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Yes they do - 50% of line rate for new hires

Posted By: AnonMT on 2006-03-22
In Reply to: So, Transcend pays half of MT rates for ME? - Wow, MQ only pays 20% less for ME than MT!

and 60% of typing line rate for established MTs.

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is the VR line rate 60% of the regular typing line rate?
Their line rate was less than my current nat'l rate, even with mucho experience. nm
no msg
VR rate is 1/2 rate of traditional typing,I believe it is 4 cents line.

Webmedx ASR rate is 70% of your regular line rate. sm
So if you are on a 9 cpl account, you get 6.3 CPL plus any bonus / incentives / shift differential.
Is the ASR line rate 1/2 of transcription line rate? sm
Reason I ask is that I assume if they have ASR now that eventually all will be ASR except of course for the awful dictators as this seems to be the norm.
Who, besides FutureNet, hires IC higher than 0.09 per line?

Do any companies offer this pay rate anymore for ICs? 

I just left my old company, which I loved greatly, but they were bought out by another company and it went downhill FAST.  Didn't think I would be in this position for a long time of looking for a reputable company.

I have 12 years or more of actual work experience and very fast, always received 99% accuracy on audits (and they were tough audits - very strict).  Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated.


Oh, they make money off us. Line rate is 17 cents a gross line.nm
I left MQ for TT. The base line rate was less at TT, but overall I make more per line with the
shift differential (I work second shift) and the incentive plan (I have never once failed to make at least an extra half cent per line on incentives - most of the time a penny). I was scared to death to make that move, as I had been with MQ since back in the Transcriptions Limited days. I have to say, though, that it was the best career move I have ever made and I have never, not once, regretted it.

I hope that was of some help.
Not sure if you need bennies or not, but QT hires IC and has plenty of work and pays gross line! sm
You can apply at www.qtmedical.com It's a great place to work. Pay is always on time, always correct, recognized for holidays. They pretty much leave you alone and let you work. Very, very rarely run out of work. Depending on experience, pay usually starts around 7 to 8 cpl (gross lines) :)
Line rate
I was offered 6.5 cpl. How do I calculate gross pay based on that? I'm not sure how many lines I can produce, since I'm still completing a transcription course and this will be my 1st position.
line rate
oh, my gosh -- i've been with them 3 years and am SE with a base rate of 8 cpl, but usually get 8.5 cpl with the 6000 lines minimum. that is just wrong that you've been with them that long and you're making that. have you ever asked for a raise?
How is their line rate? sm
Recently applied but worried they will offer a low line rate to begin. Do you know what their base rate is or does it vary based on test results and years of experience.
If so, do you know the range?

They did tell me the line rate..

Just wanted to hear from people who knew about them or had worked for them as to whether they are a good company to work for.

Well....about the line rate....sm
I was really offered what I felt like is going to be a good account, and this is only going to be part-time for me.  I'm hoping the work itself, i.e., surgery center, will make up for the line rate.  They were very accommodating on the actual amout of time I wanted to work per day, too.  I'm going to give it a try.  I have high hopes - we'll just see! 
line pay, rate
these companies say excellent pay.  how do they feel right posting that? 
What is their QA line rate?

Line Rate
I talked with a guy from the company today by phone, and according to what he told me, they pay on a tiered basis.  They start at 8 cpl for 10,000 lines and it increases from that point.  I don't remember the exact numbers and amounts after that point, so I won't quote him.  If you don't do 10,000 lines, then the rate is 7.5 cpl.  This is for full-time people on a day shift; the rate for second and third shift is different.  They don't want daytime part-timers, which is what I wanted.  In any event, for a university account I think the rate is on the low side.  I can make 8 cpl transcribing office work.  I'll keep looking.
Sorry. I'm not sure about the line rate but I DO know in this biz...
that line rate is ever based on your years of experience. It's become pretty pathetic. I have over 14 years of experience and was still offered the same as someone with a few years of experience, 7.5 cpl, and of course you will see those paying 6-7 cpl and you will rarely see anymore on an ad where it reads, salary based on experience at least not in this profession anymore. Best wishes if you apply. I hope they offer you something worth your time.
Yes, if you can get a better line rate
Eight cents a line is pitful for an IC. I did the opposite of you and went from a small company to TransTech. I do love working for TT but nothing compares to where I was. The work was wonderful, flexible, 12 cents a line with bonuses and yearly $400 Christmas bonus. I'm sorry I left but that's another story and like I said happy with TT. Do yourself a favor and don't settle for 8 cpl as an IC.
What is their rate per line? - nm
Pay is not all line rate! sm

I have been in this a lot of years myself.  I am being paid the same LINE RATE was I was 11 years ago.  I had no benefits, paid my own taxes, supplied my own stuff to work with, including a pedal I had to purchase.

Today, I have health insurance, dental, vision, PTO and holiday pay, plus the company has to pay part of my taxes.  They supplied a pedal at no cost and I rent their computer for next to nothing and it is a lot better than mine anyway.  

I used to make $6-$7 and hour 11 years ago and I do more like $30 now, same line rate, but a faster computer, a better Expander and more knowledge. My income last year was 4 times what I made each of my first 3 years when I started a dozen years ago.   I also work fewer hours to accomplish all of this.

Why all the gloom and doom?  Benefits are NOT a gift from the company, we pay the entire premium whether the company takes it out of our paycheck or not.  WE MAKE ALL THE MONEY FOR AN MT COMPANY and we always have.  Benefits are NOT free!!!!  Think about it, my benefits equal about $500 a month that doesn't come out of my paycheck, but it is compensation.  That is 500% MORE compensation that I received 10 yrs ago.  I am keeping a great deal more of the money I help to generate for the company, whether it is in my nice benefits, a paid vacation or in my paycheck.

To me, the picture is rosy and good.  Not only is my income 4 times what it was when I started (that is quadrupled in 11 years), I no longer pay self-employment taxes, I will have my very first paid vacation since I have been an MT and I have health benefits for the first time since being an MT.  I don't have it showing on my pay stub, but I KEEP what is on that stub insteading of working 3 jobs to pay my IC taxes.  If I get sick or need surgery, I don't have to wonder how I'll pay for it, that is a given.  I don't panic if I get sick, I just use my card and see the doctor.  I can have my teeth put into better repair this spring too. 

I feel blessed that I have more work than I can do on any given day and I am well compensated and happy. 

VR line rate
Try Precyse.  The line rate for VR is somewhere around 0.055 and they have a TON of VR available at the moment.
need better line rate

Is anyone willing to share a good company that pays 12 to 15 cents per line?  I am so tired of having experience and no one wants to pay?  Thanks

Line rate
$.095, $.10 and $.125 all as employee with benefits.
line rate?

Here's my situation.  I currently provide transcription for a clinic w/four docs.  My price hasn't changed for alomst 7 years.  I'm just curious what the going rate is per line?  I have to pick up microcassette tapes and deliver hard copies w/a 24 hour TAT.  Any info here would be greatly appreciated as I don't want to overcharge or be under paid!

Line rate
I have been with them 5 years, doing acute care, and make 8 cents per line. Pay rate has not changed in all that time. I do not recommend them because they outsource all the best work to India now and all we get are foreign doctors whose English is horrible. The sound quality is also horrible. You won't make any money here even if you type 200 wpm. I am looking for another company now.
line rate for VR?

Is the 9 cpl for straight typing and VR?  Usually VR is half, 3-5 cpl.  I would kill for 9 cpl on VR.  They contacted me also, and if this is what they pay for VR then I am testing asap!  Let me know please.  I love my FT job, but this would be a great PT gig.



70% of your non-ASR line rate. nm
Line rate
My line rate is the same regardless if it is a holiday or not. 
Regarding line rate?

I know I probably should know this but is .005 cpl half of a penny, .01 cpl 1 penney or some type of tenth of a penny, also what about .015 cpl. 

Line rate
I found this in the archives: As of the recent AHDI/AAMT annual meeting, it appears that the method of line-counting known as VBC (visible black characters) is becoming a trend. All MTs should read the following report from Perspectives in HIM, February 14, 2007. http://library.ahima.org/xpedio/groups/public/documents/ahima/bok1_034023.html To summarize: counting by VBC results in a 31.5% reduction in line count, compared to the traditional 65-line (with spaces) count. Thus, to avoid a pay cut, any MT now earning 9 cpl should be
raised to 11.8 cpl if line counting is switched to VBC. This is a critical issue, and it does not appear that AHDI is taking any action to promote fair pay for MTs under VBC compensation plans.
Regarding your second question about the single spacing, IMO that depends on if you are a VA MT or not. VA requires 2 spaces and doesn't care a whit about the various editions of BOS.
70% of your line rate...for now. nm
They do pay 70% of your line rate for VR. nm
Good luck. :)
They do pay 70% of your line rate for VR.
But I have heard they are not hiring now, although you should check. Good luck. :)
line rate
The pay rate is adjusted in some companies because when you sign on as an IC you earn a different rate for your requested lines. They 'save' the lines for you. The more you type, the more you make. The low rate is for 300 lines a day, which amounts to somewhere around 1.5 hrs of work per day, so those who type many hours/lines are rewarded with the higher rate for more commitment. The reduction occurs after IC has been told upon entering IC agreement that this is the rate for 'x' number of lines. The lower rate is for a very very low line production. Other part time IC's make the same rate as the very high production people.  It's just the 300 to 500 lines per day that are lower.

Line Rate
Basically, you take what you can get right now.  If you are not happy with your pay scale then there is nothing holding you back from quitting.  If you are happy with your pay scale, then there is nothing to complain about.  Your happiness is only what you make it!  If you can find another company who offers more than 8-9 cpl, then go apply to work for them.  Do I think that someone who has several years experience as an MT deserves more money?  Of course I do!  But, in order for a company to offer more than just say 10 cpl, they would have to charge their clients in excess of 18-20 cpl  to make a success out of their business - I know this because I have done extensive research on the operation costs, anyone can argue with me on this, but I know this information 100%.  If someone with 20+ years experience wants to make the money, make yourself an independent contractor and seek clinics out yourself, not through an transcription company, and then you can get your 12+ cpl.  If you are not willing to do that, then you have to take what is offered and not complain about it.
You still get the same line rate if typing
but not when editing.  We had a conference call the other day and the managers got on the call all upbeat and happy. When they asked how everyone was the silence was deafening.  I don't think any MLS on that call was in a good mood.  He said that every account would be moved to the new platform by the end of the month.  No one is happy with the way this platform is down all the time, has crappy sound, freezes up, times out, you name it.  He said that at this time they anticipate that 60% of the work will still have to be typed because it won't be able to go to VR because of ESLs or whatever.  I was thinking to myself then I liked how he phrased it when he said at this time.  Once the software starts learning more and more that means more will go to editing and the only stuff not on editing will be the crap dictators.  It's all starting to make sense why we're hearing about so many people being started at 10 cpl or higher.  They'll only be making 6 cpl on editing or will have to type crap.  I've tested with some other companies because I'm not sticking around for their lies and garbage anymore.
What is the line rate for IC's, does it ever increase? nm
top line rate 8.5, incent 0.5 cpl for 150 lph nothing above that
Line rate and hourly
Okay, if you get paid 2 cents a line and there are no errors and you don't have to do a QA feedback, that is different. I used to get 3 cents a line and not have to give feedback and then they switched. I think we should have to give feedback, but it takes time and no raise was given. I also have a $14 an hour job. They are both part time. I can make more on the 3 cents a line.

TransTech line rate
The highest they start you at is 8.5 cpl. They tell you that the maximum they pay is 9 cpl. beware what account they put you on. If they are trying to sell you the shift that has Discharge Summaries, Progress Notes and Consultations, make sure that you get Ops and radiology as they come available. Otherwise, the cream will be done by the good-ole-girls and you will be stuck with the ESLs and make 1/2 of what you should.
That is a higher line rate
than I make now.  Thank you for the info, I will apply with Medware this afternoon, they sound like a good company.  Where I am at now my supervisor rarely contacts us, only to say work more so a company like Medware that has nice people is what I am looking for.  Thank you again!
Don't count on getting that line rate. I have
20 yrs experience and very high quality reviews. Great if you can get that line rate, but don't bank on it.
Plus, your line rate is up to half of what it
would be transcribing and there are so many corrections since the machine has no brain like a human does and spits out all kinds of crazy things. It wastes one's timI with all of the correcting. I feel it is INDEED a big threat.
Are we allowed to say our line rate on here? nm
Ridiculously low line rate for exp. MTs...NM
line rate for speech
I can't really say who the company is since I haven't actually accepted the position.  Thanks for the valuable info though!
Line rate is not acceptable
but 14 an hour is acceptable? I've got news for you, at a line rate you'd likely make more than 14 an hour. What a joke. :(
Medware line rate
as I do acute care too.  Plus the bonus is paid at 1/2 cpl for 12000 in a 2 week pay period and that adds up.  The insurance is affordable, better than where I came from.  They do not take my state taxes out as the other poster said they are in Florida, but I just pay mine when I do my taxes every year, it's not a big deal.  They are a nice bunch of folks to work with.  AJ.
eScription line rate


Our rates are dependent on experience.  Starting at 7 - 10 cents a line for typing, and 3 to 4.5 for editing. Your more then welcome to email me for more information.


There is no fair QA line rate. Get out
of the biz. Let the people who don't know what they are doing take the line rates and make the companies go out of business. That's what they deserve.