have been known to cut your pay without notice too.
stay away.
They are moving to hourly.
Stay away from MQ
Seriously! I've worked for them in the past and they're the devil. Think about it, they have their OWN board on this site. I've worked for both.
So they need to stay w/ your co. x3 yrs.
Smart lady, wish I worked for you.
Stay away!!!
Please do not even consider working for this company. I noticed there are new names under the job placement ads. I have no clue if Mary Beth is still working there or not. I had a horrible experience with this company. It's not worth your time. You never get paid on time. They start you off at 4 cents per line while you are on QA. It took me almost 2 months to get my first pay check. Not worth your time. Heavy turnover. Look elsewhere quickly!!!!!!!
Stay away from TTS
Went from TTS to Trans Tech due to many issues. Couldn't be happier. These are great folks, good pay, and best of all open lines of communication.
Stay away!!!
Please do not even consider working for this company. You will be sorry.........
So why do you stay then? nm
Stay away...
The pay is low, the editors overworked, the company not who they claim to be. They do dock for errors and for being late on work, at the editor's discretion.
Yes, stay far away
They don't pay their MTs
You are exactly right. I would stay, if that were

However, when transferred to many different accounts in 1 day, it just isn't worth it.  I can't make any money this way.  Grass isn't greener, no, but money is green!  That is what I am worried about.  I want to come to work, put in my time, and leave.  Not get called every time I sign off, asking me to do more.  Oh, I don't mind that every once in a while, but it happens at least 2 or 3 times a week!  I have a family too!  I have been here a long time and I am the one who is getting moved off the account first, or so it seems.  Cause I check the status the next day and there are new numbered MTs typing the work that I should have been typing!  So, they overhire for the account, let the newbies stay on the work that I have been typing for several years!  Then call me when they are in a bind.  I don't think so.  This is not the way a business should be run.  What ever happened to seniority?

I used to back OSi 100%, but I am finding that all the things I have read about them in the recent past are true.  I am devastated, as I feel I have gone above and beyond for them and they start taking our benefits away, or changing so it is nearly impossible to acheive them. 

Let the mentees do it.  They are being promoted to team leads, over top those of us who have 20+ years experience, and I have an MT out of school for a year telling me how things are to be done.  It is crazy!

So, I guess I have multiple gripes.

Regarding KJ&M - stay away because
your money. She is a very picky, picky person. She micromanages her IC MTs and calls you all the time!
Yes, I think I will stay away!!!
Yes, some lady named Janet S. hired me. It's funny how she did not list her complete address on her forms that she sent to me, but only the name of the company. I did not send any of the papers back to her. I think I will stay away from this company. Thanks for the heads up. Getting paid 7 cents per line without spaces is ridiculous. I could work at a fast food restaurant and make more money than that!!!
I had horrible experience with this company. Do not even consider working for them!!!!!!!!!!!
Stay far, far away
As the other poster stated, very unpleasant woman.

Well, you just stay with this company and enjoy yourself...if you like being treated like a third rate citizen, you go right ahead!!

And by the way, you may get the benefits after 30 days, but let's see how long you can keep them when you can't make the minimum line count because there isn't enough work!!!!

Stay away from SPi, you would be very sorry
if you went with them, I know this from personal experience. As for the other 2, you can read the Medquist board and make up your mind from there. Good luck.
Another one to stay away from
I can name another one to stay away from - SPi. They treat the majority of their employees badly and when you leave, they don't want to pay you what you are due and then they pay you and it is totally off from what you are supposed to get. Their ethics suck.
of course I stay here....
The hourly pay and benefits far outweigh the disabilities of the platform.  It's just a shame that this platform is such a impedence for us because we know we are capable of doing more.  Now if I worked for MxSecure as an IC, I'd be out of there like a shotgun blast. 
all stay away
All should just remember for the company Allstate run by Deb, All-Stay-Away. She is of person with absolutely no moral fiber and she does not even know how to transcribe correctly.
Stay where you are
Diskriter is getting bad.  I have been here over 5 yrs, and it has def had its ups and downs, but speech recognition is putting everyone in the poor house, and we have daily resignations.  They want to pay offshore MT wages for speech recognition.  I don't know what to do next. 
I'd think that'd be enough for you to stay away from them.
Yes, VR is here and it can stay here BUT only if sm
It can stay here only if companies start paying a decent rate to edit it. It's far more involved than editing a typist. Plain and simple, just like anything else, if you want someone good to tweak your product, you have to pay. Otherwise you can hire off the street, hire the desperate and the people who can't type and are just happy to have something.

Yes, it can stay but the pay rate must rise.
stay away
Stay away from DIT...they have been bouncing payroll checks since November...and it takes them over six weeks to get it right...sometimes longer
Should I stay or should I go
I say go for it. If you worked as an IC for them for 10-years they already know your abilities. If the person who was putting up the blocks for you before is gone, you might just find they will work with you on hours. Most hospitals jump on people they have had working for them before and know they have proven reliable. Many depts. now let their transcriptionists wear scrubs, which would cut down on your work-wear expenses. I say submit your resume, go to your interview with a positive attitude, let them know you want the job. When/if they offer you the job, meaning they really WANT you, you are their #1 choice then see what you can work out as far as hours, etc. with them. I always wait until I am offered the job before I ask them about changes, tweaking hours, etc. At the same time I am asking them I let them know I want to do what works for everyone, I want to be part of the team and that I definitely want the job. Good Luck!
stay away from TNI
The cpl is 5 for the first three months 6 cpl after nine months, log books to fill out, major ESL, no tech support, no IM and very little contact with anyone. Snotty recruiter. US company trying to pay India wages for junk work.
Please stay. SM
I don't read threads that deteriorate into slurs and attacks, so I didn't realize you were being under such attack by people who, as far as I am concerned, are welcome to leave. More, input about the past is valuable in evaluating the present and making decisions about the future. You are needed.
Why don't you stay around GP, sm
maybe you will run the nasties off!
Would you stay at a job that has gone to VR
and now will pay you 3CPL for voice recognition (software starting soon) and lowering my regular MT pay from 9.5CPL to 8CPL?  I'm an IC.  I feel cheated.  From past experience with ASR (MQ), it's been a downhill battle.  Now to 3CPL?  It's escription, is that any good?  Likely looking for a new job soon. 
Stay there but take on the other job as well and see which one gives you work.
Gracefully leave the other.
Stay away, nothing nice to say
There has NEVER been anything said on this board nice about Voice Systems.  Worked for them myself for a couple months.   Very rude and demanding, checks get later and later.    Consider yourself warned if you take the job..
I would stay far far away unless you are from India! nm
Here is some advice - STAY AWAY
although they do hire "newbies". Good luck to you. Keep on sending resumes, you will get a job.
Transcend & MDI - Stay Away!

Stay away from Transcend and MDI.  They are the worst!!!  Their Beyond TXT program is going to make all their transcrptionists resort to the Welfare line for food stamps!  The transcriptionists are spending more time working yet making less money than every before.  You might as well go to Wal-Mart and be a greater for the money you will make with them now.  I didn't know slavery was coming back, but I guess it is. 

"Will work for food"is the sign that all MDI and Transcend employees will be carrying around soon. 

How do you stay connected to the job you are
doing if you answer the phone with call waiting?