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couldnt tell by the voice

Posted By: thanks on 2006-03-19
In Reply to: female - nm


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No experience because I couldnt even take the transcription tests. The voice files would not play.
How about you? I was bummed. I was really interested in the job but I tried everything to get the voice files to play but they wouldnt. Oh well, I guess if it were meant to be, then I would have been able to take the test.
As IC, you couldnt tell plumber he can work on your
100% correct. Ruined me too. I just couldnt work

I just recently quit, I just couldnt pay my bills. nm
Thank you so much. I couldnt understand that 8, 16 and 24 hours very well. I wouldnt want to limit

myself to that.

Who knows? When I used it, couldnt access line count and hear others saying the same.
I totally agree 100% .... couldnt have said it better myself. Waste of time here
Yep. couldnt tell you excited we were to find out why we dont hardly have any work. Obviously, it is
going elsewhere and so are we.
Why dont you "enlighten" us to why people job hop in this business. It couldnt be because we g
stiffed on our pay, lied to, mislead, underpaid, broken promises. Yes, there is a reason why people change jobs. You can only take so much. Is it a wonder that a lot of MT are burned out. Does anyone want to keep changing jobs?? No, it would be great to actually be able to make a living doing what we love the most at one company that follows through on promises. It does kind of take the wind of your sails when your dished out nothing but ........ all the time. So, that is why I stick up for Msla MT. There are more out there right with her.
MRC (Medical Records Corp)?? Any information out there on them. I couldnt find anything in the
archives. Any help would be appreciated. Thinking of applying.
No the driving force if the MT in transcription. Without the MT the technology couldnt survive.

I have done enough ASR, etc. to tell you that there is no way that technology could survive on its own or any other technology that we have today as well.  The way these people dictate I guarantee you there will always be a need for MTs.  There arent enough doctors now to go around.  Do you really think they are going to sit there and type the reports or care how they look.  They are working twice as hard now for less money. 

I almost took a job there but it was correcting voice recognition which I tried once and did not like.

MT is different in that each voice

So, an IC has the right to not take a voice file.  These contracts that state certain lines per week are for employees not ICs.  An IC has the right to pick and choose work just like any other profession. 

Also, painters do not sign contracts ahead of time.  You sign a receipt when the work is complete.  Another thing is when you find a painter that agrees to a timeframe and sticks to it, let me know.  They are contractors just like us where things come up and they cannot complete the work.  It is all part of being a contractor and being self-employed.

Voice rec
What companies pay 6 cpl for voice recognition? 
Voice Systems
What can anybody tell me about this company?  Good, bad?  TIA.
Voice systems
I would check this company out completely. I worked for this people just under a different company name about 4 years ago. The company filed bankrupcy and then reopened under Voice systems. Cindy and Lex have a reputation of being very unprofessional and they will bully an employee as well as a client. Just check them out thoroughly, they could have changed. I am trying to remember the name of the company, but I cannot off the top of my head. I will look into old tax records and see if I can find. They were based out of Albany GA at that time as well.
Voice Systems
I would not recommend Voice Systems. I had bad experience with them!!!
Voice Systems
Voice transcription - sm

Thinking about testing for them.  I checked the archives and can't find anything.  This is all voice recognition work. I worked on editing voices files for the previous company I worked for.  I like doing this work, but didn't like the fact that it was less money.  I'm thinking I may be able to produce more to make up for the decrease in line rate.  Any thoughts on this company?



Voice Systems of Ga.
Don't do it!!!!! Very unprofessional.
FYI: Voice Transcription

I keep seeing people post about this horrific company and I thought I would share my experience with them:

1.  I still haven't received payment for work that I completed in November!! The owner (initials J.L.) keeps giving me different excuses of why she hasn't paid me. The one check I did receive from them was a month late.

2.  After one of my many emails about the money owed to me and how much exactly is past due, she sent me an email saying the amount wasn't right and that we had agreed on a lower rate for one of the clients!! Absolutely NOT true!! So, after I completed this work, she apparently decided that I would be paid 0.045 and not the 0.06/line as promised (VR editing acct.).

3.  I actually ended up quitting because J.L. went off on a rant saying that I had made an unacceptable mistake in one of the reports. Later, after I proved that I was right, she apologized and said that she had a temper because of a three day migraine.

Now, I only worked for this company for two months (thank goodness it wasn't longer). If you're okay with being treated like this and not getting paid for work that you complete and her changing your rate, then go for it, but I would highly advise against it!! For those of you below that stated you had not been contacted after testing, just thank your lucky stars that you aren't working for her and hopefully you'll take my advice and never work for her.

Voice Systems of GA
I don't think you would be happy with them.  Not very professional.
Voice recognition.
As far as I know, they only have one account and it is overstaffed so it is really hard to make any money. Some of the people hired for that account have moved on.
Voice Recognition
Does anyone know which companies hire reviewers/editors for VR work?  My hands/fingers are starting to really bother me and I need to shift gears.  Thank you!
Voice Recognition
For anyone out there who does voice recoginition can you tell me what you average per hour for lines.  Just curious to see if I am on the right page with it. Thanks 
Accounts going Voice
The accounts I am working on are going voice, I just read it in their news.  My company did not tell me this.  All the while I felt like I was being used because it seemed like I was getting clean-up work.  There are hundreds or doctors and I rarely get the same one, so it's hard to get any speed up.  I have been given additional accounts, and checked them out and they will soon be going voice too.  Do I just hang in there or look for something with less doctors and more stability?  I am so disappoionted.  Have only been doing this for a few years, but wonder about the future.  My questions to the company I work for go unanswered.  Any input?
voice recognition
So far I have had the opposite effect (drop in production), BUT I have only been doing it for two months. Does someone have any hints???

Voice speed

I can't help with that as when I fix the voice through Express Scribe it stays that way.



Voice Solutions?

Does anyone out there use Voice Solutions by Central Voice, especially in conjunction with Meditech?  Just curious what all you had to have on your comp. to set up.

voice recognition.
I have been talking with a woman from Diskriter about part time shift and she did say something about willingness to learn about voice recognition. Does that mean that all the Transcriptionist become editors or how exactly does that work out for those working for them? Will there be layoffs?
You are so right! Some of the idiotic things typed by the speech systems make me cringe. Presbyacusis came out please be a Q-tip. I hope those people sitting in the board rooms drooling at the prospect of makeing more off the backs of transcriptionists get a wakeup call when they are hit with lawsuits because of system errors not caught by fatigued editors trying to walk on water for 3 to 4 cents a line. I prefer to take responsibility for my own documents, not those created by speech recognition.
The voice of reason.

Did that, just voice mail. nm
Voice Systems
There is an ad on mt.com for an orthopedic Transcriptionist by C. Adams of Voice Systems in FLORIDA.  I did a search in MT Stars and there were some very bad things about Voice Systems in GEORGIA.  This seems to be the same company.  I am glad I searched here before I applied!  I doubt if they have changed much.  
Voice recognition

Take my advice and avoid voice recognition if you can.  Half the pay for the same job!

Voice Systems, LLC
Hi anyone and everyone.  Please give me any info on Voice Systems, LLC.  Searched but did not get much.  I can't afford to type and not get paid in this economy.  To all the ladies and gents out there who type and know what I mean, please school me on this company, supposed to start this weekend.  Thanks
Voice Systems, LLC
I can only find a post from over a year ago on them.  Do any of you have any scoop on the company?       
There you have it, a voice of experience.

How many more times do you need to hear it?  I remember one Christmas one of the experienced general pediatric clinic MTs had to work on acute care, as there were no clinic notes to be done.  She spent 1/2 hour searching to verify a tray keostomy:, before coming to ask.  Hmmmmm.  She hadn't heard much about tracheostomies in the ped clinic.  Not her fault, just something she hadn't experienced before.

YOU need to get over YOURSELF . . . give those with the experience and knowledge their due.    Some MTs don't want to learn acute care and that's fine.  I don't want to do clinic notes, I get bored easily and like longer reports.  Everyone has their preferences.  It may be easy for some to do acute care after doing clinic notes, but not for most.

Regarding Voice Recognition.


I noticed your comment about Transcend and the Voice Recognition program.  Well I worked there about 4 or 5 months and never could get the hang of it.  I do not mean to be discouraging, but I really did not like their program.  If your line count does not improve, I would look somewhere else.  I know they have wonderful company and some of the greatest people ever, but they are not paying your bills either.  Look out for yourself in the long-run.    Hope this helps. 


VR = Voice Recognition
Not the OP, but I am going to assume that VR stands for voice recognition, not a state abbreviation.
Voice Systems?
I know that some issues a few years back.  Does anyone know any current info on this company, I think out of Georgia?  Thanks for feedback.
MDI voice recognition

Just curious how the transition over to speech was going for other MDI employees. 


Do NOT work for Voice Systems!

Do a search of these boards.   Nothing good ever said about them.  Bad company to work for.  The owners berate you, paychecks bounce, can't keep anybody.  Bad people to work for.  I would highly recommend you look somewhere else. 

Is this the Voice Systems in Georgia? nm
Yes, yes, and yes. The only negative, IMO, is the voice quality sm
which could be a lot better on the accounts that I do.  Other than that, FC is a great company; staff is wonderful.
Looking for Voice Recog. Redictate job?sm
I was told some companies have MTs who listen and then re-dictate, is that true?  Who are they?  Is it Transcend?  Thanks for info.  PTCruiser
The name is Voice Transcription out of Washington.
Which Sten-Tel is this? Do they use voice recognition? Thanks. nm


I could be voice recognition with paying
an Editor 2 or 3 cpl.
no more voice file test
just a written from what I understand, lots of complaints about the quality of their test files so they 'shelved' it. I'm happy there, takes 2 weeks to get started, I don't think they make you take a physical any more, but still the background check which is almost standard now due to identify theft - - but the supervisor is good, flexibility when you need it. I'm happy, they work for me.
I didn't think their voice files were of
good quality, lots of difficult dictators, and they are now offshoring.  MTSO said that files were surprisingly good.  I had to QA the entire report and basically retype most of it because reports were not surprisingly good.    MTSO was nice and up front about offshoring though.